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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in St. Neots 03.19.2023 Review

March 19, 2023 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Live in St. Neots Image Credit: Rev Pro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in St. Neots 03.19.2023 Review  

Quick Results
Revolution Rumble Entry Tournament Semi-Final: Yota Tsuji pinned David Francisco in 13:27 (**¾)
Revolution Rumble Entry Tournament Semi-Final: Joshua James pinned Samuel Hawkes in 9:08 (**½)
Dani Luna defeated Skye Smitson via count-out to retain the Southside Women’s Championship in 6:12 (**½)
Michael Oku submitted Jordan Breaks in 12:10 (***½)
Revolution Rumble Entry Tournament Final: Joshua James pinned Yota Tsuji in 15:33 (***¼)
Brendan White & Danny Jones win an Elimination Match in 19:40 (***¼)
Robbie X pinned Connor Mills in 16:42 to retain the Rev Pro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship (***½)

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Coming from the Priory Centre in St. Neots – it’s the last show before the Revolution Rumble… commentary comes from Andy Quildan and Gio Nolastname as we’ve got the return of streaming issues.

Revolution Rumble Entry Tournament Semi-Final: David Francisco vs. Yota Tsuji
It’s the first match in a mini-tournament for a spot in next weekend’s namesake show… and Yota Tsuji’s managed to finagle a way to regain the spot he lost to JJ Gale.

The feed died at the opening bell, and returns with Francisco scoring with a suplex for a two-count, before a pop-up knee from Tsuji turned it around. The feed dies once more… and returns with Francisco nailing a bicycle kick for a two-count, before an enziguiri and a death valley bomb almost got the upset.

Tsuji flips out of the Ruckus – a uranage – and returned with a F5 for a near-fall, before Tsuji ran into a superkick, then took a spinebuster for a near-fall. Francisco rolls Tsuji into a crossface after the kick-out, then rolled Tsuji into the middle of the ring… only for Tsuji to make it to the ropes to force a break.

Heading outside, Francisco nails Tsuji with a dropkick through the ropes, before an elbow drop off the middle rope led to Francisco waiting for the Ruckus… but Tsuji kicks away the referee, then pulled Francisco into an over-the-knee neckbreaker. With no ref, Tsuji waffles Francisco with his Kendo stick, before a spear got the elementary win. **¾

Revolution Rumble Entry Tournament Semi-Final: Samuel Hawkes vs. Joshua James
The winner of this faces Yota Tsuji in the finals…

Opening with a handshake, and a dig on commentary, Hawkes manages to take James down to a knee following a springboard, before a running shooting star press drew a one-count… and had James heading to the corner for respite. A spinning heel kick from Hawkes is caught, as some misdirection led to James POUNCING him out of the ring.

James follows on the outside with chops, before a springboard crossbody from Hawkes was turned into a slam for a two-count. A gutwrench suplex sees James toy with Hawkes as Yota Tsuji was watching on from the stage. Hawkes heads onto the apron for respite… and manages to find a way back in with a missile dropkick to James.

Hawkes flips over a back body drop attempt, taking James into the corner with a tijeras, only to get lifted onto the apron as a slingshot roll-up back into the ring, then a rear spin kick hit the arm. Hawkes’ springboard crossbody keeps up the offence, only to run into a spinebuster for a near-fall… before James went up top for a splash for another two-count.

My feed drops again here, returning with a lariat from James for a near-fall, before a second one off the ropes spun Hawkes down for the three-count. **½

Southside Women’s Championship: Skye Smitson vs. Dani Luna (c)
It’s a rematch from Cardiff last month, as Rev Pro’s entire women’s division is up in the air following Alex Windsor’s latest injury blow.

Smitson attacks Luna before the bell, following in with a dropkick before Luna fought back with a back elbow to take the challenger into the corner. A sliding lariat adds a two-count, before Smitson slipped onto the apron to avoid a Luna Landing… then to the floor as she swatted away a low-pe attempt from Luna.

Back inside, Smitson continues to put the boots to Luna, following with uppercuts, before a chinlock was fought of… only for Luna to get thrown back down to the mat. Dani’s got more luck as she hotshots Smitson onto the ropes, following up with a slam and a clothesline for a two-count, while a slingshot Blue Thunder Bomb took Smitson to the outside.

Luna follows outside as the pair exchange blows… Smitson looked to roll back inside, but was pulled back by Luna, who rolled back inside to beat the count, and somehow managed to hit a dive to the outside just after the ref completed the ten-count. A little screwy as a finish, as Smitson had looked to break the count… **½

Post-match, Smitson attacks Luna once more – and I’d guess we’re leading to yet another rematch, despite Skye having lost two in a row here?

Jordon Breaks vs. Michael Oku
It’s a Rev Pro debut for Breaks, whose first name is absolutely hating my autocorrect here. You’ll remember Breaks from prior outings for Riptide Wrestling back in the day, and PROGRESS…

Breaks kicks away a handshake from Oku, then instantly went after the left arm Oku had injured a week earlier in Sheffield. Oku heads to the ropes, then to the outside, before returning into the clutches of a wristlock from Breaks. An attempt to armdrag free just sees Breaks roll through and hammerlock the arm instead, before some body scissors kept Oku grounded.

Oku manages to get free, but Breaks rolls away the second the half crab was teased, before a tijeras and a dropkick had Breaks reeling. Breaks drags himself to the ropes as Oku teases the half crab… Breaks stays on the arm, dumping Oku with a hammerlock’d slam for a two-count, before barring the arm for another wristlock.

A Jim Breaks-style arm lift continues to torture Oku’s arm, as Oku tried to break wrist control with some kicks to the leg… but a roll-up stops all that for a one-count. An Irish whip takes Breaks into the ropes, but some misdirection and a crossbody gets a two-count, with Jordon going right back to the arm of Oku.

Oku’s arm is torqued once more as he tries to slap free, eventually sending Breaks into the ropes ahead of a DDT as Oku was struggling to even do Irish whips. That DDT’s good for a two-count, before Oku managed to hit a springboard moonsault… landing in the guard of Breaks, who torques the arm some more, only for Oku to break free into a half crab.

Breaks manages to get free though, then leaps back to Oku with another wristlock, only for Oku to make the bottom rope to break the hold. Pulling Oku away from the ropes, Breaks rips off the KT tape and goes back to that left arm, but another arm lift’s countered with a roll-up, before a World of Sport-inspired sequence ended with Oku getting a quick submission from a half crab. Jordon looked really good on his debut here, with Oku’s facials and selling portraying peril throughout – however, I’m not too sure Oku needed the win here, as a loss, especially in a match like this, would have put even more doubt on Oku ahead of his match with Zack Sabre Jr. next week. ***½

Revolution Rumble Entry Tournament Final: Joshua James vs. Yota Tsuji
The winner of this gets a spot in next week’s Revolution Rumble – a spot that Yota Tsuji had, but already lost to JJ Gale earlier in the month.

David Francisco confiscates the Kendo stick before the bell, as we start with Tsuji kicking away a handshake, before the pair began to trade elbow strikes. A shoulder tackle takes Tsuji down, but James misses a splash off the middle rope, then got stomped into the mat for good measure.

T-shirt Tsuji takes James down to a knee with chops, while a snapmare and a kick to the back left James writhing for just a one-count. Stomps from Tsuji keep James down, before he was taken into the corner to have his head repeatedly thrown into the turnbuckle. Elbows keep James rocked, as he then went for a suplex… Tsuji slips out, then got taken down with a shotgun dropkick instead.

A POUNCE is next from James, who took Tsuji into the corner in the search of a superplex back in… which comes off for a delayed two-count. Tsuji looks to turn it around though, landing a facebuster and a Boston crab. My feed drops, recovering with James getting splashed into the corner ahead of a superplex attempt, but it’s blocked as Tsuji instead chops James on the top rope… and we’ve a powerbomb from James as the feed died again.

James’ twister suplex lands ahead of a spin-out Made in Japan for a near-fall, before another splash off the middle ropes sees James land on Tsuji’s knees. Shrugging it off, James begins to exchange strikes with Tsuji again, but it’s James who pulls ahead with chops and elbows as Tsuji was taken to his knees.

Finally Tsuji takes off the shirt, as they upped the ante with more chops… a double overhand chop from James keeps him going ahead of a release German suplex, before a rebound German suplex and a lariat earned a one-count. A second lariat dumps Tsuji for a near-fall, before James headed up top for the big splash… and lands it as he books a spot in the Revolution Rumble next week, adding another L to the mounting pile that’s behind Tsuji these days. ***¼

Post-match, Tsuji raises Joshua James’ hand before James celebrated with the remaining contenders…

Elimination: Greedy Souls (Brendan White & Danny Jones), Blake & Will Kaven vs. Ricky Knight Jr., Gabriel Kidd, Chris Bronson & JJ Gale
We’re running under no-DQ rules again here, much like the match they ran at the 229 earlier in the month…

We’ve got a jump start as things spilled out over the arena – with Will Kaven getting thrown into the bleachers as all eight men fought on the floor. Gabriel Kidd chucks Blake into the wall as the Greedy Souls double-teamed JJ Gale in another corner of the room… all while Will Kaven got crotched on the ring post by Kidd and RKJ.

Brendan White and JJ Gale hit the ring, with Gale’s rewind leapfrog and flying ‘rana taking White down, ahead of a dropkick and a standing moonsault for a one-count. Will Kaven and RKJ tag in, with Kaven getting charged down ahead of a Thesz-like press from RKJ. A dropkick from RKJ has Kaven on the back foot, before Bronson and Blake tagged in and charged into each other with shoulder tackles.

Bronson pulls ahead after charging down Blake, but he gets charged into the corner as Danny Jones took over with uppercuts. Gabriel Kidd’s back to light up Jones with elbows, before a distraction from Brendan White led to Kidd getting pulled out of the ring. Jones capitalises with a Dragon screw through the ropes, before Kaven came back for a snap suplex on Kidd, which picks up a two-count.

Kidd’s left in the wrong corner as he was outnumbered for a spell, leading to a stranglehold from Brendan White. Blake tags back in to keep on wearing down Kidd, who managed to fight back with a slam on Blake before tags brought in Chris Bronson to run wild on everyone. A crossbody off the top from Kaven’s caught and turned into a fallaway slam, before a scoop powerslam from Bronson almost put Brendan White away.

White fights back with forearms, but gets knocked into the ropes by Bronson… who’s low bridged to the outside by Danny Jones at 10:30 for our first elimination. Things look to settle down again as Kaven charges at RKJ with a front kick, but Ricky’s able to come back with a scoop slam out of the corner, then a standing moonsault for a two-count, before he chopped Kaven into the ropes.

Kidd’s in to hit a discus clothesline on Kaven, ahead of a Fire Thunder Driver as RKJ scored the eliminating pin at 12:50. Kidd and RKJ get in each other’s faces, but Blake comes in to attack from behind, before RKJ threw him aside… and hit a shotgun dropkick into the corner. A death valley driver from RKJ sets up for… Kidd tagging himself in to hit a brainbuster on Blake to get the elimination at 14:20. That keeps tensions between Kidd and RKJ high, and they’re both lifted to the outside by the Greedy Souls at 14:54 for a double elimination, with Kidd and RKJ brawling to the back.

That leaves us with the Greedy Souls on JJ Gale as our finale, but Gale’s able to find a way through, scoring uppercuts on the Greedy Souls ahead of a wheelbarrow stomp to Jones. Gale stays on the tag team champions, landing the Gale Force springboard cutter to White for a two-count, before a triangle armbar was broken up by Brendan seconds later.

Gale lifts White over the top rope in the corner, before an attempted backpack knee from Gale was undone courtesy of a right hand from White. That allowed the Greedy Souls back in it as they continued to double-team Gale with a side suplex… then a slingshot Black Hole Slam for another near-fall…

Gale tries to fight back with superkicks, before he kicked away a Soul Destroyer and scored a small package on White for a two-count. From the kick-out though, the Soul Destroyer followed… and that’s enough for the Greedy Souls to leave the match as the last men standing. ***¼

Rev Pro Undisputed British Cruiserweight Championship: Connor Mills vs. Robbie X (c)
It’s a sixth title defence for Robbie X, who’s racking those up in short order since winning the title at the end of last year…

Mills looked to work the arm of Robbie X early on, with the hold breaking in the ropes before Robbie X scored with a hiptoss… only for Mills to get slapped as he looked to avoid the cartwheel dropkick. Second time’s the charm for that though, as Mills is sent outside for a plancha, before Mills clung onto the ropes back inside as Robbie X looked to build up a head of steam.

Mills kicks away a handspring, then booted Robbie X to the outside for an elbow suicida. Back rakes from Mills follow on the outside, before Mills swarmed Robbie X in the corner as he stayed on his man. A back suplex gets Mills a two-count, as he continued to unload on Robbie X… only for a suplex to get blocked as Mills instead hung up the champion in the ropes.

Another dive’s stopped as Robbie X springboarded back in with a missile dropkick, adding a corkscrew kick into the corner, then a shooting star press out of it for a two-count. Robbie looks to add a Finlay roll, but Mills elbows out before his rebound lariat was superkicked away to the outside.

Robbie rolls Mills back inside and heads up top, but has to cartwheel away as Mills’ diving gamengiri into the corner, then a Millshot picked up a near-fall. My feed drops, recovering as Mills gets planted with a brainbuster, with a squatting Finlay roll and a moonsault following up for a two-count for Robbie.

Robbie X is trying to shake off a leg problem as he heads back up top, but he has to abort a Spiral Tap as Mills instead booted him into the corner, then added a rebound lariat… before the Orange Crush Bomb almost got the win. Mills looks for a back superplex, a la Razor Ramon, but Robbie X fights free before an avalanche reverse ‘rana and a Code Red almost put this one over the line.

An X-Clamation’s countered into a backslide by Mills, who adds a head kick… and that’s the win at 16:03? Except Robbie X had his foot under the rope throughout, and the referee orders a resumption. A tug of war for the belt led to a ref bump, allowing Mills to swing with a belt shot… it misses as Robbie hits an X-Clamation onto the belt seconds later, for the delayed three-count. That’s twice now that Mills has had his hands on the title – only to have the match restarted – as Robbie X escaped by the skin of his teeth. ***½

The final score: review Good
The 411
As a wrap-up show going into the Revolution Rumble, this was a perfectly fine outing - with another loss for Yota Tsuji raising some questions in some quarters about his long-term future here following another upcoming trip to Mexico. Personally, I preferred how the “all contenders” mini tournament ended up, as Joshua James’ win got a little more steam behind it having beaten a name in the finals.

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