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Luchasarus and Jungle Boy on Comparisons to X-Pac and Kane, Wanting Match With Young Bucks

August 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jungle Boy Jack Perry Luchasaurus AEW Fyter Fest Image Credit: AEW

– On the latest X-Pac 12360, Luchasarus and Jungle Boy discussed their teaming up in AEW, comparisons with the Kane/X-Pac tag team and more. You can check out the full video and some highlights below:

Luchasaurus on their team having Kane/X-Pac vibes: “Yeah. And I was studying that when we started teaming right away. I was like, ‘Let me look at some of those matches,’ ’cause that’s kind of the psychology of the team. It’s the big guy who’s kind of like the misunderstood monster, teaming with the guy who’s — well, actually he’s got a different thing, because he’s the Jungle Boy. He’s the only one who understands me I guess, because he’s from the jungle. He kind of found me in the jungle, something like that. But it’s the same kind of dynamic. And it worked then, and it’s working now on a different level.”

Luchasaurus on the two of them not initially being teamed up: “There was definitely a — I definitely wanted to show people what I could do initially [in the Double or Nothing Casino Battle Royal] because I was kind of a late addition to it, and there was not necessarily talk of us teaming together yet. And we really believed in it at this point and we wanted to, at least, get some time in there together and have a moment, to let them know this could be a really cool thing. I think we got that across with limited time we had. That was my goal, to make sure that me and him did something so that people could see the interaction and the chemistry.”

Jungle Boy on making their case as a team during the battle royal: “We were talking about it the other day, but I feel that we kinda changed the course of events there. Because I don’t know if we would’ve been a team or what, but after we had that moment, it was kinda solidified … We had a little discussion about it but there wasn’t concrete anything. But I think then, when we had that moment and got that reaction, I think they saw that this is good.”

Luchasaurus on the initial plans for him: “After Double or Nothing, I was probably gonna — my next showing with them was probably when TV started. Like, they were going to wait and start building my character on its own. And then all of a sudden, I got the call saying, ‘Hey we want you at all the events.’ And it was like, we put out those vignettes too. We followed up Double or Nothing with the supermarket little funny vignettes. A couple of other ones, coming out of the car we were driving. And those just took off so much online with the fans. And AEWis listening to the fans in a lot of ways with these things, which no company has ever done before. And everybody wanted to see it so bad, they were like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna have him come out with Jungle Boy at this show. Okay, you guys are teaming at this show. And it’s just kept on picking up steam thanks to them listening.”

Luchasarus on who they want to face in AEW: “I mean, obviously, we would love to wrestle the Young Bucks. I mean, that’s like the goal there at AEW, is to have the match with you know, THE team. But I don’t feel any pressure now. Once we got that first tag out of the way, and we had such a great response, and the crowd was so eager to see us, I feel good about it. I am just excited to show them what else we got in store at this point.”

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