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Japanese Star Sareee Granted Permission By Masahiro Chono to Use STF in WWE

December 3, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– Former Sendai Girls World Champion Sareee has received a endorsement from the legendary Masahiro Chono to use his finisher in WWE. Tokyo Sports reports that Sareee, who works for Sendai Girls, World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana, and other Japanese promotions, recently asked for Chono’s blessing to use the STF when she goes to WWE next year. The article noted that Chono was surprised and that no one has ever received permission directly from Chono before, but that he agreed to do so.

Chono said that with WWE entering a “new era” where women are in the main event, “I want you to show the world of Japanese female professionals.” WWE signed Sareee back in September.

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