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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in London 81 01.07.2024 Review

January 8, 2024 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
RevPro Live In London 81 Image Credit: RevPro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in London 81 01.07.2024 Review  

Quick Results
Leyton Buzzard pinned Cameron Khai in 12:31 (***¼)
Ricky Knight Jr. pinned Brett Semtex in 14:08 (***)
Connor Mills pinned Trent Seven in 15:09 (***¼)
Jordon Breaks, Luke Jacobs & Harley Hudson pinned Leon Slater, Michael Oku & Dani Luna in 23:28 (****)
Gabe Kidd pinned Robbie X in 13:43 (***½)
Best Two Out of Three Falls: Safire Reed beat Kanji by 2 falls to 1 on 15:05 (***½)
JJ Gale pinned Callum Newman 13:46 (***½)

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We’re back at the 229 in London for the first time this year – and after the events of St. Neots we’ve got a new-old commentary tandem of Jim Ross and Excal… sorry, Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey as we all fight our own definitions of when the evening starts…

Leyton Buzzard vs. Cameron Khai
Just three days prior, Buzzard was working for Big Japan as part of his PROJECT HAVOC stable… a long flight, a Five Guys and a Nandos later, and he’s getting a heroes welcome, with short memories over what he did to Michael Oku last year.

Buzzard’s all over Khai early on with shoulder tackles, only for Khai to come back with a leapfrog and a roll-up for an early two-count. A drop toe hold and a low kick took Buzzard outside for a misdirection tope, before kicks and a standing moonsault back inside drew a two-count.

Khai’s cut off with a backbeaker, then with chops in the corner before a slam kept Buzzard on top for a two-count. Buzzard offers himself for some elbows, then issued receipts before Khai found a way back in with a leaping forearm. A suplex from Khai’s escaped as Buzard ended up falling to a Northern Lights suplex and a Falcon arrow for a near-fall. Deal, not done.

A dropkick from Buzzard gets him back in it, as did a knee to the back of Khai in the ropes… then an apron superkick… while a missile dropkick almost won it for Buzzard. Chops wear down Khai some more, ahead of a walloping clothesline and a brainbuster. It’s still only good for a two-count though.

Khai hits back with a lifting reverse DDT, dropping Buzzard onto the knee, before we broke out into strikes once more. Another pair of clotheslines drops Khai, who found a way back with an avalanche Falcon arrow, before a Pingshot cutter was blocked. Buzzard hits a Gourdbuster and a Shining Wizard to the back for a two-count, before a pair of pop-up powerbombs finally put Khai away. ***¼

Ricky Knight Jr. came out to address what happened at Uprising with Anthony Ogogo… but after we were shown footage of Ogogo’s attack, he couldn’t get too much out before he was attacked by a debuting Brett Semtex. Semtex was the WAW champion until not too long ago, and apparently had RKJ as the best man at his wedding two weeks ago. Facing another friend turning his back on him, RKJ offered a match…

Ricky Knight Jr. vs. Brett Semtex
Cue a referee, and we get going with Semtex spearing the hell out of RKJ… before a lofty F5 picked up a two-count out of the gate.

Semtex stays on top of RKJ with an Exploder out of the corner, before Knight’s leapfrogs and baseball slides confounded Semtex ahead of a dropkick. A snap small package nearly got Semtex the win, before RKJ took things outside for a flip senton over the top rope.

Back inside, RKJ hauls up Semtex for a stalling suplex, while a pair of running dropkicks ended up being a face-washer as RKJ sent himself through the ropes. A draping DDT keeps the pain on Semtex for another near-fall, ahead of more chops in the ropes, which Semtex refused to acknowledge.

RKJ’s caught with a flurry of shots before a head shot knocked Knight down… Ricky’s back up, but he’s immediately taken down with some rolling German suplexes. A springboard from RKJ lands in a Codebreaker before he found an opening to hit a clothesline, and we’re back to the strikes… culminating in a capture headbutt from RKJ.

More strikes lead to clotheslines, with Semtex swiping down RKJ with one to the back of the head, before RKJ rolling in for a Styles Clash. Knight heads up for a 450 splash, but he’s caught with an avalanche Exploder from Semtex, who added a Last Ride for a near-fall. Reversals from tombstones led Semtex to land a Fire Thunder Driver on RKJ, but Ricky’s not about to lose to his own finisher…

Semtex goes for another F5, but RKJ escapes and hits a lofty back senton… then a F5 of his own, before Semtex fought out of a Muscle Buster in the corner. A Canadian Destroyer and a second spear nearly does it for the debutant, before RKJ caught Semtex up top with an enziguiri. More headbutts follow as the pair trade the skull rattlers, ahead of a goddamn piledriver off the middle rope… to which RKJ added a Muscle Buster to finally get the win. ***

Post-match, RKJ got his message out to Anthony Ogogo… complete with a few visits to the swear jar as he challenged Ogogo to a match at High Stakes at Crystal Palace on February 18 – then swore to set his sights on the Undisputed British Heavyweight title.

We’ve more VT, this time of Connor Mills and Gio attacking Trent Seven in St. Neots last weekend. Hey, recaps for people who aren’t sickos like me are always a great thing and should be done as much as the setup allows…

Connor Mills vs. Trent Seven
Mills was accompanied by Gio, who still doesn’t have a last name, and was entirely bedecked in 70s-like brown for his debut as a manager. Trent was making a beeline for Gio during his entrance, faking out his slow roll so he could attack the former commentator…

Mills takes advantage as the pair scrap around ringside, before we got going with Mills kicking at Trent’s legs. We’ve got a huge back body drop to take Mills outside, and it’s time to run for the hills as a low-pe from Trent knocked Gio almost into the hard cam. Trent grabs Gio by the Nolastnames, then teased a piledriver as Mills broke it up with a dive.

A huge chop from Trent gave him an opening, but Mills takes him back around ringside and wraps Trent’s leg around the ring post. Back inside, a dropkick to the knee spun Trent down for a two-count, before Mills continued to work over the leg, landing a Dragon screw as commentary was almost working blue.

Trent’s kept grounded with an Indian deathlock, which Trent tries to chop his way out of. More chops follow along with a big donation to the swear jar, leading to a DDT and an Emerald Flowsion for a near-fall. Chops to the neck of Mills looked to set up for a Seven Star lariat, but Trent has the leg kicked out of him as Mills again took the upper hand.

A wild lariat from Mills shuts down a comeback ahead of a Ki Krusher for a near-fall. Mills gets caught on the top rope as Trent looked to superplex him down, but instead Mills hits a Dragon screw off the top, before he and Gio wrapped Trent’s leg around the bottom rope. A stomp to the knee of Trent follows, along with some PKs for a near-fall as it’s back to the Indian Deathlock.

Trent’s able to drag himself to the ropes to force the break, but Mills stays on him looking for a Burning Cutter. It’s escaped as Trent sucker punches Mills ahead of a Seven Star lariat for a near-fall. A Birming-Hammer from Trent’s stopped when Gio threw something as Mills… the ref takes it off of him, but there’s a second chain thrown to Mills, who used it to punch away a Seven Star lariat. From there, the Burning Cutter – just without the cutter – lands, and that’s the win for Mills. ***¼

Post-match, Mills hits some more PKs as Gio took the mic for what can only be described as an abrasive and archaic promo. Leave the fossilised material in the 70s with the brown, eh? Long story short, we’re getting Mills against Zack Sabre Jr. at High Stakes.

Jordon Breaks, Luke Jacobs & Harley Hudson vs. Dani Luna, Leon Slater & The OJMO
We’ve a Rev Pro debut for Hudson in a trios match that saw all of the singles champions on one team. A little one-sided, eh?

After Gideon’d had his wee meltdown over chants, we got going with Breaks and Slater as they went hold-for-hold in the early going. Breaks’ early holds were broken with a kick from Slater, but a monkey flip takes Slater into the ropes ahead of some lucha leapfrogs and roll-throughs that ended with Breaks backing away from a kick.

Luke Jacobs and Michael Oku tag in… we’ve a tijeras from Oku, only for Jacobs to charge him down moments later. Slater’s back, but he too gets charged down… leaving Dani Luna to tag in to try and change things. Shoulder tackles don’t work, but a right hand did before she managed to spin Luke down to the mat.

In comes Harley Hudson, who offers a Test of Strength and scored with a suplex out of it. Luna’s quickly back with a clothesline into the corner, following up with a sliding lariat for a two-count before some misdirection led to a facebuster and a leg drop from Hudson for a two-count… before Leon Slater unit the ring and wiped out Hudson with a leg lariat, earning him a deluge of boos for it.

All hell broke loose from there as everyone spilled outside… good luck following this. Jacobs and Slater fight through the crowd, leading to Luke hitting a uranage on Leon that shattered one of the merch tables. Swear jar.

Oku heads back to the ring for a Fosbury flop into the pile, before Leon Slater broke up things with an over-the-ringpost tope con giro. Back inside, Luna and Oku work over Breaks with leg drops and knee drops, while Slater’s leaping clothesline to Breaks in the corner led to a one-count.

Breaks tried to fight back on Luna, but just got himself stomped into the corner as Oku continued to chip away… but Breaks goes for Oku’s wrist and fingers in a bid to break free. Oku and Luna tease a Doomsday Device, but Breaks fought them off and scored a Victory Roll before he tagged in Luke Jacobs, who ran wild, catching Slater’s crossbody and turning it into a suplex before a death valley driver to Luna got a near-fall.

Hudson’s back and mounted Luna for a sleeperhold, only for Luna to throw her aside and charge back with a clothesline. Tags bring us back to Oku and Jacobs, with the latter eating a tornado DDT, then a springboard moonsault for a near-fall. Breaks and Slater are back, with Leon’s boot and Blue Thunder Bomb folding up Breaks for a near-fall, before an arm whip dropped Slater.

Luke’s back to crack Slater with a headbutt, then a forearm, only for Slater’s reverse ‘rana to find a way back. The swanton 450’s aborted as Luke struck back with a lariat, while blind tags bring in Oku and Breaks… a superplex from Slater led to a frog splash from Oku on Jacobs, only for Breaks to sneak in with a Sharpshooter on Oku.

Hudson cuts off an attempted break-up, as did Jacobs, before Oku’s cradle almost won it… a face-off led with everyone collapsing from front kicks. Luna’s back up to catch Hudson unawares with a rebound Blue Thunder Bomb, before Hudson got hung up in a Tree of Woe. She’s able to turn that negative into a positive as she spider suplexed Oku, then Slater out of the corner, before Luna just pulled Hudson out… only to get caught in a tornado Downward Spiral.

Breaks comes back in, but he’s pushed into Hudson… Slater’s back in as he and Oku hit a double dropkick to the cornered Breaks, then handed him off for a pop-up powerbomb from Luna… who’s then chokeslammed into the pike to break up the cover. On the outside, Hudson’s suplexed on the floor, while Oku and Jacobs threw bombs at each other once more… an Oku dropkick earns him a pop-up death valley drive in return, before a Cactus Clothesline took the pair outside.

That leaves us with the legal pair of Slater and Breaks, with Jordon’s pinning attempts earring him a front kick and a rewind enziguiri… before he finally came good with a prawn hold to snatch the three-count over Slater! My God, this match was absolutely insane – another one to add to the “trios matches are usually good” slate, and seemed to create at least one new challenger for the months ahead. ****

Gabe Kidd vs. Robbie X
Robbie X catches Kidd at the bell with a dropkick, before the pair tried for their big moves… only for Kidd to get sent outside for a tope into the third row.

Back inside, a springboard Molly Go Round crack Kidd in the shoulder for a two-count, before a standing moonsault kept Robbie ahead. Kidd absorbs some chops before he clotheslined away a springboard… then threw Robbie with a release Saito suplex for a two-count.

Kidd returns the chops from earlier, before a Bull lariat was countered with a cutter… sending Kidd to the outside. Robbie follows outside as he deadlifts Kidd back into the ring for a Spiral Tap that crushed Gabe for another two-count, ahead of a delayed senton atomico for another.

A snap turnaround sees Kidd shove Robbie X to the outside for some more chops, while we get another Andy Quildan impersonation thrown in. They’re like the Britwres equivalent of Stu Hart impressions, eh? Back inside, Kidd chokes Robbie X through the ropes, before a right hand knocked Robbie into the corner for some more chops.

Out of nowhere, Robbie X caught Kidd unawares with a dropkick, adding a hiptoss and cartwheel dropkick. A Pele kick takes Kidd into the corner for the Beyblade and a standing shooting star press for another two-count. Kidd blocks an X-Claimation but he gets knocked outside again… where he trapped Robbie in the ring apron before he pulled him up for a piledriver onto the side of the ring.

Kidd spits on Robbie X back inside, then caught him with another Saito suplex as we looked to be heading to the finish… a Code Red against the run of play nearly got Robbie the win, as did a roll-up out of a Bull Lariat, before one more Bull Lariat drew just a one-count. A brainbuster shortly afterwards gets chained into a piledriver, and that’s your lot as Kidd put away the fighty Robbie X. ***½

Ahead of the next match, Mark Trew and Kieron Lacey came through the crowd and hit the ring… the crowd were quick to troll Trew over the beanie that got thrown onto a ledge in the 229, before Trew and Lacey talked about the “Young Bloods” coming over from New Japan. This all led to a challenge next month for the debuting Yuto Nakashima and Oskar Leube… and that’s going to be a cracker.

Best Two Out Of Three Falls: Kanji vs. Safire Reed
This one was set up in the past month, where Kanji was attacked by Reed at the 229… before Reed beat Kanji at St. Neots last week.

Kanji’s jump start takes Reed into the crowd with a low-pe before things got going… a trip-up from Kanji led to a splash to the back for an early two-count. Reed trips up Kanji and boots her on the apron, before a snap suplex back inside drew just a one-count. A headbutt from Reed, then a double stomp to the back keeps her ahead, as did a dropkick by the ropes.

Reed continues to build up pressure, scoring a two-count from a back elbow, before Kanji hit back with a Northern Lights for a two-count of her own. A tope from Kanji’s blocked as Reed just threw her head-first into the side of the ring, before a roll-up with the feet on the ropes almost allowed Reed to steal the first fall.

A crucifix from Kanji swings it back around, with the pair see-sawing on pins until Reed snatched the first fall with a roll-up at the six minute mark… wrapping Kanji’s hair around her own knee pair to make sure she couldn’t kick out.

We resume with Kanji clotheslining Reed into the corner, before a Tiger Feint kick in the corner was caught by Reed. Kanji takes things onto the side of the ring as Reed teased a German suplex, instead scoring a ripcord clothesline to take the pair down to the floor. Reed grabs some chairs and tries to suplex Kanji through them… but instead a back body drop took the former EVE champion into the chairs.

Kanji cracks someone’s drink into Reed’s head, before she caught a springboard European uppercut and almost equalised with a bridging pin. An O’Connor roll from Reed continues the see-saw, before a short-range diving elbow – almost the obvious Hidden Blade – led to Kanji getting the equalising three-count at the ten-minute mark.

Next fall wins now, and it’s Reed who looks to be on the resurgence with a ripcord clothesline, then a Suplex de la Luna. A crossface forces Kanji into the ropes, prompting Reed to stomp on Kanji’s previously-injured arm, with the massive armpad being the obvious target.

Reed pulls up the pin from a Shining Wizard, then went back to the arm with stomps… Kanji avoids one and trips up Reed for some ground and pound. Kanji ties up Reed for some more strikes, before a sliding lariat was ducked, with Reed pulling at the bad arm in a levering armbar to force the submission – and gain the win. A pretty dominant win for Reed, who’s pretty much become the defacto number one contender here. ***½

Wait, of all the music, it’s Safire Reed’s that troublesome? And not, say, Robbie X’s boiling kettle intro?

JJ Gale vs. Callum Newman
A battle of former tag team partners, with Newman having beaten Gale in Southampton last summer before Gale went to New Japan.

We open with a handshake and a lock-up as we start with Newman backing Gale into the ropes… and a chop on the break from Newman. Callum lifts up the ring as he hits the ropes for a front kick, before he lifted Gale onto the apron, only for Gale to vault back in and land a springboard tijeras out of the corner.

Gale’s follow-up dropkick gets a two-count before the pair traded chops in the corner. A butterfly suplex from Gale’s good for a two-count, while forearms decked Newman for another two-count. Newman returns the favour with a rolling elbow out of a suplex attempt, taking Gale into the corner for a running dropkick and a PK for a two-count.

Newman gets rolled away, but he’s right back with a head kick as Gale tried to mount a comeback… we’re on the outside as Newman’s Orihara moonsault took him and Gale into the front row, while a flying forearm to the back of the head took Gale back down. A running PK nearly puts Gale away, before Gale manages to catch Newman with an uppercut into the corner, then a spinning heel kick for good measure.

A springboard European uppercut out of the corner gets Gale another two-count, as did a Falcon arrow. Gale heads up top but has to abort a moonsault… a shotgun dropkick took Gale into the corner, but his response just earns him a standing Spanish fly for a near-fall. Newman adds a Tiger suplex for a near-fall, while Gale’s able to find a way back in with the backpack knee.

Gale hits the ropes for a springboard twisting cutter, only to fall to Newman’s springboard cutter for a near-fall. Following up, Newman climbs the ropes for a moonsault… he rolls through as Gale came back with a forearm as we’re back to strikes. A Slingblade dumps Newman for a two-count, before Newman returned with a brainbuster as he capitalised on Gale’s hesitation.

We resume with the pair trading shots again, leading to a Side Effect from Gale, who then went to maneuver Newman into a Gourdbuster. It’s countered into a cradle for a near-fall, while Newman added a hook kick and a PK, before another moonsault was rolled through… allowing Gale to come right back with a wheelbarrow roll-up to snatch the win. ***½

Post-match, Newman took the mic and reintroduced himself to the 229 – saying he wanted one more match at the venue before he went back to Japan. In the meantime, he’s got a dislocated elbow to heal from, as he jokingly blamed that for his loss here, then suggested a possible rubber match in the future as these two are now 1-1.

We’re not done though… after Newman exited stage left, JJ Gale was jumped by Luke Jacobs, who was fed up with all the lovey-dovey speeches around these parts. Jacobs is now vowing to go through all of those on the roster who think they’re stars – and that’s going to start with Gale at High Stakes next month…

The final score: review Good
The 411
This show marked a strong start to the year for Rev Pro, as they packed a LOT into their three hours (minus intermission) - including setting up several matches for High Stakes at Crystal Palace next month, along with a debut for next month’s show at the 229.