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July 29, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling

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*Last week on IMPACT, Jay White recruited Chris Bey, who assisted him in a brawl with The Good Brothers. They meet tonight in a tag team match.

*Gia Miller is outside of Scott D’Amore’s door looking to pick up on a rumor of a big announcement. D’Amore is asked but interrupted by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer is worried about a number one contender. D’Amore leaves him with the responsibility of finding a contender.

The Good Brothers vs. Jay White and Chris Bey

The Good Brothers won the tag title at Slammiversary, however this is a non-title affair. Karl and Jay kick things off. Bey comes in quickly and gets cornered. Doc comes in and throws heavy hands. Doc lifts Bey for a stalling suplex for a near fall. Karl continues the onslaught with a headlock, neutralizing the flashy opponent. Doc comes back in to deliver bombs, as Bey looks to the crowd for support. Bey hits a crossbody from the top to create seperation for the tag. Karl meets Jay in the ring. Jay plants both Good Brothers with DDTs. Bey comes back in, hitting a big neckbreaker on Karl. Karl lands a thrust kick to the gut and The Good Brothers unload. They set him up for a Magic Killer but Jay makes the save. Doc plants him with a side kick and looks to finish it. Bey is back up attempting a springboard. Doc catches him and drops him with a chokeslam. Magic Killer picks up the victory.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers

This was a pretty good match but lacked drama. Jay White shined while The Good Brothers were able to remain strong as tag champs.

*Fire n’ Flava are backstage. Kiera vows to get their belts back. Fallah asks for a Homecoming date. Kiera is happy to be asked, but he reveals it was directed at Tasha Steelz. Tasha roasts Kiera and accepts.

Kaleb with a K (w/Tenille Dashwood) vs. Taylor Wilde

Taylor uses her quickness but Kaleb floors her with a clothesline. Kaleb gets some heat as he applies a chinlock. Taylor tries to fight out but gets pulled to the mat. Kaleb looks for an attack against the ropes but meets the ropes between the legs. Taylor hits a headscissors takedown and throws some forearms. Kaleb scores a superkick for a near fall. Tenille hands him a bag to use against her. He whiffs and Taylor sends him out. She goes after him and hits a tornado DDT, stepping off the apron. Taylor jumps out of the corner for a poison rana and bridge german suplex to win.

WINNER: Taylor Wilde

That was a fun little match making Taylor Wilde look great in her return.

*Backstage, Jay White reminds Chris Bey that he’s not in Bullet Club. He says Bey isn’t Bullet Club material after their last match. He’s giving him a redemption opportunity.

*Scott D’Amore books Josh Alexander in a X-Division Title match with Black Taurus at Homecoming

Gia Miller questions if Deonna Purrazzo is overbooking herself, with her involvement with Triplemania and EmPowerrr. Deonna introdcues Alesha Zappitella, Invicta Atomweight Champion, as her trainer. Deonna also announces her entrance into the Homecoming tournament.

No Way, Fallah Bahh, and FinJuice vs. Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Shera, and Rohit Raju

Fallah and Fulton start out for a monstrous collision. Juice comes in to a roar from the crowd. He works with Finlay to corner Fulton. No Way hits a splash and brings Fallah back in. No Way and Fallah work the crowd and double up on Fulton. He lifts him but Rohit cuts the legs out of Fallah. He brings Shera in to shift the momentum. Ace delivers shots to Bahh as he looks to shut it down. Ace works around it but attempts a sunset flip. Bahh plants himself on top of Ace as the crowd heats up. Finlay hits leaping attacks on everyone before hitting a backbreaker on Rohit. Shera connects with a big boot and lays out his partners. Shera gets dropped with a FinJuice double dropkick. Juice dives outside. Rohit hits a neckbreaker combo on Finlay but No Way hits a pop-up right hand. Fulton and Ace take him out and meet Fallah. Fulton dives towards him but eats a Samoan Drop. Ace comes in with a kick and hits a Fosbury Flop onto everybody. He attempts a sprinboard but is pushed back to the outside. Rohit nearly scores a flash pin but Finlay hits a suplex knee to win.

No Way, Fallah Bahh, and FinJuice

This was a really fun match that reminded me of why crowds are so essential. The babyface team here was strong with everyone working the crowd effortlessly. Constant action with a hot crowd.

*Gia Miller meets Don Callis and Kenny Omega. They’re feeling confident as Tommy Dreamer appears. Dreamer announces a number one contenders battle royal, for Omega’s opponent at “Emergenece”. They’re coming to the ring and they’re fired up now.

*Drama King vignette airs.

*FinJuice are backstage hyped after their win, but Jay and Bey jump them.


Omega, Callis, and The Good Brothers hit the ring. Callis gloats about their latest performances. Callis is appalled to find out that Emergence on August 21, will feature an Omega title defense. He rants as Sami Callihan’s music hits. Callihan is fired up, insulting the Elite. Callihan vows to win the contenders battle royal and get his rematch. He talked to D’Amore and was able to get a six-man tag booked for next week. Out of nowhere, former X-Division Champion and AEW Star, Kaz hits the ring and sends the Elite out of here. Dreamer catches up with them and secretly tells them their third partner.

*Su Yung appears to have gotten ahold of Kimber Lee.

Brian Myers announces Beulah McGillicutty as his partner, if he can get ahold of her. He can’t reach her but checks his contacts for more women. He asks ECW Original, Francine over Facetime and she thanks him for being a big fan of her. Francine goes off on him, since she was Myers’s last resort. Myers is frustrated with Sam Beale as he storms off.

Violent by Design (Deaner and Rhino) vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

VBD swarms them to start things off. They fight off the pressure and gain control. Swann floors them on the outside with a dive. Swann hits a flip leg drop on Deaner for a near fall. Swann is distracted allowing Deaner to charge him. Rhino comes in and drops Swann with a shoulder block. Rhino drills Swann in the corner as he works his methodical pace. Deaner comes in with a powerslam. Swann leaps to his corner but Deaner intercepts him. Swann creates seperation and pulls Willie Mack into the match. Mack hits his standing moonsault for a near fall. Ref is distracted as Mack is tripped and Deaner hits a neckbreaker. Close call on a pin attempt, as Deaner brings in Rhino. Swann hits a back handspring cutter out of nowhere but Rhino kicks out of a pin attempt. Mack lands a stunner before Swann hits a 450 to win.

WINNERS: Willie Mack and Rich Swann

This was a quality tag match with Swann picking up a needed victory.

*We head to Swinger’s Palace where they check the odds for Sabin vs. Moose. Alisha pitches a Team Swinger’s Palace for Homecoming which Swinger loves. W. Morrissey approaches issuing a cold warning to Alisha. This was extremely well done, as the contrast between the Swinger’s Palace atmosphere and Morrissey’s menacing demeanor.

*Eddie Edwards issues a final statement to Morrissey. Dreamer approaches asking him to join Kaz and Callihan next week. He hesitantly accepts.

Moose vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin starts off hot with a dragon screw but Moose is up quick. Sabin leaps into a victory roll but Moose escapes. Sabin transitions to a Figure-4 before Moose reaches the ropes. Moose swings Sabin against the steps, causing the ref to check on him before starting the count. Moose hits an athletic dropkick flooring Sabin. Moose traps Sabin on the apron and delivers a chop, similar to Slammiversary. Moose breaks the count, looking to deliver more damage. Moose flips him off but Sabin bites the finger. Moose looks for a chop but hits the post hard. Sabin hits a leap to the outside with hangtime. Sabin hits a running enziguiri as Moose invites him to unload. Sabin hits heavy kicks as the crowd gets hyped. He heads to the top where Moose meets him with a leap. Sabin tosses him off and hits a tornado DDT for a near fall. Moose tosses him into the corner, setting up the Lights Out spear for a win. Moose looks to toss Sabin out of the ring, but he reacts with a crossbody. Moose tries to head out but Sabin finds him with a suicide dive. Security comes to seperate them.


This was a great main event as these two have a great dynamic. Moose got his win back which was essential. The feud looks like it will continue, with Moose likely coming away with the final say.

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