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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 8.12.22

August 12, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 8.12.22  

-Yeah, GUNTHER/Nakamura was fire! Also, check out Main Event from this past week as T-Bar and Ali gave us the best Main Event match of the year. I love this new era of wrestling right now!

-Announce Team: Sudu Shah and Nigel McGuiness
– NXT Level Up Taped: WWE PC, Orlando, FL

IKEMEN JIRO vs. Myles Borne

-Cartwheel from JIRO to start for fun, but he gets backed into the corner and Borne stares him down. JIRO returns by backing Borne into the corner and then giving him a pat on the head. Shoulder tackle from Borne, but JIRO bounces up and flashes the jacket. Back elbow from JIRO followed by a sidewalk slam for two. Charge in the corner by Borne finds two feet to the face. The crowd chants for the pineapple jacket. JIRO soaks it in too long and gets caught with a dropkick coming off the top. Borne starts firing off suplexes and hits another dropkick for two. The crowd is back on chanting “SWEET” after every two count again. Back to back vertical suplexes for two (SWEET). Shah brings up that Borne is often credited with looking like Randy Orton. JIRO gets wrapped around the post and taps, which Nigel thinks was a mistake as the ref didn’t call it, but I think they got it right as JIRO was under the ropes so I don’t think the tap counts. JIRO rallies back and gets a leg whip. JACKET PUNCHES pop the crowd and THE IKEMEN SLASH finishes at 5:12.

Winner: IKEMEN JIRO via pin at 5:12
-It’s JIRO, so it’s going to be fun when they let him do his thing. Nice to see him get back in the win column. **

-Sol Ruca gets interview time backstage as she is looking for her first win in NXT. She walks out of the interview on her hands as she is going to turn Lopez world upside down.

-This is Awesome commercial. Unless I didn’t find it, there wasn’t a new episode today.

-WrestleMania Hollywood: The Sequel: Tickets on sale now!

Sol Ruca vs. Elektra Lopez

-Ruca comes into this match at 0-2 as she is still looking for that first win. Lockup to start and then Lopez works the arm. Ruca rolls her way out of the hold and we start from scratch. Roca gets a go behind that is reversed and back to the arm. Lopez takes her to the mat, but Roca bounces back up. Lopez gets a side headlock and takes it back to the mat. Two count from Lopez as she blocked an escape by holding the ropes. Neck crank from Lopez as the crowd is into this one without much really happening. Ruca nearly powers out of the neck crank, but Lopez grinds her back to the mat. Ruca finally escapes and mows Lopez down with shoulder blocks and then a dropkick. Standing moonsault misses badly, but it seems it gets covered as Lopez got a knee somewhere near Roca’s face. Replay shows she did get her knees up, but that looked a bit rough. Lopez finishes with a sit-out suplex at 3:56.

Winner: Elektra Lopez via pin at 3:56
-Not good as this was all rest hold and then a couple moves to finish. Ruca is still raw and needs the work, so there will be bumps along the way. 1/2*

-Clash at The Castle commercial!

Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward (w/ Thea Hail) vs. Bronco Nima and Lucien Price

-Price and Nima are making their debut. They are former Division 1 football players. The crowd should be into this one as they love Chase U. Chase starts with Bronco and gets tossed around the ring a bit. Chase uses chain wrestling to frustrate the big man. TEACHABLE MOMENT! Chase U double teams for a bit as they make quick tags in and out. Chase ducks two clotheslines but gets caught trying and crossbody and slammed. Tag to Price and he lands a heavy clothesline. We are told Price is a complex individual as depending on the time of day there is a different version. Chase escapes a slam and tags Heyward. He runs wild a bit and hits a splash for two. Price back with a jumping knee. Tag to Bronco and het gets a release belly to back suplex. He steps on Heyward and drops a forearm for a two count. Double elbow gets another two count as Nigel notes Price looks like Lex Luger. Bronco back in and he gets a chinlock as the crowd tries to rally Bodhi. He escapes with a belly to back suplex and hot tag to Chase. He throws right hands and fires off chops. He lands a boot to the face and heads up top. Crossbody connects and we get CHASE U stomps. Heyward back in and The Fratliner finishes at 6:16.

Winners: Chase University via pin at 6:16
-Super basic which is what you expect. Crowd loves Chase U though which always adds to their matches. **

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Hot crowd thanks to two of the most over acts appearing this week, but nothing really of note in ring wise. It was an okay way to spend 30 minutes for a developmental show though I wouldn't call it a good show.

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