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Ethan Page Has His Sights on All-Atlantic Title, Talks History With MJF & Stokely Hathaway

October 5, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ethan Page AEW Dynamite` Image Credit: AEW

Ethan Page is ready to step up now that he’s joined the Firm and is getting a bigger spotlight, and he recently discussed being part of the group and more. Page spoke with ComicBook.com for a new interview discussing his history with Stokely Hathaway and MJF, plus more. You can check out some highlights below:

On having his sights set on the All-Atlantic Title: “I’d love to win All-Atlantic Title and bring back Alpha-1 Wrestling to my hometown and have that be one of my first title defenses. To bring the belt back to my hometown, bring the company back and defend it in my hometown, in front of my hometown crowd as the Canadian legend that I know that I am, that would be pretty sweet.”

On joining the Firm: “[MJF] handpicked everybody. This was a very much a project that had MJF’s fingerprints all over it… I’ve had more opportunities to speak. I’ve been put in a spotlight more. Stokely Hathaway will happily take a back seat to Ethan Page. I don’t know if Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky would say the same.”

On his friendship with Hathaway: “Me and Stokely have been buddies for years. My first taste of attention or any kind of buzz doing something in wrestling was with Evolve [Wrestling] and I got to do that with Stokely. There’s that mutual respect. And he even said it on the microphone: we’ve loved each other, we’ve hated each other. That’s as true as it could be with our relationship in real life, but when it comes to business, I know his talents and I know his drive. Onscreen, offscreen, he will go out of his way to make sure everything he does is memorable and special, and I have that same drive and motivation.”

On his history with MJF and Hathaway: “I have known Max probably since his first week in professional wrestling. He used to work for me in Canada [at Alpha-1]. Stokely was actually his manager at Alpha-1 Wrestling. The three of us have had a relationship together forever. We have natural chemistry. We’re all actually friends. For us to be working together on a national and global stage like All Elite Wrestling, to be put in a position like this is incredible. We all trust each other. There’s so many things that benefit us being together. This is not going to be a wasted opportunity for anybody involved… To be able to do this with Max, there’s a sense of pride because I saw him come up in wrestling. I will happily stand by his side and make sure that he gets what he wants out a professional wrestling, because I know he’ll help me do the same.”

On MJF calling him one of the most underrated talents in wrestling: “It’s a great pat on the back. He’s an opinion that people value, especially in the professional wrestling world, and he’s the biggest star in All Elite Wrestling. To have the biggest dog say your name is always a good thing.”

On his Toy Hunt-inspired comic book: “It’s about two kids whose dad goes missing and they have to find him using their toys. I can’t tell too much. It’s a very, very, very adorable story. It’s very heartwarming and filled with characters that’ll give you nostalgia. There’s elements to things that I loved growing up. The characters end up being based on my kids, so there’s that kind of connection to me. So I’m putting a lot of myself into the book, and I’m absolutely in love with the story. I think it’s a million dollar idea. I cannot wait for it to come out.”

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