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Hall’s WWE Smackdown Review 2.23.24

February 24, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
WWE Smackdown Randy Orton Image Credit: WWE
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Hall’s WWE Smackdown Review 2.23.24  

Date: February 23, 2024
Location: Delta Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Commentators: Wade Barrett, Corey Graves

We’re taped from last week as we are nine hours away from Elimination Chamber. The show is pretty much set but there is always the chance of a last minute addition. Other than that, since they were around last week, there is the chance of getting something more from the Rock and Roman Reigns. Let’s get to it.

Video on the Women’s Elimination Chamber match.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Liv Morgan

Bianca Belair is at ringside. Morgan starts fast and forearms her out to the floor for a breather. Back in and Stratton takes over and hits a running corner splash. Morgan grabs a crucifix for two and we take a break. We come back with Morgan fighting out of a chinlock and an exchange of running shots to the face. Morgan sends her into the corner for a running knee as Belair is literally bouncing up and down.

Oblivion is countered into a spinebuster to give Stratton two but she misses the Prettiest Moonsault Ever. An Alabama Slam gives Stratton two but the moonsault is broken up again, this time with a powerbomb. Stratton sends her outside and into the announcers’ table, followed by a slap to Belair. That brings Belair to the apron, with Morgan being kicked into her, allowing Stratton to grab a rollup pin at 11:38.

Rating: C+. You can see the talent in Stratton and she is already feeling like she belongs on the main roster. There was little in the way of nervousness or looking like she was trying to figure things out. That is more than a lot of veterans can do and it gives me hope for Stratton’s future. At the same time, Stratton vs. Belair would be a rather interesting feud for both of them and a great sign for the start of Stratton’s future.

Drew McIntyre says if he loses in the Chamber, his WWE career will be as worthless as CM Punk’s Wrestlemania return. Bobby Lashley comes in to remind McIntyre of the time he beat McIntyre at Wrestlemania.

Ashante Thee Adonis and Cedric Alexander discuss possible matching ring gear but still can’t get on the same page.

We look at the Bloodline interfering on Raw to cost Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso matches, the latter of which was for the Intercontinental Title.

The Bloodline is excited over what they did, but Roman Reigns wants to know who sent Jimmy Uso to Raw. That would be Paul Heyman, but Reigns says it was his idea. Heyman interrupts though, saying Grayson Waller is here. Reigns is interested.

We see some wrestlers arriving and spending time in Australia before Elimination Chamber.

Bron Breakker vs. Dante Chen

This is Breakker’s debut as a full time member of Smackdown. Breakker wrestles him down to start and hits a running shoulder. A running clothesline (called a Steiner Line) connects but Chen gets in a neck snap over the top. Breakker slams him out of the air though and hits the spear for the dominant pin at 1:21. Destruction and Breakker looked great.

Judgment Day isn’t worried about Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne, especially not after tonight.

Elektra Lopez comes up to the LWO and says the team is dying because of bad choices. Then Legado del Fantasma jump them from behind.

Tyler Bate/Pete Dunne vs. Judgment Day

That would be JD McDonagh/Dominik Mysterio here. McDonagh shoulders Bate down to start but gets headscissored out to the floor for his efforts. Back in and a monkey flip sends McDonagh flying before Bate dives over Dunne for a middle rope Swanton. McDonagh manages to send Bate into the other corner so Dominik can come in but Bate fights out of trouble rather easily. Dunne comes back in to work on Dominik’s arm and then twist away at the ankle. Bate and Dunne stomp onto the arms at the same time but the villains send them both outside.

We take a break and come back with Dunne stomping on McDonagh’s fingers and kicking him in the head. Dominik breaks up a double suplex and gets pummeled down for his efforts. Bate airplane spins Dominik to the floor and McDonagh gets the same treatment. The rebound lariat/German suplex combination gets two on McDonagh with Dominik making the save. The standing Spanish Fly gives McDonagh two but his moonsault hits raised knees. A double Tyler Driver 97 finishes McDonagh at 13:16.

Rating: B-. This was almost literally a glorified warmup for Bate and Dunne, who feel like they could take the titles from Judgment Day proper tomorrow. The team doesn’t have much of a history so giving them a win over a team with some name power is a good step. That double Tyler Driver 97 is growing on me too so they’re doing something right so far.

Post match Damian Priest and Finn Balor come in for the brawl but are quickly dispatched.

Video on the men’s Elimination Chamber match.

Grayson Waller and Austin Theory are in the back with Logan Paul when Kevin Owens interrupts. Owens wants to punch Theory and Waller in the face again and walks off. Paul Heyman comes in and says Roman Reigns wants to speak to Waller.

Dakota Kai has been hurt again and is limping into the trainer’s room.

AOP vs. Street Profits

The rest of the Final Testament and B-Fab/Bobby Lashley are here too. Ford’s dropkicks don’t do much to Akam to start so Dawkins comes in to help take him down. A belly to back moonsault gets two on Akam and the AOP are sent outside. Dawkins hits the big flip dive and we take a break.

Back with Ford fighting out of Rezar’s chinlock but getting kneed in the chest by Akam. Ford fights up again and avoids a charge to send Rezar into the post. The tag brings in Dawkins to clean house but he misses a charge in the corner and gets booted in the face. The Final Chapter gets two with Ford making a save. A Doomsday Blockbuster hits Akam as the fans are doing Bray Wyatt’s Fireflies for some reason. Ford goes up but everyone gets in a fight on the floor, including Karrion Kross crushing Lashley’s arm with a chair. The suplex/sitout powerbomb finishes Ford at 11:21.

Rating: C+. This feud seems like it has a long way to go, even if it might not have the interest to get it very far. Other than chaos and violence, I’m still not sure what the point of the Final Testament is supposed to be. The AOP are still evil monsters who can do some damage though and putting them over the Profits will make them feel that much bigger.

Bayley comes in to check on Dakota Kai, who says Damage CTRL did this. Bayley swears vengeance and Kai promises to help make them pay.

We look at the Elimination Chamber press event.

Grayson Waller comes in to see the Bloodline, with Roman Reigns wanting to tell him something.

Elimination Chamber rundown.

Drew McIntyre checks on the injured Bobby Lashley and offers to pray for him.

LA Knight vs. Drew McIntyre

Hold on though as here is Logan Paul to join commentary. McIntyre punches his way out of the corner to start but gets sent into another corner so Knight can stomp away. The Glasgow Kiss cuts Knight but he backdrops McIntyre to the floor as Kevin Owens is here for commentary as well. McIntyre fights back and catapults Knight into the bottom of the ring as we take a break.

Back with McIntyre hitting the toss suplex but charging into a boot in the corner. A DDT gives Knight two as Owens and Paul continue to bicker. McIntyre gets in a shot of his own and goes up, only to have Knight jump to the top for the superkick. Knight gets dropped again but he’s fine enough to avoid the Claymore. They go outside where McIntyre is sent into the announcers’ table over and over. Knight and McIntyre get into it with Owens and Paul though, with Owens attacking McIntyre for the DQ at 11:49.

Rating: C+. They might as well have had a countdown until one of the people on commentary got involved for the DQ and in this case, that is a good thing. There is little reason to have one of them take a pinfall the day before Elimination Chamber so don’t waste the time. It’s still impressive to see Knight going toe to toe with the stars and shows you what kind of impact effort can have.

Post match the big fight is on, with Bobby Lashley coming in to spear various people. McIntyre Claymores him but walks into the RKO from a surprise Randy Orton to end the show.


Tiffany Stratton b. Liv Morgan – Rollup
Bron Breakker b. Dante Chen – Spear
Tyler Bate/Pete Dunne b. Judgment Day – Double Tyler Driver 97 to McDonagh
AOP b. Street Profits – Sitout powerbomb/suplex combination to Ford
Drew McIntyre b. LA Knight via DQ when Kevin Owens interfered



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The final score: review Good
The 411
This was the big final push towards Elimination Chamber and it was enough of a success. It doesn’t help that almost everything was set for the pay per view coming into this, but they managed to put together a nice two hours. The show only mattered so much but they made it work, as tends to be the case in recent weeks.

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