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Jeremy’s Impact Rebellion 2021 Review

April 25, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Rebellion
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Jeremy’s Impact Rebellion 2021 Review  

Hello there, Impact fans! It’s time for Impact Rebellion. I’m Jeremy Thomas, and we have quite the show for you tonight with every title in the company on the line — and one that’s not in the company! Rich Swann will face Kenny Omega in a Title vs. Title match for both the top titles in AEW and Impact Wrestling, and we have been promised a definitive winner. Plus we’ve got FinJuice defending the Impact Tag Team Titles against the Good Brothers, Tenille Dashwood battling Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Title, and much more. It’s gonna be a loaded show, so let’s get down to it.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We start off with the cold open hyping Rich Swann vs. Kenny Omega.

We’re live in the Impact Zone and we’re starting out with…

X-Division Title Match
TJP vs. Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin

They circle to start and then do some jostling before Josh hits some chops on Ace and shoulder tackles him to the ground. Josh with an Anklelock attempt, countered and TJP into an Octopus, countered. Ace gets sent outside and TJP with a rana on Alexander, sending him out. TJP with a springboard sliding dropkick to Josh, then Ace with a kick to TJP and one to Alexander. TJP gets in the ring for a dropkick on Ace and puts him in the corner to grind his boot in his face. TJP off the ropes but Josh takes him down, TJP out, Ace kicks Josh over the ring and dives on both of them! Austin takes a bow, then rolls TJP in. He stalks TJP and runs in, catches a boot and decks him. Ace with a cover, gets two. Austin with a wristlock — AND THE CARD COMES OUT! He goes for it and the ref stops him. Ace argues with the ref, TJP recovers and gets Ace on his shoulders. Josh breaks it up and Ace sends TJP into the corner shoulder-first, Alexander with a waistlock but Ace grabs the ropes. Alexander pulls him free and hits a German suplex, bridges but Ace kicks out at two. Josh goes for a Divine Intervention but TJP breaks it up, Ace kicks both men and then charges in but Josh ducks and TJP monkeyflips him into Josh! Austin gets free and hits a springboard kick to Alexander. TJP comes in with a hard kick to Austin, goes up top but Ace cuts him off. Ace goes up but Josh runs in and stops them both, Josh with a DOUBLE SUPERPLEX! TJP and Josh trade shots as Madman tends to Ace, who comes in and gets a kick on Josh! He goes after TJP but gets sent through the ropes. Alexander runs at TJP but gets sent over the ropes to the floor, Ace goes up but TJP tripes him into Tree of Woe position, but shot and he goes for a pin that gets two. TJP with a Mamba Splash, cover and Alexander breaks it up! Anklelock, TJP counters, but he locks it back in! TJP with a kneebar reversal, Josh gets an Anklelock on Ace! Josh kicks TJP off and maintains the lock, he slaps Ace in the head a couple of times! TJP comes in and locks in an Octopus while Ace rolls free and goes in for a Mouse Trap! Cover on Alexander, TJP breaks it up at two. TJP jumps over a charging Ace and kicks him, he kicks Josh and both of his opponents are in the corner. Double bootwash, he comes off the ropes and kicks both men in the head. Fulton with a trip to TJP, Ace with the Flop, he goes in and Josh breaks it up, DIVINE INTERVENTION! 1, 2, TJP breaks it up at the last instant! TJP gets sent outside, Josh decks Ace a couple of times, gets him on the shoulders and goes up but Ace kicks his way out. They go for a move off and Josh turns it into an Anklelock! TJP with a Mamba Splash to JOSH! Cover, and Fulton breaks it up by pulling TJP off him. Anklelock by Alexander, Ace gets out, Josh with Divine Intervention! That’s three!

Winner: Josh Alexander (11:16)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: This was a really hot opener that had a couple of sloppy moments, but all in all kicked off the show in grand fashion. Josh deserves the win, happy to see it.

* We get Eric Young in front of Violent By Design talking about how he’s still steering the ship and that someone has their chance to make their mark and do what they’re capable of. We then get a promo for the VbD vs. Storm, Sabin, Mack, and Edwards match.

Violent By Design vs. James Storm, Chris Sabin, Willie Mack, and Eddie Edwards

Team VBD is Rhino, Deaner, and Doering of course, and we have the mystery man who is…CAZ! Except he’s now W. Morrissey. Not sure he’s enough of an asshole to be a Morrissey, but I’ll give it a shot.

Doering and Edwards start off, and Edwards gets backed into the corner as Matt Striker gives us a Secret Wars and Beyonder reference. Rhino tags in and Sabin gets tagged in as well, the faces take over and Deaner gets tagged in for the heels, charging in and getting thrown by Eddie who’s in now. Storm then tags in and manhandles Deaner, throwing him into the corner so Morrissey can tag in. Storm and Morrissey stare down, Storm with a couple of shots and then Morrissey takes control with punches and strikes. He sets Storm on the turnbuckle, knocks him down and then decks one of the faces while Storm is rolled back into the ring. Storm nails Storm in the corner and tags in Deaner, who boot chokes Storm in the corner. Doering in, Storm into the ropes and eats a big crossbody, cover gets two. Rhino in now, he hits a big clothesline and then wrenches in Storm’s neck. Storm back up to his feet, tries to elbow out but Rhino with a big forearm. Storm into the corner, Rhino charges in but Storm with a boot up and a neckbreaker to Rhino! Willie Mack and Deaner both get tagged in, Mack is in hot and he sends Doering out. Deaner is in, big legdrop to Deaner and then a sit-out spinebuster for two. Sabin in and Deaner manages to fight back, he gets Sabin on the top but gets knocked down, Sabin with a dive onto the heels on the outside and Eddie follows up! Mack with a cannonball to someone, Deaner gets hit with several leaping news, Mack makes the pin but Morrissey breaks it up and takes all the face out. Morrissey pulls Deaner to the corner and tags himself in, beats on some guys but gets sent to the outside when Mack pulls the rope down. Morrissey isn’t done yet through, and it’s broken down to chaos on the outside. Mack goes for a dive but Morrissey decks him coming through the ropes. Deaner up on the top turnbuckles but Sabin cuts him off — Sabin SUPLERPLEXES Deaner onto all the others! It’s a car wreck on the outside, everyone’s down. Mack and Doering end up in the ring, Mack with a Stunner on Doering who rolls out of the ring. Morrissey comes in, Mack and Morrissey stare off. Morrissey counters a Stunner attempt, Mack off the ropes into a BIG boot! Morrissey decides not to go for the cover, and he hits a swinging sidewalk slam for three!

Winner: Violent By Design and W. Morrissey (10:05)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Nice to see Impact highlight Caz on his debut for the company and give him the big moment post-match in the ring. There can be a such thing as too chaotic, this got really hectic to follow but there were some fun spots.

Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona

They face off with arms outstretched to start, Cardona offers the handshake and Myers flips him off so Matt decks in and takes control. Cardona goes for the reboot, but Myers slips out of the ring and then hangs Matt on the ropes. Myers gets Matt outside the ring, he goes for a suplex but Matt drops it into a neckbreaker. Cardona sends Myers over the guardrail and rolls in and back out. Cardona goes for Myers and nearly hits a production guy, Myers takes the moment to take control and beat on Cardona. They’re back in the ring and Myers locks in a submission “for dominance,” according to Striker. Cardona stuns Myers with a jawbreaker but Myers is able to slide out of the ring and trip Matt hard. He gets a couple of elbowdrops and goes for a pin that gets two. Myers locks in a side headlock and Cardona fits out but gets slammed into the corner. He gets Matt on the top and talks trash, only to get nailed by Matt who follows with a dropkick off the second. Cardona up and hits an elbow on a charging Myers, he hits a couple clothesline and turns a back bodydrop attempt into a knee drop. Cardona goes for the reboot, Myers slides out but Cardona hits the reboot through the ropes! Radio Silence to Myers on the ramp and both men are down. Cardona up first and he rolls Myers into the ring, but Myers rolls his way quickly back out. Myers manages to take Cardona down as he slides out, then hits a big spear on the outside. Myers rolls Cardona in, goes up top, and hits a big elbowdrop off the top for a two-plus count. Myers goes for a suplex, Cardona slides out for a double underhook, Myers counters and Cardona turns it into a Hot Mess (Impaler) for two! Cardona is picking Myers up, Myers with a big kick to the head! He charges at Matt in the corner but Matt gets his feet up, and Cardona does a leapfrog, but comes down on his knee roughly. He looks hurt. The ref checks on him and other officials come down to take a look. Myers offers Cardona a hand, Matt takes it, and MYERS WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Myers lies in wait, bit forearm for three.

Winner: Brian Myers (9:41)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Solid match, especially depending on whether the knee was legit. I legit can’t tell, he did look like he came down actually bad on the knee but they did the finish so hard to know for sure. Not a huge Myers fan but this worked well.

* Tony Khan is there with AEW people including Aubrey Edwards, and D’Amore comes in with Brian Hebner. Khan is skeptical about Hebner’s integrity considering his family history. We have two refs for the match.

* We get a video recap of the end of Jazz’s run and the arrival of Rachael Ellering this week.

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships Match
Fire N’ Flava vs. Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering

Jazz is coming out to accompany the challengers to the ring. Well that may change the odds.

Tasha and Ellering start off in the ring and they lock up, Tasha with a headlock. Rachael gets out and slips Tasha with a suplex, then runs her over. Tasha scampers to her corner and Kiera is in, Rachael with an armdrag on Hogan after a lockup. Kiera turns it around, but Rachel stands up and picks Kiera up, then slams her into the corner. Grace in, and they just kick Kiera and chuck her to the ground for two. Kiera whipped hard into the corner, then into the opposite corner and she’s down. Kiera in a waistlock and gets shot into the ropes, and Tasha catches her to save her! Grace is distracted by Tasha and Kiera with a big kick. Tasha is in, they hit a double superkick on Jordynne and a cover gets two. Tasha gets Jordynne in the corner and Kiera holds her while Tasha with an avalanche and then a running European uppercut. Kiera with a sliding dropkick, cover gets two. Another pin for two, and a third for one. Kiera gets Grace up, tags in Tasha and they beat Grace down and Tasha boot chokes her in the corner. Steelz with kicks to Grace, tags in Kiera who gets kicks and stomps of her own. Tasha in again, they lay in some forearms. and Kiera in, she comes off the ropes — and Grace moves! Kiera hits Tasha and Grace slams Kiera! Jordynne crawls to the ropes and MAKES THE TAG! Spear to Tasha, spear to Kiera, jumping back elbow, Sling Blade to Kiera, jumping forward, and she knocks Tasha to the floor with as right hand! STO, spinning legdrop off the first rope gets two. Rachel tags Jordynne in and splashes Kiera, Jordynne off Rachel’s back with a splash, they sandwich Kiera between Jordynne and Rachael’s knees and cover, but Tasha breaks it up. They get the champs in opposite corners and charge in, the champs move and kick the challengers, double missile dropkick, cover gets two on Grace while Ellering is out of the ring. FnF double team Grace and go for the double suplex, but she reverses on them! Tasha gets on the apron, shoulder to Grace’s gut, she comes in and off the ropes and gets chucked over the ropes to crash to the ground! Grace comes through the ropes and dives on Tasha! Kiera goes up top, crossbody on everyone! Kiera rolls into the ring and Grace follows. Kiera with forearms to Grace but Jordynne runs her over, and tags in Ellering. She holds Kiera, grace off the ropes but gets tripped. Kiera with a back elbow and superkick to Rachel but Ellering with a big right hand and she hits a big sitout powerbomb! New champs!

Winner: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering (9:23)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: It felt shorter than it was and the pacing got a little repetitive, but this wasn’t bad at all and I like the title switch.

* Video package highlighting the Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel feud.

Last Man Standing Match
Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel

Trey with a front dropkick to start, and he goes in but Sami catches him and chucks him out of the ring! We already have a ten-count, but Sami is coming out already. He grabs Trey as he gets up and bodyslams him on the concrete as a new count begins. Try up and Sami gets him on his shoulders, Trey slips out and runs, he almost gets thrown into the ringpost but avoids it and hits Sliced Bread #2 on the floor! Trey into the ring, he comes out and goes for a 619 kick and a sequence of counters leads to Sami down. Trey back in, he dives through the ropes but Sami moves and Trey hits the guardrail HARD! The count gets to 8 before Trey is up, and Sami goes in with a knife-edge chop. Sami slams past the barricade to the floor, then slips over the guardrail. He goes into the back and comes out with a production cart, rolling it at Trey but Trey moves. Trey goes for a rana, but Sami catches him and powerbombs him onto the cart! The count hits five, Try falls off the cart and the ref stops the count to check on Miguel. Sami goes into the cart and gets a chain that he stars to punish Trey with. He shouts in Trey’s face and Miguel grabs his jaw, but Sami takes back control and jams a wrench INTO TREY’S JAW. The count gets to 8 as Sami pulls shit out from under the ring and chucks them into the ring. Sami throws a chair into Trey’s head and we’re right back to the count. Sami pulls out a table and Trey gets up at 9. Sami grabs Trey and rolls him into the ring. Trey grabs a chair as Sami meanders his way in, Sami to his feet and he gets slammed back down head-first into the chair. Sami puts Trey’s head on a chair and goes to hit Trey with the wrench, but Trey moves. Trey with a Scorpion Kick and he slams Sami back-first into the chairs! The count runs up to five before Trey gets up, 9 for Sami. Trey stars at Sami and sets up a table as Sami begs off. Trey goes to suplex him onto the upside down table, Sami reverses, they jockey for position and Sami bodyslams Trey into the leg crossbar! The count makes it to 9 before Trey gets up. Sami chucks a chair at Trey and we’re counting again. Trey gets up on the turnbuckle and gets another chair in his face, Sami sets up the table and is going up top after havng to walk around. Sami with a PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE NON-BREAKING TABLE! Both men down and the count hits 8 for Sami, Trey rolls out of the ring to his feet at 9 but then flops over. Sami grabs the ring steps and sets them up, then goes under the ring for another table. Sami goes for a piledriver onto the steps and Trey with a thumb to the eye. He goes for a suplex and Sami grabs Trey by the crotch to break it up — PILEDRIVER ONTO THE STEPS! Sami puts Trey under the steps and sits on it, and the ref counts to 9 — AND TREY SLIPPED OUT! Trey on the apron, CUTTER TO SAMI from the apron through the table and both men are down! The count hits 10 and Trey is up but Sami isn’t!

Winner: Trey Miguel (15:25)
Rating: **
Thoughts: I don’t like Last Man Standing matches. The constant ten-counts make the pace awful, it’s very start-stop, and this was no different. There were some appropriately impressive car crash moments but the gimmick killed this one for me.

* Rich Swann cuts a promo hyping the Title vs. Title match and talks about how they’re in his house, and he’s not letting Omega come into his house and take away his prize and pride.

* We get the video package for FinJuice vs. The Good Brothers.

Impact Tag Team Championship Match
The Good Brothers vs. FinJuice

Karl and Finlay start it up. Lockup and the two jockey for position, it gets broken up and turns into slaps, David gets a wristlock and tags in Juice for a top-rope hammer to eh arm. Back suplex by Robinson, Finlay in, another double hammer blow from the top. Anderson manages to get control of FInley and pushes him to the corner, LG tags in. Gallows comes off the ropes, FinJuice take him down, both champs in but Gallows with a chokehold. FinJuice get out of it and slam Gallows down. Gallows back up and takes control of Finlay, tags in Anderson who hits several hard shots. He charges in but Juice gets the boot up, he gets Gallows off the apron but gets sent outside. Gallows with a big pump kick to lay Juice out on the floor. Finlay rolled back in, Gallows follows and hits a ton of punches in Juice. He comes off the ropes with a kick to the ear. Headbutt by LG. Cover gets two, but Finlay kicks out and LG with a bit sitting headlock. The challengers are in control and Gallows starts in with hammer elbows and then he cinches in the headlock, with Finlay looking dazed. He gets back to his fight but Gallows stops him with a knee lift. Finlay in the corner, Gallows charges into a boot, Finlay with a big spinning elbow off the top! Both men down, Anderson gets the tag first and catches Finlay, but Finlay slips out and gets the hot tag! Jumping senton by Juice! Robinson dies onto Doc and high fives D’Lo! Jabs from Juice, inverted atomic drop, big jumping kick, clothesline in the corner to Gallows! He charges again for a cannonball! Juice with the cover, Gallows kicks out at the last second! Finlay in and he sends LG to the ground, big tag team takedown of Anderson and a cover gets two! Juice whipped into Anderson, Finlay comes in, and a DEMOLITION DECAPITATION! Gallows comes in and breaks up the pin, Gallows clotheslined out of the ring, Doomsday Device but Gallows is able to break it up, Anderson with a neckbreaker! Gallows is in, he charges in for a BIG avalanche, elevated Neckbreaker gets a nearfall! They go for the Magic Killer, Finlay breaks it up, Juice rolls Gallows up and we have a pin!

Winner: FinJuice (10:32)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Good, classic tag match. Both teams played to their strengths and we had both teams look great. Nothing to complain about here, it was was just very competent.

* Omega isn’t available to talk to Gia, so Callis gives an aggrandizing promo in his place talking about how they set all this up. Callis says that Swann considers the talent in the back his family and he’s going to lose because of that because they won’t help him. He says tonight, he and Omega will execute and leave with both world titles.

* Video package for the Knockouts Championship match.

Impact Knockouts Title Match
Tenille Dashwood vs. Deonna Purrazzo

We start off with some counter wrestling between the two, Tenilla gets the first pin attempt, Tenille gets one of her own. Tenille gets Deonna into the ropes and rolls her into a cover, kickout at two. Kick by Tenille, and Deonna gets a Gory lock in. Deonna in control now, she kicks at Tenille and then bodyslams her. Deonna with a straight-jacket submission. My internet got a little tricky for a couple moments, when we come Tenille has Deonna in a waistlock which Deonna reverses. Deonna with a forearm to the head, then a German suplex and another. Tenille manages to hit some back elbows to the head and a butterfly suplex in the corner, crossbody and another followed by a cover for two. Tenille in control, she grabs Deonna’s arms and stomps her head into the mat. Muta lock by Tenille and the net gets wacky again, when we come back Deonna is back in control in the inside. Deonna goes up top, goes for a falling headbutt and Tenille moves. Tenille with a diving dropkick off the ropes and KImber pulls Tenille to the outside! Tenille gets back in, and she gets hit with an Exploder suplex! Deonna with the Fujiwara armbar, Tenille gets out of it because it wasn’t fully locked in. Knifeedge chop to Tenille, and a stomp to the chest. Queen’s Gambit and we have a pin.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo (9:33)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: I hate trying to rate this when I missed a couple of moments (THANKS FITE), but all in all it was good stuff. Deonna’s win was always gonna happen.

After the match, Taylor Wilde makes the save for Tenille and takes out Kimber and Susan. Deonna considers getting back in the ring but backs off.

* May 15th is the next Impact+ PPV with Impact! Under Siege, and June 12th is Impact! AGainst All Odds. Then July is Slammiversary and we get a promo for that.

* It’s time for the main event and we get the big hype video for that. RIP my fingers in advance.

Title vs. Title Match
Rich Swann vs. Kenny Omega

Omega is out first, and Swann comes out second, which is a nice nod to Impact hosting the match that they’re champion comes out first. Already loving Mauro being here for this. Omega takes over to do the ring introduction for Kenny and oversells to his heart’s content, and it is wonderful. They gave this a big fight feel to boot.

Bell rings and our two champions circle. They lock up, Omega with a wristlock and he slaps Swann in the back of the head but Swann reverses. Omega into a headlock and comes off the ropes, hits a shoulder tackle on Swann. They lock back up, Omega with a headlock, Omega slaps Swann and then quickly ducks out to the apron. He’s back in and offers the test of strength, but Swann with a fist to Omega’s gut. headlock by Swann, reverses off the ropes by Omega, they go into a ropes sequence and Swann ends it with a slap to Omega and dropkick to the outside! Swann with a diving dropkick through the ropes to Omega and then a Phoenix splash off the second rope to Omega on the floor! Swann with a big chop and he rolls Omega in, backs him into the corner and hits a chop. Fist to the head and a snapmare, followed by a big kick to the back. Swann takes aim, another kick to the spine. Swann with a Rolling Thunder splash but Omega gets the knees up, and then hits a back suplex on Swann. Belly to back suplex onto the apron by Omega! Ge goes for one on the guardrail but Swann elbows out and eats a chop instead. Swann fires back and charges but gets backdropped, he does a handstand and then Omega drops him onto the floor head-first! Omega with a buckle bomb, and a brainbuster on the knee followed by a nearfall!

Omega immediately starts wrenching on the head of Swann, who gets to the ropes and Kenny breaks at 4. He drops Swann with a chop to the chest and then picks him up for a pendulum backbreaker into a bow-and-arrow submission. Swann manages to get out and Omega covers for two. Omega with elevated kneelifts to Swann’s back and he whips Swann into the ropes, hitting another shot to the back on the way off. Omega is getting confident now, he hits a forearm to the small of the back off the ropes. Omega with a big chop, he sends Swann into the ropes but Swann with a back elbow. Swann off the ropes Omega tries for the sitdown splash but Swann slips out and takes Omega down! Pinfall attempt gets almost three, but Omega is right back in control with axehandles to the back. Swann fights back with chops and they’re trading strikes — Swann with a shot off the ropes and then he comes off into a flying headscissors! Omega sitting on the top, Swann with a step-up enzuigiri and a top-rope rana for two!

Swann is now going up top, but Omega crotches him. Kenny is going up top now, and Swann is up and meets him on the second rope. Omega with elbows and a headbutt, Omega is up to the top and he goes for a powerbomb — SWANN WITH A SUPER BACKDROP! Omega is down, and Swann goes up for a Frog Splash! But he can’t hook the leg and pin attempt gets two. Swann jabs at Omega, Discus shot and palm strikes but Omega with a big kick and then a DOCTOR WILEY for two. Omega is getting frustrated and he hits a charging kneestrike on the ropes. One Winged Angel but Swann slips out. Omega spin kick and then a big charging knee from across the ring! Omega has Swann on his shoulders, goes up to the second rope, Swann slides down off the top and pulls Omega down hard on his head! (That looked slightly rough.) Both men up now and trading blows, Swann in control and Omega hits a BIG KICK and Snapdragon! Omega with another one! He goes for something else but Swann counters with a cutter. Swann off the ropes with a handspring, and Omega moves referee Brian Hebner into the cutter! Omega runs Swann over and gets into the ring with a chair as Aubrey checks on Brian. Omega takes aim with the chair — and Aubrey pulls it away! Swann with the Handspring Cutter and La Magistral Cradle, nearfall reversed by Omega into a nearfall! V Trigger misses! Swann with big kicks, spinning driver, pinfall gets two-plus!

Kick to the face of Omega, Swann goes up top and jumps but Omega moves and Swann lands on his feet. V-Trigger, Omega goes for the OWA, but he turns it into an Electric Chair into German suplex. J-Driller! Pinfall gets two! Omega is up, he picks up Swann to his knees, full-on V-Trigger to the jaw and another! He goes for a third, Swann ducks and Omega comes up short and laughs. He sets Swann against the ropes and taunts the Impact roster as Edwards and Mack try to talk him up. Omega comes off the ropes with a knee to Swann, who is dazed as hell. Omega gets him up, Swann is now fighting back with shots to the head and body! Knee to Swann, Omega goes for a suplex but Swann counters! Swann is going for the Phoenix SPlash, he’s hop to the second rope and jumps — OMEGA MOVES. Omega with ANOTHER V-Trigger. OWA attempt, he hit it!

Winner: Kenny Omega (23:01)
Rating: **** 1/4
Thoughts: Look, that was as good as I hoped. To be honest, the ending was surprisingly clean but it also made Swann look tough as hell. It’s the more predictable result but that’s also fine, it ends Impact Rebellion with a new champion and a lot of questions for Impact fans.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This was a really good PPV effort by Impact overall, with a hell of a main event and generally strong matches all throughout. Caz's debut was a big moment that could mean good things for Impact and we got a decent number of title changes. All in all, Impact delivered big here on their most high-profile PPV in quite some times.

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