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From The Shelf- PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2014 Night Three

March 30, 2015 | Posted by Dylan Diot
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From The Shelf- PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2014 Night Three  

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2014 Night Three
Reseda, CA

Your hosts are Excalibur and his many friends.

BOLA Quarter Final Match- Candice LaRae vs. Johnny Gargano
Joey Ryan is on commentary. Gargano takes Candice to the mat in the early going. Inside cradle byu Candice gets 1 and she gets a sunset flip for 2. Chops by Candice and she blocks a slingshot spear attempt. Neck breaker in the ropes by Candice and she hits a suicide dive to the floor. Back in, Candice goes up but Gargano crotches her and follows up. Candice fires away on Gargano but GARGANO CATCHES HER WITH A SUPER SNAKE EYES!!!!! Candice dropkicks Gargano’s leg to take him of the apron and she hits the suicide DDT on the floor!!!! Candice goes up for a crossbody off the top but Gargano rolls through. Candice catches him with the reverse hurricanrana for 2. Gargano blocks the Ballplex and she escapes the Lawn Dart. Octopus by Candice and turns it into the Gargano Escape!!!!! Gargano powers out into a spinning gut buster. Gargano puts Candice on top and follows up. Candice fights him off and misses a moonsault off the top. Gargano won’t superkick her so Candice spits at him. He misses the super kick and Cadice gets the wheelbarrow roll-up for 2. Superkick by Gargano and he hits the Lawn Dart for 2. Candice fires away at Gargano in the corner and she hits a buckle BALLPLEX~!!!! Assisteed Tornado DDT by Candice and she goes for the springboard reverse hurricanrana but Gargano blocks. Hurt’s Donut by Gargano gets 3 as the ref botches the final count.
Winner- Johnny Gargano *** ( Another solid match where Candice looked comfortable in the ring with a male wrestler. The wrestling action was solid and they had some nice exchanges but unfortunately the botched finish took the wind out of everyone’s sails. )

BOLA Quarter Final Match- TJ Perkins vs. Ricochet
The crowd wants Rick Knox to get involved and he plays off like he’s going to but decides not to. Ricochet overpowers Perkins and Perkins catches him with a kick to the head. Sloppy springboard hutricanrana sends Perkins to the floor and back in, Perkins catches Ricochet in the cross arm breaker. Ricochet makes the ropes to break and Perkins hits a suplex for 2. Chin lock by Perkins and he sends Ricochet shoulder first in the corner. Snap mare and Perkins hits a dropkick to the shoulder. Half crab by Perkins but Ricochet escapes and hits the Dragon screw leg sweep. Inside cradle by Perkins gets 2. Rear Royal Butterfly by Perkins but Ricochet again escapes. Axe kick by Ricochet and both men are down. Enzuigiri to the back by Ricochet and he hits a springboard clothesline. Perkins sweeps the leg of Ricochet but misses a standing corkscrew senton. Standing SSP by Ricochet gets 2. Spinning enzuigiri by Ricochet and he goes for the springboard 450 but eats knees. Perkins covers for 2 and he grabs the cross arm breaker. Ricochet powers Perkins into the Go To Sleepy Hallow. They trade uppercuts and Perkins hits a high kick. Brainbuster by Perkins gets 2. Ricochet hits a standing Meteora and he hits the Benadryller for 3.
Winner- Ricochet ***1/4 ( Good technical match with Perkins using his submission technique to keep Ricochet grounded but Ricochet’s high octane offense proved to be too much for Perkins. Simple, yet effective. )

BOLA Quarter Final Match- Trevor Lee vs. Michael Elgin
Elgin attacks at the bell and he stomps away on Lee in the corner. Springboard hurricanrana by Lee and Elgin overpowers Lee to come back. Elgin blocks the sunset flip and Lee catches him with a knee to knocks him off the apron. PK from the apron by Lee and he goes for the suicide dive but Elgin catches him. He slams Lee on the floor and back in, Elgin goes up. Corkscrew senton off the top misses and Elgin catches him with a bicycle kick. Elbow drop by Elgin gets 2. Straight right hand from Elgin gets 2. Delayed suplex by Elgin gets 2. Knee lift by Elgin and hits a summersault guillotine leg drop to Lee. Straight right from Le and he hits the crucifix bomb for 2. High kick by Lee and he goes for a German suplex but Elgin blocks. Dropkick by Lee and he hits the slingshot moonsault press to the floor!!!! Back in, LEE HITS THE 360 POWERSLAM FOR 2!!!! Elgin backdrops out of a Package Piledriver attempt and Lee hits an enzuigiri. Enzuigiri from Elgin and he hits a German suplex for 2. Elgin puts Lee on top and follows up. Lee fights him off so Elgin crotches him and hits a double knee strike in the corner. Lee escapes a suplex and hits a high kick. German suplex by Lee gets 2. Elgin blocks the Package Piledriver again and hits the backfist. Jackknife roll-up by Lee gets 2 and they botch a powerbomb spot. Big boot by Elgin and Lee comes back with a standing double stomp for 2. Lee works over Elgin in the corner and puts him on top. He follows up but Elgin fights him off. Elgin blocks the Frankensteiner and hits a Super Elgin Bomb!!!! Buckle Bomb by Elgin and he goes for another Elgin Bomb but Lee counters into the reverse hurricanrana. Small package by Lee gets 3!!!!
Winner- Trevor Lee ***1/2 ( This will go down as a historic match in PWG as Lee pinning the ROH Champion led to the end of ROH contracted talent being able to compete in PWG. The match itself was incredibly fun. Lee played a great underdog, withstanding the power and strength of Elgin and catching Elgin right after rocking him to pull off the major upset. )

BOLA Quarter Final Match- Matt Sydal vs. Kenny Omega
Chuck Taylor is on commentary. Omega takes control early and Sydal comes back with a hurricanrana. Dropkick by Sydal and he hits a leg lariat, forcing Omega to bail. Sydal dropkicks the leg of Omega as he was coming in and he throws kicks at the bad leg. Knee to the midsection by Omega and he gordbusters Sydal in the ropes. Abdominal stretch by Omega and he converts it into a cover for 2. Sydal throws some kicks at the leg of Omega again but Omega works him over in the corner to end that. Corner back elbow by Omega and he hits a deadlift suplex. Back breaker by Omega gets 2. Sydal BLOCKS THE CHAINSAW!!!!! Omega finally overpowers Sydal and delivers the CHAINSAW~!!!! Omega throws some shoulders to the midsection of Sydal but Sydal ends that with a knee. Roll-up by Sydal gets 2 and Omega hits the Stop enzuigiri. Sydal blocks a back suplex and both men are down. Sydal throws some kicks and hits a super kick for 2. Standing leg drop by Sydal gets 2 and he goes for the standing moonsault but eats knees. Omega goes up but Sydal takes him down with the leaping Frankensteiner. Sydal goes up and hits Meteora for 2. Sydal goes up but Omega stops him and goes to toss him off the top but Sydal catches him with a head scissors. Omega MURDERS Sydal with a lariat and he goes for the Dragon Suplex but Sydal blocks. Deadlift gutwrench powerbomb by Omega gets 2. Release Dragon suplex by Omega and he hits a second one. HADOKEN~!!!! Sydal counters Croyt’s Wrath with a double stomp!!! Sydal goes up and leaps but misses. Flying knee strike by Omega and he hits One Winged Angel for 3.
Winner- Kenny Omega ***1/4 ( Another solid match in the series of them so far. Sydal looked more competitive here than in the Hero match and the intensity of the match picked up gradually, making for an incredibly fun final stretch. )

BOLA Quarter Final Match- Roderick Strong vs. AJ Styles
They trade forearms to start and Styles dropkicks Strong. Strong goes for a suplex but Styles reverses into his own. Back breaker by Styles and he hits the springboard forearm, forcing Strong to bail. Strong blocks the baseball slide and Styles catches him with a sliding clothesline from the apron. Strong backdrops Styles against the post!!!! Torture rack backbreaker on the apron by Strong. Back in, Strong covers for 1 and he grabs an inverted cravat. Back breaker again by Strong gets 1. Rear abdominal stretch by Strong but Styles makes the ropes to break. They trade forearms and chops and Strong catches Styles with a Urinage back breaker for 2. Sitting chin lock by Strong and he stomps on Styles as he tries to fight out. Styles pulls Strong to the floor where they trade forearms. Back in, Styles fires away on Strong and he knocks Strong down with a lariat. Hammerlock back suplex by Styles and he hits the Torture Rack Bomb for 2. Strong blocks the Styles’ Clash and he hits a back breaker into the Olympic Slam for 2. Springboard Reverse DDT by Styles gets 2. Styles goes for the Styles’ Clash but again, Strong blocks. Pele by Styles and they trade forearms. Leaping knee by Strong and he hits the Gutbuster. Sick Kick by Strong gets 2!!! Styles blocks a suplex and they trade counters until Styles locks in the Calf Killer. Strong hammers out of it and Styles goes for Bloody Sunday but Strong accidently kicks the ref. Discus clothesline by Styles and he hits Bloody Sunday. Strong blocks the Styles’ Clash so Styles hits an inverted Tombstone!!!! Strong bails and grabs a chair but Styles catches him. He goes for the Styles’ Clash but Strong blocks with the chair. Styles has the chair but the ref sees him with it and calls for the DQ before Styles even uses it!!!!
Winner by DQ- Roderick Strong *** ( The wrestling here was good but the overbooking was absolutely ridiculous. PWG is not known for doing this cheesy Dusty finishes so the crowd despised this finish and the referee became the most hated man in the building for being part of the two worst finishes on the show so far. Styles’ should not have been booked in the tournament if this was the only way they could get out of having him lose and his two matches were huge disappointments. This did no favor’s for Strong’s heel character and probably did some damage. )

BOLA Quarter Final Match- Zach Sabre Jr. vs. Kyle O’Reilly
They grapple on the mat to start and reach a standstill. Bow-tie by O’Reilly but Sabre Jr. reverses into his own. O’Reilly works the arm of Sabre Jr. but Sabre Jr. escapes and we reach another standstill. They exchange roll-ups with Sabre Jr. winning the battle for a 2 count. They trade boots and O’Reilly sweeps the leg of Sabre Jr. Snap mare and O’Reilly hits a knee drop for 1. Rear abdominal stretch by O’Reilly and he converts it into the cover for 2. Slam by O’Reilly gets 2. Sabre Jr. uses his legs to press the leg of O’Reilly and he snaps it back. O’Reilly grabs a half crab and he pulls back too far, putting them into the ropes and forcing the break. Sabre Jr. steps on the elbow of O’Reilly and he covers for 2. Forearms by O’Reilly but Sabre Jr. peles the arm to come back. Flying knee by O’Reilly but Sabre Jr. comes back with an uppercut. Sabre Jr. goes to small package O’Reilly off the Jawbreaker Lariat but O’Reilly ROLLS THROUGH THAT into the Brainbuster!!!! Sabre Jr. counters the Regal Plex into the jackknife roll-up for 2. Alarm Clock by O’Reilly and he hits an Axe Kick. Running kick to the chest by Sabre Jr. but O’Reilly comes back with the Regal Plex for 2. Cross arm breaker by Sabre Jr. but O’Reilly rolls through. O’Connor roll attempt by Sabre Jr. but O’Reilly counters into the cross arm breaker. Sabre Jr. rolls through that and they trade spin kicks, knocking both men down!!!! High kick by Sabre Jr. but O’Reilly comes back with a rolling elbow. Double slap and both men go down again!!!! Running uppercuts by Sabre Jr. and he hits a release Dragon suplex. Sabre Jr. counters the Jawbreaker Lariat into the cross arm breaker. O’Reilly stomps out of the hold but Sabre Jr. comes back with the PK. Dragon suplex by Sabre Jr. gets 2. Sabre Jr. wraps O’Reilly’s arm against the metal part of the turnbuckle and they fight on top. SABRE JR. TAKES O’REILLY OFF THE TOP INTO THE CROSS ARM BREAKER!!!!! O’Reilly makes the ropes to break!!! O’Reilly hits some forearms and hits a Pump Handle Driver for 2!!! Brainbuster by O’Reilly gets 1!! Rapid stomps by O’Reilly and he grabs the Triangle Choke. Sabre Jr. gives!!!!
Winner- Kyle O’Reilly **** ( these two are just natural opponents with their unique mixed of arm based submission and stiff striking style. This was an outstanding wrestling contest with some beauitiful counter sequences and they had the crowd rocking the entire way. Zach Sabre Jr. absolutely killed it in this tournament and is now a star attraction for PWG going forward. )

After the match, Roderick Strong comes out and hits the Sick Kick on O’Reilly. He hits a leaping knee in the corner to Sabre Jr. and hits Orange Crush on O’Reilly!!! Strong sets some chairs up and nails Rick Knox and Excalibur with a chair when they try to stop him. He stacks the chairs up and hits a release suplex through the chairs!!!!! Stronghold by Strong but Bobby Fish finally chases him away.

Mount Rushmore (Adam Cole, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson) vs. ACH, Brian Myers, and Chris Sabin
Chris Hero is on commentary. Cole holds the ring announce and the Bucks go for the double super kick but miss and nail Cole!!! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE BY THE RING ANNOUNCE TO THE BUCKS!!!!!! PK off the apron by Sabin to the Bucks but Cole swepes the leg to take him down. Slingshot pescado by Myers and ACH hits a corkscrew plancha to the floor!!!! Mt. Rushmore comes back with triple suicide dives to the floor!!!! Back in, Myers leaps off the second rope but eats a dropkick from Cole on the way down. Slam by Myers to all three members of Mt. Rushmore and he SLAMS SABIN AND ACH!!!! HE’S OUT OF CONTROL!!!! He goes to slam Rick Knox but he counters into a sunset flip and Cole counts the 2!!! Everyone goes for suplexes and the faces win the suplex battle. Mt. Rushmore bails and ACH hits a springboard plancha to the floor!!!! ACH starts to CROWD SURF but THE BUCKS SUPERKICK HIM WHILE HE’S SURFING!!!!!! Back in, Matt works over ACH and tags Nick. Handspring back rake and Cole tags in. Cole does five back rolls and fakes out the back rake, choosing to scream his own name instead. Tag to Nick and he snap mares ACH into the chinlock. ACH fights out and Nick hits an inverted atomic drop. ACH blocks the super kick and hits the Stunner!!! ACH goes for the tag but Matt and Cole pull Sabin and Myers off the apron. Tag to Cole and he charges but eats elbow. Sabin tags in and hits a double missile dropkick to Cole and Matt. DDT/Flatliner combo by Sabin. He clotheslines Matt to the floor and he hits a corner back elbow to Cole. Enzuigiri by Sabin and he hits the Cradle Shock for 2. Everyone charges at Cole in the corner but Sabin misses the charge. Everyone charges at Sabin but Cole eats boot on the charge. Sabin puts Cole on top and follows up but the Bucks follow as well. Myers and ACH go after them and it’s the TOWER OF DOOM~!!!!! Cole blocks the slingshot ace crusher and ACH eats a double superkick. Spinning enzuigiri by Myers to Cole but he and Sabin both eat double superkicks from the Bucks. The Bucks go up and ACH catches Cole with the slingshot ace crusher. ACH goes up and he and the Bucks all hit 450 splashes. ACH covers for 2 as the Bucks save. ACH fires at the Bucks but he gets pressed into a powerbomb. Buckle Bomb/Enzugiri combo to ACH and Mount Rushmore hits a Package Piledriver/Double superkick combo for 2 as Myers and Sabin saves!!!! Cole goes up and hits Panama Sunrise on ACH. Cole presses Nick into More Bang for Your Fuck on ACH for 3!!!
Winners- Mount Rushmore ***1/2 ( This was an absolute blast with some awesome callbacks to prior moments during the weekend and some insane action. They only got twelve minutes but they made the most out of that time and put one of the more purely fun six man tags that you will see. )

Kyle O’Reilly is announced as being injured so Roderick Strong, who was drawn to face him, gets a bye to the finals.

BOLA Semi-Final Match- Johnny Gargano vs. Trevor Lee
Lee attacks from behind to start and Gargano fights back with lefts. Knee to the midsection by Lee and Gargano attempts the Gargano Escape but Lee blocks. Headscissors by Gargano sends Lee to the floor and he hits an enzuigiri on the apron. Blockbuster from the apron to the floor by Gargano!!!! Running chop by Gargano and he fires away with chops as Lee is sitting on a chair. Lee puts Gargano in the chair and knocks him down with a chop. Back in, Lee hits the standing double stomp for 2. Chin lock by Lee but Gargano backs Lee to the corner to break. Lee sends Gargano HARD into the corner and hits a running knee to the midsection. Back in, Gargano chops away but Lee catches him with a dropkick for 2. Chin lock by Lee but Gargano fights out. Lee takes him down by the hair and he chokes Gargano in the ropes. They battle for a suplex and Gargano eventually wins the battle. Lefts by Gargano and he rolls Lee into the basement high kick. Slingshot DDT by Gargano gets 2. High kick by Lee and he hits a release German suplex. High kick by Gargano but Lee comes back with a deadlift German suplex for 2. Gargano blocks a German suplex on the apron and they trade forearms. Enzuigiri by Lee but Gargano comes back with one of his own knocking Lee off the apron. Suicide dive by Gargano and back in, Gargano goes for the slingshot spear but Lee catches him. Gargano tries to counter the gutwrench suplex into the hurricanrana but Lee blocks that with a cover for 2!!! Gargano blocks the suplex and he gets a wheelbarrow roll-up for 2. Lawn Dart by Gargano and he hits Hurts Donut for 2. 360 powerslam by Lee and he hits Orange Crush for 2!!! They trade slaps from their knees and Lee ends that with a hard straight shot. Super kick by Gargano and Lee presses him into a powerbomb. Gargano counters the Package Piledriver into the Gargano Escape!!!! Lee rolls him up for 2 and Gargano throws some superkicks. Gargano blocks a hurricanrana and grabs the Gargano Escape!!! Lee taps!!!
Winner- Johnny Gargano ***3/4 ( The crowd was molten hot for Trevor Lee and were on the edge of their seats for all the near falls and near opportunities he had to get into the finals. There was something missing that would have put this over the edge but this was a great contest and capped off an excellent run for Lee in the tournament. )

BOLA Semi Final Match- Ricochet vs. Kenny Omega
Excalibur is along for this one. Omega toys with Ricochet to start and asks Riccohet to slap him, so Ricochet stomps his foot instead. Hurricanrana by Omega but Ricochet comes back with his own. Head scissors followed by a dropkick from Ricochet. Omega presses Ricochet to the mat and Ricochet bails. Omega misses the slingshot pescado and Ricochet hits a summersault plancha to the floor!!!! Ricochet actually joins commentary and OMEGA TOSSES A CHAIR AT BOTH RICOCHET AND EXCALIBUR!!!!!! Back in, Omega works over Ricochet and stomps away. Running stomp by Omega gets 2. Omega continues to work Ricochet over and he sends Ricochet hard into the corner. Back elbow in the corner by Omega gets 2. Sitting chin lock by Omega but Ricochet makes the ropes to break. CHAINSAW~!!!!!! Ricochet escapes the suplex attempt and hits a Northern Lights suplex. Omega escapes a suplex and hits a back suplex on Ricochet. They trade chops and Ricochet hits some forearms. Omega hammers the back and slaps Ricochet. Back elbow by Ricochet and Omega returns the favor. Ace crusher by Ricochet and both men are down. Enzuigiri to the back by Ricochet and he springboards in but Omega dropkicks him on the way down. Summersault plancha to the floor by Omega!!! Back in, Omega goes up and leaps but Ricochet kicks him on the way down. Go To Sleepy Hallow followed by the standing SSP by Ricochet gets 2. Ricochet goes up but Omega stops him and follows up. Ricochet fights him off but Omega catches him with a SICK bicycle knee!!! Omega follows up and hits a delayed superplex for 2. They trade blows and Ricochet hits some uppercuts. Axe kick by Ricochet and he goes for the high kick but Omega blocks. Big boot LAUNCHES Ricochet to the floor!!! They fight on the apron and OMEGA HITS A DRAGON SUPLEX ON THE APRON!!!! Back in, Omega gets 2. Enzuigiri by Ricochet and Omega hits a release Dragon suplex. HADOKUN~!!!! Omega covers for 2. Ricochet blocks Croyt’s Wrath and they go up. Ricochet blocks super Croyt’s Wrath and OMEGA GOES FOR A GERMAN SUPERPLEX BUT RICOCHET LANDS ON HIS FEET!!!! Spinning enzuigiri by Ricochet and he goes for a reverse hurricanrana but Omega blocks. Croyt’s Wrath by Omega gets 2!!! Ricochet counters One Winged Angel into a Victory kick for 2!!! High kick by Ricochet and he goes up. 630 Splash by Ricochet gets 2!!! Benedriller by Ricochet gets 3!!!
Winner- Ricochet **** ( This was an awesome match with these two going balls to the walls and throwing everything they had at each other. This was a crazy, out of control match that lived up to the expectations that a match between these two would have. I would love to see these two hook it up again. )

Team Biff Busick (Biff Busick, Bobby Fish, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak, and Tomasso Ciampa) vs. Team Chris Hero (Chris Hero, Chuck Taylor, Joey Ryan, Rich Swann, and Willie Mack)
Chuck Taylor decides to go on commentary instead of joining his team for the start of the match. Hero and Gulak start. They grapple to start and they get some roll-ups for some near falls. Big boot by Hero and Mack tags in. Gulak avoids the Pounce and Alexander tags in. They test their power and Mack hits a flying knee strike. Tilt-a-whirl head scissors by Alexander and he dropkicks Mack. Chops by Mack and he hits a leaping shoulder block. Five Knuckle Shuffle by Mack and Fish tags in along with Ryan. The crowd chants for Candice, which makes Joey cry. Dropkick by Fish and RYAN COMES BACK WITH THE BALLPLEX!!!! Busick tags in and Chuck Taylor finally heads to the ring to wrestle. Swann tags in and thye attempt hip tosses with neither succeeding. Enzuigiri by Swann and Busick blocks the leaping Frankensteiner. Running uppercut by Busick and Taylor tags in along with Ciampa. Taylor overpowers Ciampa and he gets the O’Connor roll for 2. Drop toe hold by Ciampa and HE CORNHOLES TAYLOR!!!! Taylor makes the ropes and Ciampa sucks his thumb after that display. Taylor tells Ciampa to slow it down and THEY GO IN SLOW MOTION!!!!!! O’Connor roll in slow motion by Taylor gets 2. Drop toe hold by Ciampa and he SLOW MOTION CORNHOLES TAYLOR!!!!!! Slow motion “You Sick Fuck” chant from the crowd!!! Slow motion basement super kick by Ryan. Slow motion discus clothesline by Gulak. Slow motion Pounce by Mack. Slow motion uppercut by Busick. Slow motion rolling elbow by Hero. Slow motion high kick by Alexander. Slow motion spinning front kick by Swann. Taylor goes for the slow motion Hilo but Fish has enough and kicks Taylor in the back!!!!! Team Busick works over Taylor and Hero gives Gulak and Busick chops. He goes for a big boot but misses and accidently nails Taylor. Baseball slides by Gulak and Buick to Hero and Taylor but Mack hits a summersault plancha to the floor. Slingshot summersault pescado to the floor by Fish. Handspring acr crusher by Swann to Ciampa and he hits the Scissors Kick. Corkscrew plancha to the floor by Swann!!! Hero PUNCHES ALEXANDER IN THE FACE!!!! CORKSCREW PLANCHA TO THE FLOOR BY HERO!!!!!! Back in, Hero hits a rolling elbow to everyone on Team Buick!!! High kick by Alexander and he hits a back suplex into the back breaker. Spear by Ryan. Flying forearm by Fish. Spinning enzuigiri by Swann. Swann goes for the Standing 450 but CIAMPA CATCHES HIM WITH PROJECT CIAMPA!!! Knee strike to Mack and Ciampa goes for a suplex but Mack reverses into a Brainbuster. Gulak and Busick attack Mack and Gulak hits a Northern lariat. Mack fights back and hits a double samoan drop. Double standing moonsault by Mack. Fish blocks the Taylor Hilo attempt and everyone applies a sleeper while Fish holds Taylor up!!!! TRENT BARRETA COMES OUT AND GIVES CIAMPA SOLE FOOD THAT EFFECTS EVERYONE!!!! TAYLOR PUTS THE GRANADE IN FISH’S TIGHTS AND HITS AN ATOMIC DROP SENDING EVERYONE FLYING!!!!!! Frog Splash by Swann to Fish gets 3!!!! Everyone hugs after that performance.
Winners- Team Chris Hero ****1/4 ( This is one my personal favorite matches from all of last year. This is the perfect blend of hilarious comedy and insane in ring action. All ten of these guys went out there and had fun, getting the crowd to play along with them for the first half and in the second half just going absolutely nuts on one another. I can’t remember a match that had me exhausted afterward between laughing and losing my mind. Bravo to everyone involved. )

BOLA Finals- Johnny Gargano vs. Ricochet vs. Roderick Strong
Chris Hero rejoins commentary for the finals. Strong shoves both men to start so he eats a double super kick. Gargano and Ricochet trade forearms and Gargano catches Strong with a suicide dive. Summersault plancha to the floor on Strong by Ricochet!!! Back in, Gargano goes for the slingshot DDT but Ricochet blocks and hits the Brainbuster!!!! Strong stomps away on both and he works over Gargano in the corner. Enzuigiri from the apron by Ricochet and he hits the Pele on Strong. Twister to Gargano by Ricochet. Ricochet goes for the slingshot summersault senton but eats knees. Backbreaker by Strong and he hits a back suplex backbreaker for 1. Gargano pulls Strong to the floor and Strong hits the half nelson back breaker on the apron!!! Enzuigiri from the apron by Strong to Ricochet and hits a back suplex on the apron. Back in, Strong covers for 2. Strong stretches Ricochet against his back but Ricochet catches him with a crucifix for 2 to break. Scissors kick by Ricochet and he hits some forearms. Enzuigiri to the back by Gargano and he hits a double Slingshot Spear. Gargano rolls Strong into the basement high kick. GARGANO SUPERKICKS RICOCHET AS HE GOES FOR THE PELE!!! DDT/Flatliner combo by Gargano gets 2. Strong blocks Hurts Donut and he counters the slingshot spear into the back breaker. Ricochet escapes the Olympic Slam and hits a release back suplex. Ricochet brings Gargano on top with him but Gargano fights out of whatever Ricochet was planning. Ricochet lands on his feet off the Frankensteiner but Strong catches him with a small package for 2!!! Knee strike by Strong, super kick by Gargano, high kick by Ricochet and he hits a spinning enzuigiri on Strong to top it off and all three men are down!!!! They trade chops and Strong wins that fight. Benadryller by Ricochet and Gargano hits a high kick. Hurts Donut on Ricochet and Gargano grabs the Gargano Escape. Ricochet rolls him up for 2 but Gargano maintains the hold. Ricochet tries the Regal Plex but Gargano still maintains the hold. Ricochet hits the Regal Plex into the corner to finally break the hold. Corner knee strike and an enzuigiri by Strong. Urinage back breaker to Gargano and he suplexes Ricochet onto Gargano for 2. Gut buster by Strong and he hits the Sick Kick on Ricochet for 2!!! Ricochet blocks End of Heartache and he hits the standing SSP for 2 as Gargano saves. Zig Zag by Ricochet and he goes up. 630 Splash by Ricochet but Gargano catches him with the wheelbarrow roll-up for 2. Ricochet escapes the Lawn Dart and hits the Northern Lights suplex into the suplex. Ricochet goes up and hits the Shooting Star Press for 2!!! Benadryller by Ricochet gets 3!!!
Winner of the 2014 Battle of Los Angeles- Ricochet **** ( This was an excellent finals to cap off to the tournament. Gargano and Ricochet attempted to have one of their usual great contests but had to contend with Strong being a dick and it resulted in a great mix of story and action. This was a well-executed triple threat match and one of the better BOLA finals. )

After the match, Strong hits the Sick Kick and End of Heartache on Ricochet. Strong breaks the trophy and flips the crowd off. Ricochet recovers and gives a victory speech. Ricochet declares he is the next PWG World Champion.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This show was awesome and is almost as good as Night Two in terms of quality. This show had more great matches than Night Two, with four ****+ matches and the under card was almost equal to Night Two in match quality. The main difference is the booking, as some of the finishes here came off super weak as compared to Night Two where almost all of the matches were well booked. The whole tournament lived up to the insane hype coming in with performances from Sabre Jr., Kenny Omega, Ricochet, and ACH being the standouts. AJ Styles was the only real disappointment and I don't think they should have bothered booking him at all if they were going to use him for was a mediocre match with Brian Myers and a match with Roderick Strong featuring one of the worst finishes in company history. Overall, Night Three is a must watch show and the whole tournament is more than worth going out of your way to see. Once again, PWG steps up and delivers big time.