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Goldberg Doesn’t Think There Are Surprises Anymore In Pro Wrestling

April 2, 2024 | Posted by Andrew Ravens
Goldberg WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Speaking on the Drinkin Bros podcast, Goldberg discussed a wide range of topics including surprises in wrestling.

The WWE Hall of Famer recalled some advice he got from Hulk Hogan regarding surprises. He said (per Fightful),

“Hulk Hogan once told me, ‘Make em pay for it. Make ’em wait. Don’t show up every Monday on Raw. Don’t show up every Thursday on Thunder. Don’t show up every Friday. Make ’em wait for you. Make ’em anticipate.’ I remember the day when we wouldn’t announce people showing up, and they’d just show up and people went fucking berzerk. Now, it’s all pre-determined when you’re going to be there, there are no surprises really. They use them to draw.”

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