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August 3, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero

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RAW has been hurting, and if the rumors are true, the WWE thinks the best thing to do is to bring Shane McMahon back. So there’s that.

The commentary team welcome us to the show, then all the lights go out for a second. We are apologized to then Apollo’s music hits, and out comes the US Champ.

The lights are off, again, as Byron asks if we are still on the air. Commentary blames weather in the area, and intermittent electricity issues. Lol. K.

MVP wants to drop some truth gems, claiming he is the US champion. After tonight, when the ref counts 3, their beef is done.

Match 1: United States Championship Match
MVP vs Apollo Crews

Lockup to start. MVP monkey flips but Apollo holds on. The collar and elbow turns into a go behind from MVP. He drops to the mat, locks on a leg scissors. Apollo tries to break out of the hold with an elbow. He turns into the hold and tries to press down the arms, then spins out with a jackknife. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! MVP kicks out. Apollo kips up. Test of Strength but MVP kicks the shin, then hits a right hand. MVP sends Apollo to the corner. Lights flicker. MVP with an uppercut. Right hand to Apollo. Suplex. Cover from Apollo. 1.2…..NO!!! Apollo works the left arm from behind. He drives his forearm into the side of the face, pulling the arm behind as Joe heels it up. MVP stands, Apollo turns, MVP reverses and hits a right hand. He hits the ropes. Huge kick to the side of the face. Apollo shoves MVP to the ropes, his squad pulls MVP out of the ring tosave him, but Apollo hits the ropes and flips over the top on top of MVP, Lashley, and Shelton!

We are back, and MVP has Apollo hurtin in the center of the ring with a cravat. MVP cinches the hold and Apollo looks to fade. He scratches at the hand. MVP knocks him down hard, covers for 1..2..NO!!! Another cover for 1..2..NO!!! MVP elbows the back of the neck. MVP drops Apollo again and covers for 1..2..NO!!! MVP chokes up Apollo, focusing on the neck of Apollo, until the ref breaks it up. Antoher right to the face. Apollo tries to elbow out of it. MVP with a suplex and a float over for 1..2..NO!!! Lights flicker again. MVP shows confusion. MVP elbows Apollo in the corner, rights and lefts. Whip to Apollo. MVP runs with a big boot, but Apollo side steps and kicks the back of MVP’s head. Crossbody off the 2nd rope! Apollo sends MVP into the corner. Shoulders send MVP reeling. Apollo rushes the corner, hits a big splash, SPINEBUSTER! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Release German from MVP! Apollo no sells! Huge powerbomb! Apollo with a pin for 1…2..3!!!!

Winner: Apollo Crews
Admittedly, this was far better than it had any right to be. MVP did get a little tooooo much offense, but we’ve got to believe that he’s actively trying to be a better performer, considering his initial match upon his return. Because of that, I have to give him credit for trying. Apollo continues to be crisp, fast, and effective. A nice opener.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:39

Lashley rushes in and tries for the Full Nelson, but Apollo rushes out of the ring and holds up two American titles.

Apollo is all smiles backstage, and some chuckles. He says that Lashley’s strength is unlike anyone he’s ever imagined. Because of his Full Nelson, he sat in front of his tv and watch MVP for weeks. What hurt him worse, though, was his kids looking at him and questioning his title reign. He wanted nothing more than to tell him he was the champ. So he’s going to take the old title and hang it in their bedroom, and the new one, the one MVP paid for, how good does it look? It looks good, doesn’t it. Thanks P, he really appreciates it.

MVP is ringside. He asks for the mic to work. He wants to know what the hell kind of operation they are running. What’s with the lights and the unsafe working environment. Apollo should be ashamed, just like everyone else. That’s how he wants to win? Lights flickering? He wants to explain something; Apollo didn’t show up at Extreme Rules because Lashley left him stayin at home. Then tonight, he steals the US Title. Understand this, he don’t care about his wife or his kids, but what he cares about is his rematch. He wants it.

Shelton explains something to MVP in whisper form.

MVP wants the rematch at Summerslam.

BACKSTAGE, Bayley and Sasha clap belts.

BACKSTAGE, there’s a darkened hallway, a closed door, and a security guard standing in front of said door.

We are back after a break to speak to Bayley and Sasha. They have all the gold. Bayley drops the nicknames. They are asked if the titles will be defended at Summerslam. Bayley calls her job boring and says the blonde’s job does no justice to how good they are. So instead, Bayley has a video package.

Um….the package bleeds into Asuka cutting a promo in a sound room that says revenge will be very very sweet. Bayley and Sasha say this is unprofessional. Sasha throws a fit until Shayna comes in to say that’s enough of this garbage. She has some problems. She tells Sasha that she snaked her way to the title. She’s waited in line long enough. She then clocks Sasha in the face. Lol. Yeesh.

Sasha tries to stifle her hood.

FURTHER BACKSTAGE, Owens is looking for something to drink. YOOHOO is heard, and The Iiconics are here to say they’d be great guests on the KO Show. He says yeah, just not tonight. He’s already got guests. He plans these things, you know? Sorry. He tells them to have a water.

We are back, and Kevin Owens mentions that Shane is back, and although he has plenty of issues with him, he wants to bring out someone who has been going through a lot. He introduces Ruby Riott.

Riott takes a seat in her own office hair, as Owens brings up her first win in a while. Ruby says it’s no secret; she’s had bad luck since she’s come back. She’s been losing since February, and The Iiconics have done their best ot make her feel bad bout it. She’s dealt with toxic and sad broads her entire life. Last week, though, she finally got to shut up Peyton Royce and put an end to the Iiconic bullshit. The only thing that could have made it better is if Liv was out to celebrate with her.

Owens stands up, excited, and she says Liv is about to come out right now.

Ruby goes full Jenny Jones eposide with a “wait, what?” and some hesitation.

Liv says Ruby asked her to listen to what she has to say, and Owens convinced her to allow it. Owens says he saw them when they started. The mic goes out. Comes back on. He was here when the three of them have started. Sarah has moved on, but they don’t need to be done.

Owens says he’s done a lot of really crappy things to a lot of people, have lsot friends, and it was always because he thought it was better. He can stand here now and say he doesn’t know if it was really worth it. He isn’t say they have to be friends, but it’s worth hearing Ruby out.

Ruby gets the choked up level of voice, saying everyting was different when she came back. Liv was thriving, coming into her own, and maybe Liv didn’t need Ruby down anymore. She beat her twice. Ruby points out their debut date on her leg. Ruby wants another chance.

I’m not sayin Ruby Riott’s character is a fully fleshed out, three-dimensional character, but I will say that her crying in the middle of the ring for her blonde ex-friend’s acceptance is definitely not a part of that fold…

Out come The Iiconics. She tells Liv she should have stayed in the bathroom. Billie says they’re tired of hearing about Ruby’s one win after 400 losses. They’ve got some facts. Peyton says they’ve dominated the tag team division. They conquered Wrestlemania, and they have been better than the two of Liv and Ruby.

Liv says that they’re right, Ruby and Liv are not friends like Billie and Peyton, and they are not iconic, but there is one thing they will always agree on, and that’s that no one starts a riot better than them.

Owens says the message is clear; unless Peyton and Billie have something better to say, they can leave.

Peyton says they’ve got nothing on The Iiconics. They want a match.

Owens asks for more technical difficulties for their mics only. Lol.

Peyton slaps Owens. Then Billie slaps Owens. Owens asks for some help. Ruby and Liv

Backstage, people are still raging to some generic rock music in a room behind the protection of a big dude.

Match 2: Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan vs The Iiconics

Ruby and Billie to start. Billie hits a neckbreaker and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Peyton. Whip to Ruby, and they both elbow the back. Peyton covers for 1..2..NO!!! Peyton drives a knee to the back of Ruby. Another. Chinlock from behind. Peyton is goin wild with it. Ruby hits an elbow. Peyton drops he down by the hair. Tag to Billie. Double kick to the front and the back. Billie talks some shit, Ruby shoves her then hits a superkick. Tag to Peyton. Tag to Liv who comes in and….does some things. She slams Peyton down then gets tossed to the corner. She hits a back elbow then flies off the second rope with a dropkick. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Billie in to stop the pin and drag peyton to the corner. Tag from Billie.

Billie tries to work Liv over, but Liv with a surprise rollup for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan
It’s a coupling that no one really asked for, and fewer people care about happening, and unfortunately it’s to no fault of the girls. The writing is just…atrocious. Having Ruby cry was a bad decision, as I don’t need her to be a complete bad ass, but it was severely out of character. The Iiconics also didn’t really need to a) lose in less than three and b) lose by a rollup, considering the argument was that they were a better team, and a surprise rollup doesn’t prove that at all, one way or the other.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:22

Peyton and Billie look to double team, but Ruby comes in to save the day. She stares down Liv. They both grab Billie and hit a double STO.

Apparently, there was an accident earlier today and Charley’s got the scoop. She is nearby a box that is tipped over with a bunch of random electrical shit in it.

MVP comes in to point out the ridiculousness. He lost the title because of glitches and power outages. Charley understands his frustration. She was just informed that Apollo accepted his challenge. MVP is ok with that. Of course Apollo will accept, because what would his kids think?

Shelton comes up and says his title was stolen. MVP says they’ll find it, and teach a lesson.

McIntyre is here. He’s got his super serious face on. He says Orton has spent twenty years preying on vulnerability. He’s not like Austin or The Rock. No, he’s way better than either of those. He’s the kind of man to wait till you’re finished with an Extreme Rules match and hit an RKO out of nowhere. That’s on Drew. Orton warned him. Thanks for the education; lesson learned; it will never happen again. Drew knows Orton is motivated. He’s just as motivated as Drew is. The similarities don’t end. Once upon a time, Vince looked at both of them and told them they were the chosen ones, the future of this industry. Plans changed. Edge said it best; this wasn’t Orton’s plan A. He didn’t lie awake in Scotland, thinking about how to make it to the WWE, to be the first one for an entire country, being called crazy, giving it all, and finally pulling it off. It was handed to Orton. He doesn’t resent Orton, he just finds it interesting how he brags of the early accolades that were fed to him because of his dad.

Drew never rode in a limo with Evolution – didn’t want to, either. He never had anyone cleaning up after him or his crap – his legit crap. Orton should have been fired more times than Drew.

Orton comes out to stop him. Is his respect for Drew not enough? Drew chooses to repay him by telling the world that Orton was handed everything, and that he doesn’t want to be here? If he didn’t want ot be here, why is he here? He’s here because he enjoys coming down to the ring and punt kicking heads. Orton is going to take that title away from him. Drew says he should have been fired years ago – and he is right. He should have been fired over and over again, but he wasn’t; Drew was. Why? Because Orton is more valuable than Drew ever was or ever will be. He is given chance after chance because he is the Chosen One then, now, and forever. He dares Drew right now to come up with one opinion about Orton on Drew’s own. Key word: original.

Drew lays his title on the line. Orton wants him to shoot? Ok. Drew thinks Orton represents everything that is wrong with the WWE. He watched The Last Ride documentary, and orton was interesting. He talked about Taker reaching down and pulling Orton to his level. Why did Taker do that? He loves the industry and cares about the future. How many times has Orton taken a moment to reach down and pull up anyone to his level. Never. Ever sat with Owens, Apollo, Ali? Any of that knowledge get passed down? Drew brings up ten years ago, when Orton was in a hole, and Edge pulled up and helped him. He remembers Orton walking passed Drew while his world was crumbling. His mother was sick and Drew was self-destructing, and Orton didn’t do a damned thing. He doesn’t see a leader standing in front of him, he sees a selfish prick.

This is what will happen, says Drew, he has a bunch of receipts to cash in. He will rip off Orton’s head, and Orton will see it coming.

Backstage, Nia is talking to the dude she beat up last week.

BACKSTAGE, Owens is talking to Ruby and Liv. Flair comes up to shoo the girls away. He says he’s been following Owens. He’s held in such high esteem. Everyone loves Owens, BUT maybe he’s turning into too much of a guy that is too worried bout helpin the other kids, instead of taking care of himself.

Owens says he is no guidance counsler. These girls are just his friends. The thing is, he’s sacrificed friends and done a lot of shitty things or the top spot, and now he’s just trying to take a different way there. He wants to be the person in the locker room that he looks up to. He’s trying to be what Randy COULD be. Flair says he’s going to let that breathe. Flair says instead of giving Owens advice he might want to listen to, this is what Owens NEEDS to do; Mind your own business, take care of Orton, and maybe HE will get a title match at Summerslam.

Owens says if Flair is so worried bout his career; Owens will show Flair what kind of fight he has next week to take on Orton.

Flair says ok, lookin all kinds of wild.

Nia is in the middle of the ring with her victim. She is here to own up. We get a clip of her killing a ginger.

Nia takes to heart the millions around the world who idolaize her, so when a scrawny runt from WWE Management, who couldn’t cut the mustard in his own career steps to her, it’s her responsibility to step back. Oh, Pat, she couldn’t see him.

She knows he wants an apology, but instead, Nia wants to offer him an opportunity to prove she’s wrong with a match.

Pat is only here for an apology. Nia says he will get one after their match. They can settle it right there. Nia wonders if Pat is scared, “bro.” She thought he’d have more fire, being a finger and all.

This angers Pat. His face goes as red as his hair.

Pat tells Nia that she is indefinitely suspended without pay.

Nia flips out, saying he has no authority. She rips his sleeves down and shoves him, and this is enough to kill him.

Nia kicks his body, sending him to roll away….GINGERLY.


I kill myself.

Nia makes her way to the back. Ut comes R-Truth with the 24/7 Title. He’s being chased by ninjas. Shelton is here, and we are informed of an upcoming Triple Threat Match for the title…then why the FUCK would Truth steal it?


Match 3: 24/7 Championship Match
Akira Tozawa vs R-Truth vs Shelton Benjamin

Akira rolls to the outside, allowing Shelton and Truth to go at it. Shelton whips Truth into the corner and hits a rising hkick. Snapmare then some right hands near the ropes .Shelton stomps Truth. Akira in or a rollup. He gets 1..2..NO!!!! Akira tells Shelton to stop, he goes with a barrage of punches, and suddenly, Akira’s offense hurts no one. Powerbomb from Shelton. Truth fires out of the corner with right hands, then a kick to the chin. Kick to the chest, misses an axe kick. Pay Dirt. In comes a ninja to flip for no damned reason. Shelton takes umbrage and kicks his head off.

In the ring, Akira falls off the top rope with a senton while MVP and Lashley are taking on some ninjas on the outside. The cover gets a 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Akira Tozawa
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: NR

We head to the backstage area, and Shane is here to show us….RAW UNDERGROUND.

There’s a ring with no ropes, some dudes surrounding it and tapping hard on the mat, while two guys in the ring tussle.

Yeah, I said tussle.

So there’s your surprise…

BACKSTAGE, Dominic gets some interview time. He is asked why he continues to take the risk and show up here while Rey is out recovering.

Dom says that it may be crazy to keep fighting, but it’s easy to know why he’s doing this. He literally witnessed his dad get blinded, so he thinks Its understandable. If anyone thinks he’s crazy now, they’ll think he’s nuts when he challenges Seth to a match at Summerslam.

Match 4: Sasha Banks vs Shayna Baszler

Sasha starts with some slaps until Shayna takes her down to the mat. Snapmare and a fakeout kick. She shoves Sasha down. Shayna says it should have always been her. Stomp to Sasha. Baszler with a rollup for 1..2..NO!!! Kick from Sasha. She goes for a suplex, but Shanya reverses into a double underhook, lift up and Shayna locks the arm! Sasha gets to the rope! Bayley hops on the apron, then right back off. Shayna grabs her head, Sasha with a Divorce Court! She sends Shayna into the post. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Kick to the arm. Sasha locks the arm up on the bottom rope. She kicks Shayna in the corner. Snapmare into more work on the arm from behind. Shayna tries to escape, but Sashs ends her face first int othe middle buckle. Sasha flies off with a crossbody, Shayna rolls through, then hits a backbreaker onto her knee! Sasha blocks a kick, tries for one of her own, that’s blocked, Shayna with The Clutch, Sasha escpaes, rolls through, picks the leg. Bank Statement, but Shayna breaks the hands, gets to her knees, stands, back supl—nooo hurricanrana! Sasha with a kick!!! Shayna with a side kick to the head!

ASUKA FROM BEHIND!!! She attacks Bayley, and that gets the DQ???

Winner: Who Knows?
Sasha is good. Rough start, got really good, really fast, then an attack on someone not even in the match caused a DQ all for the sake of a tag team match, I’m sure…
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:45

Asuka rushes the ring and tries to attack Sasha. Sasha grabs her titles and heads to the outside with Bayley. They sit against the barricade as Asuka screams in the ring.

IN THE RING, Asuka is still standing, ready for an interview. We are taken back to the end of the Asuka vs Sasha match from last week. Like basically the entire final two minutes…

Like seriously, this isn’t a recap, it’ an entire replay.

Charley asks Asuka for an update. She says Kairi will be ok, but now she is not here. Sasha and Bayley are here, Asuka is here. So she wants a rematch against Sasha for the title at Summerslam.

Shayna is in the ring with a mic, says she doesn’t want to fight. She is cheering for Asuka. She wants Asuka to win back the RAW Women’s Title from Sasha, and she will be rooting and cheering and clapping the entire time. She will be so excited to dismember Asuka and take the RAW Women’s Championship off of her.

Sasha comes back out, laughing maniacally. She has a message for both of them. This is HER title. She will give Asuka a rematch if she can beat a former NXT Women’s Champ, a member of the Four Horsewomen, and her best friend, Bayley!

Bayley is shocked, it appears. I mean….there was no other option, why would Bayley be surprised?

Backstage, Angel is getting a number from a blonde chick.

In comes Andrade, and Angel introduces the blonde. She’s from a TV Show. I don’t care. I’m making the decision not to share this information with you.

Zelina says she doesn’t belong here. Angel says she does.

That’s that.

We are back at Shane’s meatfest where a dude hits a pwoerbomb and wins a match without a pin. Shane declares him a winner and passes by some chicks dancing. Shane says to wait till we see what he has in store for us next…

We are officially here for RAW UNDERGROUND. Shane introduces some big dude that I probably should know, but don’t. He doesn’t waste time with a jobber. Dunn must still be in the truck because we got more cuts than necessary. The big guy wins, but we don’t really know how or why. Another guy takes off his shoes to come in and the bell rings. The guy kicks a few times but gets belly to bellied down. Big guy drives some elbows into the face until Shane calls it. Shane raises the hand of the big guy, and we get canned in applause. The jobber is dragged out of the ring, as we cut back and forth to the women dancing and the big guy in the ring.

Shane wants another guy.

IN THE RING, The Street Profits stand tall and talk about last week’s attack. Dawkins says she’s going to holla at the blonde chick. She needs to come get a rose from Dawkins. Ford tells him to focus. They bring up Zelina putting Andrade and Garza together like nothing. The Street Profits are family. Ford removes his glasses. They are brothers. Angel and Andrade attack them twice? So I guess they done playin nice, because The Street Profits want the smoke.

Match 5: Angel Garza vs Angelo Dawkins

Angel gets Dawkins in the corner, goes for a shoulder, and Dawkins moves! Angel tumbles outside. Dawkins with a huge tackle into the barricade.

We come back and Dawkins hits a flapjack and a cover for 1. It’s a no. Angel whips, hops over angelo, gets hopped over, shoved, and eats a dropkick! Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Garza loses his pants! He underhooks, wants the Wing Clipper, but Angelo escapes and hits a spinning splash, then a bulldog.

Something happened to Ford on the outside. Angelo checks on him, but Garza kicks him then dropkicks the face. Cover for 1..2….3!!!!!

Winner: Angel Garza
Pretty sure we got more commercial than we got actual match, making this worth absolutely nothing
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 5:52

Ford looks either drunk or sick. Perhaps someone dropped a lil something in his purp.

Match 6: Montez Ford vs Andrade

Ford is, apparently, fine. He’s got a waist lock in the ring. Andrade works the left arm a bit, Ford rolls out, kips up, works into a go ehind. He clubs the back. Side headlock. Andrade with a back suplex. Kick to Ford. Chop to Ford. Ford hangs over the 2nd rope. Andrade chokes him up. Andrade with a knee to the gut. Kick to the chest. Andrade pulls Ford’s back into the ropes. Andrade with a kick. Ford gets dropped. Kick to the head. Andrade sends Ford to the outside, and Ford backs into the barricade. Kick from Andrade. Whip is revesrsed. Andrade hits the barricade hard. Kicks from Ford in the ring. He mounts for some punches. Andrade in the corner, ref backs Ford up. Andrade with a right hand! Kick to the face of Ford! Suplex from Andrade and a pin for 1..2…NO!!!!!! Side headlock. Ford turns into the hold. He elbows Andrade a few times. Andrade with a right. Clothesline from Ford. Another. Whip to the ropes, Ford flips over Andrade, hits a huge clap, boxing the ears. Andrade up in the corner. Ford rushes, gets kicked, Andrade to the top rope. Dropkick from Ford to Andrade!!

Andrade hits the ropes and flips over the top onto Andrade!!! Ford back in! He goes Full Ultimate, then passes out. Ref calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest
Gotta hand it to Ford; he was given a storyline and ran with it, making the pass out look relatively believable.
Total Rating: **

Ref calls for a doctor and tells Andrade and Angel to back up and get away, the match is over. A doctor comes to check on Ford. Angelo is by his side. Ford sellin it like a champ.

Backstage, Buddy Murphy is more concerned with what he did last week than what’s going on in the ring.

Seth tells Murphy that he made the right decision and should be proud of himself. Tonight, they have to focus on the future.

Murphy asks about the Summerslam challenge. Murphy thinks it’s ridiculous.

Shane is back to flirt with some ladies, and we head to the ring where one half of The Viking Raiders is taking on a jobber. Erik is in the ring. He mounts with the ground and pound, then locks up from behind and slams the jobber down, beating him down with some rights. German then a kick sends the kid out of the ring, but someone throws him back in. Erik with a knee, flip, and another one to the face. The kid is knocked out.

That was not different enough to matter. He literally did a signature move.

Shane holds his hand up, and Shne says what will be next, and who knows what will happen on RAW Underground.


Outside of the trainer’s room, Charley waits for an update. Angel comes up, says he knows she is scared, but not to be. He says he can bring her joy, laughter, and love.

In comes Zelina who tells Charley that they are all concerned about Ford. He’s an amazing competitor and an even better champ. She wonders what this means fo the titles. Come Summerslam…

Out comes Montez. He isn’t sure yet, but docs was sayin that he may have been poisoned.

Angel and Zelina and Garza go all “wut? Huh”

Bianca comes out and says they have one chance. Zelina wonders what she is insinuating. Bianca knows one of them did it. Zelina is the brains.

Zelina says yes, she is the brains, but she would never jeopardize an opportunity.

Bianca removes her earrings.


Zelina is held back, as is Bianca, as commentary use their Owen Hart voice.

Apparently, we have moore footage from outside earlier today.

There are five hooded people who toss a bunch of flaming something or other (think Molotov Cocktails) onto some obnoxiously big generators. You know, for that State of the Art facility…

Backstage, MVP, Lashley, and Shelton are suited up beautifully. Charley comes up to remind them of all the shit they went through tonight.

MVP insults Charley, then brings up the mysterious happenings. Shit is going down tonight, and this is Charley’s question? Lashley calls the RAW Underground a stunt, and MVP says good point. Charley needs to be asking about sabotage. Shelton says that it’s such an odd coincidence that this happens all on the same night this RAW Underground thing shows up?

Charley says all she knows it that the underground fighting is over there.

MVP knows where they are going now.

After a lengthy ass recap of the Seth and Rey sage, we move to the happenings between Seth and Dominik.

After 127 hours, Seth Rollins comes to the ring to issue a statement. But before he does this, he and Murphy have some house-keeping to tend to. Seth turns his attention towards Tom Phillips. Seth has a few questions for Seth.1) Do you consider yourself a professional? An unbiased journalist? Do you take pride in your job? In your body of work?

Seth wonders what Tom was doing last week when Rey’s son was assaulting Seth with a kendo stick? Seth wants to remind him; Tom was cheering him on, enciting his rage. RAW says Tom is the voice of Monday Night Raw, and what he says matters. Tom is a part of the greater good whether he likes it or not. What he says is important. It’s his job to call it down the middle.

Joe is looking noticeably annoyed.

Seth says Tom is creating biased and doing a poor job, and if he was doing a poor job, then he becomes a liability. Seth thinks the time has come to find a new voice of Monday Night RAW.

Seth tells Murphy to take him.

Joe stands up to defend Tom, says this isn’t going to happen. Joe thinks Murphy is going to make a difference? Joe will make it clear. Walk back ni the ring and make your point, or Joe will slap Seth in the lips and beat down Murhpy in front of Seth another way. Joe wants to be clear; Joe was laughing harder than anyone at this table.

Seth looks to Joe, says he doesn’t want to do this.

Joe says no, he does.

Joe removes his headset. Murphy backs up. Seth and Murphy roll into the ring and says what happens in the ring is not Seth’s responsibility.

Quite the asinine reasoning for getting there, but Bad Ass Joe is bad ass…

We return. Seth and Murphy have chairs in the ring. From behind, Dominik smacks Seth a good noe with a kendo stick!

Seth grabs the stick and swings, but Dominic ducks and he smacks Murphy! Dominik mounts, punches. Seth hangs on the ropes. 619!!!! Dominik to the top rope! Hihg splash to Murphy and Seth! Dominik enters the ring. He grabs a chair and smacks the mat!

Seth stands at the top of the ramp. He accepts the match at Summerslam.

Joe goin back to commentary is a bit odd.

Back to RAW Underground, and Dolph is wrestling some dude. He mounts on the back. Ziggler locks the waist with his legs and drops some elbows, then locks in a sleeper. The dude taps, and we get the first realistic decision.

In come MVP, Lashley, and Shelton. Lashley enters the ropeless ring immediately. MVP has an announcement; until further notice, Raw Underground is under new management. The Hurt Business is controlling it, and since they all like to fight, they came to fight. So let’s get this started. Who wants to step up to Lashley?

In comes 1/3rd of John Cena. He gets powerbombed then right handed. Lashley “wins?”

MVP wants some action. A short dude comes in and MVP mounts then drives elbows into his face. Ref stops MVP. Lashley tosses the jobber out of the ring. MVP wants to know who is next. Shelton is in the middle of the ring, too.

Big Man said something about Shelton’s momma. Dreds calls Shelton out, Shelton sohots the legs and mounts with some punches. He dirves a knee into the head then the side and the guy gets rolled out.

MVP, Lashley, and Shelton all leave the ring to beat up the uys surrounding the ring. They beat them all down, asking for a fight. Demanding a fight.

Shane congratulates them and we get replays of this totally underground, off the budget, totally not the same as regular WWE programming.

MVP says they are The Hurt Business, and business is booming.

End Show

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