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April 23, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT 4-23-24 Image Credit: WWE

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage on 411! Jeremy Thomas here as usual, and tonight NXT kicks off Spring Breakin’ with the first of two nights! And it’s a big night as Ilja Dragunov will defend the NXT Championship against Trick Williams and if Trick doesn’t win, he has to leave the brand! In addition, Roxanne Perez will defend the NXT Women’s Championship against Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley in a triple threat match while Sol Ruca takes on Blair Davenport in a Beach Brawl. The D’Angelo Family will be in six-man tag team action against the No Quarter Catch Crew as well. Plus, Natalya and Lola Vice sign the contract for their NXT Underground Match. That’s a big card and a lot going on, so it should be fun.

I’m keeping busy on my movie-watching at Thomas Central, with a mix of new and old watches this week. I got a bit caught up on my 2024 watching with the solid Netflix dramatization of the infamous Prince Andrew interview, Scoop, and watched Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire which was perfectly fine if a little paint by numbers for a Ghostbusters film. I also saw the delightful vampire flick Abigail and Alex Garland’s political war thriller Civil War, both of which are high on my 2024 rankings thus far. And finally for 2024 watches I saw the HBO documentary An American Bombing: The Road to April 19th, which does a good job of charting the events leading to the Oklahoma City bombing even if it fails a bit in the aftermath portion.

In terms of older watches, I finally checked out the famous 1992 British found footage horror flick Ghostwatch, which was a lot of fun, and did a rewatch of Michael Mann’s best film in Heat. I finished the past week off with my first rewatch in a little while of Casablanca, which remains the greatest film ever made.

On TV, I finished out Drag Race season 16 with the Grand Finale which was fabulous and have stayed caught up on X-Men ’97. I’m also well into my Dark Side of the Ring rewatch and am up to the Chris Kanyon episode.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We start with Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis (the latter via TV screen) talking with Ava. Nick says he has his eye on a few of Ava’s roster members at the Draft, and Pearce says he has his eye on a few people too. They both say they’ll be watching the NXT Title match.

Ava says it’s not just about who goes to Raw or Smackdown; it’s about who steps up to take their place and NXT will never be the same.

* Earlier today Trick, Ilja, The Family, Sol Ruca and Natalya & Karmen Petrovic arrived separately and survived the NXT parking lot.

* We’re LIVE in the Capitol Wrestling Center and kicking off with the NXT Women’s Title match!

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Roxanne Perez vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Tatum Paxley

Bell rings and Tatum offers Roxy a hand, but Lyra pounces on Tatum and stomps her down in the corner. Tatum with a roll-up that Roxy breaks up before turning around to a crawling Tatum. Roxy is freaked out and backs up to the ropes, where Lyra pulls her out of the ring and then catches a dive dropkick by Tatum and pulls her down. Roxy takes out Lyra and then hits the dropkick through the ropes before rolling Paxley in.

Roxy goes up top, Lyra grabs her and pulls her down before climbing. Tatum ducks a dive but Lyra off the ropes with a crossbody. Slap by Lyra and a dropkick into the corner, a short-arm whip into the corner and Northern Lights suplex, Roxy breaks up the pin. Roxy tees off on Lyra but is caught with a Northern Lights for two.

Lyra with a waistlock, Roxy elbows out and rolls Lyra up, Lyra reverses for two. Counter-wrestling, Tatum with a waistlock but Lyra with a back elbow, rollup by Roxy for two but gets shoved to the outside. Lyra rolls Tatum up for two and goes up top but gets knocked to the floor by Roxy. Roxy with a high cross body but Tatum turns it into a cover for two. Tatum tosses Roxy to the outside as we go to PIP break.

We’re back and Roxy has Tatum on the second rope but Lyra nails Roxy and hits a DOUBLE POWERBOMB. All three women down, Lyra tees off with Tatum and Roxy gets involved. Lyra strikes at both women and batters Roxy with kicks, then Tatum — enzuigir to Roxy! She misses one on Tatum, who gets Lyra on her shoulders — Lyra lands on her feet and hits a fisherman’s brainbuster for two before Roxy breaks it up.

Roxy drops Lyra to the mat and throws her into the second turnbuckle. She charges in for a Euro uppercut, then hits one on Tatum. SHe trips Lyra and locks in a crossface — and Tatum breaks it up with her own crossface on Roxy! Roxy turns it into a cover but Lyra breaks it up. Roxy catches but Tatum and Roxy with an Inverted and regular DDT combo for two.

Eat defeat to Tatum and Roxy covers, Lyra breaks it up. Roxy and Lyra trade shots on their knees, they get to their feet and Lyra takes over. Roxy off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, goes for a submission but gets slammed down. Roxy knocked from the ring, Paxley wipes out Lyra for two and then floors her with a kick. Tatum hits a 450! She covers but Roxy in and rolls Tatum up for three!

Winner: Roxanne Perez (12:03)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Great match to kick us off, with all three women firing on all cylinders. Tatum looked like a legit threat here, Lyra was great and Roxy of course gets the sneaky win.

* We get a vignette with Jade Cargill, Grayson Waller and more — as well as some fans predicting tonight’s NXT Championship match. Grayson and Austin Theory don’t agree, while Jade picks Trick.

* Fallon asks Thea if she and Chase got everything sorted and she says yes. She’s going to deal with Jacy next week and is glad they have things sorted. She says there’s so many great people that have her back. Fallon tries to talk and Jaida Parker says she’s the most popular loner she’s ever seen in her life. Fallon shoves Jaida who shoves back and it turns into chaos.

* We get a Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe vignette where they say they’re going to debut next week. They’re not afraid to go pound for pound with any team and any team that steps up will be other their shoes.

* Kelly welcomes Diamond Mine back to NXT and Julius says they wouldn’t miss it for the world. They say they were chasing the tag titles just yesterday and now Trick’s on his own path. Julius says Trick will slay the dragon and they get into Whoopin’ That Trick.

The D’Angelo Family vs. No Quarter Catch Club

It runs into a brawl in the ring before the bell and we end with Dempsey and Tony in the ring. Dempsey with a big kick and shots, Tony with a takedown and he hits Charlie with a powerbomb. Tony mocks the NQCC but Charlie with a shot to Tony. Tony gets cut off and put in the hostile corner, Damon tags in and takes Tony down with an anklelock, Dempsey with a kick.

Tony gets Damon in the corner and tags in Stacks, who batters Damon and knocks him down. Drop toe hold and shots to the back of the head, a fistdrop and tag to Luca who lays into Damon. Kemp with a takedown though and they trade shots on the floor, Borne tags in and stomps at Luca. Luca fights to his feet, puts Borne in the corner but eats a boot. Borne up top and leaps into an uppercut but nails a dropkick for two.

Dempsey and Damon tag in and they triple team Luca — here comes the Family into the ring. The NCQQ get sent to the outside and The Family batters Dempsey and Borne until Damon gets in the ring and dives onto everyone! We’re on PIP break.

We’re back as Dempsey has Stacks in a rear chinlock in the middle of the ring. Stacks gets to his feet and elbows out of the hold, crossbody for one and a half. Dempsey catches a kick for a dragon screw legwhip into a kneelock. Stacks gets to his feet but misses an enzuigiri, Dempsey pulls him back into the hostile corner. Kemp tags in, dropkick into a German suplex gets two.

Dempsey back in, fisherman’s suplex for two right into a single-leg crab. Stacks breaks the hold with an enzuigiri, sidesteps a Borne dive and tags in Tony. Tony’s in hot and sends Kemp and Borne flying with belly to bellies, spinebuster to Dempsey, cover and Kemp tries to break it up but Tony moves and Kemp double-stomps Dempsey! But they6 break it up and Tony gets laid out, cover gets two.

Dempsey with a double underhook suplex with bridge for two, Stacks breaks it up. Double flapjack to Borne, Dempsey gets shoved into the ropes by Tony for a BIG spinebuster for three.

Winner: D’Angelo Family (11:06)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Chaotic but fun, and it is likely leading to Tony D vs. a NCQQ guy for the Heritage Cup which should be great.

* Yesterday, Corbin was backstage doing a video shoot asking about a Bron in-ring promo and he says he had no idea what Bron was going to say and barely makes sense. Lexis King walks up and says from one King to another, a fake one, he heard Corbin was leaving and prepped a gift basket. Corbin says he’s not leaving and King says Bron is on Smackdown and Corbin is going to latch himself onto the next second-generation star and he accepts. King leaves and Corbin says King is a tool and his beard isn’t real.

Jaida Parker vs. Fallon Henley

We start this in PIP and thanks, I hate it. Lockup into a waistlock by Jaida, they trade counters and Jaida plants Fallon. Fallon up and slams Jaida, then works over the shoulder. Jaida fights to her feet and Fallon wrenches on the shoulder still until Jaida gets a kneelift and then beats on Fallon in the corner. Fallon strikes back but gets decked, whipped into the ropes, she goes up and over and goes for a crossbody but Jaida catches her. Back to the mat and Fallon set up in the corner for a knee.

Back from PIP break and Fallon with a drop toehold before she slides out of the ring for an uppercut. Back in and she has a bodyscissors rollup for two. Fallon shot into the ropes, she trips Jaida and hits a diving back kick. Whip into the corner reversed, Fallon goes to go up and over but gets pulled down onto the ropes. Jaida sets Fallon on the second rope and hits a Banzai Bomb. Short-arm shoulderblock and a short-arm kneelift, cover gets two.

Bear hug by Jaida, Fallon headbutts free and hits a sunset flip for one, Jaida reverses for two and lays out Fallon for another nearfall. Seated abdominal stretch, Fallon fights to her knees and then her feet for a hiptoss to escape. Headbutt by Fallon, strikes to the chest and a BIG forearm off the ropes. Fallon strikes away at Jaida and knocks her down with a kneelift, leaping forearm for two.

Jaida misses a swing, Fallon with a waistlock but Jaida throws her throat-first into the ropes for a teardrop hip check and three.

Winner: Jaida Parker (6:31)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: The match was fine, though it’s kind of sad that NXT has no apparent plans for Fallon.

* Jacy says when she hears Thea’s name, she thinks “ungrateful.” She gave Thea a ticket to the hottest attraction but she must have hit her head because there was no thank you. Thea should be kissing the ground she walks on and begging on hands and knees for her wisdom. But she’s an ungrateful little girl and Jacy will make her repay the debt next week.

* A vignette by Lola says that if Natalya thinks she can have a rigorous tour and come back to NXT to beat her, she has another thing coming. Nattie says Lola has her chance to prove what she says, and Lola says she’s going to become a legend at Nattie’s expense.

* Nattie and Karmen WALK backstage.

* Kelly is backstage with JD McDonagh who says he has his history with Ilja and if you want to beat Ilja, you have to hospitalize him. And Trick isn’t that guy. New Catch Republic rush in and Tyler is excited. Pete predicts Ilja but Tyler says Trick bounces back every time and will Whoop That Trick.

* We’re ready for the NXT Underground contract signing. Ava is at the podium and says as GM, one of the most important parts of her job is continuing to push into the new era and break the glass ceiling. That’s why she’s honored to host the contract signing. She brings out Natalya with Karmen, who will be her cornerperson.

Ava has Natalya sign the contract, then calls out Lola Vice — who comes out solo. Ava has Lola sign the contract and then says it’s official: history made. Natalya asks who is in Lola’s corner and Lola says she’s more worried about that than what she’s going to do next week. And just because she shakes her ass doesn’t mean she can’t kick it. Next week they make history, and next week she will break Nattie.

Nattie says she knew when she met Lola that she has an ego that she needs to keep in check. Nattie says she respects that Lola came from cagefighting, but Lola doesn’t respect that she came into the dungeon. If Lola’s going to lead stars into the future, she’s going to beat some respect into her. And next week, she wants Lola to break everything she has because she’s going to tap her ass out!

Lola says Nattie can try but when the lights dim, Nattie’s fate is in her hands — the fastest in the division. And her training partner will make them even faster.

IT’S SHAYNA! Shayna Baszler is here! Shayna comes down into the ring and Nattie isn’t happy. Shayna gets the mic and gets a “WELCOME BACK!” chant. Shayna says Nattie is smart enough to tell from the atmosphere that her chances have gone from slim to none. She says the baddest woman in NXT is aligned with the baddest woman in WWE. She suggests Nattie tear up the contract, especially if Karmen is her training partner. Shayna shoves Karmen, who kicks SHayna in the head and it breaks down into a brawl. Nattie tosses Lola to the floor.

* Earlier today, Ridge was asked about his win last week and he says it was a rough few months but it’s time to stack up victories and find success the right way. Spears applauds and says that Ridge should keep telling himself that. Shawn says to give into the thoughts or better yet, let them out. Ridge says Spears can’t rile him up and will be seeing him.

* Final Testament segment and Karrion Kross says they’re about to take us back to the good old days when everyone got beaten. Ellering says the AOP’s destiny is clear and the Final Testament is coming for all the titles. That will be their dynasty.

* Axiom and Frazer are in the locker room and Axiom isn’t happy. Frazer says they’re monsters and coming after their titles. Blade isn’t happy about all the main roster teams coming down here to take the titles. And neither are Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Edris Enofe tries to speak up but knocks over a mirror and shatters it.

Beach Brawl
Blair Davenport vs. Sol Ruca

They start off outside the ring and Sol hits Blair with a surfboard, but Blair beats on her with a boogie board. She leaps off the steps and gets nailed, Sol rolls Blair in the ring, bats away a beach ball and gets trapped in an inflatable ring. Sol knocks Blair down, Blair escapes and goes to leave but Sol grabs her and slams her into the apron. Sol does the splits on the apron to dodge shots and kicks Blair down.

Ruca sets up a picnic bench but Blair reverses a toss and tosses Sol into it. Sol fights back but gets thrown shoulder-first into the ringpost. Blair batters Sol and hits her with a beach ball, but Sol comes back with boogie board shots. Blair knocks Sol back and grabs a good old fashioned chair, Sol takes it away and lands on her feet from a hip toss, then hits a facebuster into a kiddie pool. She sets a surfboard on Blair and stands on it, hitting a double stomp as we go to PIP break.

We’re back as Blair has Sol’s head in a chair and kicks her. She grabs SOl who waffles her with something and then beats on her with the boogie board. She grabs the chair, Blair takes it away and tosses it but Sol moves, hits a handspring flip and kicks Blair, then hits a standing moonsault for two.

Bodyslam by Sol but Blair floats over, superkick and then she comes off the ropes into a kick from Sol. Fireman’s carry into a powerslam for two. Sol leaps on the second rope for Sol Snatcher, Blair counters with a German suplex for a nearfall.

They’re outside the ring, Blair sets up the surfboard and tries to throw Blair into it but Sol reverses. Sol onto the guardrail but Blair trips her! Blair positions the table and gets on the guardrail — Sol fights her off and gets her on her shoulders — backpack drop through the picnic table! Sol rolls Blair in and follows, — springboard Sol Snatcher finishes it.

Winner: Sol Ruca (10:30)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: This was very silly in parts but well executed by the two. Nice to see Sol get the win, though Blair is the heel Fallon Henley in that she doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

* Trick is on the phone with his mom, who says the doctor says she’s doing okay. Trick says he’s going to fight and she needs to do. She says to Whoop That Trick. Johnn Gargano is here! He sits down with Trick who says the pressure is on, moreso than S&D and last week’s cage match. Gargano says no pressure no diamonds, and that Trick should use his pain and use it as a weapon. There’s only one Trick Williams and Ilja hasn’t beat him. Johnny says winning the title took every ounce of him to do it. Trick says he’s ready for it and they embrace.

* Jakara posted to TikTok with a video of them riding to an NXT live event and their car broke down. Ora and Naom couldn’t fix the car so Lash stepped in. …cool.

Baron Corbin vs. Lexis King

Circle and lockup, Corbin goes for the wrist and King escapes. Kick that Corbin catches, he shoves King in the corner and chucks him across the ring. Lexis to the outside, Corbin grabs him and tosses him into the guardrail, then back in. Standing uranage into the corner, cover gets two.

Corbin off the ropes and runs King over, then knocks him down again with a punch. Knee choke against the middle rope and my feed went wonky but when it comes back King kicks out of a two-count. Corbin off the ropes, and gets taken down by King, who hits a series of punches and then grinds his boot on Corbin’s head. Snapmare and kick to the back, then elbows to the shoulder. Elbowdrop and cover gets one.

King batters Corbin with strikes and sends him into the corner, boot choke for a four count. Corbin comes back with a slap to the chest but King with elbows to the shoulders. King into the ropes, Corbin ducks the head and King with a kick. Crowning Kick to Corbin and a cover gets a nearfall.

King with a dropkick, Corbin comes off the ropes with a big lariat. Splash to King in the corner and a back bodydrop. Suplex into a cutter for two. King to the outside, Corbin follows but eats a superkick. King rolls into the ring, Corbin after him but eats a superkick. Jacknife pin, King gets his feet on the ropes and the ref sees it. Corbin with a DVD, cover gets two. King shoves Corbin toward the ref and hits a low blow, Coronation gets three.

Winner: Lexis King (5:38)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Decent enough match, it was too short for much quality but King getting the win is a nice statement for him.

* All the main roster guys are at ringside to watch and we get a vignette for the main event.

Set For Next Week:
– Jacy Jayne vs. Thea Hail
– NXT Underground: Natalya vs. Lola Vice
– NXT North American Title Match: Oba Femi vs. Ivar
– NXT Tag Team Title Match: Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. Authors of Pain

* Ilja is asked for final thoughts walking for the match and says Trick has earned his respect but all he has is family and title and nothing will chance that. He’s forever unbesiegbar. Damian Priest walks up and says “Good luck, champ!”

* Trick walks and is asked by Byron Saxton about his thoughts and he says he wins tonight or leaves NXT for good. He’s either champion or a bust. Either way he’s gonna fight. And one thing to know about him: he fears no man and is okay tonight good or bad. As his mama said, let’s Whoop That Trick.

NXT Championship Match
Ilja Dragunov vs. Trick Williams

Trick goes for a knee at the bell but Ilja dodges, takes Trick down and hits forarms to the back. Trick back up and back elbows out, he hits a standing side kick that Ilja answers with a kick. Ilja takes over with chops into the corner, but Trick blocks one! Headbutt from Ilja — one back from Trick! He lays in punches, Ilja off the ropes and Trick picks him up but Ilja counters with a DDT. Constantine Special gets two.

Ilja goes for a powerbomb, Trick blocks it but Ilja nails in on try two. Trick comes back with a kick to the head of Ilja. They’re both to their feet and go forehead to foreheard, embrace and then they start trading fists! Ilja off the ropes with a knee to the jaw as we go to PIP break.

We’re back and they’re on the top as Ilja goes for a sunset flip powerbomb and Trick holds on a bit, lessening the impact. Ilja with a kick to Trick and a big powerbomb, then a running kick to the face in the corner. Trick up on the top for a coast to coast — he hits it! Cover gets a nearfall and Ilja is shocked.

Ilja back up top and leaps — Trick catches him with a neckbreaker! Trick is up and hits a BIG powerbomb, H-BOMB FROM TRICK! Cover gets two-plus. Trick lies in wait in the corner, Torpedo Moscow! Cover gets two-plus again! Trick charges in but Ilja gets a leaping kick, gets Trick on his shoulders — DVD into the corner.

Trick falls to the outside and Ilja follows. He clears the commentary table off and grabs Trick — powerbomb attempt but Trick counters with a back bodydrop. He lays into Ilja with punches and hits a big shot, then climbs onto the guardrail — URANAGE THROUGH THE TABLE! The Creeds love it!

Trick gets Ilja in the ring and gets on the apron but gets hit with a knee. Ilja up top and hits a huge superplex! H-Bomb! Ilja grabs the foot and pulls him to the corner — H-BOMB! Cover gets only two-plus and Ilja is shocked! Ilja goes back up, blows a kiss — ANOTHER H-Bomb and Ilja looks to be in pain! He covers, nearfall but Trick kicks out again!

Ilja with a German suplex — Trick is right up and hits a knee to the back for two! Trick is up and lying in wait, Ilja is up — they charge — TRICK SHOT! THAT’S IT!

Winner: Trick Williams (11:56)
Rating: ****
Thoughts: That was just fucking fantastic. They laid out the match perfectly and executed it incredibly well. It wasn’t fancy or overbooked; it was exactly what it needed to be and Trick got the win as he should have.

* Ilja pulls the title away tearfully from the ref, but hands it over and hugs Trick before leaving. Trick poses with the title and the crowd loses their shit. he gets up on the guardrail for more celebration.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

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