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Mandy Rose On Looking Like Nikki Bella On Recent NXT, Potential Match With Nikki

November 27, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT Mandy Rose Image Credit: WWE

Mandy Rose was conjuring some Nikki Bella energy with her outfit on NXT a couple of weeks ago, and she recently weighed in on the look and a possible match with Nikki. During her title defense against Alba Fyre on the November 15th episode, Rose came out with a backwards baseball cap and look reminiscent of the WWE Hall of Famer. Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, she ntoed that the whole thing was not intentional. You can see some highlights below:

On her look being similar to Nikki’s: “Oh gosh I knew. Can’t even wear my own merch hat, and it’s a big thing. But no, I definitely — I mean, when I had the whole outfit on, backstage obviously, we were all saying it. And then I was like, ‘Okay, do I look way too much like Nikki right now? Like, I’m definitely going to get ripped on the internet. But everyone was like, ‘Yeah, who cares? You’re owning to her legacy, right?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, why not?’ So, yeah, and that’s what happened. We knew the internet was going to go there.”

On a possible match with Nikki: “Right? That’s what I said. And then afterwards I mean, I don’t know. I’m just saying, she did say she wants one more match so, I don’t know! And I feel like also, even my promo the other night, her legacy and just like everything I’ve done. We have a little bit of similar backgrounds in a sense. Because she’s obviously paved the way for us, definitely during the Divas time and the Women’s Revolution and all that.

“So it’s like, I feel like there’s some kind of similarity with the both of us. Because she was always one to be like, she wants to have people respect her more, and she she did gain that respect over the years. But in the beginning it wasn’t maybe so much like that. So I feel like there is a little story there.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Chris Van Vliet with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.