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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Report: 06.16.22

June 16, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Shelton Benjamin WWE Main Event Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Report: 06.16.22  

-I will be making the drive with my wife and 5-year-old from SW PA to Disney World Monday morning. I’ll be down there for a little over a week, but I will have my laptop so my normal batch of reports and reviews will be posted. They just may be super late or super early when my wife and son are sleeping. I do have King of The Ring 1997 finished and that should drop, right here on 411, in the next few days. Let’s get to it for tonight’s WWE Main Event!

-Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton
-Taped: Wichita, KS

Reggie vs. T-Bar

-Lockup to start and T-Bar shoves Reggie on his rear and poses. Another go and Reggie gets a go behind into a side headlock, but gets backed into the corner. Clean break from T-Bar though he shoves Reggie to play mind games. Reggie shoves back and lands some punches in the corner. He uses his background to avoid contact from T-Bar, but gets dumped face first on the buckle as he was dropping the 10 count punch. More sticking and moving from Reggie and he hits a dropkick. Reggie hits a flip into a corner splash and back flips to hit hit another one. Third time is one too many as T-Bar takes his head off with a big boot. That looked great! T-Bar buries a knee in the back and stretches the arms before transitioning to a side headlock. Reggie flips over to avoid a belly to back suplex and hits another dropkick. Jawbreaker from Reggie and then some more strikes. Back flip up kick catches T-Bar. Spinning cross-body gets a two count. Reggie lifts T-Bar, but can’t get the big man up. Death Valley Driver gets two for T-Bar. High Justice is countered into a roll-up for two. I really thought T-Bar was about to lose to Reggie. T-Bar misses a corner charge and hits post, but Reggie flips one time too many and gets planted with High Justice to finish this one at 6:16.

Winner: T-Bar via pin at 6:16
-Finally a win for T-Bar though I was worried there for a bit. This was okay as Reggie did his flips and T-Bar hit him hard enough. *1/2

-Don’t Try This at Home or Anywhere!

-No Hulu commercials this time for whatever reason. Sweet!

-Back to SmackDown as Riddle beats Sami Zayn to earn a Title Shot at Roman Reigns. Good match as both these guys have been great. Sami is awesome in that he can lose every week and never loses his heat because he is a prick (as Paul Heyman calls him). Heyman and McAfee on commentary just works as well. The Usos attack after the match, but a kendo stick saves Riddle.

-Back to RAW as Heyman and Riddle appear on Miz TV. Heyman informs Riddle that when he loses, Riddle can never get another Title Match as long as Roman is Champion.

-Reigns vs. Riddle Tomorrow Night!

-WWE MITB in Vegas commercial!

-Back to SmackDown as Lacey Evans qualified for MITB with a win over Xia Li.

-Back to RAW as Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss qualified for MITB with a tag win over Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop. We join that match in progress.

-Monday it’s Lynch vs. Asuka for a spot in MITB.

-Back to SmackDown as GUNTHER ended Ricochet’s reign as Intercontinental Champion. He should hold that title for at least a year! Just let him murder fools!

Tozawa vs. Shelton Benjamin

-Shelton is back from injury and is right back on Main Event which is an okay spot to work out rust and work with some of the other guys. Cautious start from both men before Tozawa goes after the arm. He hits some quick strikes, but gets dropped as Shelton gets to play the heavy here. Charge in the corner hits knees and then Tozawa hits a rana. Dropkick knocks Benjamin to the floor. A dive from Tozawa gets caught and again, Shelton uses his power to drop Tozawa on the floor as we take a break.

-John Cena returns the Monday I am driving back from Florida. I likely won’t make it home in time.

-Back with Shelton in control as he hits a snap suplex for two. Shelton hooks a chinlock and tries a delayed suplex, but Tozawa turns it into a sleeper. Shelton powers out of that, but eats a slap to the face. Shelton is not pleased as he delivers some knees and fires Tozawa into the corner. Another slap from Tozawa and Shelton is just stunned at the disrespect. Splash in the corner misses and another rana from Tozawa. He goes crazy with kicks and lands an enzuigiri. Tozawa tries for a Fireman’s Carry, but ends up getting another rana into a pin for two. Shelton lands a boot to the face and hits a scoop slam into a powerslam for the pin at 6:29.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via pin at 6:29
-Much like the opener this was okay, but had a weird ending that just came out of nowhere. Nice to see Shelton back though! *1/2

-Recap of Cody somehow wrestling inside Hell in a Cell with a torn pec. Still crazy to think about! The following night Cody is done with Seth and they shake hands to seemingly end this one, but I mean come on. Seth returns with a sledgehammer shot and Cody is out for the rest of the year after surgery.

-Viking Raiders hype video! Sure, I am cool with the getting heated up and given another run. Although hopefully it doesn’t end up being an Aleister Black situation.

-Back to RAW as we join Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles in a MITB qualifier in progress. This was a BANGER as expected and Seth gets the win thanks to AJ having a damaged wheel.

-Thanks for reading!

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The 411
Kind of a weak episode this week as far as original matches, but the JIP matches between Sami/Riddle and AJ/Seth were fun. Still, just watch those uncut on RAW or SmackDown when they drop on Peacock if you haven't seen them yet.

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