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Join 411’s LIVE SHIMMER 100 Coverage

April 7, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

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Chelsea Green & Britt Baker vs. Charli Evans & Jessica Troy: It’s really nice to see Green out of the LVN gimmick, which I felt went long past its expedition date. Green and Try work some nice back and forth, and Green hits a suicide dive. She almost caught her feet on the ropes, but she’s ok. Baker in and they double team Evans, covering for 2. Baker hits sling blade, but Troy makes the save. The 619 follows for 2. Evans and Troy double team Baker, and the cover gets 2. Troy hits a running meteora for 2. They knock Green to he floor, and follow with more double teams on Baker. Baker starts to fight back, and hits a neck breaker. Green gets the hot tag and she runs wild with clotheslines and dropkicks. The knee strikes follow and she covers for 2. The unprettier follows but Troy breaks up the pin. Evans and Troy follow with a double team meteora for 2. baker in with a superkick, but she gets pulled to the floor. They double team Green and hit a face plant for the win. Charli Evans & Jessica Troy defeated Chelsea Green & Britt Baker @7:15 via pin

Mia Yim, Kay Lee Ray, & Rhia O’Reilly vs. Kellyannne, Veda Scott, & Zoe Lucas: Yim & Kellyannne to start us off. They work a test of strength, Kellyannne takes control and stomps the fingers. Yim pulls an arm bar, but Kellyannne makes the ropes. To the feet into some slick counters. Kellyannne follows with strikes, but Yim pulls another arm bar, and Kellyannne makes the ropes. Lucas and Ray in now. Ray takes control, working the arm and ground things, covering for 2. Veda & Rhia in now, Rhia follows with strikes and hits a Hennig neck snap, covering for 2. Ray tags in, she and Yim work double teams, and Rhia back in and hits a senton. Kellyannne pulls Ray to the floor, and then attacks Rhia. Lucas tags in and they isolate Rhia, with Kellyannne laying in kicks, and covering for 2. Rhia fires back with strikes, but Kellyannne cuts her off with a kick. Lucas back in and she chokes out Rhia. The heels maintain control over Rhia, Lucas cuts off the comeback and hits a leg drop for 2. Kellyannne tags back in, stomping on Rhia. The neck breaker follows for 2. She then stomps away at the knees of Rhia, but Rhia hits a desperation Samoan drop. Lucas and Ray tag in. Ray runs wild, hits a superkick and follows with strikes. Yim tags in and she works over Veda, covering for 2. Ray hits a suicide dive and Rhia follows and attacks Lucas. Back in and Yim covers for 2. Lucas fights off a package piledriver, and attacks Yim’s injured leg. Ray & Kellyannne in and it breaks down. Yim works over Lucas, but the ankle gives her trouble. Ray tags in and Rhia cuts off Lucas. Veda takes her out, but ray hits the Gory bomb and Kellyannne cuts her off up top and dumps her on the buckles. Yim backing and hits a German on Lucas. Ray now hits the senton and that’s that. Mia Yim, Kay Lee Ray, & Rhia O’Reilly defeated Kellyannne, Veda Scott, & Zoe Lucas @ 15:10 via pin

Kimber Lee vs. Samantha Heights: Lee attacks at the bell and chokes out Heights. She follows with chops. But Heights cuts her off and hit an arm drag. The neck breaker follows for 2. Heights lays in strikes, hits a lucha arm drag but Lee powders. Back in and Lee hits a back breaker for 2. Lee grounds things, working submissions, and then follows with a suplex for 2. Lee lays in ground and pound, but Heights fires back and runs into a big boot. Heights now lays in kicks, but Lee hits an enziguri. Heights lays in big rights and kicks, and the sliced bread follows for 2. Heights hits a running knee, and face wash for 2. Lee counters by raking the eyes, and hits a powerbomb and alligator clutch for the win. Kimber Lee defeated Samantha Heights @ 7:10 via pin

Cheerleader Melissa vs. Shotzi Blackheart: They work some basic back and forth to begin, with Blackheart controlling early on. Melissa starts working her power game, cutting off Blackheart and hitting the slam. Blackheart picks up the pace, hits a DDT. Melissa cuts her off, and starts attacking the knee. Blackheart counters out, but Melissa cuts her off and again works the knee, working a modified Indian death lock. Melissa lays in kicks, but Blackheart makes the ropes. Blackheart follows with a series of chin breakers, and the sling blade connects. She hits another and starts firing away with kicks and a running meteora for 2. Melissa cuts her off, looks for the air raid crash, but Blackheart counters into a sunset flip for 2. Blackheart lays in a series of strikes and kicks, and covers for 2. Blackheart heads up top for the senton and misses. Melissa immediately hits the air raid crash for the win. Cheerleader Melissa defeated Shotzi Blackheart @ 7:25 via pin

Madison Eagles vs. Deonna Purrazzo: It’s great to see Eagles back, and she looks to be in incredible shape. Eagles grounds thing right away, they work into some grappling, but Eagles easily escapes. They work into a test of strength, Deonna counters out, but Eagles then grounds thing and starts working the arm. Deonna counters out, but Eagles gets back to the feet and starts to control the arm once again. Deonna starts to target the knee of Eagles, grounding her. Eagles transitions into an arm bar, but Deonna escapes. They are working some really great counter wrestling here, a nice change of pace from the rest of the card. Eagles again starts working the arm, and then covers for 2. They work into a stalemate. Deonna fights of a German, but Eagles hits it anyway. Eagles follows with a forearm strike, they trade now and Deonna works for a crucifix and gets it for 2. Eagles counters the arm bar, looks for hell bound, but transitions to a knee strike. Eagles again grounds things, and cradles her for 2. The basement dropkick follows as Eagles targets the ribs. Deonna works for the octopus, Eagles escapes but Deonna hits the knee strike and arm bar. Eagles escapes, hits a kick and follows with a head kick for the win. Madison Eagles defeated Deonna Purrazzo @ 11:01 via pin

Nicole Matthews vs. Toni Storm: Storm takes early control, frustrating Matthews. Matthews fights back, hits an arm drag and they shake hands. Storm looks to ground things, but Matthews counters out and they work into some grappling. They work some nice exchanges an into a rope break. Storm now works some slick escapes and follows with strikes and kicks. She follows with ass attacks, and follows with strikes. Matthews cuts her off, and they work to the floor. Matthew slams Storm to the steps, and then slams her to the table at ringside. Back in they go, Matthews continues to control and hits a dropkick. She follows with strikes, but Storm fires up with chops and lights up Matthews. Matthews cuts her off with a knee strike, and slams her to the mat. The camel clutch follows, but Storm escapes. Matthews lays in kicks now, mocking the crowd as she does and they now trade strikes. Storm hits a snap German, and corner as attack. Storm up top and Matthews cuts her off. Storm hits a head butt as Mathews works up top. The superplex follows and both are down. Matthews follows with kicks, but Storm cuts her off with a head butt for 2. Matthews fights back, hitting a Russian leg sweep. Storm hits a German and head kick but Mathews kicks out. Storm pulls Matthews up and then looks for strong zero, but Matthews counters into the fisherman’s neck breaker for 2. Storm counters the Vancouver maneuver into an arm bar and Matthews taps. Toni Storm defeated Nicole Matthews @ 12:22 via submission

Heart of SHIMMER Title Match: Champion Shazza Mckenzie vs. Tessa Blanchard: Tessa looks to overpower Mckenzie to begin. They work into some nice counters, and Mckenzie lays in chops and gets a European clutch for 2. They pick up the pace and both look for pin attempts. Mckenzie cuts off the lucha arm drag, and Mckenzie lays in strikes and Tessa fights off a snap mare. Mckenzie now lays in kicks, and hits a leg lariat for 2. Tessa hits the superkick, and follows with strikes. Tessa lays in forearms and then a dropkick for 2. Tessa grounds things, working the arm. Mckenzie escapes, but gets dropped by a forearm strike for 2. Mckenzie hits a desperation neck breaker; they trade strikes and Mckenzie fires up. They trade chops and strikes; Mckenzie traps Tessa in the ropes and follows with kicks. Mckenzie up top and the high cross connects for 2. Tessa hits a cutter, but only gets 2 and she’s pissed. Tessa up top and Mckenzie cuts her off and hits a Saito suplex. The running boot follows and the cover gets 2. Tessa hits a superkick and code breaker for a great near fall. Tessa back up top, gets cut off and Mckenzie follows her up. Tessa knocks her to the mat and hits the MX but Mckenzie rolls to the floor. Tessa follows and heads up top, pulling Mckenzie up with her. They trade strikes, and Mckenzie hits a stunner off the ropes and that’s that. Champion Shazza Mckenzie defeated Tessa Blanchard @ 12:14 via pin

SHIMMER Title Match: Champion Nicole Savoy vs. Mercedes Martinez: Former partners collide as Savoy takes on her mentor, Martinez. They work into a series of counters early, showing that they know each other well. Martinez now follows with ground and pound, and follows with chops and rights. Martinez starts lighting her up, but Savoy hits a belly to back suplex. Savoy looks to start working submissions, Martinez counters out and works a Regal stretch. Savoy counters and rolls for an arm bar, but Savoy works for a rings of Saturn, but Martinez escapes. Savoy hits the running knee strike, and covers for 2. She lays in strikes and hits a RANA for 2. Savoy hits a half and half suplex and they work into a double down. They now trade strikes, and Martinez takes Savoy down. Martinez continues to lay in strikes, but Savoy cuts her off with a knee strike. Martinez counters back, and hits rolling suplexes, but Savoy counters into a guillotine and butterfly suplexes, rolls into a second but Martinez counters back with a draping neck breaker for 2. Martinez lays in kicks, but Savoy works for a knee bar, but Martinez makes the ropes. Martinez lays in more chops and strikes, but Savoy hits a head butt and then follows with a flying head butt off the top for 2. The German follows for 2. Martinez powers back and hits the fisherman’s buster, and the cover gets 2. Martinez now looks for a Romero special, but looks for a dragon sleeper instead. Savoy escapes, lays in knee strikes and locks on the rings of Saturn and Martinez taps! Champion Nicole Savoy defeated Mercedes Martinez @ 13:02 via submission

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