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Kevin Nash Jokes About Why CM Punk Checks His Watch

December 5, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Raw CM Punk Image Credit: WWE

– During the latest edition of Kliq This, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash jokingly came up for his own reason for why CM Punk checks his watch for his entrance. According to Nash, it’s not a reference for “It’s clobberin’ time,” but Punk timing for when he’ll get fired again by WWE. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.com):

Kevin Nash on why CM Punk is checking his watch: [He’s checking his watch during his entrance] so he’ll have it down to the minute when he gets fired. I hope for the WWE and for Paul [Levesque] that it’s successful as f**k and I hope for [Punk] it is.”

On how these situations continue to happen to Punk: “Life goes on and you keep getting in these situations, at times I’ll bet he’s looked in retrospect like, ‘Well, that cost me $5 million,’ and you’re not smoking a little cannabis to f**king take the edge off or not have a glass of wine. I think it’s very difficult.”

Nash on what happened to Punk in AEW: “He still had an episode in AEW.”

CM Punk returned to WWE last month at Survivor Series following the WarGames main event. It was his first time back in WWE in nearly 10 years.

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