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Konnan Comments On How CM Punk And Adam Page Conflict Should Have Been Handled

September 24, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
konnan Image Credit: AAA

Speaking recently with Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman, Konnan weighed in on what he thinks Tony Khan should have done regarding the heat between CM Punk and Adam Page. The heat is generally cited as manifesting in response to Page’s unscripted promo prior to the two wrestlers’ match at Double or Nothing, and then famously boiled over after the media scrum at All Out.

“To me, Tony should have been like, ‘Hey, Hangman went into business for himself. He shouldn’t have said that in the ring.’ I didn’t really catch it when he first said it. When Hangman first said that, I thought it was an angle,” Konnan explained. “Punk went into business for himself the next week because I’m sure none of that was cleared by Tony. I think Tony needs to say, ‘Okay, you went into business for yourself [and] you went into business for yourself. You affected my business. Now we’re going to do business. You guys are going to work together.'”