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Lest We Forget: CHIKARA King of Trios 2007 Night Three

July 11, 2013 | Posted by Maxwell Baumbach
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Lest We Forget: CHIKARA King of Trios 2007 Night Three  

King of Trios 2007 Night 3
Philadelphia, PA
February 18, 2007

Match One, King of Trios Semi-Finals: The Kings of Wrestling (Gran Akuma, Icarus, and Chuck Taylor) vs. KUDO, Yoshiaki Yago, and Miyawaki

There’s a big crowd at the Asylum Arena, much bigger than usual for CHIKARA. EXCALIBUR is on commentary with Larry Sweeney! This is an excellent way to start off the night! Excalibur notes that this is the biggest crowd in CHIKARA history. Akuma and Yago square off and trade kicks. Yago gets the better of the exchange with a spinning back kick to the chest. Miyawaki and Chucky T come in. Miyawaki and Taylor exchange chops, and Taylor takes control. Miyawaki scores with a shoulder tackle to regain the advantage, and he tags out to Yago. Yago KILLS Taylor with a kick to the back. Yago nails a nasty dropkick, and KUDO tags in. KUDO sends Taylor off and kicks him in the chest. He kicks Taylor in the back as well! Taylor goes to the eyes and tags out to Icarus. Icarus sets up for a kick to the back, but then applies a chinlock. KUDO spins out and the two exchange holds. Icarus scores with an alita and a dropkick. Icarus tags Akuma into the match. Akuma chokes KUDO with his boot, and then scores with a back kick to the ribs. Akuma hits a kick to the back of the neck for two. Akuma throws some kicks to the chest of KUDO, and then nails him in the back with a kick. KUDO responds with one of his own. Akuma gets a snapmare and hits a dropkick to the back of the head! One, two, no! Chuck Taylor tags in. Taylor hits a snapmare and sets up for a kick to the back, but he does a back rake instead! Icarus tags in and knocks KUDO’s partners off the apron before tagging in Taylor. The Kings of Wrestling connect with a double suplex for two. Akuma tags in and kicks KUDO in the back. Akuma catches a kick from KUDO, and KUDO plasters him with an enzuigiri! Akuma lands on the second rope, and KUDO applies a crab hold in the ropes! KUDO rolls out and hits a CHAOS THEORY! That was awesome. The crowd rallies behind KUDO as both men are down. KUDO inches toward his corner, and he makes the tag to Miyawaki! Miyawaki cleans house with body slams. Akuma and Icarus briefly cut him off, but Miyawaki whips them all into the same buckle. He nails them with a running back elbow. Icarus and Akuma slouch down, and Miyawaki gets Taylor up on his shoulders. MIYAWAKI RUNS AND HITS A SAMOAN DROP ON TAYLOR WHILE HE LOW DROPKICKS FIST! The crowd is firmly behind the Japanese team as Yago tags in. Yago kills Akuma with a punch to the throat and then a heart punch! MIYAWAKI LIGHTS UP AKUMA WITH PUNCHES IN THE CORNER! Yago drops Akuma with the Final Cut! ONE, TWO, NO! Yago applies an STF and his partners fend off FIST. Miyawaki applies an STF to the other side of Akuma! KUDO dropkicks Akuma in the head! Miyawaki becomes legal, Akuma cuts him off with a jawbreaker. Taylor comes in and hits SOUL FOOD! YOSHI TONIC BY AKUMA! SHIRANUI BY ICARUS! Cover- ONE, TWO, THRE-KUDO BREAKS IT UP! LUNG BLOWER BY KUDO TO ICARUS! KUDO goes up top- SHOTGUN KNEES OFF THE TOP! Akuma cuts off KUDO and hits the FALCON ARROW! Yago comes in and plants Akuma with uranage! Taylor dropkicks Yago to the floor. Taylor sets up and TAKES OUT ALL THREE MEMBERS OF THE JAPANESE CONTINGENT WITH A FRONTFLIP SENTON TO THE FLOOR! FIST take out Yago with TOTAL ELIMINATION! TAYLOR UP TOP- MOONSAULT! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Yago catches Taylor with a DRAGON SUPLEX! Icarus and Akuma kick away on Yago. KUDO AND MIYAWAKI TAKE OUT ICARUS AND AKUMA WITH DEULING TOP ROPE MISSILE DROPKICKS! Yago sets up Taylor as the ring has been cleared- RAZOR’S EDGE! ONE, TWO, THREE! KUDO, Yago, and Miyawaki have advanced to the finals!

Winners: KUDO, Yoshiaki Yago, and Miyawaki
This was a tremendous opening contest. The teams were clearly getting used to each other in the early goings, but when they cranked it into high gear, everything clicked. The Kings of Wrestling still looked good in defeat, and the Japanese trio have looked like total killers in all of their matches so far. 1 for 1.

Match Two, King of Trios Semi-Finals: Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Shane Storm vs. El Pantera, Sicodelico Jr., and Lince Dorado

Both teams get a warm reception. Jig and Pantera start it off. The two exchange holds, and Pantera gets a pendulum swing! Pantera swings Jigsaw’s head into the bottom turnbuckle! Pantera walks the hold to the center of the ring! Jigsaw rolls free, and HE PUTS PANTERA IN A PENDULUM SWING! Pantera breaks free and applies an Indian deathlock where he surfs on Jigsaw’s back! Jigsaw breaks free and gets a cover for two. Both men stand off and the crowd applauds. The two shake hands, and Sicodelico and Storm tag in. The two lock up, and Sicodelico gains control with a bow and arrow. He transitions into a bridging cover for two. Storm gets free and gets a pin attempt for two. Both men stand off and they shake hands as well. Quack and Lince come in. Quack takes control on the mat, going at a slower, more methodical pace than the other four. Quack gets a hammerlock into a cover for two. Lince gets a Magistral Cradle for two. Both men kip up and go head to head before shaking hands. Lince tags out and sends Quack into the buckles. Lince hits a forearm, and Pantera hits a headstand corner dropkick! Pantera places Quack up top, and Sicodelico hits a high kick that sends him to the floor! PANTERA TAKES OUT QUACK WITH A TOPE! In the ring, Lince and Sicodelico work over Storm. Pantera comes in, and Sicodelico drapes Storm from the top rope. PANTERA LAUNCHES LINCE ONTO STORM’S MIDSECTION! Lince and Sicodelico drape Storm across the middle rope, and PANTERA HITS A 6-1-9 TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! Lince hits a LIONSAULT! SICODELICO SENDS HIM TO THE FLOOR WITH A SUPERKICK! SICODELICO WIPES HIM OUT WITH A 360 PLANCHA! Jigsaw runs in but he gets taken out by Pantera! Lince PLASTERS Jigsaw with a kick to the face! Pantera gets Jig on his shoulder, and Sicodelico and Lince assist in THROWING JIGSAW ACROSS THE RING! Jigsaw gets sent to the floor, and LINCE TAKES OUT HIM AND STORM WITH AN ASAI MOONSAULT! Quack comes in and scores some offense. Quack gets a toreador and a quebradora. Jig and Storm come in and they work over Pantera. Storm gets a frontflip senton for two! Quack sends Pantera to the floor, and Lince dropkicks Qauack to the outside. Jig gets a leaping toreador, but Lince comes back with one of his own. Lince gets a sunset flip for two. Jigsaw gets one of his own for two! Jig gets a wheelbarrow armdrag, and then Lince hits a WHEELBARROW INTO A TORNADO DDT! ONE, TWO, STORM BREAKS IT UP! Storm and Sicodelico exchange, and Sicodelico nails a right head kick! Storm gets a springboard alita. Storm hits a cartwheel press for two. Quack tags in. Quack nails Sicodelico in the corner, and JIGSAW HITS THE LEAP OF FAITH! THAT JAPANESE MOVE! ONE, TWO, IT GETS BROKEN UP! Jig and Storm get sent into each other, and Sicodelico and Pantera apply a double wishbone. LINCE HURRICANRANA’S QUACK IN THE CENTER OF IT! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Quack, Storm, and Jig, all get planted with sitout powerbombs for two. Sicodelico and Lince get sent to the floor. JIG AND STORM TAKE THEM OUT WITH DIVES! In the ring, Pantera puts Quack in the ROMERO SPECIAL! Quack tries to get out, but Pantera drives him face first into the mat. Ohaka Roll by Pantera gets two. Pantera kicks Quack and shoots him off, but Quack gets an arm drag and a hammerlock roll up- ONE, TWO, THREE! Quack, Jigsaw, and Storm are going to the finals!

Winners: Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Shane Storm
This was fun, even if some of the action was really telegraphed. Lince, despite being very new to the business, looked right at home with the veterans. The action was fast-paced, and there were several believable nearfalls that kept the crowd guessing. 2 for 2.

Everyone shakes hands and raises their arms after the match.

Allison Danger cuts a promo on Joshi superstar La Malcriada.

Match Three: La Malcriada vs. Allison Danger

Danger does a great job of getting the crowd involved off the bat. Danger does some clever work on the arm to start. Macriada works Danger’s arm to return the favor. Malcriada works over Danger in the corner and stands on her chest. Malcriada hits a scoop slam for two. Malcriada chokes Danger with her boot. Malcriada puts Danger in the corner and hits a series of punches. Malcriada sends the referee into Danger! Danger gets a roll up for two, and Malcriada takes back over. Malcriada stands on Danger’s hands and then stomps on them! Danger fights back, but Malcriada sledges her across the back. Malcriada grinds Danger’s face on the top rope, and then chokes her with her boot in the corner. Malcriada stomps away and shoots Danger off. Malcriada hits a bronco buster. Malcriada tries for another, but Danger evades her. Danger fires off with strikes and hits a neckbreaker on her knee! One, two, NO! Malcriada pulls Danger down to the mat by her hair. Malcriada hits a Samoan drop for two. Malcriada goes up top and hits a SPLASH! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Malcriada takes Danger to the corner and tries for a DDT, but Danger throws her off. They exchange forearms, and Danger hits a chin breaker. Danger hits a FACEBUSTER ON THE KNEE! KNEE TREMBLER! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Danger hits an STO! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner: Allison Danger
My biggest issue with this match was that Malcriada was really uninteresting, and she controlled most of the contest. Danger’s offense was nice, but she forgot to sell her arm down the stretch. 2 for 3.

Backstage, Sal Thomaselli talks about Max Boyer. He says he’s never seen him. He criticizes Boyer for copying guys like Dynamite Kid and Chris Benoit. Thomaselli says he’s new and original, and that he will take the YLC title tonight.

Match Four, Young Lion’s Cup Title Match: Max Boyer (c) vs. Sal Thomaselli

Boyer jumps Thomaselli during the entrances. They go at it intensely, and Boyer takes control. Boyer applies a double underhook, and he turns it into a suplex for one. Boyer straps on a chinlock, then changes into a surfboard. The crowd rallies behind Thomaselli. Sal gets to his feet, but Boyer trips him and reapplies the hold. Thomaselli gets the crowd behind him and breaks free. Sal goes for a back body drop, but Boyer counters with a Rude Awakening Neckbreaker! One, two, NO! Boyer goes back to the surfboard. Sal gets up and breaks free. Sal chops away on Boyer. Both men hit each other with a clothesline and go down. Both men get up, and Sal chops away on Boyer. Sal hits a few double hand chops. Sal hits a GOLDEN GATE SWING! ONE, TWO, NO! Boyer hits a chop, but Sal hits a LEG CRADLE ANGLE SLAM OUT OF NOWHERE! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Sal can’t believe it. Sal goes for another, but Boyer fights it off. Boyer goes for a knee, but Sal catches him, and goes for the Leg Cradle Angle Slam again, but Boyer slips out. Boyer hits a press slam. Powerbomb by Boyer! ONE, TWO, NO! Boyer insists he got three. Boyer calls for the finish. Boyer tries for the Lifestyle, but Sal elbows out. Boyer gets a headlock. They trade waistlocks, and Boyer gets a bridging German suplex! ONE, TWO, NO! Boyer insists he got three again. The two stand off and trade chops. They switch to forearms, but Boyer goes to the gut with a knee. Boyer tries for a backwards leap frog, but SAL CATCHES HIM- LEG CRADLE ANGLE SLAM! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Sal is stunned. Sal kills Boyer with chops in the corner. Sal charges but misses a splash. LIFESTYLE BY BOYER! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner: Max Boyer
This was a nice match-up. Sal did a great job as a babyface, and Boyer kept up his intensity throughout the contest. While it was short, it got the job done. 3 for 4.

Match Five: Matt Sydal vs. Hallowicked

Sydal was on a tear at this point, and his personality took a giant leap after his time in Dragon Gate. They exchange holds on the arm. Wicked turns a hammerlock into a cover for one. Sydal takes Wicked down by the mask. Sydal gets an armlock takeover for two. They trade holds on the mat. Sydal grabs Wicked’s stem, and then rolls him up for two. Wicked gets an arm drag and keeps hold of Sydal, applying a modified stretch plumb. Sydal gets up, hits a snapmare, and locks in a surfboard. Sydal applies a courting hold. Wicked runs up the ropes and turns it into an arm drag. Wicked and Sydal exchange, and Sydal gets a twisting headscissors followed up by a dropkick! Sydal pulls Wicked up by the mask and drives him into the second turnbuckle. Sydal stomps away. Sydal shoots Wicked off and nails a running clothesline in the corner. Sydal slouches Wicked in the corner, and SLINGSHOTS IN WITH A DROPKICK! One, two, NO! Sydal applies a headscissors, but Wicked gets the bottom rope. Wicked gets a leaping head scissors, and then NAILS A YAKUZA KICK! Both men are down! Sydal gets up first, but Wicked catches him with an inside cradle for two. They exchange pinning predicaments. Sydal goes for a leapfrog, but WICKED TURNS IT INTO A SCHOOL BOY! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! The crowd applauds both men. Wicked puts Sydal up top for the Super Snapmare, but Sydal counters with a rolling headscissors takedown! Sydal gets a backflip into a legdrop across the throat! ONE, TWO, NO! Sydal puts Wicked in the corner. Sydal tries to shoot Wicked off but it gets Reversed. Sydal catches Wicked with the boot and hits a big leg drop for two. Sydal hits some strikes and a headkick. Sydal hits the ropes, but HALLOWICKED CATCHES HIM WITH A RYDEEN BOMB! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Hallowicked goes for the Graveyard Smash, but Sydal trips him. STANDING MOONSAULT! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Sydal goes up top- SHOOTING STAR PRESS, BUT NO ONE IS HOME! SYDAL LANDS ON HIS FEET! They exchange, and HALLOWICKED HITS THE GRAVEYARD SMASH! ONE, TWO, THREE! Hallowicked picks up a big victory!

Winner: Hallowicked
This was a pleasure to watch. Both men were on their game, and Sydal putting over Hallowicked was a good thing. They had an entertaining match that had the crowd in the palms of their hands without killing themselves or doing too much. 4 for 5.

The crowd gives both men a standing ovation following the match. They shake hands and embrace. Both men raise each other’s arms.

Match Six, Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Alright guys, grab yourselves some snacks, because this one is going to take a while. The New Jersey All-Stars are out first. Shiima Xion and Jason Gory are out next. Xion and Gory are sent to the floor. Ryder sets up for a dive, but then steps out of the ring and forearms both of them. LUCKY WIPES OUT ALL THREE MEN WITH A SPRINGBOARD 360 MOONSAULT! Back inside, they drop Xion with the SHAKE AND BAKE DDT! ONE, TWO, Gory breaks it up! Lucky gets caught, and GORY HITS A SPINNING INVERTED JIG N’ TONIC! Gory hits Ryder with an enzuigiri, and Xion hits FROM LUST TO DUST! ONE, TWO, THREE!

The Ring Crew Express are out next! They hit a high-five bulldog! Dunn is out on the floor, and XION TAKES HIM OUT WITH A CROSS BODY OFF THE TOP! Marcos hits Gory with an unprettier into a neckbreaker. Xion and Marcos exchange, and Gory flies in, taking out Marcos with a springboard dropkick. Xion hits a facebuster, and GORY HITS A YOSHI TONIC OUT OF IT! ONE, TWO, NO! Marcos hits Xion with an enzuigiri. Dunn plants Gory with a Gory Bomb (irony). ELECTRIC CHAIR SENTON TO GORY! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Dion and The American Balloon are the next team in. As they enter, Remsburg points out that Dino is not a kisser, in reference to night one. Ultramantis Black chimes in with, “SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, REMSBURG!” Dunn and Marcos jump Balloon. They hit a series of kicks, and Balloon goes to the floor. Dino gets sent inside, where he is worked over. Dunn chops away on Dino. Dino ducks a chop and grabs a sexual waistlock. Marcos comes in, and Dunn throws him into a flying headscissors. Marcos gets a backslide for two. Dunn tags in and they hit a double suplex. Dunn covers, but Dino grabs Dunn’s crotch to break the count. Dunn heads up top, but Balloon comes in the ring. BALLOON HITS A PINWHEEL KICK ON DUNN OFF THE BUCKLES! Marcos works over Dino. Marcos misses a clothesline, and Balloon smothers him with his boobies! DINO APPLIES THE LIP LOCK TO MARCOS! Marcos stays awake. DINO SHOVES DUNN’S HEAD INSIDE HIS TIGHTS! PILEDRIVER! ONE, TWO, THRE-MARCOS BREAKS IT UP! Balloon goes up top as Dino shoves Marcos’ head in his tights. CANADIAN DESTROYER BY DINO! 360 MOONSAULT BY BALLOON! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Mitch Ryder and Robbie Ellis come out! Ryder and Balloon square off. Balloon applies a side headlock. Ryder breaks free and hits two hiptosses. Balloon catches Ryder’s boot in his chest. Mantis points out than in Ellis’ day, this type of behavior was REALLY frowned upon as Dino tags in. Dino drops a knee for two. Ryder gets a sunset flip for two. Balloon comes in and Dino goes for a kiss, but he accidentally kisses Balloon! Dino tries to smother Ryder, but accidentally smothers Dino! Balloon hits a back breaker on Ryder. BALLOONSAULT, BUT RYDER EVADES! Robbie Ellis tags in! Ellis cleans house. SHIRANUI BY ELLIS! ONE, TWO, THREE! The crowd popped huge for that. “THIS IS CHIKARA!” exclaims Bryce Remsburg.

John Cena’s music hits, and IT’S THE PRESCRIPTION THUGS, Dr. Cheung and Darkness Crabtree! Cheung helps Crabtree onto the apron. Ryder gets caught with a spinebuster from Cheung. Crabtree tags in! He gets a “Welcome Back!” chant. CRABTREE TAKES HIS MEDS! Ryder school boys him- ONE, TWO, THREE!

2.0 come out. Matthews and Ellis square off. Matthews sends Ellis off, and ELLIS HITS A FLYING HEADSCISSORS! Ryder and Jagged come in. Ryder blocks a hiptoss and hits one of his own. Jagged scores with a back elbow, then pounds away. Matthews tags in. Matthews sends Ryder off and hits a clothesline. Matthews tags out to Jagged. They go for a double clothesline, but Ryder ducks and takes them both out. Ryder charges but eats a DOUBLE STO! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Team Number Eight is Joey Ryan and Excalibur! Excalibur has Ryan’s tights on over his gear and is rocking a floral bandana. Ryan applies baby oil. Ryan tells Excalibur to get his back. Excalibur is tentative at first, but then he gets into it. 2.0 jump them! Excalibur gets worked over in the ring. Matthews nails a clothesline, and Jagged tacks on a knee drop. Jagged drops an elbow for two. Jagged hits the ropes and scores with a neckbreaker. Matthews tags in and pounds away. Matthews his a Russian leg sweep for two. Jagged tags in and goes up top. Matthews demands safety first, so Jagged drops down to the mat and hits a double sledge to Excalibur’s back! Jagged hits a headbutt to the back for two. Jagged sends Excalibur across the ring, and Excalibur blocks a facebuster. FALCON ARROW BY EXCALIBUR! HE DID THE DEAL! Both men tag out, and Ryan cleans house with dropkicks. Ryan hits a scoop slam on Matthews and a back body drop on Matthews. SUPERKICK TO JAGGED! Joey is fired up, but then starts wheezing. Excalibur tosses him inhaler. Ryan breathes it in, and he’s good to go. Ryan charges, but eats the DOUBLE STO! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! The crowd rallies behind Ryan. Matthews sends him off and hits a dropkick. Jagged tags in, but he gets tripped up, and Ryan hits a pumphandle throw! Excalibur tags in and cleans house. Excalibur begins to wheeze. Ryan throws him the inhaler, but he throws it too high and Matthews grabs it! Matthews sprays it in Excalibur’s eyes! Matthews gets a folding press! ONE, TWO, THREE!

The Colony of Soldier Ant and Worker Ant are out next, and they come in hot. Workergets caught by Matthews, and 2.0 hit the WHEELBARROW LUNGBLOWER! ONE, TWO, THREE!

2.0 have amassed three points! While they celebrate, the Olsen Twins run in, and COLIN ROLLS UP JAGGED! ONE, TWO, THREE! Matthews is stunned.

Team number eleven is LARRY SWEENEY AND THE SHARECROPPER! Sweeney and Sharecropper do Hindu Squats, but get dumped to the floor. The Olsen Twins get chased around the ring, but they drop down and Sweeney and Cropper collide. They brawl around ringside, and Jimmy takes Sweeney inside. Jimmy drops a knee for two. Colin tags in and boots Sweeney in the gut. Colin sends Sweeney off and hits a back elbow for two. Jimmy tags in and pounds away on Sweeney. Jimmy hits a knee lift, and Colin tacks on a dropkick. That gets two. Sweeney takes out both twins, and tags in the cropper. He wheelbarrows Colin onto Jimmy. Sweeney goes up top and NAILS JIMMY WITH AN ELBOW DROP! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Player Uno and Create-A-Wrestler are out next. Create-A-Wrestler and Uno hit dropkicks. CAW SWINGS TO THE FLOOR WITH A DROPKICK ON SHARECROPPER, NEARLY KILLING HIMSELF IN THE PROCESS! Uno hits a Northern Lights on Cropper for two. Uno goes up top. GOOMBA STOMP! Cropper rolls to the floor. Uno sets up for a dive, but Sweeney clotheslines him. Sweeney gets two. SWEENEY PAUSES PLAYER UNO, AND EVERYONE BECOMES PAUSED! The referee unpauses him, and Uno hits an enzuigiri! Uno gets sent down face-first by Sweeney. DOUBLE SITOUT POWERBOMB TO UNO! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Entering at thirteen, it’s Arrogance of Chris Bosh and Scott Lost! Cropper and Sweeney jump them as they get in the ring. Sweeney and Cropper light them up with chops. Arrogance get sent off, but they each get an inside cradle! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Bosh and Lost pose, and Fire Ant’s music hits. Fire Ant and Equinox are out next! They both score with toreadors, and EQUINOX DIVES TO THE FLOOR, TAKING OUT BOSH WITH AN ARM DRAG TO THE FLOOR! Fire Ant works over Lost. Lost goes up top, but FIRE ANT SCALES THE BUCKLES AND HITS THE TOP ROPE FIREMAN’S CARRY! Botchy SSP by Equinox! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Bosh hits a CLOTHESLINE INTO A BACKBREAKER ON FIRE ANT! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Lost nails Equinox with an enzuigiri. Lost grabs Fire, and GIVES HIM A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX ONTO BOSH’S KNEE! That was sick! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Out next are The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple! Mantis and Hydra appear to be the team, but Crossbones sneaks in the ring and takes them out! Hydra stomps away, and Mantis goes to the floor. Hydra chokes Lost. Lost takes over on Hydra, and Crossbones plants Bosh with a spinning enzuigiri! Hyrdra hits a clothesline takedown for two. Crossbones throws Lost with a suplex. Hydra goes up to the second- VADER BOMB! ONE, TWO, Bosh makes the save, Crossbones pounds away on Bosh. Bosh hits a kick to the gut and a knee to the head. BOSH SLAMS CROSSBONES! Lost goes up top- BEAUTIFUL TOP ROPE ELBOW DROP! Hydra sends Lost to the floor. Hydra tries to suplex Bosh, but BOSH PICKS HIM UP AND PLANTS HIM WITH A SCREWDRIVER!

Arrogance have three points, but it’s not over! Cheech and Cloudy hit the ring. Lost hits Cloudy with an enzuigiri. HART ATTACK BACKBREAKER TO CLOUDY! LOST APPLIES A SHARP SHOOTER! Cheech clears Bosh and breaks the hold. Lost hits a gut buster on Cloudy! Cloudy ducks a double line, and Cheech grabs a wrist lock on both men. CRAZY DOUBLE ARM DRAG BY CHEECH! CHEECH AND CLOUDY TAKE OUT ARROGANCE ON THE FLOOR WITH A CRAZY PAIR OF DIVES! Lost gets sent inside. Cheech goes for a battering ram, but Lost knees him in the head. TORPEDO SPEAR BY LOST! NASTY BASEMENT SPINNING BACK KICK TO THE HEAD BY LOST! Cloudy comes in, and KILLS LOST WITH A SPIKE HURRICANRANA! ONE, TWO, THRE-BOSH MAKES THE SAVE! Bosh goes up top, and TAKES OUT CHEECH WITH A TORNADO DDT ON THE APRON! Bosh puts the boots to Cloudy. Cloudy slips out of Bosh’s grasp and gets a BRIDGING O’CONNOR ROLL! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Next out is the Iron Saints of Brandon and Vito Thomaselli! They jump Cloudy, as Cheech is still out on the floor. DEATH VALLEY DRIVER BY VITO! ONE, TWO, THRE-HE PULLS CLOUDY UP! The crowd mocks the attire of The Iron Saints. They go for a Doomsday Device, but CLOUDY GETS A VICTORY ROLL ON VITO! ONE, TWO, THRE-Brandon breaks it up! WHEELBARROW LUNGBLOWER TO CLOUDY! DOUBLE LEAPING ENZUIGIRIS! ONE, TWO, CHEECH BREAKS IT UP! Cheech hits a stunner/neckbreaker combo on both men. Running knee to Brandon! One, two, no! Cloudy hits an enzuigiri on Vito- PARTLY CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF CHEECH! ONE, TWO, BRANDON BREAKS IT UP! Brandon boots Cloudy off the apron to the floor! SPINNGING FISHERMAN’S BUSTER TO CHEECH BY BRANDON! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Cheech takes out Vito with a tornado DDT! Cheech gets Brandon up- GO TO CHEECH! ONE, TWO, THREE! CHEECH AND CLOUDY HAVE WON THE TAG TEAM GAUNTLET! With the win, they have acquired three points, and a shot at the tag team titles!

Winners: Cheech and Cloudy
This was insane. Completely insane. It has to be seen to be believed. As long as it went (nearly an hour), it seemed like it kept getting better. The last few falls in particular were top notch. The replays at the end showcase just how crazy this match was. 5 for 6.

The crowd gives the match a standing ovation, and Remsburg points out that, “That match, in a nutshell, IS CHIKARA!”

Match Seven: Mokujin Ken vs. Mecha Mummy

Mokujin Ken is also known as Ken the Box. The match becomes a Street Fight because Ken can’t get in the ring. Mummy steals a bird off of Ken the Box and pays for it. Mummy flees into the crowd and lands a punch with his detachable fist. Mecha Mummy GOES UP INTO THE BALCONY, AND THROWS HIS FIST ONTO KEN FROM THE TOP OF THE ARENA! The crowd chants “He’s hardcore!” Mecha Mummy grabs a drill. HE VIOLENTLY STABS KEN THE BOX WITH THE DRILL! BAH GAWD, THAT TREE HAS A FAMILY! Mummy brutalizes Ken with the drill, working it into his midsection. Bryce Remsburg calls for the bell.

Winner: Mecha Mummy
This was a comedy match, but it was really slow (despite being short) and the crowd struggled to get into it. Honestly, I can’t recommend this one. 5 for 7.

Match Eight: Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Ray

Daizee hits a clothesline early and gets a quick two. Del Ray hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and follows up with two traditional backbreakers. Del Ray covers for two. Del Ray whips Haze into the buckles, but eats a boot as she charges in. Daizee applies a straightjacket sleeper. Del Ray sends Haze into the buckles, and then applies a straightjacket sleeper, but wrenches Haze’s body over her knees as well! Del Ray kicks Haze out of the position. Del Ray catches a Haze cross body, and connects with a bridging fall-away slam! That was a great maneuver. One, two, no! Haze goes to the eyes, then goes up top and hits a missile dropkick! One, two, Del Ray kicks out emphatically! Haze re-takes control, and repeatedly double stomps the back of Del Ray. Daizee stomps on Del Ray, and then falls into a back senton! One, two, NO! HEART PUNCH BY DAIZEE HAZE! Del Ray avoids the Yakuza Kick follow up, and FLATTENS DAIZEE WITH A KICK TO THE CHEST! That was brutal! DEL RAY HITS ANOTHER! AND A THIRD! Del Ray picks up Haze and hits a stalling vertical suplex! One, two, NO! Del Ray PLANTS HAZE WITH A POWERBOMB! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! The crowd applauds the efforts of both women. Del Ray goes for the Royal Butterfly, but Haze slips out. Haze hits the ropes, and GOES UP AND OVER FOR A SUNSET FLIP! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner: Daizee Haze
This was a great match. Now, I usually enjoy Larry Sweeney and Excalibur on commentary, but they didn’t help out this match AT ALL. Even as things got more serious, they were making small talk rather than going over the action taking place in the ring. That was my biggest problem here. Both women brought it and the nearfalls were believable. The surprise finished worked quite well given the story. 6 for 8.

Match Nine: Nobutaka Moribe vs. Masamune

We get an even mat exchange to start things off. They go into a lucha exchange, and Moribe gets the best of it with a Japanese arm drag. Masamune goes up to and hits a flying arm drag. Masamune fakes out Moribe with a dive. Masamune takes Moribe down, goes to the apron, and hits a slingshot senton. That gets two. Masamune puts Moribe in shattered dreams position, and then VIOLENTLY SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE! Moribe catches Masamune with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker out of nowhere. A backbreaker gets two for Moribe. Moribe goes to the apron and hits a SPRINGBOARD FRONTFLIP SENTON! One, two, NO! Moribe and Masamune exchange chops. Masamune goes for a hurricanrana, but Moribe catches him with a high-angle Boston crab! Moribe switches it up to a single-legged crab. Moribe charges, but Masamune catches him with a flatliner! The two trade overhand chops, until MASAMUNE HITS A LEAPING ENZUIGIRI! Masamune follows up with a modified BLUE THUNDER BOMB! ONE, TWO, NO! Moribe gets a leaping enzuigiri of his own, but doesn’t get all of it. Masamune tries for a wheelbarrow, but MORIBE PLANTS HIM WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! Moribe applies an abdominal stretch, but then lifts him up for a pumphandle slam! One, two, NO! Moribe gets Masamune up, but Masamune counters with an arm drag. He then hits a nasty kick to the back and follows up with a 6-1-9! FAMEASSER! ONE, TWO, NO! Masamune applies an ankle lock, but then switches to a submission. Masamune tries for a Shiranui, but Moribe gets a magistral cradle! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Masamune gets a hammerlock cradle! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! MORIBE GETS A MAGISTRAL OF HIS OWN! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Moribe hits a stunner! He follows up with a series of suplexes. Moribe goes up top. Frontflip senton attempt by Moribe, but Masamune moves. Moribe rolls through. Masamune turns the official away and hits a low blow! Masamune hits a TILT-A-WHIRL INVERTED DDT! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner: Masamune
This match had a lot of great ring work. Both guys were really fluid in the latter half of the match. The only problem here was that the crowd was a little quiet. 7 for 9.

Match Ten: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ricochet

Claudio informs the ring announcer that he will leave if the fans continue to say “hey!” Claudio picks Ricochet up, places him on the second and slaps him in the face. Ricochet comes off the second with a flying head scissors! He tries for a dropkick, but Claudio blocks it. Claudio covers for two. Ricochet gets up to Claudio’s shoulders and hits an arm drag! Ricochet floats over Claudio for another. Ricochet charges, but Claudio nails him with a shoulder block! Claudio charges but misses with an uppercut. Ricochet comes in but gets sent to the apron. RICHOCHET HANDSTANDS ON THE APRON, GETS ONTO CLAUDIO’S SHOULDERS, STANDS ON THEM, FLIPS OFF, AND THEN EATS A DROPKICK! That was ridiculous! Ricochet hits the ropes, but eats a knee to the gut and THEN LANDS ON HIS FACE! Claudio PULLS RICOCHET OFF THE MAT AND SLAMS HIM DOWN! Jesus! Claudio applies a side headlock. Ricochet fires up and hits the ropes but eats a shoulder block. Claudio covers for two. Claudio hits a vertical suplex. Claudio covers for two. Castagnoli hits a big boot for another two count. Claudio goes back to the side headlock, playing games with Ricochet. The official checks on Ricochet and drops his hand twice. Ricochet fights out. DEJA VU BY RICOCHET! Ricochet goes for another, but CLAUDIO THROWS HIM, AND RICOCHET STILL LANDS A HEAD SCISSORS! Claudio reverses a whip and works over the gut of Ricochet. Claudio sends him across to the opposite buckles and charges, but Ricochet evades him and Claudio goes to the floor. Ricochet is up top- DOUBLE JUMP FRONTFLIP SENTON! Ricochet goes for a sunset flip, but Claudio lifts him up. Ricochet slings into another! ONE, TWO, NO! Claudio hits a spin into an X-Factor for two. The crowd rallies behind Ricochet. Ricochet gets on Claudio’s shoulders, and gets a SPIKE VICTORY ROLL! ONE, TWO, NO! Ricochet hits the ropes, and does a HANDSPRING INTO A TWISTING 450, but Claudio evades! Claudio hits a boot, and KILLS RICOCHET WITH AN UPPERCUT! DEAR LORD! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! “Ricochet, turning some heads here in Philadelphia!” -Bryce Remsburg. Ricochet lands a kick on Claudio and goes to the apron. SPRINGBOARD DRAGONRANA! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Ricochet rallies the crowd behind him as the crowd put over his efforts. Ricochet hits a rope-assisted Tornado DDT! Ricochet goes up top- PHOENIX SPLASH! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Ricochet hits the ropes, and CLAUDIO LAUNCHES HIM UP AND NAILS HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli
This match was unbelievable. It’s insane how fluid these guys were. This was easily Ricochet’s best match up until this point. A lot of people started to take him more seriously after this. I have a hard time wrapping my head around some of the spots they were able to pull off, and they didn’t screw anything up. When you add in the fantastic underdog story that was told, it’s even better. Go out of your way to see this one. 8 for 10.

Main-Event, King of Trios Finals: Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Shane Storm vs. KUDO, Yoshiaki Yago, and Miyawaki

KUDO and Storm go at it to start. KUDO gets the best of Storm, and Yago tags in. Yago hits a punch to the gut and a superkick! Yago gets a snapmare and then kicks Storm in the back! Yago applies a side headlock. Storm shoves him off but eats a shoulder tackle. Yago kills him with a kick to the chest! Miyawaki tags in and pounds away on Storm. Miyawaki works over the arms of Storm. Storm rolls out of a hold and tags in Mike Quackenbush. Quack gets a hammerlock, rolls Miyawaki to the mat, and applies a head scissors. Miyawaki gets out and puts Quack in a butterfly lock. They reverse holds on each other, and Quack gets a cravat before tagging out to Jigsaw. Jigsaw applies a nasty stretch hold to Miyawaki. Jigsaw sends Miyawaki to the mat and hits a frontflip senton! That gets two. Storm tags in, and he works the leg of Miyawaki. Storm dropkicks Miyawaki’s knee, and gets a magistral cradle for two. Quack tags in and gets a modified pendulum hold. Quack changes to a variation of the surfboard. Quack dropkicks Miyawaki in the back of the leg, and tags in Jigsaw. Jigsaw applies an STF-type hold, but KUDO breaks it up. Storm tags in and kicks Miyawaki in the gut. Storm hits a forearm, but eats a knee to the gut. KUDO tags in and stomps away on Storm. KUDO hits a kick to the chest of Storm. KUDO follows up with HANDSTAND KNEES! Kudo snapmares Storm and kicks him in the back! Yago tags in and pounds away on Storm. Yago applies an abdominal stretch, and both of his teammates dropkick Storm! Yago covers for two. Yago kicks Storm in the head, and then tags in Miyawaki. The two exchange forearms. Storm takes control, but Miyawaki gives him a FLATLINER ONTO THE MIDDLE ROPE! YAGO KICKS HIM IN THE FACE! KUDO SLINGSHOTS IN WITH DOUBLE KNEES! ONE, TWO, THRE-QUACK AND JIG BREAK IT UP! Everyone is in the ring, and the Japanese team HEART PUNCH everyone on the American team! Things settle down with KUDO in control of Jigsaw in the ring. KUDO tags out to Miyawaki, who stomps Jigsaw. He follows up with a twisting side slam for two. Yago tags in and scores with a dropkick. Yago adds a leg lariat for two. Yago hits a kick to the back, and tags out to Miyawaki. Miyawaki wears Jig down, and tags out to KUDO. KUDO pounds away on Jigsaw. Jig gets sent into the buckles. KUDO nails a kick to the chest. Miyawaki tags back in and covers for two. Jigsaw ducks a clothesline and NAILS A SUPERKICK! The crowd rallies behind Jigsaw. HOT TAG TO QUACK! KUDO tags in on the other side. BLACK TORNADO SLAM BY QUACK! ONE, TWO, NO! Quack rallies the crowd and hits the ropes, but he eats a spinning back kick. KUDO sends Quack into the buckles then flies in with a clothesline, and goes up top. KUDO COMES OFF THE TOP WITH DOUBLE KNEES TO THE BACK OF THE NECK! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! KUDO lights up Qauck and hits an enzuigiri. Storm comes in and KUDO gets a backslide! ONE, TWO, NO! KUDO KICKS STORM IN THE FACE! KUDO hits a kick to the chest to follow up. KUDO tags in Yago. Yago sends Storm across and hits a running knee, followed by a bulldog. That gets two. Storm hits the ropes, but YAGO PLANTS HIM WITH A URANAGE! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Storm sends Yago off and hits a back body drop. Storm crawls toward the corner and tags out to Jigsaw! Missile dropkick off the top! One, two, NO! Miyawaki catches Jig and hits a COBRA CLUTCH SLAM! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! He applies a COBRA STRETCH! Quack and Storm come in to break up the hold, but they both get caught in submissions as well! Jigsaw gets the ropes! Jig boots Miyawaki in the face, and DROPS HIM WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! Yago gets sent to the floor by Jigsaw. JIGSAW WIPES OUT YAGO WITH S FRONTFLIP SENTON! Storm clotheslines Miyawaki, and they both spill out to the floor. KUDO hits a tope onto Jig and Storm! QUACK GOES UP TOP- TWISTING BODY PRESS ONTO EVERYONE! Yago and Quack square off in the ring. YAGO MURDERS QUACK WITH STRIKES! Quack ducks one and hits a boot to the chest. KUDO comes in and works over Quack. Quack ducks a kick and nails a REVERSE HURRICANRANA! Quack puts KUDO up top. KUDO fights off Quack and puts him in the tree of woe. DOUBLE KNEES FROM KUDO TO QUACK! KUDO tags out, and his teammates dispose of Jig and Storm. Miyawaki hits the Final Cut, Yago hits a kick to the chest, and KUDO HITS DOUBLE KNEES OFF THE TOP! EVERYBODY COVERS! ONE, TWO, THRE-JIGSAW BREAKS IT UP! KUDO gets isolated, and Quack puts him up top. QUACK WITH A PALM STRIKE! ANOTHER! LEAP OF FAITH BY JIGSAW! THAT JAPANESE MOVE! EVERYBODY COVERS! ONE, TWO, THRE-IT GETS BROKEN UP! Quack gets KUDO- QD2! JIGSAW GOES UP TOP- FLYING LEG DROP! ONE, TWO, THREE! They’ve done it! Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Shane Storm have WON THE KING OF TRIOS!

Winners: Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Shane Storm
This was a great way to cap off the tournament. This match felt different from the other ones in the tournament, and the finishing sequence was great. Having Quack, Jigsaw, and Storm win was fitting, as they were the faces of CHIKARA at this point. Great match, great tournament, great stretch of shows. 9 for 11.

After the match, Quack, Jig, and Storm give their winning medals to the Japanese team. Everyone raises arms as the crowd gives them a round of applause.

The 411: Out of all of the shows from the weekend, this one had the most blow-away stuff on it. In particular, the tag team gauntlet and Ricochet/Claudio were both fantastic. The opening round match-ups were both good. The finals found a way to be captivating despite all of the high quality trios matches from the weekend that had already taken place. Del Ray and Haze put on a great match. Matt Sydal randomly showed up to put on a fun contest with Hallowicked. Long story short, this show was great, and will take your breath away at several different points. Definitely check this one out.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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