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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 7.14.20

July 14, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Brian Cage FTW Championship
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Kevin’s AEW Dark Review 7.14.20  

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Diamante (0-2) and Rache Chanel (0-1) vs. The Nightmare Sisters (2-0)

Dustin was out with Allie and Brandi. Diamante was aggressive while Chanel was still more worried about her looks than anything else. Allie and Brandi showed off a few tandem moves, though some didn’t look all that great. Allie took the heat segment and it went on longer than expected. She got isolated for quite a while. Brandi pulled Allie to safety on a spot that led to her getting tagged in. Allie also took out Diamante, leaving Chanel with Brandi, who hit a superkick. She won son after with a spear in 7:22. It started a bit sloppy but came together later. I also appreciated some of the story work as the Nightmare Sisters are coming together. For now. [*3/4]

Ricky Starks (1-1) vs. Robert Anthony (0-3)

Taz loves Starks. These two opened this with some basic grappling exchanges until Starks hit a forearm and got cocky. He also hit a big tackle with surprising strength. Anthony survived a backbreaker and took some control. It didn’t last long as Starks delivered a move that I don’t know the name of yet to win in 4:49. This was fine but nothing more. The interesting thing is how he and Taz continue to have little bonding moments. From posing like him before the match to the fist bump after. [**]

A Shawn Spears promo aired where he talked about those who have worn the black glove before him. They all have a legacy.

Dark Order (N/A) vs. Joe Alonzo, Shawn Dean, and Will Hobbs (0-0)

I missed Dark Order’s trios record. Reynolds, Silver, and Angels were in for them, known as 3, 4, and 5. This was a pretty solid little six-man tag. Good action to start and Dean delivered a nice tope con hill to take out all three opponents. Dean ended up as the face in peril and survived a trios move involving Angels hitting a corkscrew splash. Hobbs eventually got the hot tag but was hit with a bunch of moves in a row by the Dark Order, though he got saved by Alonzo. Alonzo ended up as the legal man and got hit with a flipping destroyer DDT to lose in 9:09. Quality little match here. I get the Dark Order gimmick of having to give up your identity but these guys being 3, 4 and 5 makes them remind me of the three dudes down with Catrina in Lucha Underground. [**1/2]

Marko Stunt (8-7 in 2020) vs. Michael Nakazawa (2-1 in 2020)

Stunt’s record has to include trios and tag work. This is one of the wackiest pairings you could have in AEW. Nakazawa said he didn’t need the baby oil and he dumped it aside. That actually made it so this was a pretty traditional match, which isn’t either man’s strength. It was kind of boring actually. Nakazawa nearly won it with a spear but Stunt survived with his trademark heart. Then, Nakazawa pulled out his underwear from under his trunks. Stunt avoids getting choked with it, dropkicked it into Michael’s face, and then rolled him up to win in 6:07. Like I said, it was pretty dull and their character stuff doesn’t usually work for me. [*1/2]

Brady Pierce (0-5) and Pineapple Pete (0-5) vs. Luther (2-3) and Serpentico (0-4)

Serpentico got the better in-ring stuff but Luther was the guy who unsettled his opponents more. Neither Pete nor Pierce really got in much offense to start. Pete eventually got going and hit a nice flipping before tagging  Pierce who delivered spinebusters and nearly won but Luther broke up the pin. Luther and Serpentico used frequent tags before beating Pierce in 7:04. This honestly felt like a prolonged squash. I wasn’t very interested but I don’t hate the Serpentico/Luther duo. [*3/4]

Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon (0-5) vs. Jurassic Express (4-2 in 2020)

The Young Bucks were watching as they’re friends with Cutler and they face Jurassic Express tomorrow. Cutler and Avalon continued to show improvement and chemistry as a team. However, JE have that locked down and bested them at almost every turn. That was more the case when Luchasaurus was in as Jungle Boy had a more evenly matched battle with Avalon and Cutler. There was a point where Luchasaurus got rolled up for a close near fall. Leva Bates took out Jungle Boy with a pretty solid rana off the apron and things looked bleak for Jurassic Express as Cutler and Avalon went on a barrage. However, Jungle Boy broke up a pin and hit some tope suicidas. His Outside In DDT looked a bit off. Luchasaurus then launched Avalon into a cutter to end this in 8:48. Best thing on the show and a good tag match. Cutler and Avalon are pretty good. [***]

FTW Championship: Brian Cage [c] (5-0) vs. Brian Pillman Jr. (0-1)

Pillman started hot but had a senton off the apron caught into a suplex. To get back inside, he added a deadlift superplex and then beat him with the Screwdriver in 2:26. Total squash like it should’ve been. [NR]

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Another week where the show barely goes past the hour mark and it was solid. Cut out Stunt/Nakazawa and I'd be more in. I didn't love the opener or the Luther tag but they advanced stories in a way so that's good. I loved the main event squash and the Jurassic Express tag was good.

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