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KC Navarro Says “The Time Was Right” When He Took The Warrior Wrestling Championship

July 3, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
KC Navarro MLW Battle Riot Image Credit: MLW

In a recent In The Weeds interview, KC Navarro expressed his perspective on holding the Championship Title for Warrior Wrestling (via Fightful). Navarro also shared how he was passed the torch by Will Ospreay, who held the title before him. You can find a few highlights and watch the full interview below.

On holding the Warrior Wrestling Championship: “I always wanted to be at Warrior Wrestling. During my career, we all know, it’s one of the biggest indies out there. For me, being 21 at the time, I just knew it was my shot, and when they gave me the opportunity, I came in, I looked at Principal Steve and I told him, ‘You give me the opportunity, I’m not going to let you down.’ He constantly kept giving me opponent after opponent, and we’re not talking Joe Schmo from up the block, we’re talking guys that are elite level talent, guys that have been to the top and wrestled at WrestleMania. We’re talking best of the best. If I wanted to prove that I’m the Blessed of the Best, I had to beat them or compete with them, and I did it every single time. Whether I had to cheat to do it, do it on my own, had somebody in my corner, I did it. At some point, I won the War of Attrition match, I got the medallion, and when I saw that the time was right, who am I going to cash in on? Am I going to cash in on Brian Pillman Jr, Brian Cage, Trey Miguel, whoever was champion at the time? No, I’m going to wait until the big dog got there. Will Ospreay. We saw it. As soon as I took the title, I told them, ‘it’s my era now. It’s my time now.’ There are people who doubt me all the time. They say I’m overrated, they say I’m not good, I’m too small, and every time I prove everybody wrong. I prove that I belong with the big guys now. I took the title, I made my own version to establish it’s my era and my time in Warrior. I took it to another country, Australia, I took it to Canada, I took it all across the country, left, right, up, down. I want to establish that it’s my time, and I feel with everything I’ve been doing, no one can deny that I’m one of the greatest Warrior Champions that Warrior has ever produced because I’ve done more than any of them as champion. Those guys are phenomenal talents, the best in the world, but when it comes to Warrior, I’m the only one to do what I’ve done, and I’m very proud of that.”

On Ospreay’s perspective after he took the title: “If I’m fully remembering, and the stuff that I can say, Ospreay did believe that it was my time. He believed that everything that he was watching, everything that he saw, he believed that I was hungry and that I was ready. It was an honor for me for him to pass it to me. When it’s my time to do the same thing, it’ll be my time, but I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon.”