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April 14, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 4-14-21

Ed. Note: Hey folks! Jeremy here once again. I hope everyone enjoys tonight’s episode of Dynamite, which looks to be a packed show. Don’t forget, Andy Perez and Blake Lovell will be live immediately after the show with their review and analysis of the episode. You can see it below:

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It’s Windsday, Rabbit.

I’m runnin late, so no intro. Wait, this is an intro! Sick. I’m covered.

Hey guys, actually, do me a favor and check out the official return of…

THE 3 RS!!!!

It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

I come to with MJF trying to pay Tyson off for something. Tyson rips up the blank check and eats it.

Match 1: AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
Rey Fenix and Pac vs The Young Bucks

Pac and Matt to start. Don is on commentary, talking about how great The Young Bucks are. Pac punks Matt into the ropes and backs up to give him some space. Matt locks the head, Pac escapes, works the arm, kip up from matt, reversal, Head scissors take down from Mat, then Pac, stalemate. They go head to head, Matt reaches for his brother in the face corner, but realizes Rey is there, so he rolls through to tag in Nick. Tag to Rey. Rey with a go behind, Nick revereses, Rey misses a back elbow, Nick rolls under, Rey flips over, kick from Nick, who dives through the ropes to the apron, and flips to escape a kick, Rey heads out, Nick goes in, they hop to the other apron and Rey hits an arm drag, Dropkick miss from Nick, Rey stops and says no, but Nick hits a hard clothesline. Tag to Matt. Matt whips, tosses Rey over his head, Rey with a crossbody, then a headbutt. Pac into the ring, he hits the ropes and dives over the top to Matt, just as Rey suicide dives onto Nick.

Rey rolls Nick into the ring and chops him hard. He drops Matt to his knees and hits a hard right to the back of the head. Body slam from Rey. Tag to Pac. Pac with a boot to the neck. Matt kicks, Pac backs into a tag. Rey dives, misses a clothesline, Pac spins, kicks him in the head, then Rey, then both, then a dropkick to the head. Tag to Nick. Nick flips over to the apron and kicks Pac. Shoulder to Rey, he flies in with an X-Factor to Rey. Nick steps on the face, then lifts up his expense ass Dior AJ1s. THOSE ARE FAKE chant. Lol. Nick sends Rey into the corner face first. Tag to Matt. Whip to Rey. Double hip toss and a dropkick. Cover from Matt. Rey kicks out at 2. Matt rakes the back. Tag to Nick. Whip to Rey. Hip toss, but Rey bounces off the ropes, revereses, avoids a superkick, a right hand, tag to Pac. Dropkick off the top to Nicke. Kick to Matt, another, hits the ropes, kick to the side of the head. Brainbuster! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Pac sends Matt into the corner face first. Another. Matt, on his knees, hits a right. Pac kicks him in the chest. Again. A third. Pac hits the ropes, Nick there to pull him out. Pac hits a right hand. Matt flies through the ropes with a dropkick to the dome. Rey rushes them, and we get a double team. Nick rakes the back of Rey. Nick and Matt lock the heads, call for a powerbomb, and they hit stereo powerbombs onto the apron. Tag to Nick. Stomp to Pac. Nick whips Pac into the corner. Nick rushes, hits a high knee to the face. Tag to Matt. Matt grabs Pac and puts him in the corner, facing the buckle. Matt flips a bunch of times then rakes the back of Pac.

Back and Matt tags in his brother. They whip Pac into the ropes. Pac is able to send Nick out, then Matt. They crash on the outside. Pac reaches for a tag, but The Bucks pull Rey off the apron. Matt on the apron, calling for cheers, he reaches for the tag, tags Pac, goes incredibly off kilter, calling for a right hand, a clothesline. He goes Ultimate Warrior, shaking the ropes, then hits a body slam. Matt drops to his knees, fake cries, and Pac hits a huge clothesline to Matt. Rey with a tag. Nick with a tag. Rey flies, misses a splsh in the corner ,sends Nick to the top rope, Blocks a Matt hit, locks fingers, back kicks Nick on the corner, flies with a hurricanrana off the top. Superkick to Matt. He hits the ropes, springboard, double Cutter! Cover! 1..2…..NO!!!

Pac in, wheelbarrow, Rey flies off the top with a double stomp, then a kick. Blue Thunder Bomb from Pac. 1..2…NO!!!! Jawbreaker from Nick. Tag to Matt. He enters and Pac hits a quick GERMAN! Pac locks up from behind, deadlifts, Matt holds the ropes, Rey runs the ropes and kicks Matt, then flies over the top to the outside. GERMAN AND A PIN for 1..2….NO!!!! Pac to the top rope. Nick enters. Pac jumps off, running kick to the corner, Superkick from Matt, Rey enters with a kick, Nick hits the ropes, Rey bounces him off the top rope and we get a DESTROYER!!! Rey pulls himself out of the ring. Matt is up. Pac is up. Pac with a right, Matt hits one. Back and forth. Pac gets sent to the apron, he flips Matt onto the apron, they each hit a right hand, Rey pulls Matt off, Nick pulls Pac off. Reverse Ranas to Matt and Pac! Rey runs, Nick sends him over the barricade, Rey lands on his feet, Superkick from Nick, Rey flies over the barricade. Cutter to Nick! Rey sends Matt into the ring. Pac enters. Matt reaches for a tag, but Pac sends him to the corner. Sits him on the top. Tag to Rey. Pac grabs the head, superplex to Matt! Rey to the top, Frog Splash! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Rey drags Matt to the corner. Tag to Pac. BLACK ARRORW! Nick enters, Rey stops him, but Nick is able to shove hard and break the pin up after 2!! Rey sends Nick out, Nick flies back in, hits a clothesline. He drags Matt over to the corner. Tag. Nick in. Pac is legal. Nick runs into a boot, Pac tries for a German, LOW BLOW TO PAC!! Rey tags in. Springboard INTO A SUPERKICK!!!

Nick takes the mask off of Rey. Double Superkick. Pin for 1…2….3!!!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
I’ve never been a big fan of a face who suddenly loses all of their face moves when they turn heel, especially when they gain the knowledge of mean moves like a back rake. It’s not the biggest gripe, just something kinda small. But this small thing was highlighted, especially with Matt tagging on the “face” side, the entirety of that “hot tag/fake cry” segment, and just the all around over the topness of it. It all would have worked better had The Bucks not been incredibly inconsistent over the past year. That’s literally the only complaint I had, though, because this was greeaaattt! Love Rey, Love Pac, love when they are given time.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 23:17

Hangman is backstage with The Dark Order. Marvez asks Page about The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks. Page takes a sip and updates everyone on Silver’s shoulder. 4 – 6 weeks. Page ignores the question, claiming he’s going to get egg rolls.

ONCE WE RETURN, Marvez is with Mike Tyson and The Inner Circle. They are friends now. Jericho says yes, and this is why: they decided to change their ways, have a new attitude, and right some of the wrongs they committed. Jericho called some people to apologize, and Tyson was one of those men. They have been at each other’s throats for ten years, but Jericho respects him because he has been relevant and stayed on top. Tyson told him if he ever needed anything, he’d be there. So he asked Mike to be there, and thankfully Mike had their back. Tonight, he’s the special enforcer. Jericho doesn’t want special treatment; call it down the middle. Tyson says he is firm but fair, so best man wins. He won’t take any sides. If Jericho messes up, he can get knocked out again. Jericho says he still remembers that punch.

Match 2: Red Velvet vs Jade Cargill

RED ATTACKS!!!! Jade doesn’t even finish her entrance before she hits the rights and lefts. Unfortunately, Jade comes out of the corner with a huge pump kick. She kicks again out of the corner, grabs Red’s head, and lifts for a pumphandle, only for Red to float off. She hits a spinning kick to the chin. Red holds the ropes and Jade falls over the top to the outside. Red hits the ropes. SUICIDE DIVE FROM RED VELVET! Red attacks the back. Whip from Jade. Jade lifts Red on the outside then hits a Fallaway Slam over the barricade into the crowd. Jade enters the ring. The girls check on Red, then motivate her to get back into the ring. Red hops on the apron, Jade gives her a right hand, locks the head, hits a delayed suplex to Red. Jade kips up, flips the hair, and celebrates.

WE are back, and Red hits an enziguri to the back of the head. She misses a splash, but Jade misses a spear, and hits the post! Red falls to the mat as the ref checks on Jade. Red stands, Jade is up, they rush each other into the corner, and Jade no sells. A clothesline and Jade is still standing. Red with a t hird, this time hooking and Jade is dropped! Red hits the ropes again, wheelbarrow into a bulldog! Red with a standing moonsault! Pin for 1……NO!!! Red drags Jade into the corner. Kick from Jade. Red drags her over to the corner.

Red to the corner. She gets to the top, flies, and tries for a moonsault, but Jade rolls away, then hits the Glam Slam! Cover for 1..2…..3!!!

Winner: Jade Cargill
This was, by far, the best match Jade has had. This is coming from someone who was most definitely wasn’t a fan. OF course, a bulk of this was Red Velvet looking great, but Jade played her part well. Pleasantly surprised.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 7:34

We go backstage to Britt Baker and the rankings. She goes over the fact that she has 2 wins more than Red Velvet, so she will be moving up. She reminds us of Dark, and says we will get what we finally deserve: a role model as our champion.

Match 3: Anthony Ogogo vs Cole Carter

Lockup to start. Anthony backs Carter into the corner. He shoves as the ref breaks them up. Carter with a go behind, Anthony breaks the waist lock, reverses, Carter elbows out of the hold. Anthony rolls out, then hits a huge punch to the mid-section.

Winner: Anthony Ogogo
I mean, if they’re trying to get that punch over as a match ender, they better be consistent with it.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: :51

Match 4: Dax Hardwood vs Chris Jericho

FISTICUFFS!!! Jericho backs Dax into the roeps, whips, hits a throat thrust, then goes right back on the attck with a right hand. Dax rolls outside. Jericho follows. He grabs a chair and heads over to Dax, but Mike Tyson is there to take the chair away. Dax chops Jericho, then grabs the bat. Tyson takes the bat away from Dax. Jericho with a right hand. Whip to Dax into the barricade. Jericho unhooks the barricade then grabs Dax and sends him face first into it. Dax enters the crowd, tossing chairs out of his way. Jericho follow. They fight their way back into the ring. Dax hits a right in the corner, kick, chop, whip to Jericho. Shoulder to Jericho. Dax pulls Jericho’s mouth back from behind. Ref stops him. Chop to Dax. Another.

Dax rolls out of the ring again, heading over to the trainer to check on his stitches. He has a mic, Jericho runs up, Dax hits him with the mic. Whip to Jericho INTO the stage. Dax grabs Jericho, but Jericho grabs a pen and stabs Dax with it. Body slam on the outside. Jericho grabs the camera and looks down to Dax. He sares Dax down, who flips him off, then Jericho kicks him. Chop to Dax. Sends Dax into the ring. Jericho follows. Jericho kicks. Knee to the side of the face. Whip and Dax stops, grabs Jericho, and sends him into the corner. Whip to Jericho into the barricade.

WE come back and Jericho hits a huge shoulder tackle. A second one. He gets sent over the top, lands on the ropes, Jericho crawls up the top, flies with an axe handle. Jericho hits the ropes. Bulldog to Dax. Jericho goes for the lionsault, hits it. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Jericho is up. He kicks Dax in the arm, again. Hard right from Dax, Jericho has one of his own. Dax reveres, another, again. Jericho with a [email protected]! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Jericho up, Dax up in the corner. Jericho hits a clothesline. Chop to Dax from Jericho. Dax with a rope assisted sit out powerbomb and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Dax dives with a headbutt, but Jericho moves! Jericho grabs the legs. He wants Walls. He gets it! Cash is on the apron! Cheap shot to Jericho! Sammy is there to send Cash crashing into the stage. Huge beatdown as Tyson watches. Dax whips, Jericho kicks, misses the Judas Effect, Dax with a Brain buster! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Dax locks the head. CODE BREAKER FROM JERICHO! Cover. Jericho wants to cover, but out comes MJF! Wardlwo and Hager and Santana and Spears fight out fo the tunnel!!! Ortiz attacks MJF! Wheeler has the bat on the apron, but Tyson is there! Cash looks to swing on Tyson, but Tyson with a HUGE PUNCH TO CASH! Holy shit….

In the ring, Dax looks to powerbomb Dax, but Sammy on the apron. Jericho with a back body drop. Judas Effect. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho
That start was rough, but in a good way. They did not let up. The over-booked mess was also fun, simply because it makes sense. These guys are not friends, both singularly and as a group. Tyson was somewhat unnecessary, but damn did he give Cash a hell of a punch. Like holy shit. Also got to love them selling it with Wardlow carrying Cash out.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 13:17

Jericho and The Inner Circle want to make it official that Mike Tyson is officially a member of The Inner Circle.

Marvez is outside with Omega, The Bucks, and The Good Brothers. Callis kicks him away and goes to hard cam. He says if the wrestling world has learned one thing about them, it’s this: Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t seen nything. When the Bucks came back into the fold, it wasn’t the end of the story, it’s just the beginning.

Omega grabs the mic, says he listens to the web, the podcast, and everyone is wondering why they changed. They didn’t, they just got sick of all of us non-sport numbnut fans wanting them to be just like us. They aren’t, though, and where they go, the gold will follow.

Matt says this is not all just fun and games. They are the best, and they are back. Matt puts the tag team division on notice. If they want a shot, they got a BTE Trigger with their damned name on it.

Callis now, if you wanted the old Bucks and Omega, you got it. Be prepared to be surprised again.

The Bucks pretend to Superkick the cam, stop, then let Callis do the honors.

Match 5: Kris Statlander vs Amber Nova

Kris sends Nova away hard, then hits an arm drag off the ropes. Another one. She boops Nova. Nova doesn’t take kindly to it. She swings for a kick, but Kris catches her, spins her into a hard right hand. Whip to the ropes, and Statlander with a powerslam. Kris lifts up Nova. Right from Nova. Again. Kick. She shoves Kris, then grabs a towel of some sort. She mushes Kris. Kris grabs her, presses her, then just drops Nova hard. Kris with an interesting leg drop then a senton. She gives a thumbs up to Orange Cassidy, then stands in the corner. She rushes the opposite, hits a running uppercut, hits the ropes, and hits a running knee strike, then follows up with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head.

Kris grabs Nova, hooks the legs, head in crotch, Super Nova by Kris. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Kris Statlander
Statlander looked good on her return. Solid outing, even if it was the second squash match on a 2 hour show, it was mostly to remind is of who Kris is.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:47

Team Taz is backstage, awaiting Cage’s answer. Dasha asks if they’ve heard. Starks says they waited months for Hobbs, why they waiting a week? They are Team Taz. They shouldn’t be waiting at all. Taz says he’s right; they’re chasing and shouldn’t be. Starks should stay backstage, he’s combustible. Cage agrees, says Starks has been different. Taz tells Brian to stay backstage as well. Tonight, they will lock down Christian Cage.

Christian Cage is in the ring with Tony. He says he has neen talking about outwork everyone, so…

Taz comes out, and is mad at Christian ghosting him. He offered Christian an amazing opportunity, and Cage doesn’t even acknowledge him. In or out, Cage?

Christian says he was going to do this later, but since Taz is out, Team Taz is a bit of a dumpster fire. He didn’t come here to help Taz fix his problems, he came to win titles. So here is his answer: NO.

Taz says here is the deal, shitbag. He says if he was standing on his wallet, he’d be taller than that big head. He calls Cage disrespectful, he never liked Cage or hi sstupid buddy.

Hobbs holds the mic down and looks like he wants some action. Hobbs enters the ring.

Hobbs punches Cage, lifts him, goes for a body slam, but Christian escapes, Hook on the apron, distracts, Hobbs trucks Cage down hard. Hobbs sends Christian o the outside. Hobbs steps over to the crawling Cage and lifts him towards the steps. He slams Cage’s head into the steps then steps on the head of Cage, pressing it into the steps.

Match 6: Matt Hardy vs Darby Allin

Hardy is quick to grab a chair, ready to use it if necessary. Matt swings a chair, misses, and Darby is on the attack! HE HITS THE ROPES for a springboard, and Matt slaps him in the back with a chair! Matt clips the leg, then watches the results of his dirty work. Matt smacks the back of Darby. Darby rolls out, Matt goes to swing the chair, but Darby moves and Matt hits the barricade. He smacks Darby on the back again, then sends Darby into the apron. Matt clubs the back, Darby’s back is all red. Matt slams Darby’s head int othe apron a few times then shoves Darby into the ring. Hardy sits the chair down in the middle of the ring and takes a seat to lecture Darby. Darby is up, matt hits a right hand to the face. Another right hand. Matt kicks Darby aside then looks to drop the edge of the chair onto the stomach. He does! Matt grabs Darby, Darby blocks and hits a hard right, left, right, elbow to the face, forearm. Kick from matt. Hooks the head. Neckbreaker! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Matt grabs the chair, opens it up and sits it down, then slams Matt’s head into it. Matt slaps Darby on the back again with the chair. Matt locks Darby’s head in the chair. And stands him up. Matt may want the Twist of Fate. He calls for it, Darby swings, stabs at Matt with he chair, then closes it up and smacks Matt across the back with it. Again. Darby with another hard shot.

Out comes Butcher with a trash can. He tosses it at the face of Darby. Blade, and Private Party are here. They attack Darby with stomps. Butcher and Blade grab the steel steps and bring them towards the corner where two barricade meets.


STING IS NEXT!!! He’s in no hurry. He enters the ring, hits Quen with a bat and sends Kassidy over the top rope. Sting sends them both into the ring. He hhits Kassidy with the trash can then rushes both with a clothesline, sendin Private Party to the outside. Sting follows out of the ring.

WE ARE BACK and just in time to see Matt send Darby into the steps, but since Darby is psycho, he bounces off the top of the steps and falls onto then over the barricade.

In the ring, Sting is looking to drop both of Private Party. Ethan page and Scorpio Sky try to come down, but Archer is there to stop them from doing anything. They leave. Archer enters the ring. He grabs Kassidy off the top rope and hits The Blackout in front of Sting, almost calling him out. Archer is all smiles. He leaves the ring and grabs Quen and Kassidy, and takes both of them out.

Matt, on the stage, gets hit with a chair by Darby. Darby shoots the legs. Sting tosses him a bat. Matt crawls away. Darby walks over to him with the bat. Low Blow to Darby! Matt locks the head in the chair again. TWIST OF FATE TO DARBY! Cover for 1…2….NO!!! Matt tosses Darby into the tunnel. Elbows to Draby all through the tunnel. Matt tosses Darby then grabs a ladder and looks to climb. He sets it up near a table. He lays Darby down. Matt beats down his head then climbs the ladder. He wants the leg drop. Leg Drop to Darby!!!! THROUGH THE TABLE!! Matt covers. 1..2…..NO!!!!

Matt lifts Darby, drags him over through the tunnel, and tosses him out towards the stage. Matt follows, pissed and broken. He points towards the title and grabs Darby’s head. He attacks the back, locks the head, Darby slides off the back, kicks for a low blow to Matt!!!! Darby grabs a bat. He walks back over to Matt up on the stage, Darby slow walks to Matt. Matt is backed up to the announce table. Darby swings to the gut, then the back, then the chin. Darby swings to the abs! He swings and knocks the monitors off the announce table, then chokes Matt up over to the table. He lays him down on the table and gets one more bat hit to the chin.

Darby leaves, and we come back to see Darby scaling this big ass scaffold. COFFIN DROP OFF THE TOP!!! Cover for 1…2….3!!!!!

Winner: Darby Allin
There is such a large part of me that wants to complain about Darby kicking out of the table crash, and kicking out of a Twist of Fate, but holy shit that was a lot of fun. It was an overbooked mess. Way too many people were involved, but jesus, I had fun.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 16:27

End Show

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