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Jeff Jarrett On Creating Ring Ka King, Difficulty Using Impact Talent, BG James Going Back To WWE

November 30, 2022 | Posted by Bob Colling
Jeff Jarrett Spring Breakers Image Credit: A24

On a recent episode of the My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett discussed the formation of Ring Ka King, a wrestling promotion that was shown in India and working through some issues with Impact on using talent. Some highlights are below.

On How Ring Ka King Got Started: “I think 2010 or 2011 is when discussions started. Endemol India is a production company, and they ran season one of Ring Ka King. It’s a startup promotion. We had a deal with Sony to air Impact, Xpolsion are our PPVs. So that’s what aired in India. It was the biggest contract we had for TNA Entertainment. They had all the exclusive rights. This had to be a completely different entity. From the very beginning we had to figure out the strategy. It was a completely separate business entity legally as well. Yes it fell under TNA Entertainment, but it was not Impact, Impact programming or Impact contracts. In the very beginning they were an off limits kind of deal because they were exclusive to the brand. We worked through some of those issues.”

On Choosing Sonjay Dutt & BG James To Work On Project: “Sonjay the obvious. His parents were born and raised in India. Sonjay was raised in an Indian household. He stuck me at a young age because he couldn’t make a TNA booking due to a college class. Brian had just come out of his biggest darkest times of his life. BG’s knack for vision of a television product and he was available. The responsibility that Sonjay and BG had was massive. They’re going to go over there and scout, and that’s what they did. ”

On BG Going Back To WWE: “I was so happy for Brian personally, because Ring Ka King was new and current regime in TNA, Dixie and her team had zero plans for Brian. It was unique timing.”

On Not Using TNA Talent Originally: “Well, we kind of massage that and worked through that. From the very beginning it was out of respect and responsibility to the Sony deal of TNA talent. Once we kind of worked through that and understood that some guys on the roster aren’t currently being used, can we use them? Abyss first comes to mind… Abyss is so damn talented and he was Joe Park in Impact, let me clarify that. So, the Abyss character would be great for the Ring Ka King product on screen, but off screen Abyss can produce, he’s super responsible.. I love the dude.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit My World with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.