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Irene’s Impact Wrestling No Surrender Review 2.13.21

February 13, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
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Irene’s Impact Wrestling No Surrender Review 2.13.21  

A historic night approaches as the legacy of No Surrender continues on IMPACT Plus. No Surrender is an event where careers are defined and legacies are celebrated. The 2009 edition served as a monumental moment in wrestling history, crowning AJ Styles with his first TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight we take a look at an equally heartwarming act in Tommy Dreamer. No Surrender marks Dreamer’s 50th birthday, an event being acknowledged by nearly every name in pro wrestling. The amount of respect Dreamer has from fans and colleagues speaks for itself, and if this is his last match in the spotlight, then I’m sure like most Dreamer encounters, it will be emotional.

Plus, The Good Brothers and Private Party settle their differences with a new addition in TNA super-team, James Storm and Chris Sabin. Your TNA vs. AEW vs. NJPW tag team title match serves as our co-main event, sharing the marquee with the first ever Triple Treat Revolver match.

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XXXL and Tenille vs. Decay

*Joining this match in progress as we had some technical difficulties* Taurus and Larry D become legal throwing heavy strikes. Taurus takes out Larry then Acey. Taurus nails a pop up Samoan Drop on the big man in Larry D and nearly wins. Tenille grabs a red towel to lure the bull in, distracting Taurus and Larry D catches him on the outside with an impressive suicide dive. Taurus spins through the ropes for a dive followed by a diving crossbody from Crazzy Steve. Acey powerbombs Tenille onto everyone on the outside and Taurus finishes Larry in the ring.

I barely saw this match so I can’t say much on the quality but it looked solid and the new form of Decay is picking up some momentum. Taurus is explosive and very fun to watch in the ring.

We get a hype video for Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers.


Myers and his eyepatch start it off but want nothing to do with it. Hernandez and Cardona come in with Cardona using his speed to his advantage. Edwards and Myers quickly come in and Eddie starts rolling but Hernandez floors him when he gets the chance. This allows Myers to take control as he tags in Hernandez using ring control. Frequent tags here until Myers settles down with a headlock. Myers attempts a back suplex but Edwards counters with his own rendition. Edwards looks for the tag but the now legal Hernandez breaks that up. Myers and Hernandez utilizing excellent tag strategy so far. Hernandez lines Edwards up in the corner but fails and ends up on the receiving end of a superplex. Both men down, Myers becomes legal latching onto the leg of Edwards but Cardona is able to land the tag. The former tag partners explode as Cardona goes off. Broski Boot gets a near fall on Myers, who is able to land a Michinoku driver for his own close call. Cardona hits a second rope rana but Hernandez breaks up the pin attempt. Edwards makes him pay for it with a suicide dive, as Cardona whiffs on a Rough Ryder into the turnbuckle. Myers hits his Clothesline from Stamford and gets the win.

This was a pretty good match but felt like a TV match. I did enjoy the tag psychology as well as some of the bigger spots. Myers getting the win here was the right call.

Video package for Deaner vs. Jake Something


Jake Something is making his first entrance under the new persona. This is the name and look he has used on independents. Jake sends Deaner outside immediately as Deaner responds with frantic biting to the face. Jake shows off his athleticism and strength, colliding with his cousin. Eric Young coaches Deaner at ringisde, as he comes back in for another shot. Jake continues to dominate showing aggresion. Jake ends up outside and Young hits a neckbreaker on the floor. Deaner grounds Jake and lands some clubbing blows across the face. Young continues to land shots on Jake from the outside. Deaner continues to work at his methodical pace. Deaner looks to end things but Jake launches him into the corner. Deaner quickly evades Jake’s onslaught, and kicks Jake’s neck against the buckle. Ouch. Jake catches Deaner in mid-air slamming him down as he tries to ride on his adrenaline. Jake lands a big Michinoku Driver but Deaner rolls out of it. Jake lands a huge spear in the corner for a two-count. Deaner lands a neckbreaker, countering Jake, nearly winning. VBD tries to utilize their numbers advantage but Jake fights them off and hits a Black Hole Slam to win. VBD fetches a table and lays out Jake. They slam Jake through the table and stand tall.

Eddie and Alisha Edwards thank Tommy Dreamer for all of his contributions.


Fun Fact: Blake Christian just signed with WWE today. He kicks things off with Suicide and Trey Miguel. Once you are pinned, you are eliminated and replaced with another member of the match. They all go back and forth to start. Trey hits some super unique offense and starts flooring everyone. Suicide dumps him with a wheelbarrow and him and Trey have a Flip-Off. Seriously they just went nuts. Blake Christian comes in and shows that he can do cool stuff too. Suicide hits his trademark Suicide Dive and drags Blake into the ring. Trey locks Suicide into a submission hold, making him tap almost immediately. Chris Bey makes his long-awaited entrance as it his birthday. Or… BirthBEY. Anyway he starts working his magic on Blake and Trey. Blake goes after Trey on the outside and lands a C4 on the floor. Back in the ring, Blake looks for a springboard 450 in the ring but eats some knees. Bey hits a new Vertebreaker to eliminate Blake Christian. In comes former X-Divison Champion, Daivari. Bey swarms the 22-year vet but takes a chop that everyone could feel. Daivari muscles Bey up and over for a big back body drop. Daivari batters Bey in the corner and shows us how many push-ups he can do. Trey hits the meteora and quickly takes care of Daivari. Daivari has been eliminated. Josh Alexander out next. Alexander is a noticeable change of pace as he just manhandles everyone. With Trey latched onto his back, Alexander dead lift suplexes Chris Bey. Wow. The Walking Weapon continues to bully everyone, but Bey lands a rolling enziguiri. Alexander catches Bey off a springboard and dumps him to the mat. Alexander looks dangerous as Chris Bey is now gone. Willie Mack makes his entrance adding some more power to the dynamic. Mack hits his signature combos but fails to eliminate anyone. Tower of Doom led by Mack scores a near fall on both Trey and Alexander. Trey now feeling the effects of being the first entrant in the match. Mack plants Alexander with a huge DDT. Back up, Mack has Alexander up but Trey lands another meteora to score another elimination. The final entrant is inevitable, it’s Ace Austin. What a fantastic final three this is. The next pinfall wins. Trey and Alexander look fed up with Ace early and beat on him in the corner. Ace takes out everyone with such a nice striking display. He has really become more polished. Trey looking just as sharp, hits a poisonrana and a low rope assisted cutter for a near-win. Trey dives onto Josh Alexander where Ace follows that with a Fosbury Flop. Trey attempts a Sunset Flip out of the corner and hits a Cheeky Nando’s kick. Trey continues to just go nuts. Alexander comes back with some brutal straights. Alexander stacks both men for a death valley driver. Alexander powerbombs Ace into his knee and doubles up with the double-underhook piledriver. Josh Alexander is the number one contender.

That match was very good. The first half wasn’t too much but wow the final three killed it. Those three guys are the future of this company and it’s great to see them all getting the spotlight.

Video package for our Knockouts Tag Team title match.


Brandon Tolle is our ref for this one despite Fire n Flava’s issues with him in recent weeks. Kiera and Havok go at it for a bit. Fire and Flava take control early on but Havok wakes up and puts an end to that with a double clothesline. Fire n Flava gets back on track showing great teamwork but they can’t hang with the physicality of Havok and Nevaeh. Our first weapon enters the match with Kiera Hogan yielding a kendo stick. Havok saves her partner, destroying Tasha with a backbreaker and clothesline. Nevaeh plants Kiera face first but eats a codebreaker from Tasha. Havok pulls through for a double suplex on both tag champs. Havok corners both women but goes face-first into a chair lodged into the corner. Tasha and Kiera go off on Neveah, finishing with a cutter on a street sign for the win. Nevaeh shows frustration after the match, walking away without Havok.

This was okay I suppose. The first half was super flat, but the finishing stretch picked up and I wasn’t expecting that finish. Fine stuff, I wasn’t a big fan of that feud.

Video package for TJP vs. Rohit Raju


Rohit attacks TJP on the outside before the match begins. TJP begins fighting back against Shera on the outside as well. TJP flips over the guardrail onto Rohit. They go back and forth up the ramp where Rohit delivers a suplex. Brian Hebner calls for the opening bell as the match finally begins. TJP starts fighting more aggressively with the change in plans. He attempts a tornado DDT but Rohit counters into a bridging pinfall attempt. Rohit counters TJP’s suplex combination, showing great familiarity with the champ at this point. With Shera wearing TJP down on the outside, Rohit’s plan is going well. Rohit continues to provide an answer to everything TJP brings but can’t put him away. TJP applies a single leg crab from the top rope, gaining some breath. Mamba Splash attempt misses as both men are down. Detonation Kick attempt, ends up in a Rohit flying knee. TJP fights back but nearly loses his title off of yet another counter from Rohit. Rohit heads to the top, and TJP meets him up there with a superplex into the Detonation Kick. Rohit kicks out at two! Another Mamba Splash attempt lands right into a triangle choke from Rohit. TJP rolls over into a knee bar, but Rohit looks for a crossface. Counters galore, as Rohit lands a stomp and a Mumbai Drive-By for a very close pin. Shera grabs TJP, and ends up getting hit by Rohit. TJP takes advantage and crashes onto Rohit with the Mamba Splash. That’s all she wrote, TJP retains. Next in line is Josh Alexander.

Yeah that match was legit. When TJP wants to, he can deliver some really great stuff. Rohit hung in there as well, delivering his best match to date. Great X-Division title match with intensity, counters, and drama.

Tommy Dreamer is interviewed backstage talking about giving the fans one more Tommy Dreamer moment.


ODB and Kimber Lee start and don’t waste any time at all. Susan and Jordynne become legal with Deonna quickly being handed the tag. Jazz and Jordynne work together to take out the now legal Deonna. ODB flies from the apron onto the pile, where Jazz joins from the second rope. Deonna tries to lock the arm of Jordynne, but has to work for it. Kimber Lee locks in a Lotus Lock but Jordynne drives back relieving the pressure. Susan enters the match delivering massive damage with some wind-up body shots. Deonna and Kimber take over, cornering Jordynne. Jordynne fights off the entire crew and looks for the tag. In comes ODB, who makes easy work of Susan. ODB delivers the Dirty Dozen and a chest press for a broken-up pinfall attempt. Both teams explode into a brawl and ODB tags in Jazz. Susan is boxed up but lands a thumb in the eye. Jazz was blinded by the thumb and ended up decking Jordynne. Kimber Lee lands a big flip from the top to the outside. Back in the ring, Jazz locks in a STF and makes Susan tap.

That was a decent match pushing this Jordynne/Jazz feud a bit. It’s been going on for awhile, and I would really like them to pull the trigger soon.

Video package for our tag team title match


James Storm and Marq Quen start it off. Isiah Kassidy comes in and Storm subs out for Chris Sabin. Matt Hardy motivates his Private Party at ringside and the AEW stars take control off of a blind side attack from Quen. Private Party works on Sabin as his partner Storm watches, as well as the fresh Good Brothers. Sabin is sent into the corner where Karl Anderson is able to land the tag. Anderson struggles briefly and brings in The Big LG. Gallows lands a roundhouse kick and is feeling confident. Gallows and Anderson take full control of the match, dominating Quen. Storm tags himself in and ends the drought. Storm and Sabin work together to take out the champs. Quen lands a shooting star off of Sabin’s back but Storm is up and kicking. Kassidy flips over Storm for a stunner and back around for an assisted Sliced Bread. Storm is plopped onto the top turnbuckle, where The Big LG comes in and knocks him down. Private Party uses their athleticism to take out the giant. Everyone hits their stuff, with the legal Storm landing his Eye of the Storm on Quen for a near fall. Gallows snags a chair, while Matt Hardy hops in the ring and delivers a Twist of Fate to Storm. Private Party looks to take the win but Anderson subtly tags the foot of Quen and sneaks in for the win.

This was a good tag team match, something that was nearly a certainty. Good escape for The Good Brothers here to continue the inter-promotional feud.

Video package for Rich Swann vs. Tommy Dreamer


David Penzer gives us in-ring introductions as we prepare for perhaps Tommy Dreamer’s final world title match. They start things slow as Dreamer goes hold for hold with Swann. Dreamer attempts an enziguiri and misses, getting into a relatively fast exchange. Dreamer uses his strentgh to launch Swann and connect with a baseball slide to Swann outside. Dreamer dives from the apron and whiffs, with Swann effortlessly landing his own aerial attack. Dreamer swipes Swann’s leg and hits the Spicolli Driver on the floor. A potential broken finger on Dreamer brings out Dr. Ross. Dreamer pops his finger back in place and we are ready to go again. Dreamer has control but Swann goes after the injured finger, realizing that the veteran brought his A-game. Swann begins targeting the joints of Dreamer, showing more intensity. Dreamer fights back, going after the well-documented weak knee of Swann. This is of course the knee that sidelined Swann for nearly half a year, and was targeted by Eric Young directly after. The battle of respect has now escalated to both men applying their gameplans to win. Swann launches a nasty forearm to the face of Dreamer, and they end up crashing through the ropes to the floor. Dreamer attempts a piledriver on the floor but Swann rebounds off the apron for a handspring cutter. Clutching the fingers, Dreamer meets Swann at the top rope, landing a superplex into a pinfall attempt. They pop out and Dreamer attempts a slingshot into the corner which Swann reacts to by jumping to a Dreamer cutter for a near fall. They trade pin attempts but Swann ends up locking in an arm bar, wrenching on the fingers. Swann lands some flashy kicks and drops Dreamer. Backslide attempt from Dreamer nearly does it, but he eats a hesitation superkick from Swann. Dreamer muscles Swann up for a Spicolli Driver, countering a Swann submission for a CLOSE ONE. Swann kicks Dreamer’s face in and connects with the Phoenix Splash to retain against the Hardcore Icon. The World Champion helps the legend up but Moose comes out of nowhere. Moose is more ripped every time I see him. He floors Swann and goes after the damaged knee. Moose nails Dreamer with the spear and seeks a steel chair. Moose raises both of his belts and looks untouchable to end No Surrender.

This was what it needed to be. A legitimately good world title match with Tommy Dreamer busting it all out against a top-tier wrestler of today. Not only did it serve as a competent main event, but made Moose look like a monster, which isn’t hard. Moose continues to look better and better each week, and him vs. Swann is a big money match for IMPACT.

The IMPACT logo flashes, and we get a NJPW endorsed vignette for David Finlay and Juice Robinson. Man IMPACT is WILD!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was actually a very good wrestling show. I will admit my expectations are lower when dealing with an IMPACT Plus event with no crowd but wow this connected. Nearly every match delivered and the stories were all presented very well. TJP and Rohit had an absolute barnburner, we got the uniqueness of the Triple Threat Revolver match which hit, the tag match was quality, and Dreamer had his legacy match in the main event. Several PPV-level matches give this show a thumbs up. Maybe cut these shows down a few matches and they can even better, but if they keep turning out like this, I'm not complaining.

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