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Enzo and Cass Teaching Us All In Break-Up

June 28, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Enzo & Cass - nZo

Enzo and Cass weren’t a particularly great tag team. I can’t recall a single great match they had, although I’m sure they did some good stuff with The Revival in NXT. I can’t recall a memorable promo, but Enzo’s intro always got a big reaction. They never really achieved anything. They didn’t win the tag titles in NXT. They didn’t win the tag titles in WWE. Carmella has had a more successful run as far as accomplishments than they did.

Despite not exactly lighting the world on fire as a team, Enzo and Cass had something. They had an undeniable chemistry whose antics outweighed their ability. They didn’t need the belt because they were guaranteed to garner a reaction whenever their music hit. For them, it wasn’t about putting on great matches. It was about entertaining and telling the “big guy saves the little guy” story. It was simple and effective.

Tag team break-ups are oftentimes inevitable, especially nowadays. In the 80’s guys could team forever without an issue. But ever since the 90’s, just about every great team went through a split.

Enzo and Cass were bound to go through a split. The writing was on the wall as early as last summer in the fatal four way to crown the second Universal champion. Big Cass was seen as a future singles star and Enzo was nothing more than a mouthpiece. They stayed together throughout the winter and spring, but didn’t do anything of note.

The “mystery attacks” angle didn’t do much for me. It honestly felt unnecessary if the payoff was going to be the break-up of Enzo and Cass. But, to the credit of both performers, they made it work.

Last week, Cass showed why WWE sees him as a future star. I know, I know, “he’s a big guy, that’s why he’s a future star.” I get it. But Cass finally showed something in his promo. I never thought much of him on the mic prior to last week. He listed things and misspelled a word. He was one step above of saying his name twice. I changed my tune last week. In his promo, he made the whole “mystery attacker” angle make sense in context. He expertly laid out why he was done with Enzo, didn’t have a major stumble, and said everything with great believability.

And while I doubt Enzo will ever get past the midcard, his selling of Cass’ promo should not go without praise. He looked genuinely sad and hurt, even shedding a tear. He couldn’t believe that his best friend would go to these lengths to break up with him. Couldn’t he have just sent him a text like a normal person?

Monday’s show further drove home the point that both men have bright futures in front of the camera. It wasn’t as good as last week’s split, but it was a strong follow up that put more sympathy on Enzo and furthered the hatred of Cass. It once again showed the lengths that Cass would go to screw with Enzo. He made him believe that things could be fine before once again stabbing him in the back. It also showed how Enzo just wants his best friend back. Maybe selfishly because he’s more comfortable with a seven-foot tall guy standing behind him. But also genuinely because who doesn’t miss their best friend and want answers a week after they betray you?

The endgame in this story isn’t in doubt. Enzo won’t get the kind of revenge he’s looking for. Cass is the guy they see a large future in and Cass is the guy who will be proven right in this feud. He’ll dispatch of Enzo, showing that he carried the group and that he’s strong now that he’s fighting his own battles. Enzo will lick his wounds. He’s unlikely to fade into obscurity as long as he’s allowed to continue his pre-match promo. He’s also unlikely to win a whole lot.

It’s sad that the best WWE stories are those of one man leaving his best friend. I’m sure someone would love to psychoanalyze WWE writers on this subject. But as long as they continue to deliver segments like the Festival of Friendship and the Certified Break-Up, I say break everyone up.

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