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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 5.07.21

May 7, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE 205 Live
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 5.07.21  

-Tonight we get some new faces on the Purple Brand, so this should be interesting. Let’s get to it!

-Taped: WWE Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL
-Announce Team: Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuiness

Ari Sterling vs. Samir Singh

-This is Sterling’s debut as Nigel compares his style to that of Jeff Hardy and RVD. Handshake to start which is nice to see! Samir controls early on the ground, but Sterling uses leverage to get a pin attempt, but no count as Samir rocks back to the hold. Ari gets a take down and hits an armdrag. He follows with a dropkick that sends Samir to the floor. Sterling hits a springboard moonsault from the inside of the ring and out. Sweet! Apparently that is called the Moonsauce according to Nigel. Back in the ring Samir avoids a dropkick and then catapults Sterling from the ring over the ropes to the floor. Yeah, this kid likes to bump like Hardy. Samir brings the fight back into the ring and hammers down a flurry of right hands. He hooks a Boston Crab, but Ari is able to get to the ropes. Samir tries to pull him off the ropes, but Ari lands on his feet and hits a kick. He misses a second one and Samir tries to go back to the Boston Crab. Ari gets in a boot to the face and runs down Samir with two clotheslines. He hits a front flip axe kick which looked pretty impressive. Samir gets as unset flip and tries for the Tornado DDT, but Sterling shoves off and then hits what Nigel calls a front flip face slam for the win at 6:13. Think sidewalk slam, but flipping forward!

Winner: Ari Sterling via pin at 6:13
-Solid debut as Sterling showed his athleticism and got the debut win. **

-WWE Shop commercial!

-Booker T A&E biography drops on Sunday!

-We go back to NXT on Tuesday as Santos Escobar continues to hound CW Champion, Kushida and Legado Del Fantasma also wants the tag titles from MSK. Kushida interrupts LDF and he wants Santos next week. William Regal is all over that and the match will be 2 out of 3 Falls.

Ariya Daivari and “The Premier Athlete” Tony Nese vs. August Grey and Ikemen Jiro

-It seems Ikemen translates to handsome and Ikemen claims handsome men wear jackets. Speaking of said jacket it has Ikemen’s face plastered all over it. Definitely a unique look, but that’s what you need. Grey (who shaved his stache from some reason) tries to tell Ikemen to remove the jacket, but he is going to wrestle with it on. Why not? He does a cartwheel and Nese is not impressed. Jiro gets run down, but bounces back up and we have another go at it. Jiro uses his jacket pocket to cover his punch as this guy is just fun. Tag to Grey and he gets worked over in the wrong corner. Daivari tangles him in the ropes to get unprotected right hands to the head. Grey rebounds with a head scissors take down, but gets cut off from making the tag to Jiro. Grey slips a slam and makes the tag to Jiro who does a head stand on the top buckle. He catches a charging Nese with a bulldog, but Daivari blasts him from behind. Back to Nese and he pounds away in the corner. Tag back to Daivari and after a brief run he goes to a sleeper, but Jiro frees himself with a jawbreaker. Nese is right there for the tag and blasts Grey with a palm strike. He then tries a sleeper, but Jiro quickly breaks with a belly to back suplex. The race is on to the partners and each makes the tag. Grey hits a clothesline and then a neckbreaker before taking a shot at Nese on the apron. He follows Nese to the floor and catches him with a superkick. Up top and he hits the rope walk cross body for two. Grey looks for a take, but Jiro is still out, so Grey opts for a spinning suplex for another two count. Grey preps for The Unprettier, but Nese grabs an ankle to trip Grey. He gets the tag and hits the springboard moonsault for two. They prep for a double suplex, but Jiro is in for the save. Everyone hits everyone now as Jiro fires off palm strikes. Nese and Daivari hit a sweet double team move on Grey, but Jiro is once again there for the save. The hot tag is made to Jiro and his catches Nese flush with a spinning heel kick. Jacket right hands again and another head kick. He sends Nese to the floor with a head scissors and then low bridges Daivari to the floor. Asai moonsault to both men and then back up top with a Senton on Nese, but Daivari pulls Nese out to make the save. Grey comes out of nowhere with a dive and then gets blasted by Nese. He ends up getting wiped out by a dive from Jiro and then back in the ring a running kick to the face finishes this one at 10:24.

Winners: Ikemen Jiro and August Grey via pin at 10:24
-Jiro is great and is going to get over huge with this jacket deal. This match got really good in the closing stretch as they were just going non stop and the important thing was Jiro looked like a star. ***

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This show was all about debuts and both men had a good showing. Jiro's debut came off the more memorable of the two, but I am intrigued to see what each man go do going forward. Solid show this week with a good main event. This show continues to deliver week in and week out.

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