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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in London 71 03.05.2023 Review

March 15, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Live in London 71 Image Credit: Rev Pro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in London 71 03.05.2023 Review  

Quick Results
JJ Gale pinned Yota Tsuji in 8:46 (***)
Jack Morris pinned TK Cooper in 14:25 (***¼)
Skye Smitson pinned Maya Matthews in 8:57 (***)
Dan Moloney pinned Shigehiro Irie in 12:56 (****¼)
Brendan White & Danny Jones pinned Icarus & Dover in 16:51 to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Tag Team Championships (***¾)
Dani Luna pinned B3CCA in 13:15 (***)
Gabriel Kidd & Luke Jacobs won an elimination match in 29:38 (***¾)

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We’re back at the 229 for the last London show ahead of this month’s Revolution Rumble – but there’s a LOT of Rev Pro to go before then, with stops in Stevenage, St. Neots and Sheffield before we hit York Hall. Andy Quildan and Gio are on commentary.

Yota Tsuji vs. JJ Gale
This was Gale’s first match in London since his team with Callum Newman amicably split a month earlier…

Tsuji commandeered JJ Gale’s shirt as commentary noted that “t-shirt Tsuji” was a sign of disrespect. Much like t-shirt Naito. The early going sees Gale pull ahead with a springboard ‘rana, then a dropkick… before Tsuji took him into the ropes for some choking.

Gale’s dumped to the outside as Tsuji gave him a kicking, then a chopping, before Tsuji took things back inside for some t-shirt choking. Gale recovers with a wheelbarrow into a double stomp on Tsuji, then with some uppercuts, culminating with a springboard European uppercut for a two-count.

Tsuji blocks a Gale Force cutter, returning with a tiltawhirl backbreaker, then a spinning facebuster ahead of a wheelbarrow slam for a two-count. Some headscissors from Gale saved him from a powerbomb, but Tsuji slammed the door on him with a lariat… but Gale’s right back with some roll-ups, before he snatched the win with a moonsault! ***

Post-match, Gio interviewed Gale… who got attacked from behind by Tsuji. Shrugging it off, Gale challenged Tsuji for Stevenage – and demanded Tsuji put his spot in the Revolution Rumble on the line. Tsuji accepts… but laid out Gale with a powerbomb for good measure.

Jack Morris vs. TK Cooper
It’s a debut in Rev Pro for NOAH’s Good Looking Guy, up against a TK Cooper having his first singles match in Rev Pro since August.

Morris grounds Cooper early on with a hammerlock, rolling TK for a pinning attempt, before Cooper got free and scored with a headlock takedown. Headscissors from Morris are escaped as Cooper kipped up, but a dropkick from Morris leads to some chops in the corner… which the former tag champion replied to in kind.

Cooper keeps going, snapmaring Morris and hitting a dropkick to the back for a two-count, only for Morris to return with an enziguiri… before his attempt at suplexing TK back into the ring led to a slingshot DDT onto the apron instead. Back inside, a snapmare and a knee drop keeps Morris ahead, forcing TK to roll outside… where TK’s charged into the side of the ring.

Another return to the ring sees Morris pull up TK for a teased Pedigree… only to get rolled up for a two-count before TK hit a Snake Eyes into the corner. A big boot and a springboard moonsault press earns Morris a two-count, as TK then got grounded with a chinlock. Fighting free, Cooper backs Morris into the corner, before TK lifted the Scotsman from the ring to the floor with a back body drop.

Recovering, Morris charges at TK, but ends up walking into some Dusty punches ahead of a front kick into the corner… while a Vader-like body attack squishes Morris as he got thrown back outside. The crowd scatters as TK tees up for a dive, but Morris swats him away, only to get caught with an Omelette du Fromage flipping legdrop between the ropes… as a tope then wiped out Morris (and the chairs).

Back inside again, TK scores with a Samoan drop for a two-count, before Morris avoided a scissor kick as the pair begin to trade blows. A wacky double chicken wing lift-up into a knee sees TK knock down Morris for a two-count, as Morris then hit a knee of his own, then a death valley driver into the corner. Morris adds a frog splash for a near-fall, before a spinebuster cut off TK’s threatened comeback, as a Tiger Driver finally got the win for Morris. A good debut showing for Morris, who didn’t have it all his own way in this outing. ***¼

Skye Smitson vs. Maya Matthews
Smitson’s looking to get back to a Southside women’s title shot, having lost to a flash pin against Dani Luna in Cardiff last weekend.

Opening with a lock-up, Matthews was able to back Smitson into the corner… only to get caught with a kick on the break before a misdirection crossbody off the ropes got Maya a one-count. Uppercuts and body blows from Smitson led to a snapmare and a kick to the back, before Maya eventually found an opening.

A mounted sleeperhold from Matthews is thrown aside as Smitson took her into the ropes for a dropkick, before a slam kept Smitson in control. Matthews bounces off the corners with Irish whips into the buckles, before an eventual dropkick off the ropes gave Matthews another opening.

Matthews follows Smitson into the corners with running forearms, following up with an eventual Slingblade for a near-fall. In response, a wicked lariat from Smitson almost puts Matthews away, but Maya’s got one of her own in return, only to get caught with an Air Raid Crash seconds later as Smitson almost took the win.

Out of nowhere, Matthews charges at Smitson with a spear as we continued to rack up the two-counts, before a right hand and a gutwrench powerbomb from Smitson led to the Smitson Effect for the win after a decent outing that saw Skye have to withstand the perhaps-unexpected challenge of Matthews. ***

Dan Moloney vs. Shigehiro Irie
Buckle in… this one’s going to be a heck of a ride!

We open with a lock-up into the corner, with Irie offering his chin to Moloney on the break before the pair exchanged shoulder tackles. Irie responds with a slam and a slingshot splash by the ropes, before Irie threw some shots to Moloney’s midsection… including one that might have been a little south!

Back inside, Moloney’s slammed ahead of the Teddy Bear sit-out splash for a two-count, before Moloney began to mount a comeback with a big dropkick. Chops from Moloney earned some forearms from Irie, but more chops sink Irie into the corner as Moloney looked to pull ahead.

Moloney misses a PK after a snapmare, before Irie lifted him onto the apron… then set him down for the crossbody through the ropes… complete with a stylish landing for Irie into the front row. A cannonball squishes Moloney back inside for a two-count, but a gamengiri in the corner turns it around as Moloney hauled up Irie for a delayed back body drop.

Irie’s headbutt takes Moloney back to the corner, but a superkick prevents a second cannonball… only for Irie to lift his way out of a Drilla attempt. More chops led to a Beast Bomber lariat for a near-fall from Irie, before the pair proceeded to exchange forearm strikes. Another superkick from Moloney earned him an elbow from Irie, but a piledriver attempt’s thrown away as a double stomp left Irie rocked.

A spear follows for a near-fall, but Irie’s not done yet as the pair exchange clotheslines, including one to the back of the head that left Moloney in the ropes for a cannonball to the back. Another Beast Bomber’s next, but Moloney’s just able to power out of the cover, before another spear led to a short piledriver… then the Drilla for the win. These two meshed extremely well against each other – just like they did in Manchester last year – with a fantastic slugfest that earned a standing ovation. Hopefully Irie’s back in Rev Pro sooner than four years next time, eh? ****¼

After the match, Irie and Moloney shook hands… only for Jack Morris to hit the ring and instantly spark a brawl with Moloney. I guess we’ve found the next man in line for Moloney here…

Following intermission, Michael Oku’s brought out for an interview with Gio – as Oku was asked whether he’d heard from Eddie Dennis since last month’s bombshell “win or go home for good” announcement. But first, Oku acknowledged how banged-up he was after that double count-out against Gabriel Kidd last week… Oku didn’t agree with Eddie’s choice of retiring if he didn’t win the Revolution Rumble, but then had us sending for the man with an Andy Quildan impression. Oku told us that if he needed to force his trainer into retirement to win the match, he’ll do it, because of course he’s in the Rumble… and if he wins, he’ll be going for the Undisputed British Heavyweight title.

Rev Pro Undisputed British Tag Team Championship: Arrows of Hungary (Dover & Icarus) vs. Greedy Souls (Brendan White & Danny Jones) (c)
The Arrows of Hungary picked up this spot after beating the former champions Sunshine Machine last month…

Jones and Icarus start us off, trading wristlocks, then chops before the pair broke down into a slugfest, trading elbows ahead of a shoulder tackle from Jones… and a series of armdrags from Icarus. A dropkick from Icarus downs Jones for a quick two-count, before a cross-chop stopped any work on Jones’ arm.

Brendan White tags in, but gets tripped ahead of a standing moonsault as Dover then tagged in as the pair exchanged chops and forearms. White backs Dover into the corner with some clubbing blows, only for Dover’s stalling suplex to turn things around for a two-count. Icarus is back as he’s back body dropped onto White, while Jones came in to take a double chokeslam, before he got uranage’d onto Icarus’ knees.

Icarus looks to restrain White, escaping a slam… but Brendan’s blind-tag out allowed the champions to turn it around, with Jones getting a two-count off of White’s slam. A snap suplex follows from Jones, before White clubbed away on Icarus in the corner as Dover had inadvertently tied up the referee.

More cheating takes place from Jones behind the ref’s back, as Icarus was getting worn down by the champions, with back suplexes and back sentons almost getting the win. Finally, Icarus began to offer a response, catching Jones with a German suplex out of the corner… then a springboard dropkick to White… but Dover’s down having been knocked off the apron.

White pulls Dover to the outside, allowing Jones to capitalise with a Dragon screw as Icarus made his way back inside. Jones pulls up Icarus into a backbreaker, as Dover remained down on the outside, nursing his shoulder… recovering in time as Icarus slipped past White with a clothesline, ahead of a dive to tag in Dover.

Dover’s back body drop elevates White as Dover proceeded to drop the Greedy Souls with snap-half-and-half suplexes, following up with an Air Raid Crash/legdrop combo onto the champions for a near-fall. Icarus returned as he’s propelled into the Souls in the corner for a two-count, before White avoided a Crossfire attempt.

Jones tags back in and went after Dover with clotheslines, getting some in return ahead of a Dragon suplex from the Welshman. A springboard something or other’s booted away by Dover, before Jones’ Falcon arrow brings in Icarus to break up the cover. White low bridges Icarus to the outside as Dover blocks a Soul Destroyer… then made his way back with a double clothesline.

Dover wows the crowd as he back suplexed the Greedy Souls at the same time, while Icarus tagged in… only for his Meltdown senton off the top to land on White’s knees. A pop-up slam – dubbed the Line Out – takes care of Dover from there, before an elevated uppercut took Icarus into the corner as all roads led to a slingshot Bossman Slam for a near-fall… while a snap piledriver and a Soul Destroyer completed the blitz-like finish as the champions retained in a heck of a showing. ***¾

B3CCA vs. Dani Luna
It’s a Rev Pro debut for B3CCA, who’s not gotten a Southside Women’s title shot here… so Dani left the belt at home, seemingly.

A tentative start sees Luna trip B3CCA to the mat, before B3CCA was unceremoniously lifted over the top and thrown outside. Luna looks to keep the ring clear, but B3CCA manages to hang her up in the ropes, then dropkick Dani to the outside… before stopping to do some push-ups.

Some headscissors from B3CCA take Luna into the corner for a forearm, following up with running kicks before a cartwheel crossbody was caught. B3CCA slips out of a slam, then headed up top to land a huge crossbody for a near-fall. A springboard from B3CCA’s caught, but she’s again to escape and take Luna outside… only for Dani to spin B3CCA right round on the apron into a knee strike.

Returning to the ring, Luna charges her knee into B3CCA, then follow up with a kick to the head that picked up a two-count. Another bodyslam dumps B3CCA, who’s then taken into the corner and stood on in the buckles… then whipped corner-to-corner into the other buckles.

B3CCA manages to fight back, booting Luna out of the corner before forearms and chops led to a wild back elbow and an overhead kick. It rocks Luna, who’s knocked down with a front kick, then with a German suplex that bridged for a near-fall. An eventual tornado DDT lands for a near-fall for B3CCA, who then went up top… only for Luna to bring her down.

Luna eventually lands a rebound Blue Thunder Bomb off the ropes for a near-fall… but another trip outside from Luna sees her go for the apron spin knee again, this time blocked by B3CCA, who cannonballed off the apron instead. Back inside, a Quebrada from B3CCA lands for a near-fall, ahead of an attempted 450 splash… but Luna rolls away as B3CCA crashed and burned. From there, Dani’s clothesline sets up for the Luna Landing – the Darkness Falls – and that’s enough to get the win. ***

Post-match, Skye Smitson hit the ring to attack Luna – looking to set-up that title rematch down the line…

Elimination: Ricky Knight Jr., Gabriel Kidd, Luke Jacobs & Leon Slater vs. Michael Oku, Robbie X, Zak Knight & Cameron Khai
We’ve got a New Japan-style elimination match in the main event here – with eliminations occurring by pinfall, submission and going over the top rope. There’s no disqualifications here, which is a curious addition…

Things were boiling over before the opening bell, as we open with Gabriel Kidd ragdolling Robbie X with a waistlock takedown, forcing Robbie X to hit the ropes, eventually landing a tijeras before he got sunk with a Kidd chop. An Irish whip takes Robbie X into the corner, but he’s able to come out with a hiptoss, only for Kidd to miss the follow-up dropkick as we reached a stand-off.

Tags bring on Michael Oku and Luke Jacobs, with Oku going for a half crab… then some headscissors before Jacobs avoided a dropkick… and returned with a slam and a back senton. Cameron Khai and Leon Slater tag in next as the young ‘uns had a go… Slater dives through the ropes to the outside, then hit a Tiger feint kick to Khai before launching himself back in for a splash.

Khai trips Slater and lands a superkick as the Knights tagged in… wiping out the young ‘uns with shotgun dropkicks as they laid waste to their opponents, setting up for an insane pair of TRIPLE Samoan drops. Bloody hell lads, I don’t wish that on anyones knees! The Knights go after each other for a spell, with RKJ hitting the ropes and eventually landing the dropkick to Zak… who had Khai tag back in off him.

Khai’s attempt to catch RKJ from behind didn’t amount to much, nor did the chops, as RKJ downed him with one. Ricky throws Khai over the top, but Cameron skins the cat to stay in ahead of a slingshot cutter for a surprise two-count on RKJ. Ricky wipes out Khai with a running dropkick, then a basement dropkick into the corner, before a draping DDT and a F5 would have led to an elimination… but RKJ pulls up Khai at two.

RKJ takes Khai to the ropes for some chops, getting some wild sounds out of the rookie as Michael Oku got in Knight’s face… which led to Oku hitting the ring and throwing RKJ over the top rope… and since we’re not dealing with DQs, that’s a valid elimination as RKJ went out at the 8:40 mark. RKJ was livid at that, storming the ring to double-leg Oku, before he threw a chair into the ring…

Gabriel Kidd takes the mic to calm things down, as Zak Knight opted to resume the fray, trading blows until Kidd managed to knock down Zak. A dropkick from Knight takes care of Kidd, ahead of a bucklebomb… before Will Kaven hit the ring with a chair. Clipping Knight with a chair as he hit the ropes, Kaven throws some more before Oku and Robbie X as commentary didn’t sugar the pill… but with Zak on his own, Kidd capitalises as he pinned Zak with a brainbuster at 12:34.

Robbie X takes over on Kidd, scoring the hiptoss and cartwheel dropkick, then a standing moonsault for a two-count. Slater catches Robbie X in the ropes as a handspring’s cut-off with a dropkick, before Robbie’s bounced with a Saito suplex, then with a cutter as Slater and Kidd were running riot.

Robbie X takes a pasting in the corner as Slater, Jacobs and Kidd had their shots… eventually Robbie fights out of the corner, taking down Kidd with a dropkick before tags bring in Leon Slater and the start of Cameron Khai’s rolling Northern lights suplexes, ending with a release Northern Lights to Slater. A satellite sunset-flip from Slater sparks some ref-trolling see-saw pinning attempts on Khai, ending with Slater snatching a pin from all those at 17:28 to eliminate Khai with a Sabre clutch.

Robbie X launches in with a Molly Go Round to Slater, following with a running dropkick into the corner… but a crack at the hiptoss/cartwheel dropkick sees Slater land on his feet. A pair of superkicks from Robbie X led to a backflip kick… only to be met with a leg lariat and a Twister suplex as an XClamation was avoided. A cradle from Robbie X sparks more pinning attempted, but a reverse ‘rana’s popped up into a Blue Thunder Bomb as Slater almost nicked the fall.

Slater misses a 450 splash as Robbie X manages to return with the XClamation… and that eliminates Leon at the 20:59 mark. The four remaining in the match stand-off – although the size differential didn’t quite translate in terms of height. Oku and Jacobs start, but Oku’s charge into the corner as the pair lit each other up with chops. Oku goes for a half crab, but Jacobs cradles him for a near-fall, then railed him with an elbow strike as a brainbuster swiftly followed.

A pair of dropkicks from Oku have Jacobs rocked, allowing Robbie X in with a corkscrew kick into the corner, while a satellite Oku DDT and a Robbie X shooting star press almost got the elimination. Robbie X heads up top, but loses his footing as Gabriel Kidd hit the ring… shoving Oku into the ropes as Robbie ended up getting clotheslines off the top to the outside as he was eliminated at 24:15.

This leaves us with Oku against Kidd and Jacobs… Oku tries his best against the pair as the no-DQ rule meant that tags weren’t being enforced. A pair of double-handed chops send down Oku, as Kidd’s back senton added a two-count, as this was pretty much one-way traffic for a while. Boot choking from Kidd keeps Oku down, while Jacobs’ right hand led to a powerbomb… which Oku floats out of.

Oku tries his luck with an O’Connor roll for a near-fall on Jacobs, then with a half crab… but Jacobs pushes Oku into Kidd. Another powerbomb attempt is countered with a ‘rana as Oku tried to do the impossible, only for his misdirection knee to get countered into a German suplex by Jacobs. Kidd adds a Saito suplex before Jacobs hoisted up Oku for a Doomsday Device… and this was still just the two bigger lads having fun. Mercifully for Oku, a Kidd brainbuster, then a double-team powerbomb from Jacobs followed… and that’s enough to keep Oku down for the count. Luke Jacobs and Gabe Kidd are the last men standing – and you’d think have rocketed to the top of the pile of favourites for the Revolution Rumble following a fantastic elimination match. Don’t overdo them, but in the right spots, this was a tremendous way to cap off the (London-based) build. ***¾

We’re not finished though! Kidd and Jacobs got into a shoving match afterwards as things broke down… a Bull lariat from Kidd took care of Jacobs, but here’s Zak Knight to punch out Gabe. Will Kaven’s in, thankfully without a chair, punting Knight low… Robbie X keeps the parade of moves going, as did TK Cooper, Leon Slater (who would have Mambo’d himself doing the over-the-turnbuckles dive to TK on the outside).

We’re not done though! Cameron Khai runs in… Luke Jacobs returns for a Jay Driller, before Shigehiro Irie clobbered Luke. There’s a match I wanna see! Oku’s back for a froggy crossbody to Irie, before Tsuji speared Oku in half. JJ Gale’s back to complete the story from the start of the show, before the Greedy Souls ran out… only for Ricky Knight Jr. and a chair to wipe out the tag champions. RKJ took the mic to reinforce that while the Rumble’s the name of the show, he’s getting his shot at Great O-Khan on March 26 and plans to get his title back at York Hall… and that’s all folks!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Rev Pro are on a fantastic run of shows at the 229 in London, with this one perhaps being the pick of the bunch with Moloney/Irie, the elimination match and the tag title match all being worth the price of admission alone.

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