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Exclusive: The Young Bucks On If AEW Is Looking to Leave Daily’s Place, Year Two’s Focus, Possible Singles Runs

October 18, 2020 | Posted by Russ Weakland
The Young Bucks

With their first year under their belt, AEW is looking ahead to the future and the Young Bucks spoke exclusively with 411 about their plans for venues, what they think fans gravitate to in AEW and more. Matt and Nick Jackson spoke with 411’s Russ Weakland and discussed how 2020 will be a big year for Kenny Omega, the few merchandise ideas they would say no to and the possibility of singles runs for them:

For year two of AEW and Dynamite, will it feature more character building segments because in a good way the focus is on the action. But with BTE usually housing the skits and other character driven vignettes, do you think that will continue onto Dynamite and do you believe that you will eventually shoot outside of Daily’s Place or will that arena kind of be your Reseda American Legion Hall for you guys?

Nick: For the foreseeable future we will be doing Daily’s Place. I am not sure when we will move out, not anytime soon. As for the year two question, the biggest thing will be a lot of focus on Kenny Omega.

Have you guys ever turned down a merch idea that you would love to return to or is there something you’d love to have in the future like your own cereal or something?

Matt: Skys the limit with the merchandise. I am so open minded with all of that and it really helps that my wife is in charge with all of that, so I can wake up in the middle of the night and elbow her and tell her, ‘Hey sweetie I have this great idea for a t-shirt!’ And she will be so bothered by me. (LAUGHTER) I actually told her because she also helps with all the licensing and I told her that I would love to have some type of AEW ice cream bar. I remember fondly in the summer when the ice cream man would come and I would get the Good Humor Hulk Hogan ice cream bar. I don’t know how much of a possibility it would be but I put the idea out there at least. Back in the day it really was Nick and I collaborating with the artists we liked and designing our own shirts.

Nick: I don’t think we have ever said no to something…

Matt: We say yes to everything. (LAUGHTER) If it makes money, let’s do it.

Nick: I think we would have to say no to something like cigarettes or alcohol.

Matt: But we had shot glasses in ROH at one point , and it didn’t even make sense. (LAUGHTER)

Would you want your own bubbly though?

Matt & Nick: (LAUGHTER)

Nick: Nonalcoholic bubbly. Not sure how good that would be. A cider would be good…

Would you ever see The Young Bucks as singles competitors?

Nick: I tell Matt the only possible way of that happening is if he quits before me so probably no time soon.

Matt: I don’t think people want us to wrestle each other. It is just awkward. People are so used to seeing us as one. People literally think we are just one person. It would be really strange. I don’t see it ever happening.

For someone who may have never seen AEW before and they tune into the year anniversary show, what do you think they would gravitate to first?

Matt: I ask that to myself all the time and if I was a first-time viewer and I saw the Lucha Bros. come out. I would go, ‘Oh my God, who are these guys!’ Are these guys superheroes? Or if I saw Orange Cassidy and him doing his act and being different, I would at least be curious. There are so many interesting people on our roster that are captivating and interesting It would be hard to imagine with a fresh set of eyes what would capture my attention but when I was a kid watching Monday Nitro and watching Rey Mysterio flying around the ring really captivated me. So maybe Rey Fenix would be it for me where my mind would be blown.

Nick: I would add guys like Darby Allin as well and all the young guys we have are so talented and it is crazy to think how much of a loaded roster we have here. It is cool to have…


Thanks to Matt and Nick for talking to us. You can check out part one of the interview here, where they reflect on AEW’s first year and more.

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