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Hugo Savinovich Clarifies His Comments About Karrion Kross

August 7, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Karrion Kross Scarlett NXT Takeover: In Your House

As noted earlier, former WWE announcer Hugo Savinovich said in a recent Facebook video that Karrion Kross was a “mercenary” in real life. However, Savinovich has now posted another video in which he says his previous comments were “lost in translation” and that he was not speaking literally. Highlights of his comments are below (h/t WrestlingInc).

On how his comments were lost in translation: “We have to be very careful because this could be called ‘lost translation’. And it has to do with mostly people that don’t really do a good job translating what I said in Spanish and also don’t know wrestling. They don’t know the wrestling language. Storytelling. This is it. I love Kevin or Karrion Kross, Scarlett, I did play-by-play with them in AAA, there’s so much passion on them, and Konnan the main creative, with Dorian the owner of AAA, I let them know from the beginning what I think about them.”

On how he was building on the Karrion Kross character: “I love them [Scarlett and Karrion]! I like to use Lucha Libre Online to build more on the characters and you have to be very careful to understand what I’m doing. So I was speaking about the deepness of this brutal force, this killing machine and I was using his past, present and future to talk about what he had done. So before you write any stupidity about what you think Hugo said, before you go crazy with wrong translations of what Hugo said about a hitman, or mafia, what crap is that! That’s non senseless!”

On how he was only talking about how he’d make the Karrion Kross character more deadly: “It was out of context, people for big companies are paying people to check me out. The problem is that those people are not doing a good translation job and they obviously don’t understand wrestling. They are doing a horrible job and know nothing about wrestling. This is based on what I went on to create a more deadly characterization of Killer Kross and this goes back to ‘Killer Kross An Introduction To The Tollman’. If you would have done any little research, you would see here Kevin or Karrion Kross telling a story of a dangerous man in the court.”

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