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Lest We Forget: CHIKARA King of Trios 2007 Night Two

June 13, 2013 | Posted by Maxwell Baumbach
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Lest We Forget: CHIKARA King of Trios 2007 Night Two  

King of Trios 2007 Night 2
Barnesville, Pennsylvania
February 17, 2007

The show opens with Masamune cutting a promo on Gran Akuma in Japanese. I’m not exactly sure what that was supposed to accomplish…

Match One, Masamune vs. Gran Akuma

The two exchange with some impressive mat work to kick things off. Akuma lands a nice series of arm drags, so Masamune rolls to the floor to take a powder. Masamune gets back in and exchanges strikes with Akuma. Masamune hits a series of arm drags and takes over. Masamune hits a slam out of a fireman’s carry, kicks Akuma in the back, and then locks in a half-crab. The crowd actually starts to rally behind Akuma because of Masamune’s heel actions early on. Masamune puts Akuma in Shattered Dreams position, and then slaps him in the face. Akuma nails a spinning back kick and then a sweeping kick to the chest. Akuma applies a spinning toehold. Masamune tries to fire out, but Akuma rolls it into an Indian deathlock. Akuma sets Masamune up on the ropes and kicks him in the chest. Akuma nails a kick to the back of the neck and covers for two. Akuma applies an innovative abdominal stretch, and then takes the hold to the mat. Masamune gets to the ropes to break the hold. Akuma nails a chop across the chest and a vicious kick. Akuma hit an atomic drop, but got caught coming off the ropes with a knee to the gut. Masamune hit a flatliner. LEAPING PINWHEEL KICK BY MASAMUNE! Both men are down. Both competitors get to their feet and exchange strikes. Masamune gets one and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb! One, two, NO! Masamune applies a modified STF, but Akuma gets to the ropes. Akuma ducks a kick and hits the sitout tombstone facebuster! One, two, NO! The crowd rallies as Masamune gets up. Akuma hits some nice kicks but can’t get the Yoshi Tonic. Twist of Fate by Masamune! One, two, no! Akuma rolls into jackknife cradle for two. Both men exchange roll-ups to no avail. Akuma hits a low blow sort-of behind the referee’s back, and he rolls up Masamune with his feet on the ropes- ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner: Gran Akuma
This match had some cool stuff in it, but was ultimately frustrating to watch. I mostly blame Masamune, as he chose to work heel for no real reason, which confused the crowd. Things heated up toward the end, but the finish was disjointed and telegraphed. 0 for 1.

Match Two, Chuck Taylor vs. Create-A-Wrestler

Chuck Taylor brings an Alex Wright wrestling figure to the ring. Chuck Taylor immediately accuses CAW of pulling his hair, despite not coming anywhere to him yet. The two tie up, and Taylor pushes CAW into the corner before giving him a clean break. Taylor slaps on a side headlock. CAW horribly botches a run up the ropes into an arm drag. That was embarrassing. Chuck Taylor goes to the eyes of CAW. Taylor charges but takes a drop toehold onto the bottom turnbuckle. CAW then slingshots to the outside and dropkicks Taylor in the face! That was nice. Back inside, CAW slaps on a nice headstand Cattle Mutilation, which he rolls into a pin for two. Chuck Taylor manages catch CAW coming off the ropes with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Chuck Taylor hits a scoop slam on CAW. Chuck Taylor covers for two. Taylor follows up with a dropkick. Taylor takes Create-A-Wrestler to the floor and delivers some kicks to his spine. He sets up for another, but then applies a chinlock on the floor. Taylor rolls CAW inside and covers for two. CAW fires off on Taylor, but ends up being sent to the mat, caught in a head scissors on the neck. Taylor covers for two. Taylor goes to the corner and puts the Alex Wright figure in his trunks as he scales the turnbuckles. He tries for a moonsault, but no one is home! Taylor exclaims, “YOU ARE ALEX WRONG!” Chuck Taylor and CAW exchange strikes, with CAW taking control. CAW hits a flipping neckbreaker! He covers- one, two, NO! Taylor catches CAW with a back elbow, and then NAILS HIM WITH A BIG BOOT! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! CAW gets Chucky T up on his shoulders, but Taylor slips out and hits SOUL FOOD! Taylor follows up and looks for the Omega Driver, but CAW fights free. CAW gets Taylor up on his shoulders, but Taylor slips free. Taylor gets an O’Conner roll, grabs a handful of trunks, and the middle rope! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner: Chuck Taylor
After Create-A-Wrestler’s horrendous botch in the early goings, these two managed to get it together and put on an entertaining match. Create-A-Wrestler actually looked quite good as things progressed with some creative offense and the fact that Taylor had to cheat to pick up the win. This would have been a much better choice for the opener. 1 for 2

Backstage, Team PWG (The Dynasty of Joey Ryan, Chris Bosh, and Scott Lost) talk about the King of Trios tournament. Bosh says he’s been running 20 miles a day, eating cheeseburgers, and hunting deer to prepare for this match. He makes some racially inspired comments about Pantera. Bosh tells Pantera he will get mowed. Ryan says they get flown out from Southern California to wrestle who? Mexicans, again. Ryan says he is used to beating up Mexicans. Lost says they will kick their opponents’ teeth in.

Match Three, King of Trios First Round: Team PWG (Joey Ryan, Chris Bosh, and Scott Lost) vs. El Pantera, Sicodelico Jr., and Lince Dorado

Chris Bosh lathers up Joey Ryan with baby oil before the match. The two tie up, and Ryan gets a wrist lock. Sicodelico reverses the hold, but Ryan gets the ropes. Sicodelico escapes a waist lock, but Ryan pushes him off. Sicodelico responds by nailing Ryan with a kick. A nice lucha exchange sees Sicodelico get the best of Ryan. Ryan makes a tag to Lost, who charges in and finds himself in immediate trouble. Lince Dorado tags in, and he and Lost square off. Lince hits a nasty basement kick to the face, a back senton, and a lionsault! He covers for two, and Lost rolls out to the floor. Bosh and Pantera tag in. Pantera shows off his agility by landing on his feet after a Bosh monkey flip. Pantera gets a toreador, and then fakes out Bosh on a dive. Lince tags in. Lost and Ryan distract Lince, and Bosh plasters him with a superkick. Lost tags in and hits a jumping suplex for two. Lince fights Lost off, but eats a dropkick coming off the ropes. Ryan tags in and elbows Dorado across the back. Ryan hits a dropkick for two. Bosh tags in and hits a clothesline into a backbreaker! That gets two. Bosh follows up with a scoopslam for two. Lost tags in and hits a battering ram on Dorado! Lost covers for two. Lince ducks a chop, but gets caught with a kick and a nasty DDT! Lost pins him, but he can’t put him away. Ryan tags in, and he and Lost launch Lince, who catches them both with a dropkick! Bosh comes in to try and prevent Lince from making the tag, but Lince catches him with an enzuigiri! HOT TAG TO PANTERA! Pantera dishes out hurricanranas to Lost and Ryan before delivering a headstand dropkick to Chris Bosh! Bosh rolls out to the floor, but Pantera wipes him out with a suicide dive! Dorado dives over the top rope onto Scott Lost! Inside, RYAN CATCHES SICODELICO WITH A SUPERKICK! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Ryan can’t believe it. Sicodelico catch Ryan with a sunset flip for two! Lince whips Scott Lost hard into the ring post on the outside! Ryan gets a small package for two. Sicodelico gets a hammerlock and turns it into a cradle! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winners: El Pantera, Sicodelico Jr., and Lince Dorado
This was a fun match that was structured very well. Lince did a great job as the face-in-peril, and things escalated quickly after the hot tag. El Pantera looked great, and Sicodelico’s finishing roll-up was innovative. 2 for 3.

Match Four, King of Trios First Round: The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, and Worker Ant) vs. Hallowicked, Cheech, and Cloudy

Cheech and Worker Ant start it off. We get some basic chain wrestling to start, with Cheech gaining control of a headlock. Cheech gets a crucifix for two. Cheech ducks a line and applies a Gory Special! Cheech lets go and gets an arm drag. Cheech hits a boot to the gut and shoots Worker off, but gets caught with an alita. Soldier and Cloudy tag in. Soldier salutes, and Cloudy challenges Soldier to a test of strength. Cloudy scores with a wheel barrow arm drag and a head scissors, but Soldier Ant gets one of his own. Both men collide with cross body attempts! Fire Ant and Hallowicked tag in. Wicked blocks a fireman’s carry and gets a roll up for two. Hallowicked blocks two fireman’s carries, getting a magistral for two. Hallowicked hits a head scissors that sends Hallowicked into the middle turnbuckle, and then FRONT FLIP SENTONS HIM IN THE BACK! Wicked rolls out to the floor. Fire Ant slings outside and gets a hurricarana to the floor, and Hallowicked rolls out of the building. Fire Ant seems confused while all hell breaks loose in the ring. Cheech and Cloudy bulldog Soldier Ant onto Fire Ant! Cloudy gets on Cheech’s shoulders, and Cheech whips him down into a senton on both men. HALLOWICKED IS BACK IN THE BUILDING, AND HE NAILS FIREANT WITH A GIGANTIC BLOCK OF SNOW! BAH GAWD, THE CARNAGE! Cheech and Cloudy stomp away on Worker Ant. Cheech and Worker become the legal men, and Worker hits a leaping enzuigiri. Cloudy charges in and lights up Soldier. Cloudy tags Hallowicked in. Hallowicked hits a Super Snapmare on Worker Ant! Cheech and Cloudy come in and tie up Worker’s arms- YAKUZA KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD BY HALLOWICKED! Cheech and Cloudy follow up with PARTLY CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF CHEECH! Fire Ant comes in, and he dishes out Fireman’s carries to everyone! Fire Ant gets caught in a wheelbarrow by Hallowicked, but he dropkicks Cheech, clotheslines Cloudy, and drops Hallowicked with a bulldog! The Colony line up as their opponents gather on the floor. ANTAPULT ONTO CLOUDY AND HALLOWICKED! Cheech gets Soldier up, but Worker breaks it up. ANTS GO MARCHING ON CHEECH! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Soldier and Worker isolate Cloudy, who avoids a double back suplex. Soldier and Worker catch Cloudy in a bridge, and Fire Ant climbs them- ANT HILL! ONE, TWO, THRE-Cheech and Hallowicked break up the pin! Hallowicked gets Worker Ant up- GO TO SLEEPY HALLOW! YAKUZA KICK! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winners: Hallowicked, Cheech, and Cloudy
These guys put an action-packed thrill ride. This was a pleasure to watch, as everyone brought their A-game. The Colony looked great in the loss, hanging with some of CHIKARA’s top guys at the time. This is the second best match of the tournament so far, behind the main-event of night one. 3 for 4.

Backstage, Max Boyer introduces 2.0, who have a pizza flipper. Jagged says that tonight, these boys will become men, and bring home the bacon. BOOYA!

Match Five, King of Trios First Round: Max Boyer and 2.0 (Shane Matthews and Jagged) vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Shane Storm

Before the match, Jagged takes the Alex Wright action figure, which was still at ringside, and gives it an elbow drop. Jigsaw and Matthews square off. Matthews shoves Jigsaw down and poses. Matthews shoves Jigsaw down once again. During the third tie up, Jigsaw roles through and takes Matthews down with a mare, and then applies a shoulder lock. Mike Quackenbush comes in and nails a bulldog, then Shane Storm comes in and adds a frontflip senton! One, two, no! Matthews rolls out and Jagged comes in. Storm and Jagged tie up. Jagged applies a side headlock, but Storm wiggles out and gets a school boy for two. Parker gets caught in a fireman’s carry, gets thrown onto his gut, and Storm gets a magistral cradle! ONE, TWO, NO! Quack and Boyer tag in. The two exchange technical holds and roll ups with Quack taking control. Lightning Lock by Quackenbush! Quack lets go and hits a dropkick! Boyer rolls out to the floor. Matthews and Storm come in. An exchange of shoulder tackles see neither man get the advantage, but Storm soon takes control and hits a leaping clothesline. Boyer and Jigsaw come in, and Jigsaw gets the best of Boyer. A leg lariat by Jigsaw sends Boyer to the floor, and Jagged comes in. Jagged asks for Quackenbush. The two tie up, and Qauckenbush stretches out Jagged. Quack gets a wristlock, so Jagged bites him! Jagged then scores with a shoulder block. However, he soon gets taken down with an arm drag and finds himself back in a wrist lock. Jagged bites him again! Jagged applies a headlock. Quack slips out and takes Jagged down, applying a hold to both legs. Jagged gets free and applies a wrist lock. This time Quack bites him. PALM STRIKE FROM MIKE QUACKENBUSH SENDS JAGGED TO THE FLOOR! Matthews jumps Quack and pounds away on him. Quack fends off both members of 2.0 and Max Boyer. All six men come in, and the technicos stack the rudos in a pile. Storm launches Jigsaw and he DOUBLE STOMPS THE PILE OF ALL THREE MEN! The heels go out to the floor, and STORM GOES FOR A SUICIDE DIVE, BUT ALL THREE MEN MOVES AND STORM CRASHES INTO A CHAIR! Everyone brawls around the ring as Boyer covers Storm for two. Boyer tags in Matthews, who hits a bionic elbow off the second. Matthews hits a back elbow for two. Jagged tags in and goes up top, but then climbs down and punches Storm in the ribs. Jagged applies and abdominal stretch, and Boyer comes in and dropkicks Storm in the head! Boyer gets a sunset flip, but Storm rolls through and out to the floor! SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK BY JIGSAW! Jigsaw cleans house and tags in Quackenbush. Jigsaw doubles stomps all three men, and STORM SPLASHES ALL THREE OFF THE SECOND! One, two, NO! Storm and Quack get dumped the floor. Matthews gets Jigsaw in side slam position. Jagged knees Jigsaw in the head, and BOYER COMES OFF THE SECOND WITH A LEG DROP! Cover- ONE, TWO, THRE-Quack makes the save! Jigsaw, Quack, Boyer, and Matthews pair off and fall to the floor. Storm and Jagged exchange, and STORM GETS THE AIR RAID CRASH! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winners: Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Shane Storm
This was similar to the previous match, but with more of a clear-cut face/heel dynamic. 2.0 are great as heels, and all of their antics were entertaining. This helped keep the early goings interesting before things broke down and everyone went crazy with big moves. 4 for 5.

Team TNA of Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, and Sonjay Dutt talk up where they have wrestled. They are throwing their hats in the mix to claim the King of Trios tournament.

Match Six, King of Trios First Round: Team TNA (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, and Sonjay Dutt) vs. BLK OUT (Joker, Ruckus, and Sabian)

Ruckus and Sabin square off to start. Sabin gets the edge and tags out to Shelley, who continues to control the mat game. Shelly takes control and blows snot onto Ruckus. Ruckus gets a back handspring head scissors, but then eats a back elbow and a springboard back elbow! Shelley whips Ruckus’ arm onto the mat and then stomps on it. Shelly continues his assault on the arm of Ruckus with painful submission holds. Ruckus hits a knee on Shelley, scales the ropes, and hits a beautiful twisting arm drag. Sabin and Joker come in and have a quick exchange that Joker wins with a shoulder block. Dutt and Sabian get in, and Sabian catches Dutt with a dropkick. Sabian scores with a head scissors that sends Dutt to the floor. SABIAN WIPES OUT DUTT WITH A FRONTFLIP SENTON TO THE FLOOR! Sabian takes Dutt inside and covers for two. Sabian eats a boot, and Dutt hits a missile dropkick out of the corner for one. Shelley comes in and delivers a nasty kick to Sabian. Shelley tages in Sabin, ad Shelley slingshots Sabian into a forearm from Sabin. Dutt then hits an ARABIAN PRESS ONTO SABIAN WHILE HE’S LAID ACROSS SHELLEY’S KNEES! Shelley covers for two. Shelley applies a cravat, then takes Sabian down and dropkicks him in the back. Dutt tags in and covers for two. Dutt sends Sabian off and gets a back elbow for one. Sabin tags in and peppers Sabian with punches. Sabin sends Sabian into the buckles and nails a leaping back elbow. Sabin snapmares Sabian and hits a running kick to the back of the neck for two. Shelley comes in and they hit a double suplex, followed by a series of leg drops from everyone on Team TNA. Shelley locks Sabian in a chinlock. Shelley drops a knee on Sabian for two. Shelley cracks Sabian with a punch, but Sabian fires back. Shelley then hits a leaping enzuigiri! Sabian gets back up and keeps bringing it. Shelley pushes Sabian into the corner and tags out to Sabin. Sabian gets a sunset flip for two, but then eats a clothesline for two. Sabin slams Sabian and tags in Shelley. Shelley applies a stretch hold, and Sabin and Dutt tag on dropkicks to the face of Sabian for two. Shelley whips Sabian, but Sabian rolls to the floor! Ruckus and Joker get Shelley in crab, and Sabian dropkicks him in the ribs! Sabian stays legal and applies a headlock. Shelley goes for a back suplex but gets caught with a body press. Sabian applies an arm hold, and Ruckus comes in and hits a dropkick on Shelley for two. Sabian tags in Ruckus, who hits a leg lariat for two. Joker tags in and pounds away on Shelley. Joker hits a back body drop for two. Joker applies a chinlock. Joker slams Shelley, and Sabian comes in with a slingshot senton for two. Sabian applies a chinlock, but Shelley fires out. Shelley hits the ropes and takes a kick to the gut. The BLK OUT members come in and hit some basement dropkicks on Shelley. The BLK OUT team applies a three man submission on Shelley. Joker becomes legal and stomps Shelley. Sabian tags in. Joker whips Shelley and they try for poetry in motion, but Shelley dropkicks Sabian out of mid-air! Shelley then hits a double stomp on Joker! Shelley hits a leaping enzuigiri on Sabian! Shelley tags in Sabin who cleans house. SWINGING DDT ASSISTED BY KICKS BY SABIN ON JOKER! One, two, NO! Shelley comes in and shoots off Ruckus, but gets met by a kick and a ROLLING FAMASSER! One, two, NO! Ruckus goes for the Razzle Dazzle, but SHELLEY CATCHES HIM IN A BORDER CITY STRETCH! The Team TNA members catch the other BLK OUT members in submissions as well! Ruckus gets free and breaks the other two holds. Ruckus grabs Dutt. Dutt fires off, and then hits a leaping enzuigiri on Joker. Dutt goes for a wheelbarrow, but Ruckus grabs his head and DDTs him! SABIAN HITS A LUNG BLOWER! Joker german suplexes Dutt into the buckles! Ruckus hits the Razzle Dazzle, Sabian hits a running dropkick, and JOKER HITS THE CANNON BALL! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Sabian, Joker, and Ruckus go up top, but Joker and Sabian get crotches. Ruckus misses a frontflip senton. KICK COMBO BY SHELLEY AND SABIN! 6-1-9 BY SONJAY! Shelley and Sonjay wipe out the other BLK OUT members with dives to the floor! FUTURE SHOCK! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winners: Team TNA
Wow! If you like the X-Division style, this match should be right up your alley. The BLK OUT guys were on-point, and the Team TNA guys really brought it even though they probably didn’t have to. This match was wall-to-wall action, and despite the large amount of spots, the execution was flawless. Great match. 5 for 6.

The crowd gives everyone a long round of applause following the match.

Icarus talks about what he needs: a nap, a warm meal in his stomach, and a night out with the ladies. What he does not need is a singles match with Player Uno. Icarus says Uno is not in his league. Icarus says he’s going to beat down Uno, get his sleep, and gear up for night three, where the Kings of Wrestling will win the King of Trios. This was a great promo, and demonstrates how good Icarus is as a talker.

Match Seven: Icarus vs. Player Uno

Icarus gets a ton of heat during his entrance, as per usual. Icarus steals Uno’s hat and wears it to boos. Icarus goes to the eyes of Player Uno early. Uno gets an inside cradle for two. Icarus pushes Uno into the buckles and hits a big lariat. Icarus delivers some wicked overhand chops and then follows up with a dropkick for two. Uno throws his elbow pad at Icarus, so Icarus slaps him with it, and then stomps a mudhole in him. Icarus hits a scoop slam and then nails a leg drop. Icarus gets a pinning combination for two. Icarus gives Uno a series of chops. Uno then follows up with a few of his own. Icarus ducks one and forearms Uno in the back. Uno catches Icarus charging in the corner and sits him up top. Uno wraps Icarus upside down in the ropes and chops him. Uno runs and dropkicks Icarus in the face! Icarus rolls to the floor, but Uno takes him inside and covers for two. Uno gets a fisherman’s suplex with a bridge! One, two, no! Uno chops Icarus a few times. Uno sends Icarus off and catches him on his shoulders, but ICARUS GETS A REVERSE HURRICANRANA! Icarus follows up with a leaping enzuigiri! Icarus drops Uno with an inverted DDT! One, two, NO! Icarus picks up Uno and goes for the Pedigree, but Uno slips out. Backslide! One, two, no! ICARUS HITS THE PEDIGREE! ONE, TWO, THREE! The Kings of Wrestling team goes 3-for-3 on the night!

Winner: Icarus
This was a good way to cool down the crowd, and I mean that as a compliment. These guys kept it basic and worked the crowd. The story was that Icarus was clearly the better and more experienced competitor, but Uno showed heart and determination. This was solid. 6 for 7.

Backstage, The Olsen Twins, Jimmy and Colin, talk about their powerful punches.

Match Eight: The Olsen Twins vs. Miyawaki and Yoshiaki Yago

Colin and Yago start it off, and Colin gets a snapmare. He celebrates, but then receives a snapmare from Yago and a kick to the back. Jimmy and Miyawaki tag in. A shoulder block sees neither man go down. Miyawaki manages to knock Jimmy down. Jimmy goes to the eyes, but gets caught with a knee lift to the gut coming off the ropes. Miyawaki and Jimmy exchange chops. Jimmy headbutts Miyawaki, and Miyawaki retaliates. Miyawaki then punches Jimmy in the face. Colin hits a knee on Miyawaki, allowing Jimmy to tag out following a back suplex. Colin tries to capitalize with strikes. Jimmy tags in and gets an elbow drop for one. Colin tags back in and Jimmy hip tosses Colin into a neckbreaker on Miyawaki! That gets two. Jimmy tags in and pounds away on Miyawaki. Colin tags in, and the Olsen Twins score with a wheelbarrow into a senton. Colin gets a neckbreaker for two. Jimmy tags in, and a double team attempt fails. Miyawaki throws Jimmy onto Colin, and Yago tags in. YAGO DESTROYS THEM EACH WITH STRIKES! Yago hits a leg lariat on Jimmy, then follows up with a uranage! Yago covers for two. Yago takes Miyawaki back in. Miyawaki MURDERS Jimmy with a chop. Miyawaki sets Colin up in the corner, and CHOPS HIM EVEN HARDER! Jimmy’s chest is BRIGHT red! Miyawaki charges but eats a boot. Jimmy charges but gets caught with a flatliner! Miyawaki sinks in a cobra clutch variation! Yago catches Colin in an STF! Both Olsen’s get to the ropes. YAGO DESTROYS JIMMY WITH HEART PUNCHES! Kick to the head by Yago! Jimmy barely gets up before the count of ten. Colin cheap shots Yago, and Jimmy gets him in a surfboard. Colin leapfrogs Jimmy and leg drops Yago! He covers- One, two, NO! Yago fights off both of The Olsen Twins. Colin trips Yago and slingshots him into a big boot! Jimmy goes up top and gets a diving headbutt! One, two, thre-NO! Yago hits a DRAGON SUPLEX ON JIMMY! Yago gets him up- VICIOUS RAZOR’S EDGE! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winners: Miyawaki and Yoshiaki Yago
This was a pretty even match up, but Jimmy Olsen took a brutal beating. Miyawaki and Yago looked like badasses here, and this helped get them even more over heading into the final night of the tournament. 7 for 8.

Match Nine, King of Trios Quarterfinals: Hallowicked, Cheech, and Cloudy vs. El Pantera, Sicodelico Jr., and Lince Dorado

Pantera and Hallowicked start it off. Pantera gets Wicked in a surfboard and stands on his back, but Wicked makes the ropes. Sicodelico tags in and he gets an arm drag on Hallowicked. Sicodelico gets a bridging pin for two. Wicked gets put in a courting hold, and he can’t flip his way out of it. Wicked then arm drags his way free. Cheech tags in and gets a wrist lock into an arm drag. Sicodelico seems a step slow here. Cheech gets a series of pin attempts, but he can’t get the win. Cheech gets a beautiful wheelbarrow into a sunset flip for two. Sicodelico PLASTERS Cheech with a superkick out of nowhere. Dorando tags in and slaps on a wristlock. Cheech reverses and tags out to Cloudy. Cloudy gets a crucifix for two. Cloudy gets a backslide for two, and Lince gets a magistral cradle for two. Pantera and Hallowicked exchange, and Pantera gets a top rope cross body for two. Sicodelico and Cheech tag in. Cheech gets a headscissors, but then takes a head kick from Sicodelico. Sicodelico THROWS CHEECH UP IN THE AIR AND ALMOST INTO THE CEILING! Cloudy comes in and dropkicks Sicodelico out. Lince comes in and exchanges with Cloudy. Lince gets a toreador and a hurricarana. Cloudy gets a rana of his own, but Lince rolls out and kicks him in the chest! That whole exchange was frighteningly fast. The luchadors triple team Cloudy, so Hallowicked and Cheech come in. They hit a double exploder suplex on Lince! One, two, Pantera breaks it up! Cheech hits a DND on Lince! One, two, Pantera breaks it up again. Cloudy gets a cross body on Sicodelico for two. Pantera catches Cloudy with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and Sicodelico superkicks Hallowicked to the floor! PANTERA FLIES AND WIPES OUT HALLOWICKED! Sicodelico spills out to the floor, and Cloudy takes him out with a dive! Lince and Cheech exchange in the ring. Lince gets a tornado DDT! Lince goes up top- TWISTING BODY PRESS! ONE, TWO, THREE! That move was unreal. Lince basically did a cartwheel in mid-air, if that makes sense.

Winners: El Pantera, Sicodelico Jr., and Lince Dorado
Lince Dorado put on a tremendous showing here despite being the least experienced member of his team. The action was steady and built to a boil at the end. Solid match. 8 for 9

Main-Event, King of Trios Quarterfinals: Team TNA (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, and Sonjay Dutt) vs. Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Shane Storm

Storm and Dutt square off to start. A stalemate leads to Quack and Sabin tagging in. They go at it a little bit more intensely and creatively. Quack gets a takedown and stretches Sabin’s legs. Sabin escapes and the two square off. This leads to a quick lucha exchange that Quack gets the best of with a toreador. Jigsaw tags in and gets a basement cross body off the top rope! Jigsaw gets a leg drop and a jackknife cradle, but Shelley breaks it up with a kick to the calf. Sabin knocks Jigsaw to the mat and tags in Dutt. Dutt pounds away on Jig and gets a springboard legdrop off the second rope for two! Jigsaw gets a leg trip and tags in Quack, who brutally stretches Dutt. Dutt makes the ropes. Both men look for a backslide, and Jigsaw comes in but he takes a hurricarana from Dutt! Quack and Jig go to the floor, and DUTT FOLLOWS THEM OUT WITH A PLANCHA! Storm and Shelley run in, and SHELLEY CATCHES STORM WITH THE BORDER CITY STRETCH! Storm manages to get to the ropes. Shelley kicks Storm in the head and works him over. Shelley shows shades of Johnny Saint, but Storm catches him with a low dropkick. Storm then gets an alita, but Sabin runs in and dropkicks him. Quack becomes the other legal man. JIGSAW FLIES IN WITH A HEAD SCISSORS OFF THE TOP! Sabin goes to the floor, and JIGSAW TAKES HIM OUT WITH A FOSBURY FLOP! Quack and Storm send Dutt and Shelley to the floor with dropkicks. DEULING FRONFLIP SENTONS TO THE FLOOR! In the ring, Sabin catches Jig with a leaping enzuigiri! Sabin hits a flatliner! Shelley tags in and taunts Jigsaw before stomping him. Shelley goes after the mask! Dutt tags in and double stomps Jig for two. SONJAY GOES FOR THE MASK! Remsburg puts a stop to it. Sabin hits a walkout suplex for two. Sabin goes after the mask! Sabin tags in Shelley. Shelley goes for the mask, but Jig rolls him up! ONE, TWO, NO! Shelley taunts Jigsaw’s teammates as he pets Jig’s mask. Shelley delivers some nasty kicks to the chest of Jigsaw, and stretches him out while going for the mask! Shelley turns it into a pin for two. Shelley ties Jigsaw in a pretzel and taunts him. Sabin tags in and dropkicks Jigsaw. Dutt tags in and makes a cocky cover for two. Jigsaw gets a roll-up for two! Shelley tags in and spits on Jigsaw! Shelley and Sabin work over Jigsaw, and Dutt tacks on a standing moonsault for two. Jigsaw escapes to the floor, and SHELLEY ROLLS UP STORM! ONE, TWO, NO! Shane tries That Japanese Move, but Shelley blocks and kicks him in the kidneys. Shelley kneels on the throat of Storm while he tags Dutt. Dutt flies in with a slingshot legdrop! That gets two. Dutt takes Storm down, and Dutt goes to the apron. Dutt slingshots in, and then kicks Storm in the face! Dutt makes another cocky cover for two. Sabin comes in and works over Storm. Sabin slams Storm down and Garvin stomps him before delivering a back senton! Sabin taunts the technico corner and tags out to Shelley. Shelley applies an abdominal stretch, and his teammates grab his hand for extra leverage! Sabin goes up top and dropkicks Storm in the gut! Sonjay gets on Sabin’s shoulders for a STACK SENTON! One, two, Quack breaks it up! Storm rolls to the floor, but Team TNA works over Quack. Shelley and Sabin hit a double hip toss and duel kicks. Shelley and Sabin hit a wheelbarrow gutbuster, and DUTT COMES OFF THE SECOND WITH A MOONSAULT ONTO QUACKENBUSH’S BACK! Sabin covers- ONE, TWO, NO! Sabin works over Quack with strikes, and then chokes him. Shelley tags in, and Quack evades both men. Quack cleans house, and tags in Storm! Storm lights up Sabin. DDT by Storm! One, two, no! Sabin and Storm exchange, and Storm takes control. Storm clotheslines Sabin, and both men spill out to the floor. Shelley and Quack come in, and QUACK GETS THE BLACK TORNADO SLAM! ONE, TWO, NO! Shelley hits the ropes, but Quack drops him on his face! A crucifix cover by Quack gets two. SHELLEY CATCHES QUACK IN A BORDER CITY STRETCH! SONJAY GETS STORM IN A CAMEL CLUTCJ, AND SABIN GETS JIG IN AN ABDOMINAL STRETCH! ALL THREE MEN COUNTER! Shelley breaks free and breaks the other holds. Shelley takes offense from Jig and Quack. Shelley drops Quack with a super atomic drop. Quack goes to the floor, and SHELLEY TAKES HIM OUT WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! Storm and Sabin go at it. Sabin sets Stor up in a tree of woe. Shelley drops him with a neckbreaker, Shelley hits a running dropkick, and SONJAY NAILS HIM WITH A FRONTFLIP COAST-TO-COAST! Shelley covers- ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS BY SONJAY! ONE, TWO, THRE-NO! Sabin goes up top- LEG DROP! Shelley up top- FROG SPLASH! ONE, TWO, THRE-JIGSAW MAKES THE SAVE! Shelley hits the SHELLSHOCK TO QUACK ON THE FLOOR! In the ring, STORM ROLLS UP SABIN! ONE, TWO, NO! BACKSLIDE BY STORM! ONE, TWO, NO! Sabin hits him with an enzuigiri, but Jigsaw takes him out with a missile dropkick! Asai DDT by Sonjay. Dutt goes up top- 450 SPLASH! ONE, TWO, THRE-JIGSAW KICKS OUT! Dutt hits the ropes, but Jigsaw stops him- JIG ‘N TONIC! ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winners: Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and Shane Storm
This was one hell of match predicated on a simple story. The heels were dominant and conniving. However, the babyfaces remained resilient, and managed to pull through in the clutch. Team TNA looked really strong in defeat. Shelley carried himself like a star, and this match made me a bit sad that he never got an extended singles run as a main-event heel on the American indy circuit. The story made the big moves much more meaningful. 9 for 10

After the match, the technicos extend their hands. Team TNA snub them on handshakes and head to the back. Quack, Jig, and Storm celebrate to close the show.

The 411: Like Night One, this show was paced well and flew by. However, this event had more blow-away matches, such as the Team TNA matches. As a whole, Team TNA took this show to the next level with their matches and the way they carried themselves. Night Two made the tournament feel bigger and more important than Night One did, which was needed. The Hallowicked, Cheech and Cloudy vs. The Colony match was also a strong opening round contest. If you like this style of wrestling, this show is worth plopping down the $15 for.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend

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