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February 16, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
Impact Wrestling X-Division 4-Way 2-16-21

Hey kids! Jack Irene is snowed in tonight, so you’ve got me providing your Impact coverage!

Before The Impact saw Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus of the Decay beat XXXL. Impact starts by recapping The Good Brothers & Rich Swann retaining their titles at No Surrender.

Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown are on the call!

Impact X Division Championship Match: TJP (c) vs. Josh Alexander: I’m a big Josh Alexander guy, so I’m intrigued here. Some pure wrestling exchanges on the mat. Josh almost gets an ankle lock, which would have been bad news for TJP. Alexander with the shoulderblock, but TJP with an abdominal stretch. We’re at a stalemate. Backbreaker by Alexander. Working the left leg of TJP. TJP trying to fight back. Alexander works into a surfboard! Into the ankle lock! TJP works out of it, but Alexander works into a backbreaker, which leads into an armbar by TJP! Alexander makes it to the ropes! By walking with TJP hanging off of his arm, by the way. Pretty crazy. Alexander goes back to working TJP’s back & shoulders. TJP going back to that abdominal stretch. Don’t know what to call the hold he’s got now. Now we’re in a lucha-style subimission. Alexander kicked outside, TJP with the springboard dropkick! Back in the ring, TJP hits the tornado DDT for two! Alexander fights back though, crossbody to TJP’s back while seated on the apron takes them both outside. Back in the ring, back to that ankle lock, TJP kicks out of it. Alexander down, not long enough, he hits TJP on the top turnbuckle! Double underhook up top…doesn’t work! Alexander kicked off, but Mamba Splash meets nothing but knees! Alexander with the ankle lock! Doesn’t work, TJP works into the Octopus Lock! Back & forth, back suplex by TJP! TJP with a big kick! Back up top, hits the Mamba Splash! 3 count!

Winner: TJP
Match Rating: ***3/4

Some good solid back & forth for just over ten minutes. Can’t hate on that!

Gia Miller wants to know what Tommy Dreamer was doing in Scott D’Amore’s office. Dreamer says he’ll beat some sense into Moose tonight. Old School Rules! I doubt this ends well for Tommy, just saying.

Impact & ROH seem to have a lot of the same commercials.

Brian Myers gives Hernandez his money. Same deal for tonight after Hernandez beats Matt Cardona. Seems fair. Fallah Bahh offers Hernandez the whole damn cookie. He says he’s a gambler and will double Hernandez’s money. Hernandez says make his 10 into 20, then they’ll talk about more.

Matt & D’Lo talk about Fin Juice! They’ll take on Reno Scum tonight! Dreamer vs. Moose in Old School Rules!

Willie Mack vs. Daivari vs. Suicide vs. Trey Miguel: I can’t believe Impact is still marketing this Suicide character after how many decades? Trey & Suicide take out Daivati, then work each other while Striker name drops other cruiserweights. Mack works into their orbit and wrecks it. Suicide using Mack to take Trey out, and is tricking the man to take himself out. Who is Suicide these days, anyway? I doubt it’s Daniels or Kazarian. Boy’s doing all the work here. Daivari takes advantage of Trey & Willie being out to work on Suicide. They go up top, Willie grabs Daivari and hits the sitout powerbomb. Samoan Drop to Suicide. One for Trey. Standing moonsault onto Trey & Suicide gets two. Striker making a Dimitri Young reference! The Reds fan in me loves it. Trey hits a Meteroa to Suicide while I’m marking out over baseball and gets the three!

Winner: Trey Miguel
Match Rating: **

Too short to get too many more stars, but was fun while it lasted.

Sami Callihan is impressed when Trey walks backstage. Trey failed at No Surrender because he ain’t got passion. Trey walks off because he apparently can’t argue that. Or doesn’t want to talk to Sami. Couldn’t blame him for that.

Ace Austin has some issues with Scott D’Amore. TJP is in the office as well. D’Amore agrees that Austin deserves an opportunity. Apparently there will be a 6-man tag where the winners will be in a triple threat to get a title shot. Lots of hoops here! Ace says the outcome is inevitable.

Hernandez (w/Brian Myers) vs. Matt Cardona: Cardona has the speed, but Hernandez has the strength. Cardona also has the flip dive! Myers with the distraction, Hernandez with the mule kick! He sends Cardona outside as we head to commercial. Hernandez worked a bearhug, Matt fought out, hit a missile dropkick! Big shoulderblock sends Cardona down. Cardona slips out of the Border Toss, hits the Radio Silence and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Matt Cardona
Match Rating: **

Gia Miller comes down to congratulate Matt, and bait him into talking about Brian Myers. Cardona isn’t here for that. He’s not passing a torch, he’s lighting a new one. Myers cuts him off, and is outraged about Matt copying him. Matt doesn’t get the deal, and Hernandez attacks from behind. Eddie Edwards appears! He takes Hernandez out, Myers gets hit in the eye.

Video package hpying Fin Juice.

Tony Schiavone asks Tony Khan what he got for Valentine’s Day. Tony got nothing. He gives, gives, gives, and he’s fine with it. Apparently his paid ads can be written off as charitable donations! Tomorrow night, the Young Bucks will take on Santana & Ortiz! Impact helped TK open the Forbidden Door that is him! He tells Tony to run down the show, and that’s what happens. THE SYDAL BROTHERS? Also digging the hell out of that six-man main event. Eddie Kingston reminds TK a lot of Michael Corleone, and tomorrow night he can settle all family business. Apparently there’s a Valentine’s Day present in store for Kenny Omega too!

Havok asks Neveah why she hasn’t gotten back to her. They keep losing. Should they even be a team? Tenille Dashwood sweeps in with some advice. She seems interested in Havok as a tag team partner. Neveah is interested in Tenille as an opponent. She has to do it on her own.

Reno Scum vs. Fin Juice: I, for one, had no idea that Reno Scum was trained by Mustafa Saeed! The forgotten Gangsta! David Finlay & Juice Robinson are representing New Japan loudly & proudly. Finlay & Luster start us off. David doesn’t stay in long, some good tag team continuity here. Double facebuster gets two. Luster gets a spinebuster on Finlay and maybe this is their break. They work Finlay over. Juice gets that tag, hits the Dick Togo senton splash. He’s taking both these guys out. Cannonball! Two count. Unprettier is broken up. Finlay breaks up their finish. Double dropkick, Finlay follows Thornstone up top, and the old Power Plex gets three! Shades of Power & Glory!

Winners: Fin Juice
Match Rating: N/A

It didn’t feel like three minutes to me, which is probably a good thing. The Good Brothers come out, and they love the young boys. They love when boys come in to pop the territory. They remember when these guys carried their bags! Karl Anderson welcomes then, and offers to buy them some beerskis. Luke Gallows says they should buy a few shots of their whiskey, thank them, and they’ll have a big party! Juice says it’s not 2015, they’re not young boys anymore. Finlay makes reference to Anderson being a bit of a lightweight! Might be some issues down the road between these fellas.

Now we’re at the bar! Rohit Raju is none too happy with Mahabali Sehra, who bumps him into Cowboy James Storm. Chris Sabin is there as well, and Raju gets a beer bottle busted over his head. Sabin tells the big fella he probably shouldn’t mess with it. Johnny Swinger comes on down talking about he’s the muscle daddy at a bar, and the Beer Guns decide to go there. Swinger takes the bartender’s tip!

Johnny welcomes the Beer Guns to Swinger’s Palace! We got some card games going on! John E. Bravo appears as the dealer. Alisha is there as well, and the Beer Guns are convinced she’s a rapper. Probably due to the wedding. Fallah Baah appears! He loses a card game and is escorted out. Sabin & Storm seem very happy there! We might see more of this place going forward, just a hunch.

Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb with a K) vs. Nevaeh: Nevaeh with the early advantage. Sends her into the ringpost onto the floor as we head to commercial! We return, Neveah with a neck snap into a clothesline for a two count. Tenille comes back, neckbreaker on the middle rope gets two. Tenille stomps a mudhole in the corner. Neveah fights back, big side slam! Neveah with a series of strikes now, STO, facebuster gets two. Go-behinds reversed, faceplant by Nevaeh gets two. Another cover gets two. Tenille with some back elbows, and there’s a Taste of Tenille in the corner! That’s the money shot, and Tenille gets a big win!

Winner: Tenille Dashwood
Match Rating: **1/2

Solid outing here, and Tenille needs these kinds of outings to establish herself as a top contender to the Knockouts Championship.

This week’s Flashback Moment only takes us back to Saturday night, when Moose beat the heck out of Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer after their match.

Violent By Design are not thrilled with Jake Something wanting to be something. Deaner wants to finish this business next week in a tables match. He’ll bring Jake to the table alone, and if he can’t, he will suffer the consequences, since nothing is more important than Violent By Design, and family.

Deonna Purrazzo talks up Susan and has a proposal for Scott D’Amore. She thinks Susan & Kimber Lee should get a shot at the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Scott thinks that sounds great, but what’s better than one great match is two great matches! So Susan & Kimber can face Jazz & Jordynne Grace next week! I can’t fault that logic.

Matt & D’Lo run down next week’s show.

Old School Rules: TNA World Champion Moose vs. Tommy Dreamer: This will not be pretty, and it certainly isn’t early on. Moose dominates, but we know Tommy isn’t going to die easy. He’s got a sick look on his face and a chair in his hands as we go to commercial! When we come back, Moose has that chair and he’s working Dreamer over. COOKIE SHEET! Crotches Dreamer on the guardrail, lands a trashcan lid to the head. To the back as well. Moose has the trash can, throws it into the ring. Sends Dreamer back first into the trashcan propped up in the corner. The C’MON BABY cover gets 1. Big dropkick by Moose. Moose lets Tommy know that this isn’t personal, it’s about Rich Swann. Tommy grabs a handful on Moose, which swings the momentum. Moose kicks out on 1 after the cutter. Tommy better find more weapons than the chair is what I’m thinking here. Some shots with the chair, but Moose hits an STO onto that chair. Moose finds a table under the ring. WHO PUTS THESE THINGS UNDER RINGS? Moose props it up in the corner. Welp, Dreamer spears Moose through said table! Wut da hail? He’s got the Singapore Cane! The weapon that made him & Sandman famous! Moose with a uranagi, then a spear ends it!

Winner: Moose
Match Rating: ***

We don’t get much of a celebration before we must fade to black.

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