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Join 411’s LIVE ROH/NJPW Road to G1 Supercard Coverage

April 6, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
G1 Supercard

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

THE 30-Man HONOR RAMBO: Kenny King (who requested #1) & Minoru Suzuki to begin. The winner gets an ROH Title shot. Kenny’s gonna die. King tries to attack, Suzuki just no sells him and smiles. King realizes he fucked up as Suzuki drops him with forearms. #3 is Cheeseburger. Burger shoves and chops Suzuki, so Suzuki drops him with one shot. #4 is the Beer City Bruiser. He lays in jabs to all, bites King and then Suzuki. Suzuki is pissed and rocks him with strikes and #5 is Sho. He dropkicks Burger and #6 is Shingo. He immediately brawls with Sho, and drops him with a clothesline. #7 is BUSHI. Suzuki works over Sho, but BUSHI attacks. The RANA follows as Shingo hits a senton #8 is Yoh. He attacks LIJ, saving Sho. Dragon screws follow, 3K double teams BUSHI, and#9 is Shaheem Ali as Burger gets tossed. He hits catatonic on Sho and Shingo and Suzuki brawl. #10 is Rhett Titus. He poses, and works over Ali. King attacks and #11 is LSG. Everyone brawls as #12 is Taguchi. He tosses the ruby ball at people, huts as attacks and #13 is Will Ferrara. He and Titus hug and then double team guys. #14 is Chase Owens. He runs wild, and #15 is Rocky Romero. He attacks BUSHI & Shingo, Taguchi calls the plays as Romero hits forever clotheslines. 3K joins in and others as they all kill BUSHI. Romero then dumps him. #16 is Brian Milonas. He dumps Ali & LSG. #17 is Fale. He dumps 3K. He attacks Burger and #18 is Jonathan Gresham. Fale & Milonas come face to face, and Shingo tosses Titus. Suzuki tosses Shingo. #19 is Tracy Williams. He brawls with Suzuki, and #20 is YOSHI-HASHI. Fale attacks him as #21 is PJ Black. Suzuki tosses Ferrara. Owens and Black attack Suzuki, and he dumps Owens. #22 is Jushin Liger. Liger runs wild with shoteis to a great reaction and dumps Milonas. He brawls with Suzuki & #23 is TK O’Ryan. He and Black battle and #24 is Vinny Marseglia. The Kingdom double teams and tosses Williams. #25 is Lizard Man. He attacks random people & #26 is BIG TOM ISHII. He lights people up with strikes, and eliminates Black. #27 is Yano. No, he gives Colt his spit and joins commentary. Colt hits the rig and runs wild with elbows. #28 is Goto. HASHI gets tossed by Fale, and the rest gang up on Fale and dump him. #29 is KING HAKU! Liger & Suzuki brawl, Haku is in and Cabana attacks but eats the Tonga death grip. Yano runs in and makes the save. #30 is THE GREAT FUCKING MUTA! Muta joins the fray, works over Delirious and eliminates him. Yano accidentally hits Colt and Suzuki eliminate s them both. Muta dumps Gresham. Suzuki and Goto brawl and Goto gets eliminated. Ishii & Suzuki brawl, Suzuki gets the sleeper, but Ishii fights off the Gotch, but Suzuki gets the hanging arm bar and Ishii eliminates him. The Kingdom tosses Burger, Haku attacks and runs into a double dropkick. They then dump Haku. They attack Ishii and dump him to jeers. The Kingdom, Muta, & Liger are left. Muta & Liger then eliminate them. We’re down to Muta & Liger now. Liger hits the shotei, but Muta hits a dragon screw and flashing elbow. King sneaks back in and eliminates them both as he was hiding and never tossed. Kenny King @ 42:40

IWGP NEVER TITLE vs. ROH TV TITLE Match: ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb vs. NEVER Openweight Champion Will Ospreay: Cobb runs wild early, hitting the pounce and sending Ospreay to the floor. He follows and Ospreay dives off the barricade with a forearm and Cobb catches the Sasuke special but Ospreay turns it into a DDT. Back in and Ospreay follows with strikes but Cobb catches the springboard and sets him up top, follows him up and hits the delayed superplex, covering for 2. Cobb then starts tossing Ospreay around, follows with strikes, and then a back elbow for 2. Ospreay fires back with strikes, but Cobb counters the RANA into a bear hug. Ospreay escapes with elbows, and follows with the back handspring kick. The enziguri follows and then the 619. The springboard forearm follows for 2. Ospreay teases storm breaker, but Cobb counters and hits a huge fall away slam. The Samoan drop and standing moonsault follows for 2. Cobb follows with strikes, but Ospreay fires up and lays in strikes until Cobb rocks him with a jab. Ospreay catches him with the hook kick, but Cobb answers with a superkick but then runs into the Spanish fly. Ospreay up top and hits a missile dropkick. He drop s the elbow pad but misses hidden blade. Ospreay counters tour of the islands into a code red for 2. Head kick by Ospreay, but Cobb absolutely murders him with a lariat. Cobb up top and misses the frog splash. Ospreay hits the Robinson special, looks for oscutter but Cobb catches him and tosses him to the buckles and Ospreay rebounds out and hits the oscutter for a great near fall. Ospreay looks for hidden blade, but hits the hook kick first and now looks for storm breaker, Cobb counters out and to the ropes only to eat Cheeky nandos. Ospreay up top and Cobb hits a head butt and SUPER tour of the islands. He hits it proper and finishes Ospreay. ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb defeated NEVER Openweight Champion Will Ospreay to hold both titles @ 12:50 via pin

Rush vs. Dalton Castle: Rush hits the running dropkick, bulls horns and again. Castle is done. Rush defeated Dalton Castle @ 0:19 via pin [NR]

– Post match, a dejected Castle attacks the Boys and lays them out.

– Juice Robinson has been laid out backstage.

Women of Honor Title Match: Champion Mayu Iwatani vs. Kelly Klein: Sakai is out with Iwatani. Kelly has her faux MMA team with her, and then sends them to the back; hope they got a payoff. They lock up, working into counters and a stalemate. Iwatani follows with kicks, but Kelly attacks her previously injured knee. She grounds things, tying up the legs and adds in a dragon sleeper. Kelly follows with a Samoan drop for 2. Back to the knee for Kelly, grounding things. Iwatani counters into a choke, takes her back but Kelly powers up and slams her to the corner. She then catches a high cross and hits a fall away slam. Iwatani avoids the charge, hits a kick and heads up top and hits the high cross to the floor. Iwatani rolls back in but Kelly posts her. She rolls back in and they trade strikes. Iwatani lays ion knee strikes, but Kelly blocks the RANA, but Iwatani hits a reverse RANA for 2. The knee strike follows for 2. Kelly fights back with a German but Iwatani bounces up and hits a lariat. The superkick and dragon suplex follow. Iwatani up top and misses the moonsault. Kelly hits a lariat, covering for 2. The powerbomb follows for 2. Kelly hits K power and another for the win. Kelly Klein defeated Champion Mayu Iwatani @ 10:37 via pin

– Angelina Love and Velvet Sky arrive, of course after Madison suggested it and left. Mandy Leon now arrives and they jump Kelly and lay her out. They then take out Jenny Rose and Stella Grey.

– We get Mega Ran performing. The show has grinded to a halt. Bully Ray interrupts. Mega Ran begs off and Bully says the fans want him to kick his ass and he attacks.

New York Street Fight: Bully Ray, Silas Young, & Shane Taylor vs. Flip Gordon, Mark Haskins, & Juice Robinson: Juice has been pulled from the match due to being attacked. Flip Gordon arrives to replace him. Gordon has new gear and looks in great shape. Gordon hits the superkick and springboard spear. He follows with rights, but flies into a cutter. Bully gets a table, slides it in and sets it up. Gordon fires back with a superkick, grabs a kendo and Silas Young & Shane Taylor arrive and attack Gordon. They hold Gordon… but Lifeblood’s Juice Robinson & Mark Haskins arrive and make it a six-man. They bring weapons with them, save Gordon but Silas cuts off Juice and hits the chair-assisted moonsault. Haskins cuts him off and Taylor then wipes him out. Gordon dumps Taylor, and he & Haskins follow with dives. Bully attacks with kendo shots, and the heels take turns kendo shotting Gordon. He keeps asking for more, but Juice & Haskins get kendos for the faces and they take out Young and then Taylor. Bully runs away and Juice goes after him and tosses him back in and Bully begs off. he low blows Juice as Silas & Taylor attack the others. The faces battle back, Gordon runs wild until Taylor hits him with a trashcan. Taylor gets the table, the heels set it up and Bully powerbombs Gordon through the table. They crotch Bully on the post, Haskins gets cut off by Silas and hits the anarchist suplex onto a chair. Silas takes him up top and Haskins fights him off, and then hits the double stomp onto chairs but Taylor hits greetings from 216. Taylor gets a wooden pallet; Juice makes the save and hits the cannonball onto it on Taylor. Gordon attacks Bully, superkick by Haskins and Juice slams Bully. Haskins does the wazzup on Bully. Juice hits a spinebuster and Gordon hits the 450 for the win. Flip Gordon, Mark Haskins, & Juice Robinson defeated Bully Ray, Silas Young, & Shane Taylor @ 15:05 via pin

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Taiji Ishimori vs. Dragon Lee vs. Bandido: They go wild to begin with Bandido scoring with an early dive. Ishimori cuts him off and lee hits the RANA to the floor on Bandido. Ishimori follows with the golden triangle moonsault. Back in and Ishimori follows with chops on Bandido. Ishimori picks up the pace and hits the seated senton as Lee breaks up the pin. Lee works over Ishimori, hits the corner dropkicks and back breaker for 2. Knee strike to Bandido, but Bandido hits go to sleep as Ishimori makes the save. The back handspring kick follows, but Lee powerbombs Ishimori and covers for 2. Bandido hits the super RANA and Lee follows with a destroyer on Ishimori. They work into counters, but Bandido hits a pop up cutter on Ishimori for 2. Bandido heads up top and Lee cuts him off and hits the double stomp. Ishimori RANAs and cradles Lee for 2. The lung blower follows for 2. Bandido saves Lee from bloody cross, they brawl and Lee and Ishimori head up top. Bandido back over and hits a MOONSAULT SLAM ON BITH MEN! Bandido hits a cradle driver, but Lee cuts him off with a reverse RANA. Knee to Ishimori dumps him, and Lee hits Desnucadora and pins Bandido. Dragon Lee defeated Bandido and Champion Taiji Ishimori @ 8:35 via pin

The ROH & IWGP Tag Titles Are Both on The Line: IWGP Tag Team Champions The Guerrillas of Destiny vs. ROH Tag Team Champions PCO & Brody King vs. The Briscoes vs. SANADA & EVIL: Jado is out with GOD. They all brawl to begin with PCO hitting the cannonball suicide dive. Poor Tiger Hitori trying to keep control here. Back in and the champions face off, and it’s clobbering time. The Brisoces pull King & PCO to the floor as LIJ attack GOD. EVIL lays out Loa & SANADA gets the paradise lock. The Brisoces return and take out LIJ. King is back in and hits a running corss body to the Briscoes. Loa in and works over King with strikes, but King goes lucha and hits a RANA. He clears the ring and follows with a tope. LUCHA BRODY! Mark flies off the top and wipes out the pile. Back in and Tonga cuts him off, but Jay is back and the Briscoes take over. Superkick by Jay, but Tonga cuts him off with a dropkick. SANADA dumps him, allowing EVIL to do his baseball attack with the chairs. LIJ works over Tonga, but Jay hits SANADA with Jay driller and Mark follows with froggy bow for 2 as King makes the save. King apron chokeslams Mark. PCO up top and hits the apron senton! Ganso bomb by King on Mark, the PCO-sault follows and the GOD make the save. PCO lights up Tonga with chops, but GOD FUCKING POWERBOMB HIM TO THE FLOOR AND STRAIGHT TO THE MAT. Gun stun on King, they look for the superbomb and hit it on King and GOD win. IWGP Tag Team Champions The Guerrillas of Destiny defeated ROH Tag Team Champions PCO & Brody King, The Briscoes, & SANADA & EVIL @ 9:58 via pin

– Yano steals the IWGP tag titles post match.

– Enzo & Cass jumped the rail and got beat down by Bully & The Brisoces. Bringing in those two & the Beautiful people on the same show? FUCK OFF LIZARD MAN.

RevPro British Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Zack Sabre Jr vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi: Taka is out with Sabre. They grapple early on with Sabre rolling away. They trade uppercuts, and Tanahashi hits the high cross. Sabre then counters an elbow drop into an arm bar, but Tanahashi makes the ropes. Sabre then stomps away at the arm, lays in kicks and slaps Tanahashi. Tanahashi fires up with uppercuts, but can’t skin the cat back in so Sabre locks on an arm bar. He keeps attacking but Tanahashi lays in strikes. Tanahashi then dropkicks the knee of Sabre, and the senton follows for 2. Sabre fights of the cloverleaf and makes the ropes. He then locks on the cobra twist, but Tanahashi counters and hits a pump handle slam. The dragon screw in the ropes follows, and he then gets the cloverleaf. Sabre counters into a triangle, kimuras the arm, but Tanahashi powers up and transitions back to the cloverleaf. Sabre fights and makes the ropes. Tanahashi hits sling blade, heads up top but Sabre cuts him off and attacks the arm. The European clutch follows for 2The PK then connects for 2 again. Tanahashi counters Zack diver and the O’Conner roll gets 2. The dragon screw follows, but Sabre counters the dragon suplex into the European clutch for 2. Tanahashi hits rolling twist and shouts, sling blade follows and that gets 2. Sabre counters the dragon suplex into a standing crucifix. He pulls him to the ground and works for the arm bar and transitions to orienting with napalm death and Tanahashi has to give up. Champion Zack Sabre Jr defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi @ 15:30 via submission

IWGP IC Title Match: Champion Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi: Naito messes around, faking lock ups and frustrating Ibushi. They eventually lock up and work to the ropes. Ibushi breaks clean, but Naito attacks and they work into a stalemate. Naito attacks with kicks and strikes, but Ibushi cuts him off with a RANA; Naito powders. Ibushi looks for olden triangle but Naito cuts him off and dropkicks him to the floor. They brawl and Naito slams Ibushi to the barricades and Ibushi ends up in the crowd. Back in and Naito hits the corner dropkick combo. The neck breaker follows for 2. Naito grounds things, working the neck. Ibushi finally escapes and hits a dropkick. The standing moonsault gets 2. Naito fights off the German, and the dropkick follows for 2.; Ibushi landed on his head taking the bump. Naito follows with strikes, and then a draping neck breaker. The basement dropkick follows for 2. They work up top and Ibushi fights him off and hits the PELE. They work to the apron and Ibushi looks for the German but Naito fights and Ibushi hits a RANA to the floor. Back in and Ibushi hits the double stomp for 2. Naito counters the powerbomb, hits the tornado DDT and covers for 2. Naito hits the super RANA, and Gloria follows for 2. They work into a double down, and Ibushi hits the elevated German for a great near fall. Ibushi looks for kamigoye, but opts for a German, which gets 2. Naito counters Kamigoye and hits a stuff jig’n tonic for 2. They trade strikes, firing up and Naito spits at him and Ibushi is pissed but Naito hits the reverse RANA and destino for a GREAT near fall. The place is going crazy. Ibushi counters destino, hits the head kick and both men are down. Ibushi hits bom a ye, another, and that gets 2. The last ride follows for 2.Kamigoye connects and we have a new champion! Kota Ibushi defeated Champion Tetsuya Naito @ 20:55 via pin

ROH Title LADDER MATCH: Champion Jay Lethal vs. Marty Scurll vs. Matt Taven: They brawl to begin, and start using ladders to attack. Jay hits a dropkick on Taven, and follows with a suplex on the floor. He gets chairs, working over both opponents. He makes a ladder bridge, but Scurll cuts him off and hits a tornado DDT on Taven. Scurll gets a ladder and sets two up in corners. Bodies start getting tossed into the ladders, as Jay takes control. He suplexes Scurll, hits Taven with a ladder and throws the ladder at him. Jay lays in chops on Scurll, but Scurll places him in the tree of WHOA with Jay’s head in a ladder. He follows with chair shots, gets a new ladder and grabs the umbrella and climbs. Taven cuts him off and hits a superkick. Taven climbs, but Jay stops him but Scurll attacks. Hits 52 fake out, but Taven pulls him to the floor and hits a ladder assisted just the tip on Jay. Taven climbs, Scurll stops him and dumps him to the floor. The apron superkick follows and he climbs. Jay cuts him off and locks on a figure four on the ladder. Taven climbs, but Jay dumps him. Scurll dumps Jay and they work to the apron and Jay hits the apron cutter. Chops to Taven follow, but Taven powerbombs him on the ladder bridge on the floor. Scurll and Taven brawl, and Scurll trips him up and hits 619. He looks for the chicken wing, but Taven cuts him off with a DDT. Scurll attacks the hands, but Taven hits a neck breaker onto the ladder. Taven up top and onto a ladder. Scurll climbs with him and hits a superplex. Jay is back in and Scurll hits him with the umbrella and then counters lethal injection into the chicken wing, but Jay slams him into a ladder to escape. Jay climbs, but Taven is back and follows. They trade strikes, and Taven is down. Scurll then climbs and gets the chicken wing on the ladder. Jay fights and Taven pulls him down. Taven fights with Scurll on the ladder, but Scurll breaks the fingers to stop him. Jay cuts him off with a chair shot, works over Taven and hits the lethal combo into the ladder. He misses a ladder attack on Scurll and Scurll dumps him. Scurll makes an X with two ladders and suplexes Taven onto them. Lethal injection on Scurll follows. Jay tosses the ladders out and looks to have hit a fan. He gets a new one, but Scurll hits a brainbuster on the floor. Scurll sets up a table on the floor, and teases an apron piledriver. Taven then wipes Scurll out and through the table with a spear. Jay gets another table and lays Taven on it. He climbs a ladder and climbs. The elbow drop connects on Taven. Scurll now looks to climb, Jay back in as well and climbs with him. They fight on the ladder but Taven is back with a purple ladder. It’s even taller than the other and he climbs. Jay cuts him off and Scurll hits them with another ladder. Scurll makes a ladder bridge, climbs as Jay brings in a third ladder. Chair shot by Taven and then takes out Scurll. Taven climbs, Jay joins him and they trade strikes. Taven knocks Jay onto the ladder and wins. Matt Taven defeated Champion Jay Lethal & Marty Scurll @ 29:45

IWGP Heavyweight Title Match: Champion Jay White vs. Kazuchika Okada: Gedo is out with White. White powders right away, stalling on the floor. They finally lock up, working to the ropes and Okada breaks clean. The shoulder tackle follows, but Gedo distracts him allowing White to ground things. Okada fights to his feet, but gets taken back down. Okada escapes, takes White down and then hits the neck breaker for 2. White powders, Okada follows and they brawl on the floor. Okada whips him top the barricade and follows with the running boot. The Gedo distraction allows White to suplex Okada to the barricade. Back in and White lays the boots to Okada, stuns him off the ropes and covers for 2. White grounds the action once again, and then cuts off Okada with a back elbow. Okada fires back, but White hits the DDT. White follows with a Muta lock, but Okada makes the ropes. Okada finally hits the flapjack, runs wild and hits the DDT for 2. White fires back with kicks, but Okada dropkicks him to the floor. Okada follows and works him over, attacks Gedo and hits the running cross body over the barricade into the crowd on both. Back in and White fights off the neck breaker and hits the snap Saito. Uppercuts follows and the twister connects for 2. Okada hits the air raid neck breaker, White escapes the tombstone and Okada attacks with back elbows. Okada hits John Wooooooooooo and heads up top. The missile dropkick connects and that gets 2. The lam follows and Okada heads up top and the elbow drop connects. Rainmaker pose. White collapses n the rainmaker and Okada lays the boots to him and then follows with strikes. White hits the flatliner and German suplex to cut off Okada. Okada fights off blade runner, but White suplexes him to the buckles. The urange follows for 2. Okada fights off the kiwi krusher but White dumps him. He rolls him back in and hits the kiwi krusher for 2. They trade strikes, and Okada hits the tombstone. He follows with kicks, but White fires back with chops. They trade strikes now, Okada hits uppercuts but misses the dropkick. Chops by White follow, lighting up Okada. But Okada cuts him off with a dropkick. Gedo distracts Okada, but he hits another dropkick and White counters the rainmaker into a sleeper suplex. White looks for blade runner, they work into counters and trade chops. Dropkick by Okada, rainmaker by Okada. He hits another and that only gets 2 on a great near fall. White counters the tombstone into blade runner, but he can’t cover and both are down. They struggle to their feet, trading strikes slowly. White starts to fade, Gedo takes the ref and White low blows Okada. Okada counters blade runner into a German and after counters hits a dropkick. The rainmaker is blocked, White lays in strikes, but Okada won’t let go and hits rainmaker. He hits a second and the tombstone and another rainmaker for the win. Kazuchika Okada defeated Champion Jay White @ 32:42 via pin