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Kayfabe! Youshoot with Kevin Nash

January 23, 2013 | Posted by Mike Campbell
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Kayfabe! Youshoot with Kevin Nash  


If you’re looking for Nash to talk about his famous matches, angles, and memories of all his years in the business, then you bought the wrong damn DVD! I think you can count the actual wrestling related questions on one hand. This is mostly Nash talking about the other side of the business in the 1990’s, the drugs, the broads, the partying, etc. Well, not too much about the women though, since he’s been married for twenty-five years. Nash shares the secret of why wrestlers used to love fanny packs, because it’s not easy to carry 150 somas in your pockets.

Say what you will about Nash’s reputation as “Big Lazy” or his frequent separation from the truth (and I don’t mean Ron Killings), but you can’t deny that Kevin Nash is a funny guy. I was laughing hysterically less than ten minutes into this. When asked about the taste of “A little Korean” he commented that there were two types, regular and “back door” Korean. When asked about having “Monster Truck Maddness” and being shown a video of the old commercial, Nash doesn’t remember anything about it. He comments that he could have fucked her, or she could have strapped one one and fucked him, and he’d have no idea about it. He’s asked about Rick Rude stories and he tells one about Rick’s seven year old son getting into his Explorer and putting it in drive and taking off down the road and plowing into a house. Rude just ran up to the house and told them “This is my truck, this is my son. I live down the street, I have to go to Augusta to tape TV.” and jumped into his Mercedes. Speaking of Rude, Nash also credits him with advising Nash to keep his wife far away from the boys, he didn’t even introduce her to Hall’s now ex wife.

One thing I especially liked here was that a good number of questions were getting Nash’s replies to comments made about him on prior KC DVDs. I’ll give Nash some credit here, I do actually agree with what he says. On Bob Holly’s story about basically getting in their faces and telling the to lay off, Nash says Bob was an opening match guy, if he dared try that with any of them, they’d have had him fired on the spot. On Shane Douglas’ story that they decided to tell Vince to starve out Carl Oulet after the incident with Nash in Montreal, Nash sarcastically says “Yeah, because Shane was *SO* tight with us!” Although Nash does say that he never had a problem with Shane, personally. He’s shown a clip of a Cornette rant on him and comments that he hated Jim for years, until they were in TNA and he was the only other one in the company who seemed to be concerned with wrestling.

As is usually the case with Nash, those looking for the facts need not apply. He says the best backstage fight he ever saw was Vader vs. Paul Orndorff in WCW, which is really impressive when Nash was the WWF Champion at the time. He also gets asked the famous question about Randy Savage that everyone (including me, at times) brings up. He says the heat is that Savage no-showed a RAW taping and showed up on Nitro instead. Yes, nine months before Nitro debuted. One person flat calls him out for his skewed timeline on the Legends of Wrestling show where he claimed that Goldberg putting his hand through the limo killed the big angle of the fingerpoke of doom (they were almost a year apart). Nash would have won an award for his tap-dancing around that one.

It’s Youshoot, so the games are here! Nothing too terribly surprising from Nash, the only person in the ‘ho bag is Missy Hyatt, only Dusty and Heyman go in the dick bag. Konnan also goes in the dick bag, but he’s put in by Sean on general principal. There’s some other good uses of the green screen with Nash talking extensively about red wine, and also Nash giving an example to Sean about how picking up women in a bar. Nash ends things with a fitting quote for him, “If I can’t have your love, I’ll take your hate.”

The 411: Like most of these DVDs, your mileage varies depending on what you're expecting. There's very little wrestling talk going on, but for sheer entertainment, you can't go wrong.
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Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend

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