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Kyle O’Reilly Would Be Down For a Match At Bloodsport

April 21, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kyle O'Reilly AEW Revolution Image Credit: AEW

Kyle O’Reilly says he would be interested in competing at Bloodsport, noting that he thinks the company is “awesome.” O’Reilly is set to face Roderick Strong tonight at AEW Dynasty, and he spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp about a potential match in Josh Barnett’s promotion and more. You can see highlights below:

On if he’d be interested in competing at Bloodsport: “Sure, always. I think Bloodsport is awesome. I love that style. I love shoot style wrestling. I’ve never actually done a full on event like that, but I think it would be fun.”

On if he’d be interested in an MMA fight or learning more of an MMA style: “Definitely (the latter). That’s the reason I started to train in the first place. Wrestling was my first love. Fighting hadn’t really broke yet, it wasn’t that popular when I was just starting to train. It was more of a supplement for my wrestling skills. I liked that style of wrestling and I would do those things like an armbar and kicks my first few years. Looking back, it was not good. I didn’t actually apply the actual technique to it and actually get in the gym and get beaten up and put that ego aside. That’s what’s hard to do for wrestlers a lot when you’re used to work. To go into a gym and just be at the mercy of dudes and get your ass kicked, it sucks for awhile. Then, things get fun once you get good at them. I have decent technique now, and it translated to wrestling really well for me. That’s the lane I’ve picked and try to stay in.”