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First Episode of Dark Arts Gym Presents – Dark Prospects Online

February 18, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Malakai Black AEW Image Credit: AEW

The first episode of the Dark Arts Gym’s Dark Prospects show is online. Malakai Black & Zelina Vega’s school presented the first episode of their series, which had Black in action in the main event. You can see the video below, described as follows:

Welcome to the first episode of the student-oriented Pro Wrestling show “Dark Prospect” informatively called “Ritual 1.”

The idea behind this show is for students to become accustomed to working for television. Having an idea as to how to stick to their times, thinking on the fly, working hard cam and added cameras but most importantly understanding that you only have 1 take to complete the task at hand; entertain the crowd whilst competing at the top of your game.

As time progresses, you, the fan, will get to know the athletes, their stories and see their progression from what they are right now to the stage they will be at later on these shows and perhaps even in shows near you in the near future. We thank you, the fans, for investing your time and sharing your love for Pro Wrestling with us.