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From The Shelf- WCW Great American Bash 1999

May 3, 2013 | Posted by Dylan Diot
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From The Shelf- WCW Great American Bash 1999  

WCW Great American Bash 1999
Baltimore, MD

Key Points:
-The infamous WHITE HUMMER~!!!! Randy Savage had a White Hummer attack a limo Kevin Nash was in. Also their angle involved dumping poop on each other. Yeah.
-Ric Flair and Roddy Piper are in a power struggle for the presidency of WCW.
– Curt Hennig rages war against rap music and Master P. in particular.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Bobby Heenan.

Master P. and his crew arrive at the arena and Curt Hennig sucks up to him. Master P. gives Hennig an autographed CD but Hennig crumples it up. Master P.’s crew has to hold him back.

Video package for Hak/Brian Knobbs airs.

Kendo Stick Hardcore Match- Brian Knobbs w/Jimmy Hart vs. Hak w/Chastity
Don’t know why this is advertised as a kendo stick match even though everything is legal but whatever. Knobbs wants a straight-up fight with no weapons involved but then nails Hak in the back of the head with a trash can. Knobbs beats on Hak with a trash can lid a few times and he gives Hak the pit stop. Knobs charges with a chair in the corner but eats boot. Hak slams Knobbs’ face off a chair a few times and he nails Knobbs with a trash can. Hak brings in a ladder in the ring and they botch a spot with the ladder. Hak hits a slingshot legdrop onto Knobbs with the ladder on top of him. Hak puts Knobbs’ leg in the ladder and he nails the ladder with a chair. Hak sets the ladder against the corner but Knobbs sends him into the ladder. Knobbs nails Hak with the ladder again and but Hak pulls Knovbbs into the ladder to come back. Hak puts Knobbs on the ladder and goes up for the summersault senton but Konns moves out of the way!!! Jimmy Hart holds up a chair on the apron but Hak sends Knobbs into it. Hak nails Knobbs with the kendo stick for 3!!!
Winner- Hak *3/4 ( It was a messy, sloppy garbage brawl to start the show. The match was just hitting each other with weapons and not much else. At the least the crowd was into it. )

After the match, Hugh Morris comes in and he and Knobbs lay out Hak with a spiked piledriver. Morris goes up and hits No Laughing Matter onto the ladder on top of Hak. Knobbs hits a second rope dive with the trash can onto the ladder onto Hak.

Buff Bagwell thanks Roddy Piper for the opportunity to wrestle tonight and promises to watch Piper’s back tonight.

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Van Hammer
Hammer toys with Whipwreck to start but Whipwreck comes back with some arm drags. Backbreaker by Hammer and he chokes away. Slam by Hammer and he hits an elbow drop for 2. Kne to the gut by Hammer and he stomps away. Hammer puts Whipwreck on the top and tosses him right back down to the mat. Whip to the corner hard by Hammer as the crowd chants “boring.” They go up and Hammer hits a delayed superplex. Legdrop by Hammer gets 2. Abdominal stretch by Hammer but Whipwreck hiptosses out. Whipwreck goes for the backslide but Hammer backs him to the corner to break. He chokes Mikey with his boot and he dumps Mikey to the floor. Hammer follows and he drops Whipwreck onto the railings. Whipwreck pulls Hammer into the railings and he hits a slingshot legdrop with Hammer’s neck hanging in the ropes. Slingshot summersault plancha to the floor by Whipwreck and they head back in. Whipwreck goes up and hits a Thesz press off the top for 2. Whipwreck goes up again and leaps but Hammer catches him with a spinebuster. Cobra Clutch Slam by Hammer gets 3.
Winner- Van Hammer * ( This was a longggggggg squash. Crowd could not have cared less about these two and Van Hammer looked bad taking so long to defeat the much smaller Mikey. )

Disco Inferno vs. Buff Bagwell
Bagwell takes control early to start but Disco catches him with a swinging neckbreaker forcing Bagwell to bail to the floor. Back in, Bagwell connects with a swinging neckbreaker of his own. Bagwell goes to work on the arm and he hammers away in the corner, forcing Disco to bail to the floor. Back in, Disco catches Bagwell with the stun gun and takes Bagwell down with a clothesline. Reverse atomic drop by Disco and he chokes Bagwell with his boot. Disco snaps Bagwell’s neck off the ropes and he stomps away in the corner. Snapmare and Disco leaps off the second rope with a front elbow drop for 2. Slam by Disco and he goes for another second rope front elbow but Bagwell moves. Backdrop by Bagwell and he hits a clothesline. Punches in the corner by Bagwell and he goes up. Disco crotches Bagwell and he falls to the floor. Disco follows and he hits the Last Dance on the floor. The ref starts to count Bagwell out and Bagwell makes it back in before the 10 count. Disco goes for the piledriver but Bagwell backdrops out. Back elbow followed by a dropkick by Bagwell. Disco pokes the eye but Bagwell catches him with a powerslam. Blockbuster by Bagwell gets 3.
Winner- Buff Bagwell ** ( Crowd was into both guys’ act but the match was nothing simple. They kept things simple and Buff got a clean win so this was fine. )

Video package for Mysterio Jr./Konnan v. Hennig/Duncam Jr. airs.

Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncam Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan
Hennig and Duncam Jr. introduce their new entrance music, I Hate Rap. Master P. and the No Limit Soldiers are sitting in the crowd for this match. Mysteiro Jr. and Konnan attack at the bell and Jr. dropkicks Hennig in the leg. DDT by Konnan to Duncam Jr. and a springboard dropkick by Mysterio Jr. knocks him to the floor. Konnan presses Mysterio Jr. into a dropkick on Hennig forcing him to bail as well. Back in, Konnan catches Duncam Jr. with a bulldog and Mysterio Jr. follows woith a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Rey dropkicks Hennig off the apron and hits a slingshot pescado to the floor. Rey tries to springboard back in but Duncam Jr. catches him with a backbreaker. Jackknife powerbmb by Duncam Jr. and Hennig tags in. He works Rey over in the corner and tags Duncam Jr. who hits a gutbuster. Tag to Hennig and he sends Rey hard into the corner sternum first. Tag to Duncam Jr. who hits a sidewalk slam. They go to the floor and Duncam Jr. sends Rey into the railings. Back in, Hennig hits a dropkick and distracts Konnan allowing Duncam Jr. to stomp away in the corner. Reverse atomic drop by Hennig and he walks on top of Rey. Kneelift by Hennig and he sits on Rey for 2 as Rey catches him with a sunset flip for 2. Tag to Duncam Jr. and Rey slides underneath to get the tag to Konnan. The ref doesn’t see it, however, and they double team Rey. Hennig hits a suplex and he locks in a neck crank. Hennig releases and Rey catches him with a mule kick. He finally gets the tag to Konnan who hits the X-Factor on Dunam Jr. Rey gives Hennig the Rough Rider in the corner while Konnan hammers away on Duncam r. X-Factor to Hennig and they fight on the floor. Hurricanrana by Rey to Duncam Jr. as Barry Windham comes out and attacks Konnan. Swoll, a bodyguard for Master P., lays out Duncam Jr. allowing Rey to hit a slingshot legdrop for 3.
Winners- Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan **1/4 ( I really liked the first few minutes of the match but after that the match dragged and went into overkill mode. Hennig was a great heel in the match but it was overshadowed by the rap vs. country crap. )

Post-match, WCW officials drag the No Limit Soldiers out of the building as Hennig, Duncam Jr., and Barry Windham to lay out Konnan and Mysterio Jr.

The Cat w/Sonny Onoo vs. Scott Norton
Instead of Scott Norton, Horace Hogan comes out and says The Cat nailed him last week in the head with a crowbar and he wants to beat the crap out of the Cat. So it looks like he’s replacing Norton.

The Cat w/Sonny Onoo vs. Horace Hogan
Rights by Horace to start and he hits a clothesline. He dumps Cat to the floor and Horace follows. Back in, Cat nails Horace with a superkick. Slam by Cat and he chokes away. He dumps Horace to the floor and Onoo gets some shots in. Horace stalks him, allowing Cat to follow out and nail Horace from behind. He sends Horace into the railings and they head back in. Slam by Horace and he hits an elbow drop for 2. Cat goes low on Horace and he chokes Horace with his boot. Horace comes back with a big boot and hits a big splash for 2. Onoo distracts Horace allowing Cat to charge but Horace backdrops him to the floor. Onoo gives Cat a shoe and Cat puts it on. Back in, Cat superkicks Horace using that shoe for 3.
Winner- The Cat * ( This was a nothing match with no heat but I’m left wondering what the hell happened to Scott Norton? )

Video package for Ric Flair/Roddy Piper airs.

Ric Flair w/Arn Anderson and Aysa vs. Roddy Piper
Winner of this match will become President of WCW. That position is currently held by Flair. Chops by Piper to start and he sends Flair to the corner. Backdrop by Piper and Flair begs off. Jabs in the corner by Piper and Flair flops. Piper fires away with chops in the corner and he gives Flair a poke to the eye. Backslide by Piper gets 2 and he knocks Flair down with a jab. Flair rolls to the floor to catch a breather and back in, Piper hammers away on Flair. Jabs by Piper and Flair goes low to come back. Flair dumps Piper to the floor and Arn gets some cheap shots in. Back in, Flair goes low again. Flair knocks Piper down with a chop but Piper catches him with a roll-up for 2. Flair goes up but Piper tosses him off the top. Clotheslines by Piper but Flair dumps him to the floor to stop the momentum. Piper nails Arn who tried to attack him and Piper gets a sunset flip back in for 2. Sleeper by Piper but Arn distracts the ref so Piper releases the hold. Aysa hands Flair some brass knuckles and he nails Piper with them for 2!!! Figure-4 by Flair and Arn assists Flair. Buff Bagwell comes out and nails Arn. He attacks Flair for the DQ!!!
Winner by DQ- Ric Flair ** ( This was like watching a greatest hits reel for both men. They did all their basic stuff and didn’t treat this as a high stakes fight like it was supposed to be. )

After the match, Buff Bagwell continues to clean house on Ric Flair but Piper attacks him!!! Buff tries to fight Piper off but Arn lays him out with a spinebuster. Piper whips Bagwell with the strap as Arn and Flair hold him down. Piper continues to beat on Bagwell with the spit and then spits on him before he leaves.

Video package for Rick Steiner/Sting airs.

Falls Count Anywhere Match- Rick Steiner vs. Sting
Sting hammers away to start and he hits a clothesline. He dumps Steiner to the floor and follows out where Steiner sends him face first into the steps. Back in, Steiner hammers away but Sting catches him with some reverse atomic drops. Dropkick by Sting and they head back to the floor. Sting crotches Rick on the railings and hits some rights. Rick tosses a chair onto the back of Sting but Sting fires back. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but misses and crashes into the railings. Steiner pulls the mat off the floor and hits a piledriver on the floor for 2!!! Back in, Steiner hits a release German suplex for 2. He rakes the face of Sting and goes to the chinlock. Steiner jumps onto the back of Sting a few times and hits an elbow drop for 2. Steiner goes to jump on Sting’s back again but his groin lands on the knees of Sting. Vader Bombs by Sting and he goes up for a flying splash which he connects for 2. Snapmare by Steiner and he grabs the surfboard. Sting fights out and he sends Steiner to the corner. Stinger Splashes by Sting he grabs the Scorpion Deathlock. Steiner makes the ropes to break and he dumps Steiner to the floor. Sting follows and they brawl in the entrance way. Suplex on the entrance ramp by Sting and they fight to the back. Tank Abbott attacks Sting and Scott Steiner releases DOGS ON STING. Oh you have got to be kidding me. The dogs attacks Sting as they cut away. The Steiner Brothers come out and drag the ref with him. They get the ref to confirm Rick Steiner pinned Sting backstage.
Winner- Rick Steiner ** ( This is up there as one of the worst finishes in the history of pro wrestling. The ending came off as corny and cheesy as anything I have ever seen. This was lower rent than the low rent crap WCW was doing at the time. The match itself was a mediocre brawl which is what the two stars is based off of. )

Video package for Benoit/Saturn vs. DDP/Kanyon airs.

WCW Tag Team Championships- Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn © vs. Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon w/Bam Bam Bigelow
Benoit and Kanyon start. Dropkick by Benoit and Kanyon goes to the corner to catch a breather. Shoulders to the gut in the corner by Kanyon but Benoit fights back with chops. Benoit presses Kanyon to the mat and hits a back elbow. Benoit and Saturn dump Kanyon and DDP to the floor forcing them to regroup. Back in, DDP tags in along with Saturn. Drop toe hold by Saturn and he hits a slam. Springboard legdrop by Saturn and he hits some jabs to an incoming Kanyon. Saturn dropkicks Kanyon to the floopr and Benoit slams DDP. Clothesline by Saturn and DDP bails to the floor again. Back in, Benoit and Saturn hit overhead belly to belly suplexes on the challengers. Bigelow trips up Benoit allowing DDP to clothesline him to the floor. Bigelow drops Benoit on the railings and back in, the challengers choke away on him. DDP stomps away and he hits a short arm clothesline to Benoit. Tag to Kanyon and he hits a second rope Fameasser for 2. Tag to DDP and they stomp away on Benoit in the corner. Back suplex by DDP gets 2. He goes for a powerbomb but Benoit rolls through and catches DDP with a bridging back suplex for 2. He goes for the German suplex but Kanyon helps DDP block and he goes low. Sit-out powerbomb by DDP and he tags Kanyon in. He goes up for a moonsault off the top but Benoit moves!!! Tags to DDP and Saturn. Saturn cleans house and heads up top. Splash off the top to DDP gets 2. Punches in the corner by Saturn but Kanyon catches him with a sit-out inverted electric chair. DDP covers for 2. Tag to Kanyon and he dumps Saturn to the floor where DDP and Bigelow double team him. Back in, Kanyon covers for 2. Tag to DDP and Kanyon hits a side Russian leg sweep into a DDP elbow drop for 2. Tag to Kanyon and he hits a legdrop to the groin of Saturn. Saturn goes for a sunset flip but DDP tags in and heads up for a double axe handle to the back of Saturn for 2 as Benoit breaks. Saturn rolls DDP up but Kanyon breaks it up before the ref can count. Kanyon tags in and he grabs a front facelock. Saturn starts to fight out so Kanyon turns it into a swinging neckbreaker for 2. DDP goes up and hits a splash off the top off the tag for 2. He stomps away and then hammers away on Saturn in the corner. Saturn fights out but DDP cuts off the tag allowing more double teaming. Sit-out Dominator by Kanyon and he tags DDP in who covers for 2. Front facelock by DDP and the challengers double team Saturn off a distraction of Benoit. Whip to the corner and DDP charges but Saturn moves. Tag to Benoit who cleans house. He stacks up the challengers in the corner and DDP falls onto the groin of Kanyon. Benoit covers for 2 and he rams Kanyon into Bigelow who was on the apron. Rolling German suplexes by Benoit gets 2 as DDP saves!!! Benoit hits the Dragon suplex for 2. Saturn hits a side Russian leg sweep on DDP and Benoit slams Kanyon. They go up and Benoit hits the diving headbutt on Kanyon. Aturn leaps but DDP catches him with the Diamond Cutter!!! Dean Malenko comes out as Benoit covers Kanyon for 2 as DDP saves. Benoit catches DDP in the Crossface but the ref is distracted by Dean Malenko helping Saturn up. This allows Bigelow to come in and breaks it up. Assisted Diamond Cutter by Bigelow and Page to Benoit and they have Kanyon cover for 3!!!
Winners and NEW WCW Tag Team Champions- Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon ***1/2 ( FINALLY, a good match to talk about. This was a great formulaic tag team match, with tons of actions and great heel team work by DDP and Kanyon. This could have even been great had WCW not had the urge to overbook THIS match too. )

After the match, they also lay Dean Malenko out with the assisted Diamond Cutter.

Video package for Nash/Savage airs.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship- Kevin Nash © vs. Randy Savage w/Gorgeous George, Madusa, and Miss Madness
Nash attacks at the bell to start and he hits some knees to the gut in the corner. Back elbows in the corner by Nash and he sends Savage to the corner for a corner clothesline. Sidewalk slam by Nash and the move aggravates his injured ribs. Savage rakes the eyes of Nash and he works over the injured ribs of Nash. Savage clotheslines Nash to the floor and follows out where he sends Nash into the railings. Back in, Savage continues to work the ribs of Nash and he chokes Nash with his boot. Jabs in the corner by Savage but Nash goes low to come back. Miss Madness goes up as Savage distracts the ref and lays out Nash with a missile dropkick!!! Savage goes up and hits the Flying Elbow Drop for 2!!! Rights by Nash and he hits Snake Eyes in the corner. Big boot by Nash and he hits the Jackknife Powerbomb. Madusa, Gorgeous George, and Miss Madness attack but Nash fights them off. SID VICIOUS comes in and lays out Nash with a big boot for the DQ!!!
Winner by DQ and Still WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Kevin Nash * ( Seven minute main event with a bad finish. Typical WCW. Sid Vicious’ return was a big deal at the time but it doesn’t come across as anything special now. The match was bad, it was overbooked like almost everything else on this show, and unfortunately they have to continue this feud into Bash at the Beach. Ugh. )

After the match, Vicious lays out Nash with a Jackknife Powerbomb.

The 411: WCW was in a bad place at the time. They were becoming a cheap rip-off of both WWF and even ECW and they were going nowhere fast. The booking of the show was horrendous, seven the matches involved interference and there were some mind-boggling stupid finishes throughout the show. Avoid this show at all costs, it's not worth it.
Final Score:  3.0   [ Bad ]  legend

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