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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 9.15.23

September 15, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE NXT Level Up Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 9.15.23  

-Announce Team: Blake Howard and Byron Saxton
-Taped: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson vs. Dani Palmer and Tatum Paxley

-Palmer and Legend start us off with a lockup. Palmer escapes a slam, but gets shoved back. Lash plays defense as she keeps Palmer away from her corner, so Palmer just jumps on her back. She gets a headlock, but Lash runs her into the corner and Jackson makes a tag. She works the arm, but Palmer rolls and then flips out. She hooks a side headlock and Paxley tags in. Double Standing Moonsault gets a two count! Paxley grabs and bends it in ways it shouldn’t. Paxley throws a kicks from mat, but Legend gets the tag and sends Paxley into the corner. Noam distracts Paxley and Legend decks her on the apron. Jackson gets a splash on the apron and tags back to Legend. Quick tags by Legend and Jackson as they take turns beating on Paxley in the corner. Jackson hooks an abdominal stretch, but Paxley is able to break. She drops an elbow and the race is on to make a tag. Both get there and Palmer runs wild with a head scissors followed by a hand stand kick to the face in the corner. Palmer gets a two count off a head scissors and tries a twisting moonsault, but misses. Legend drops her with one shot and it’s another race for the tag. Paxley drops away from Palmer’s tag attempt as she yells about what Palmer did to her and Paxley is screwed. Double team into a Cutter gets the win for Jackson at 5:55.

Winners: Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson via pin at 5:55
-Not much to this one as Palmer was the most impressive won, and her partner turned on her. Legend and Jackson winning is the right call though as they are in a new stable and need to rack up some wins. *

-Igwe and Dupont get some promo time backstage. They are going to build a reputation. BIG REPUTATION. BIG REPUTATION!

-WWE Live commercial!

-WWE Fastlane commercial!

Bronco Nima and Lucien Price (w/ Scrypts) vs. Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe

-Nima and Igwe start and it’s a HOSS FIGHT to start as they shove each other around the ring. Dupont comes off the top with a double axe and tag back to Igwe. He works the arm, but eats a forearm to the face. Tag to Price and he has a go with Igwe. He lands a shot and makes the tag to Bronco. Back to Price and he hits a nice running clothesline in the corner. Bronco back in and he G Rides Igwe! That gets a two count. He hooks a chinlock as they crowd seems to be rallying behind Igwe. Running splash in the corner, but a second one misses and hot tag to Dupont. He runs wild with shoulder blocks and gets a dropkick. He knocks Price to the floor and tries a splash, but Bronco gets the knees up. Igwe eats a boot that knocks him off the apron. Dupont gets him with a double team Alabama Slam for the pin at 4:23.

Winners: Bronco Nima and Lucien Price via pin at 4:23
-Not much to this one either as the crowd didn’t really seem sure about who they should be cheering. They hit each other hard at times, but it was too short and they didn’t even get into the tried and true tag formula. *

-NXT No Mercy commercial!

-NFL Title Belts! Go Niners! I appreciate the kick in the teeth they have to the Steelers!

Global Heritage Invitational Match (Group A): Tyler Bate (1-0) vs. Charlie Dempsey (0-1)

-I am ready for this one! Lockup and Bate works the arm. They fight over control and Bate reverses and takes Bate to the match. He bends the fingers back and and gets a bridge while holding the arm for a two count. Bate gets to his feet and uses his feet to escape and flips Dempsey over for a stalemate. Uppercut from Dempsey and he gets a monkey flip and we go again. Dempsey grabs a leg and tries a bow and arrow, but Bate rolls over for a one count. Dempsey grabs the leg again and bends on that before switching to an armbar. He rolls Bate up for a two count and they start trading Euro Uppercuts. Backslide from Bate gets two! Roll-up gets two! They fight into a kunckle lock and Dempsey gets a take down and holds the arms down for a two count. Bate bridges up to escape and suckers Dempsey into a monkey flip. Bate gets top position and they start slapping the crap out of each other. These two are great! Bate dead lifts Dempsey into a slam and the crowd is very appreciative of what they are seeing. Bate gets his foot caught and Dempsey stomps on the back. Headbutt to the gut and a clubbing forearm to the back. Bate back with a knee, but Dempsey gets a bridging German Suplex for two. Bate mans up from a forearm and gets an airplane spin for two. They start trading uppercuts again and Dempsey wins this exchange. Bate avoids a whip to the corner and tries a dropkick, bur they take turns countering each other with pins and Bate gets the final reversal for the jackknife cover and pin at 7:12.

Winner: Tyler Bate via pin at 7:12
-This was fun! I enjoy something different and that’s what we got here with the catch style wrestling and strikes. Bate winning was never really a question as Dempsey is just there so far to take losses, but gain experience. ***

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
I joked earlier in the week that Bate/Dempsey alone would make this a good show. Man, did those tag matches try to knock it down a peg. Definitely check out Bate/Dempsey for something different than what we are used to getting each week.

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