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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 4.27.21

April 28, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s WWE NXT Review 4.27.21  


April 27th, 2021 | Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida

It’s time for another edition of Tuesday night NXT! Still loving the Poppy theme.

Dakota Kai vs. Mercedes Martinez

How do you make sure I’m locked into your show right off the bat? You open with Dakota Kai. I’ve mentioned before but my favorite three women in wrestling are Sasha Banks, Dakota Kai, and Sonya Deville. I’ve also liked Martinez since her days with SHIMMER. I think this worked as a good blend of styles. Kai can work well with everyone and she did well to let Martinez showcase her power. It helps set up Martinez as a threat and possible equal to Raquel’s size. Kai took control going into a break and grounded Martinez before firing off a barrage of kicks and a sweet Codebreaker. Commentary also made sure to drop plenty of hints about a possible Kai/Gonzalez match and who was really in control. Martinez rallied and hit Gonzalez before setting up Kai for her finisher. Raquel booted her, resulting in a DQ after 12:28. That was good but it’s clear they could do something even better with a bigger setting and clean finish. [***]

Post-match, Raquel beat up Martinez, tossing her around and into the plexiglass at ringside. She stood over Martinez with Kai in the end.

Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart were interviewed, saying they’re used to the tricks from The Way. They got flowers delivered to them and Franky Monet arrived. She introduced herself and read the card on the flowers, which were supposedly from Dexter Lumis. Ember said she’s married so they must be for Shotzi, who denied it as well.

Time for the start of a segment where Cameron Grimes went to a jewelry store with his chest hair out trying to buy a watch for himself. It’ll be continued later.

Grizzled Young Veterans cut a promo in the ring about MSK being champions but are in a six-man tag tonight instead of defending the gold against them. They said they’re the leaders the division needs. Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher, two other grizzled veterans, interrupted. They said they’re similar but when Thatcher mocked the “IF YOU ALL HATE GIBSON, SHOES OFF,” they brawled until GYV was sent packing.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain were interviewed about Dain possibly joining Imperium. Drake thought he might leave but Dain told him to have faith and Drake was stunned at the George Michael reference.

Tian Sha got a weird vignette.

Shane Strickland got to cut a promo from a recording studio. He said he was proud of Leon Ruff because he didn’t know he had it in him. He proposed a Falls Count Anywhere match against Ruff.

Toni Storm vs. Zayda Ramier

Toni got a short pre-match promo saying that Zoey Stark got lucky and would be a footnote in her career. She proceeded to dominate Zayda while talking smack to Zoey towards the camera. Then, because she decided to toy with Zayda, Zoey came out and distracted her, allowing Zayda to hit a Shooting Star Press for the upset in 3:27. Toni’s inability to win any matches is certainly a story choice. One I disagree with but still. [*½]

Legado del Fantasma got a promo where they said they’d be holding the titles soon.

LA Knight was interviewed and said that he saw a twinkle in Indi Hartwell’s eyes when she saw him. After Dexter disappoints her, he’ll step up. Ever-Rise came up to the interviewer after to ask if she had a question about their social media event but she didn’t.

Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed

Pre-match, Reed walked by Candice and Johnny for a staredown. During The Way’s entrance, Indi pouted to the ring, upset about Dexter sending flowers to someone else. Anyway, if Reed wins, he gets a shot at Gargano. These two have faced off plenty of times so the chemistry was there. Theory can utilize his power from time to time but still come across like a goof and Reed gets to kick ass most of the time. It works well. Dexter Lumis eventually strolled out and slowly walked towards Indi, who moved away from him out of anger. She got in the ring and he got on the apron. He moved Indi out of harm’s way and took a bump from Theory for her. Reed hit the Tsunami after to win at the 12:24 mark. Quality wrestling and some angle advancement. [***]

MSK and KUSHIDA were interviewed. They put him over for helping them transition into NXT and KUSHIDA coined them “MSKUSHIDA.” It was fun.

The Way blamed Ember and Shotzi for the loss, saying that they tried to steal Indi’s man. I loved how they turned the Indi thing around on her for their own gain. She went after them.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain vs. Imperium

While the Imperium wanting Dain angle is an intriguing one and the teams themselves are solid, I wasn’t totally into this. Drake came into this with concern, continually expecting his partner to turn on him. That story didn’t play as much into this as I had hoped. Dain started off as the guy with the upper hand but after bringing in Drake, Imperium took control. The story played into this more late as Drake would get close to tagging and Dain would get knocked off the apron without him knowing, so it looked like he wasn’t there. There was also a few moments where Wolfe prevented Dain from getting hit and didn’t hit him with a chair. Drake and Dain still worked well together late but Drake fell to the European Bomb in 12:16. Fine enough for what it was. [**½]

Pete Dunne cut a promo saying that he has the whole locker room shook. He could take the Cruiserweight Title from KUSHIDA whenever he wants. He could go to the UK and get his belt back from WALTER if he wanted. If he went after Johnny, they both know the “way” it would go. If he wanted Karrion Kross, he doesn’t need smoke and mirrors. He’s the baddest man in NXT and he dares everyone to try and prove him wrong.

Back to Cameron Grimes who buys a watch only for someone else to show up with an even better one. He says that’s a good watch but it’s not a million dollar one. It was Ted DiBiase, who laughed in his face. Incredible.

We were set for The Robert Stone Brand in non-title action against the Women’s Tag Champions. As the champs came out, someone in the crowd offered them more flowers and chocolates before The Way jumped them. They broke the flower vase on Shotzi’s back and Candice shoved cupcakes into Ember’s face until officials broke it up.

Adam Cole was interviewed by a pool apparently at his home. He put over his NXT Title reign and War Games matches, saying he has been through a lot and even hurt is better than the roster. He didn’t make a mistake leaving the Undisputed Era. He said it took Kyle four years to get noticed as a top star and Kross is good but not great. Was his initial injury a freak accident or was it that he wasn’t ready? Cole promised to take the title when he went after Kross. Kyle was shown watching on a monitor.

Legado Del Fantasma vs. KUSHIDA and MSK

I said it a few weeks ago but all I ask for from a main event sometimes is just to have a good time. These teams made sure that was the case this go around. It’s six guys who are good in the ring, move quickly, and keep the action going. I also appreciated that this wasn’t the typical main event guys, allowing new people to shine. Not having to go head to head with AEW is a good thing. This was solid at first but really picked up after the commercial break. There were some big spots like a huge moonsault and some other high flying stuff. KUSHIDA had a dope hot tag, firing off offense on everyone and targeting Wilde’s arm. His great run was stopped when Escobar powerbombed him through the announce table, which was not a spot I expected from this match. As medics checked on KUSHIDA, MSK was left in trouble. They survived and KUSHIDA made a surprising return before taking the Phantom Driver. Carter was then hit with Wilde and Mendoza’s finish after 13:27. A heck of a main event that really got going down the stretch. [***½]

Legado posed with the Tag and Cruiserweight Titles to close the show.

The final score: review Good
The 411
Once again, NXT delivers a quality episode of wrestling TV. There were some good matches, a really strong main event, and several good storyline moments and promos. I dug something different in the main event scene too.

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