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Join 411’s Live AEW Full Gear Coverage

November 19, 2022 | Posted by Steve Cook
AEW Full Gear 2022, Tony Khan Image Credit: AEW

Hey kids! Newark, New Jersey hosts the last All Elite Wrestling PPV event of 2022. The 2021 edition of Full Gear saw the AEW World Championship change hands in the main event, as “Hangman” Adam Page defeated Kenny Omega to end their multi-year conflict. Most experts expect this year’s Full Gear to end in similar fashion, with Maxwell Jacob Friedman set to challenge AEW World Champion Jon Moxley in front of his adoring fans. Will tonight be the night MJF reaches the top of AEW? We’ll find out in just a matter of hours.

Until then, we’ve got a loaded pre-show & show to wade though with more title matches than you can shake a stick at. Let’s get dangerous!

Excalibur welcomes us to the Prudential Center as Zero Hour begins. He’s joined by Taz & the great Tony Schiavone to run down tonight’s matches.

QT Marshall, Cole Karter, Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto & Lee Johnson vs. Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta, “Very Evil, Very Mysterious Partner” & Rocky Romero: Tony “spoils” the evil & mysterious partner before the Best Friends contingent comes out. The four named individuals make their way to the ring, and start the match 4 on 5. Chucky T & Solo start things. Chucky evades in the corner, hits a Flatliner into a Koji clutch. Solo quickly finds the ropes. Tret tags in for a double shoulderblock & some flexing. Chops in the corner, Solo misses one of this own and gets chopped down. QT with a knee to Trent’s back, Johnson tags in. The offense doesn’t last long for the Factory, and we see some double & triple teaming from Best Friends/Roppongi Vice. Romero with the Forever clotheslines in the corner and a strike to Johnson. QT comes in to eat punches from three men as our referee has lost control. OC winds up, but QT falls before OC bothers to punch. The hug is teased, but the Factory breaks it up. They hit a five-way hug of their own! Lee stomps away on Trent in the corner, then tags Comoroto in. Trent takes the Flair flip in the corner and tumbles outside wherte Johnson can stomp away on him. Karter tags in, Comoroto with the slam, Karter with the missed frog splash. QT cuts the tag off, hits some cheap shots in the corner but Orange evades. Trent with the suplex, Orange is the only option to make the tag so here he comes against Comoroto. Hands in pockets, some brutal kicks, Comoroto misses the clothesline and Cassidy hits the dropkick. Monkey flip for Karter, Johnson & Solo get double ranaed. QT in with a kick and a right hand. Cassidy with the corner flip, then some turnbuckle pad head smashes for Marshall. QT gets cross-bodied, but answers with a big elbow. OC isolated by the Factory, some Vegomatic action by Solo & Comoroto gets a two count. QT goes for a Diamond cutter on Trent, but Trent hits the tornado DDT. Solo gets a sole food/half & half combo. Romero with a driver on Comoroto. Blue Thunder by Johnson, Cassidy with a PK & DDT. Goes for the Orange Punch, Karter knocks him down and poses. Karter with a dive…onto his own men. Kinda odd. Best Friends wipe out people on a dive. QT with the Diamondcutter on OC! Orange rolls under the ropes, which puts him in position for a piledriver on the steps…and now we hear Danhausen’s music! A darker version of Danhausen than we’ve seen here in AEW, with his jar of teeth and a spike. Danhausen tags OC, hits a German suplex on Marshall. Northern lights suplex for Karter. Clothesline for Solo. Comoroto eats an Orange Punch, then Danhausen serves him some teeth! Big boot ends it!

<b<Winners: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta, Danhausen & Rocky Romero (11:49 via pinfall)
Match Rating: ***

Danhausen spikes QT, then we get a somewhat awkward five-way hug.

Renee Paquette is with Takeshita, the newest member of the AEW roster. He’s very happy to be here, and I’m mildly shocked that somebody got interviewed without an interruption. Doesn’t happen often in AEW.

Ethan Page joins commentary for the next match, as he’ll face the winner on Dynamite.

AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Semifinal: Brian Cage (w/Prince Nana) vs. Ricky Starks: Cage attacks Starks before we can finish looking back at Starks’s win over Lance Archer last night. Cage shoulderblocks Starks to the floor and whips him into the barricade. Cage drops Starks on the apron. Taz in fact has an orange wallet. Cage deadlift superplexes Starks back into the ring & does some posing. Cage with some shots in the corner. Starks fights back before getting kneed. Cage whips Starks headfirst into the second turnbuckle in an awkward spot. He seems a little rocked, but fights back with some chops. Cage answers with a backbreaker. Cage then hits the Broski Boot on Starks. Whip into the corner, Starks gets the feet up and fights back for a second. Torando DDT blocked, as is a rollup, but Starks with a running elbow in the corner, then a flying clothesline. Starks goes up top, Cage catches him on the crossbody and hits a backbreaker for two. Starks fights out of a suplex attempt, then hits the tornado DDT for two. Fans chant for Ricky to go. Cage blocks the Roshambo with a backdrop, Starks counters the Weapon X with a sunset flip for 2.9. Starks hits a spear that only gets two. Cage with a power & buckle bomb, then a discus lariat gets two. Cage goes to the high rent district, misses the elbowdrop. Starks counters with a Destroyer, then the Roshambo!

Winner: Ricky Starks (9:00 via pinfall)

Page moves over to the entranceway so he can stare at Starks.

After a video, Eddie Kingston doesn’t want to talk to Renee. He was 18 when he first saw Akiyama fight, and knew that he wanted to do the All Japan King’s Road style.

Eddie Kingston (w/Ortiz) vs. Jun Akiyama: Fans are pumped for this one. Akiyama with a headlock, Kingston with a chop, evades the jumping knee and hits a shoulderblock. Some standing grappling now, Eddie with a waistlock, Jun tries to break it, ends up in a full nelson. Jun finds the ropes. Loud chops from Eddie. Jun with forearms in response. Jun’s chest changes color. Eddie runs into a boot in the corner, but knocks Jun off the turnbuckle to the floor. Both men on the apron, it ends up with Akiyama DDTing King on the apron, then dropping a knee on him. Curb stomp by Akiyama back in the ring. Piledriver by Akiyama gets two. Running knee to a seated Kingston. Akiyama knocked off the turnbuckle again, then meets King up top. Kingston bites Akiyama, then superplexes him to the mat. Eddie with some Kobashi chops in the corner, Akiyama answers with some forearms to the jaw. Eddie with more chops. Akiyam blocks a suplex attempt, but Kingston with a half & half. Exploder by Akiyama, then one by Kingston. Running knee strike by Akiyama and both men are down. Akiyama is first up, sets up another exploder but King blocks. DDT by Kingston. Backfist to the Future gets a two count. Eddie’s not happy. Akiyama blocks another backfist & hits an exploder. The knee pad is lowered, and there’s a running knee strike for two! Eddie hits a Snow Plow for a two count. Eddie lowers the straps like he’s Jerry Lawler in Memphis! Backfist to the Future gets three!

Winner: Eddie Kingston (10:32 via pinfall)

Kingston shows respect to Akiyama, bowing. Akiyama responds in kind. Handshake & hug, hand raising and all kinds of sportsmanship. Eddie gets the microphone. He doesn’t want to be thanked, instead he thanks everybody for coming tonight. He thanks Jun Akiyama, King’s Road Style, and pays tribute to the Japanese legends. He tells the fans at home to order the goddamn PPV. Mox is gonna beat the piss out of MJF. Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm is his match he wants to see. He mentions Saraya & Britt Baker before being told to go home. Excalibur says they should have let Eddie hype the rest of the show.

The steel cage lowers, as the issue between the former members of Jurassic Express will be opening the main card.

Steel Cage Match: Luchasaurus (w/Christian Cage) vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry: Just pinfall or submission decides this one, exiting the cage won’t get it done. Luchasaurus with a ton of athletic tape on his shoulders. He tries to toss Jack back first onto the cage, Perry climbs on instead and hits a dropkick. Some punches in the corner by Perry, but he runs into a big boot off the ropes. Luchasaurus introduces Jack’s face to the steel. And there’s the first crimson of the evening. Luchasaurus with a drop suplex on Perry. Some big shots in the corner knock Perry to the canvas. Big clothesline in the opposite corner and the sidewalk slam gets two. Luchasaurus tosses Perry into the cage a couple of times, and Jack’s losing a good amount of blood here. Perry blocks the fourth toss, only to get powerbombed into the fence. We see Jack’s mom & sister at ringside, devoted fans of Christian Cage that they are. Jack gets an armbar in the corner to get some space between himself & Luchasaurus, but gets press slammed out of the corner for his trouble. Cutthroat driver gets a two count on Perry. While Bryce deals with an angry Luchasaurus, Christian swipes the key to the cage out of Mike Posey’s pocket. Christian gets drug out, but the door’s open so Jungle & Lucha can fight on the ramp. Perry gets catapulted into the cage, and Luchasaurus finds a table under the ring. Saurus gets the table into the ring, tosses Perry into the cage again and finds some chairs under the ring for more fun whenever they return inside. Perry with a rope-assisted low blow back in the ring, then a couple of dropkicks. Another dropkick sends Luchasaurus back-first into the cage. Perry with repeated kicks into the fence, but a piledriver attempt on the apron leads to Luchasaurus backdropping the man. Perry blocks the chokeslam onto the chair attempt, then hits a Destroyer. A Killswitch on the chair gets a two count. Perry uses more of Christian’s offense before jumping into a chokeslam on the chair for two. Perry gets crotched on the top rope, Lucha sets up a back superplex but Perry fights out and hits a Sliced Bread off the top rope! Luchasaurus with the Undertaker situp, but Perry with one of his own. A headbutt from Luchasaurus puts Perry back down. Saurus wants Perry to stay down and keeps smacking him down, but Jungle Boy will not stay down. Some punches from Perry, then a piledriver on the big man! That only gets two. Perry sets up the table, but it’s Luchasaurus with a choke. Perry reverses into a sleeper, Luchasaurus flips the table over, and hits a tombstone. Then a facebuster gets a two count. Perry back into the sleeper, which tires Luchasaurus enough to be placed on the table. A chair shot to the head keeps the dinosaur down. Perry’s climbing to the penthouse district, and it’s time for an elbowdrop off the top of the cage! The table is destroyed, and Perry locks in the Snare Trap! Luchasaurus taps out!

Winner: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry (18:43 via submission)

AEW World Trios Championship: Death Triangle (c) vs. The Elite (w/Don Callis, Brandon Cutler & Michael Nakazawa: A match that’s a gift to the fans, per Excalibur. Pac, Rey Fenix & Penta el Zero Miedo make the first entrance, and Kenny Omega, Nick & Matt Jackson make the second after a delay and a video package suggesting that they will carry on. Kansas’s “Carry On Wayward Son” plays the Elite to the ring. Don’t you cry no more! Callis joins the announcers for this one as the fans welcome Omega & the Bucks back. Kenny & Pac hook up to start things off. Some fast-paced chain wrestling to start as the fans chant “F CM Punk”. New Jersey never liked that guy. Then a Colt Cabana chant. Kenny with a dropkick to the knee, a famouser, Pac nips up and spits in Kenny’s face! Pac goes outside, Nick Jackson & Rey Fenix tag in. Some fancy ropework, Fenix goes for a powerbomb to the floor, Jackson evades, hits a dropkick in the ring. Fenix shakes off some moves, spin kicks and forearms are exchanged. Penta & Matt tag in, all four guys exchange kicks and there’s a standoff. Buck super kicks floor the Lucha Bros. Pac runs in to get superkicked himself. Kenny & Penta go at it now, Penta with a chop, misses in the corner. Penta avoids all three in the corner, but gets superkicked & ranaed. Fenix doubleteamed to the outside, Pac sent to the floor, trademark Nick dive to the floor! He takes a drink from a fan, looks like Pepsi to me. Pac with a dropkick to a seated Kenny, who’s favoring his knee after a shot from Pac. Kenny eats some kicks from Death Triangle for two. Pac’s nose got busted here at some point. Pac slams Kenny, goes up top, Kenny evades and hits a clothesline. Matt & Fenix tag in and Matt hits a number of Northern Lights suplexes on Fenix & Penta. Penta with a questionable blow off the top rope gets a two count. Pac tags in while Matt is isolated. Fenix with a chop in the corner, but then gets planted by Matt. Nick & Pac tag in. Nick with some shots in the corner and a bulldog. Nick takes doen both Lucha Bros, and Pac begs off. Kenny tags back in and shots are exchanged. Kenny boots Pac down, snap dragons Penta & Pac. Terminator clap, Kenny off the ropes and a flip dive onto Death Triangle! Nick & Fenix back in the ring, Nick evades a Fenix move and Matt drops Fenix with a DDT on the ring apron! Nick & Penta up top, Nick ranas Penta onto the crowd below! Nakazawa got wrapped up in there too. Cutler’s spraying people down. Kenny with a vertical suplex into a backbreaker for two. He calls for the V-Trigger, but Pac sees it coming and hits a German suplex. Reverse kicks by Pac, Bucks are into help now, and we end up with a Triple Tombstone by Death Triangle! Fenix with a splash, Penta with a Destroyer, Fenix with a cutter, Pac with the Black Arrow into the Brutalizer on Kenny! He’s close to the ropes though, and Nick breaks it up anyway. Lucha Bros dive onto the Bucks on the outside. Fenix tags in, knees Kenny in the corner, top rope armdrag into a doublestomp. Pac tosses Fenix the ring bell hammer! Fenix tosses it back, Omega hits the V-Trigger. Tiger Driver ’98 by Kenny gets a two count. Penta with sling blades for everybody in the Elite. He then runs into a triple superkick. Fenix gets reverse ranaed, powerbombed & BTE Triggered for two. Pac broke that up. He’s got the hammer! Nick cuts that off with a superkick. Nick then dives onto Pac on the outside. Matt with a moonsault onto Nick & Penta. Kenny V-Triggers Fenix! Kenny sets Fenix up for the One-Winged Angel, Pac passes Fenix the hammer…and Fenix uses it! That leads to Kenny getting pinned for three!

Winners: Death Triangle (18:42 via pinfall)

AEW TBS Championship Match: Jade Cargill (c) (w/Kiera Hogan & Leila Gray) vs. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero & Marina Shafir): The Nyla contingent enters through the crowd via low rider, with Vickie wearing an “I’m Your Papi” t-shirt. Jade representing the Thundercats tonight. Nyla decks Kiera at ringside, Jade attacks and the match begins. Jade works Nyla over in the corner with some boots. Nyla charges, but Jade evades & Nyla tumbles to the floor. A pump kick sends Nyla into the crowd. Nyla backdropped back over the barricade, but then she bounces Jade’s head off the steps. Splash in the corner by Nyla, then a slam. Another slam, then a splash gets one. Cannonball in the corner by Nyla. Jade fights back with a couple of boots. Cargill tries to go up top, jumps into Rose’s boot. A neckbreaker on Jade gets two. Jade misses a pump kick, blocks a suplex, but Nyla drops her on the top rope. Nyla goes for the diving kneedrop in that position, hits it. Cargill kicks out at two. Jade escapes a Beast Bomb attempt and strikes Nyla down. Both women work their way back up. Jade with a kick to Nyla, then a Beast Bomb of her own gets a two count. Nyla fights off Jaded and rolls through. Jade gets a rollup for two, but Nyla hits a Jaded of her own for two. Nyla springs up top, misses a swanton. Pump kick by Jade, then it’s time for Jaded.

Winner: Jade Cargill (8:00 via pinfall)

ROH World Championship Four-Way Match: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sammy Guevara: Ian Riccaboni joins commentary for this match. Claudio & Jericho & Bryan & Sammy pair off at the start. Claudio & Jericho exchange shots on the outside. Sammy backdropped outside, Danielson with the tope suicida. Jericho sends Bryan backfirst into the steps. Back in the ring, Jericho poses before chopping away on Danielson. Claudio joins the fray and Jericho eats strikes from both BCC members. Guevara enters the ring to get similar treatment. Sammy & Chris eat some corner strikes. Bryan & Claudio shake hands, but pause because they need to wrestle. Uppercuts are exchanged. Bryan works Claudio into an armbar. Claudio powers out, Danielson with the sunset flip, then some near-falls for both men before Jericho breaks it up. Bryan & Claudio team up to apply a Boston Crab on Jericho. Sammy with a dropkick on both men, covers on both men get two. Sammy & Jericho team up with a double shoulderblock & a pose. Claudio gets clotheslined outside. Bryan gets the delayed vertical suplex treatment. Jericho with a Death Valley Driver for two. Sammy seems a little cranky as he works Bryan over in the corner. Sammy misses in the corner and Bryan fights back on both JAS members. Some Yes Kicks for Jericho & Sammy. Both men are kicked down, a cover on Sammy gets two. Bryan tries a top rope rana, Sammy flips out, then hits a C4! Lionsault by Jericho on Sammy & Bryan gets a two count on Bryan. Claudio comes in, gutwrench suplexes Jericho. He goes for the swing, Jericho fights out but gets stomped for two. Caludio jumps off the middle rope into a Codebreaker, which only gets two thanks to Sammy! Jericho isn’t too happy. Shoves are exchanged, then punches! Sammy punches & chops Jericho in the corner, elbows him down. Sammy hits a Codebreaker of his own for two. Then he goes for a Liontamer, but Jericho gets out of that and puts Sammy in the Walls of Jericho. Bryan breaks it up, but ends up in the Walls himself. Claudio tries to break the move with boots, then does so with a vertical suplex. Sharpshooter by Claudio on Jericho. Jericho crawls over to cover Bryan for two. Bryan then locks in the LeBell Lock! Sammy breaks the double submission by kicking both BCC members. Jericho with a hug, but Sammy with the GTH! Sammy goes up top, shooting star press on Jericho! It only gets two. Sammy gets Bryan and delivers some repeated elbows. Bryan seems more angered than anything else. He slaps the taste out of Sammy’s mouth, then Claudio gorilla presses Sammy onto Jericho on the floor! Bryan hits a busiaku knee on Claudio for two, then delivers some repeated elbows. Claudio with some elbows of his own. Claudio lifts Bryan up, tries a UFO but Bryan backslides Claudio for two. A clothesline by Claudio gets two. Claudio goes for the superplex, Bryan blocks. Sammy joins them up top, hits a cutter on Claudio, then a Spanish Fly on Bryan! Bryan with the LeBell Lock, but Jericho breaks it up. Trademark middle rope dropkick by Jericho, Claudio with the Cactus clothesline on Jericho. Claudio tosses Jericho around ringside and uppercuts him. Bryan dives onto Claudio, but Claudio catches him and hits a Neutralizer on the floor! Sammy dives onto Claudio with a shooting star. Back in the ring, Claudio hits the UFO for two. Sammy evades the Neutralizer, but can’t avoid the Giant Swing. Jericho breaks it up with a modified Judas Effect. One more gets the three count.

Winner: Chris Jericho (21:42 via pinfall)

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Saraya: Rebel is nowhere to be seen in Britt’s corner, but Saraya’s brother is in the crowd at ringside. Baker with the headlock, then a shoulderblock. Saraya’s slow to recover, but is that an act? Could be. Saraya with a headlock. Baker runs into a kick and goes outside. Baker targets Saraya’s neck with a neckbreaker on the floor. My stream chooses this point to die, when it returns Saraya is being rolled into the ring for two. Britt applies a neck vice and goes for another cover. Saraya in the corner, ends up getting neckbroken for another two count. Britt gets out the green glove as JR expresses displeasure with everybody talking about it being their house. Can’t disagree there. Britt with another neckbreaker for two. Saraya drives Britt into the apron, then hits a crossbody on the floor. Back in the ring, Saraya with some clotheslines. Some strikes in the corner, then some stomps by Saraya. Britt drives Saraya into the turnbuckle, but Saraya hits the Knightcap twisting suplex for two. Britt with a rollup for two. Then Baker goes for the Lockjaw, but Saraya finds the ropes. Air Raid Crash by Baker gets a two count. Stomp by Baker only gets two. They go up top, Saraya ends up doing a sitout powerbomb off the top for two. Rampaiger gets two! Has she renamed that yet? Now she’s going for the PTO, but Britt makes the ropes and drives Saraya into the turnbuckle. Britt reverses a suplex and locks in the Lockjaw! Saraya gets out though, kicks Britt and hits a running knee strike for two. Forearm by Baker, then a fisherman’s neckbreaker. Another Stomp by Baker gets two. Saraya with a sunset flip and another knee strike for two. There’s the Rampaiger, and another one. That’ll get three.

Winner: Saraya (14:00 via pinfall)

AEW TNT Championship Three-Way Match: Wardlow (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Powerhouse Hobbs: Wardlow goes right after Joe early on. Joe gets whipped into the ringpost, then Hobbs attacks Wardlow from behind. Hobbs hits a delayed vertical suplex on Wardlow, so Joe comes in to hit some strikes. Hobbs elbows Joe down. Hobbs places Wardlow in the corner and delivers some shots. Joe with chops to Hobbs, Hobbs suplexes Joe. Hobbs tells Wardlow to do something, then hits Joe in the corner. Wardlow hits a Whisper in the Wind? Well why not. Wardlow with some headbutts, then a clothesline to Hobbs. Wardlow back up top, hits a Swanton on Hobbs. Joe hits a running senton on Wardlow & Hobbs. Joe tosses Wardlow out and works on Hobbs. Joe washes Hobbs face with his boot in the corner. Inverted atomic drop, senton on Wardlow gets two for Joe. Hobbs ends up in a front headlock by Joe. Wardlow shoulderblocks Joe down, Hobbs gets DDTed in the process. Some shoulderblocks in the corner for Hobbs, then Wardlow just slams him down. Joe runs into a Wardlow spinebuster that gets two. Wardlow & Hobbs exchange strikes on the floor, Joe topes both of them. Hobbs gets tossed into the barricade, Wardlow blocks a powerbomb attempt and Hobbs runs Joe over. Hobbs puts the straps down, hits a spinebuster on Wardlow for two. After some exchanges in the ring, it’s time for a Powerbomb Symphony on Hobbs! Joe breaks it up with a belt shot on Wardlow, locks Hobbs in the choke and it’s over! New champion!

Winner: Samoa Joe (9:47 via submission)

Tony Schiavone is with Chris Jericho & Jake Hager. Jericho expected Sammy to do what he did, and he appreciates it. Sammy will be a world champion, but not tonight. Jericho says he’s the greatest ROH Champion of all time. Orange Cassidy wanders in and informs Jericho that his friend Tomohiro Ishii is a former champion in ROH, and has earned a title shot. He wishes to face Jericho on Wednesday. Jericho talks about Ishii’s young boy past in WAR, and says his sempai is waiting for him. Hager asks Orange what’s in the bag. Orange pulls out the All-Atlantic Championship, and asks if he’d like a shot next week.

No DQ, No Countout: Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal (w/Sonjay Dutt) vs. Darby Allin & Sting: Tony is back at the booth to relieve JR. Jarrett has some men wearing black hoodies & Sting masks with him. The lights go out, and there’s a bodybag on the stage. Lethal walks up with the Stings as Darby’s music starts. Some smoke goes off, and Darby emerges on the stage. Sting emerges behind Jarrett in the ring. JJ finally turns around and sees Sting, and the bell rings. Jarrett eats punches from Sting & Darby before Lethal comes back to the ring to help out. Then Lethal gets tossed back first onto the apron by Sting while Darby & Jeff fight through the crowd. Sting & Lethal do the same. Darby suplexes Jeff on the floor while Lethal gets crotched on the hockey boards. Darby grabs a ladder from backstage and sets it up on the stage. Darby climbs up, tries a Coffin Drop to the floor, but Santam Singh catches him! Singh then tosses Darby on the ramp after walking with him for a few seconds. Meanwhile, Sting & Jay exchange punches down the steps. Santam then catches Lethal, then catches Sting on a dive. Singh falls over on that one. Sting is still insane by the way. Jarrett uses a chair on Allin’s back before rolling him in the ring. Jarrett splashes Allin of the ropes, does the Fargo Strut and clotheslines Allin down. Lethal in the ring and locks Allin in an abdominal stretch as we’ve now gone to regular rules with Sting & Jarrett standing in corners. Sting comes in and delivers Stinger Splashes to Lethal & Jarrett. Clothesline & back elbow, and maybe a Scorpion Deathlock for Jarrett? Sure, but here comes Sonjay to try and interfere. Santam has more success. Singh chokeslams Sting down. Cover by Jarrett gets two. Allin & Lethal tag in and exchange shots. A Lethal Combination gets two. Jarrett gets the guitar, Allin evades and takes both Jarrett & Lethal down. Darby Coffin Drops his way into Jarrett’s guitar in mid-air. Allin kips up and beats his chest. Sting knocks Sonjay off the apron, but here comes Singh to miss in the corner. Sting gets Singh in the Scorpion Death Drop position, Darby comes off the top with a Coffin Drop onto Singh! Allin dives onto Jarrett on the outside. Lethal goes for the Injection, it ends up in a modified Scorpion Death Drop. Allin hits a Coffin Drop for three.

Winners: Darby Allin & Sting (10:58 via pinfall)

Interim AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Toni Storm (c) vs. Jamie Hayter: Rebel & the Good Doctor are conspicuous by their absence here. Tieups to start, neither gains an immediate advantage. Headlock by Storm reversed by Hayter. Toni with an armbar, then a hammerlock. Hayter with the headlock takeover. Toni reverses. Jamie with a big strike after Toni tries to do her finisher. Jamie kisses her bicep, Toni does the universal “kiss my posterior”. Toni hp attacks Jamie onto the floor, then whips her into the barricade. Hayter returns the favor, but then hits the barricade when Storm reverses a move. Storm does some chops against the ringpost, but eventually Hayter moves. Some more posing from Jamie is warmly received. Snap suplex into a cover keeps Storm down for a one count. Another one gets two. Hayter works Storm over in the corner and has problems hearing the referee. A cover with a knee gets two. Hayter with a sleeperhold. She then gets a little frisky with the referee, then apologizes. Storm fights back, hits a Thesz press. Hip attack in the corner by Storm. up top, Storm hits a cross-body for two. Swinging DDT by Storm gets two. The women exchange forearms, then Hayter gets rocked by a Storm headbutt for two. There’s Rebel! She sneaks down to ringside while shots are exchanged in the ring. Looks like Storm caught a stiff one to the nose & mouth, there’s some blood. Rebel hits Storm with the belt! Hayter with a DVD neckbreaker and a sliding lariat for two! Rebel’s up on the apron and Hayter doesn’t know what’s going on. Rebel gets ejected. Storm with a ripcord lariat for the two count! Storm misses a hip attack and ends up on the outside, where Britt Baker is to Stomp her on the belt! Hayter hits a Storm Zero and it only gets two! They’re gonna have to shoot Toni Storm or something. Hayter misses the ripcord, Storm with a German & a Storm Zero of her own for the two count! Toni knocks Britt off tyhe apron, Hayter with a twisting backbreaker gets two! Hayter with some elbows in the corner. Britt removes the turnbuckle pad, but Hayter gets sent in. Britt’s off the apron, but Toni’s head meets the steel! Jamie hits the Hayterade ripcord lariat and we have a new Interim World Women’s Champion!

Winner: Jamie Hayter (15:16 via pinfall)

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: The Acclaimed (c) vs. Swerve In Our Glory: Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee make the first entrance. Lee pauses, but eventually bumps Swerve’s fist. Max Caster drops some bars on Twitter, Kanye & Trump speeches. A Randall from Monsers Inc. reference, Tristian Thompson & the Blind Side. Anthony Bowens informs us that the Acclaimed have arrived. Billy Gunn is conspicuous by his absence, the announcers speculate it’s because he doesn’t want to get his team disqualified due to his hot temper. Bowens has a taped up right shoulder that could be a factor here. Bowens pairs off with Lee while Strickland & Caster go at it in the corner. Lee gets clotheslined over the top rope onto the floor, hitting his knee on the apron. Caster with a slam on Strickland. Tag to Bowens, who comes off the middle rope for the Scissor Me Timbers. The fans want Daddy. Meanwhile, Swerve targets that bad shoulder. Slam by Lee, Caster gets knocked off the apron and sent into the barricade. Swerve heads into the crowd to get something, and he decides on one of the steel barricades. Keith Lee isn’t having it, and he walks into a Bowens kick. Bowens with some chops, Keith Lee with the Mongolian chop. Bowens sent into the ropes, then Swerve tries to suplex Bowens onto the guardrail. Bowens reverses. Bowens gets back in the ring with Lee, who targets the shoulder with a block & a splash for two. Bowens gets headbutted down & worked over by Lee. Tag to Swerve, who sticks Bowens’ hand in Bowens’
tights and hits a running stomp. Lee lifts Bowens on his shoulders, Swerve gets smacked down by Caster, and Bowens hits a reverse rana on Lee. Tags to Swerve & Caster. Swerve gets clotheslined over the top, then Caster hits a splash to the floor. Caster tries to lift Lee, that doesn’t work. A rana does, but then Lee lifts Caster onto the other turnbuckle. Caster knocks Lee off, then hits a top rope Famouser! An Attitude Adjustment on Lee gets two. PK by Bowens, then an assisted cutter gets two. Bowens’ shoulder impedes him from a move on Swerve. I thought there was a tag to Caster, but apparently not. Lee saves Swerve from landing on the guardrail, then Caster crossbodies Lee off the apron through it! Bowens DDTs Swerve and gets two. Bowens misses a move, Swerve hits a flatliner. Running kick on Bowens gets two. Another running kick, and another. I’m sure that kick had a name in NXT or on the indies. Another one after some taunting from Swerve gets two. Swerve goes up for the Swerve Stomp, but Bowens tries to fight out of the position. Stomp misses, Bowens hits the Arrival! Caster up top, hits the Mike Drop! Keith Lee makes the save. Caster stomps Lee out of the ring, then they set Swerve up…Bowens’s arm fails, Swerve hits a brainbuster on Caster. Lee tags in and smashes Caster in the corner. Big ol beal. Pounce on Bowens. Fall From Glory on Caster…only gets two! Yeah, I don’t know either, guys. Lee goes for the Spirit Bomb, Bowens tags in, but Lee uses Caster as a weapon on Bowens. Powerbomb ends up with both men on the floor. Caster gets tossed over the timekeeper’s table. Swerve has pliers! He’s going after Caster’s fingers! Here comes Daddy Ass! The referees & agents follow him out and escort him out. Bowens gets tossed into the ring, and Swerve still has those pliers! He wants Keith Lee to do it, and Lee wants no part of it. Swerve slaps Lee! Swerve yells at Lee. Lee lifts Bowens up, slaps him on the back and walks out on Swerve! Bowens gets two with a rollup. Some kicks to Swerve, Swerve evades. Caster tags in, hits the springboard dropkick. Tag to Bowens, they finally hit the combination sit-out driver for the three count!

Winners: The Acclaimed (19:39 via pinfall)

AEW World Championship Match: Jon Moxley (c) (w/William Regal) vs. MJF: The fans are, as expected, solidly behind MJF during the entrances. One wonders if that will change at some point. Mox wearing red pants tonight, I can’t remember the last time he wasn’t wearing mainly black. Maybe some blue jeans in the WWE days. Mox with a punch right after the bell! MJF eats it and gets nose to nose. MJF with a slap, Mox with a forearm and some chops in the corner. Mox does a drop down, MJF does a strut. Mox ends up over the top rope, MJF teases a dive but runs the ropes instead before raising his arms. Mox drives MJF into the corner and bites the man. Moxley with some sign language for the crowd. MJF stomps Moxley down in the corner. Big clothesline by Moxley, then the Tranquilo pose. Moxley with some crossfaces, then a vertical body slam gets two. Mox locks in an STF, MJF bites his way out. MJF with some forearms before Mox takes him into the corner and strikes him down. Falcon Arrow into a cross arm-breaker, MJF prevents it from being locked in. Mox with a clothesline in the corner as MJF looks the worse for wear so far. Mox gets the title belt, but walks into some soda spit from MJF. MJF gets sent into the steps. Back in the ring, MJF hits a clothesline. Inverted atomic drop, a back rake and some repeated jabs by MJF. MJF drives Moxley’s head into the turnbuckle ten times. Moxley gets arm whipped into the turnbuckle for two. MJF gets the belt, opts for the timekeeper’s table instead. All that setup by MJF leads to a cutter from Moxley. Mox then tries to stomp MJF’s head in & jaws with the crowd. On the apron now, Mox sets up for a Gotch piledriver, but MJF blocks. MJF gets Mox up and hits a tombstone piledriver on the apron, which doesn’t help MJF’s knees. A cover from MJF gets two, but that left knee seems to be giving MJF some problems. MJF goes for a piledriver on the apron, Mox blocks, then piledrives MJF through the table! Mox may have hit his head on the landing. Mox rolls back in the ring while Bryce Remsburg counts MJF. MJF beats the count at 9, but walks into a Paradigm Shift for two. Mox kicks at MJF’s left knee, then locks in a Figure 4! He does it Ric Flair style, on the incorrect knee. MJF manages to flip the move over, Moxley grabs the ropes to break it. MJF hits the Heatseeker for a two count. Another Heatseeker is blocked, then Moxley hits a chop block on MJF. Mox works the knee some more. He goes up top but MJF crotches him on the turnbuckle. MJF follows Moxley up top, only to get repeated elbows. Mox hits the Paradigm Shift off the top rope! MJF’s finger tip reaches the bottom rope on two. Mox wants MJF to hit him, gets spit on instead. Mox smacks MJF down to the mat. MJF trades shots with Moxley. Mox goes off the ropes, MJF pulls Bryce in the way. Time for the Dynamite Diamond Ring! MJF ponders the situation, and here comes William Regal. He tells MJF to put the ring down. MJF does, then flips off Regal. Moxley with a sleeper, then the roll through by MJF gets two. Paul Turner comes down to help, he gets knocked down too. Mox back to the choke, gets in the Bulldog position and MJF’s tapping. Bryce doesn’t see it though. Regal tells Mox to get the refs, and he slides some brass knucks into MJF! MJF clocks Moxley with the power of the punch! There’s the cover, and we’ve got a new champion thanks to Master Regal!

Winner: MJF (23:08 via pinfall)

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