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Mandy Rose and Otis Flirt on Twitter Following Smackdown, Rose Says She’s ‘Falling For’ Otis (Video)

January 18, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Smackdown Otis and Mandy Rose

– The sweet, wholesome, and burgeoning romance between Otis and Mandy Rose continued on last night’s edition of Smackdown on FOX. Otis came out to the rescue of Mandy Rose during Sonya Deville’s match with Alexa Bliss. However, the moment distracted Deville, causing her to lose to Bliss. Later on, Mandy Rose wrote on Twitter about “falling for” Otis. Otis also flirted back with Mandy Rose in kind.

Mandy Rose wrote, “Always there to help me when I’m down. I feel like I’m always falling for you!!” Otis later responded, “Nothin’ will Happen to You My Beautiful Peach in my Protective Arms When Your Down… I’ll Always pick you Up.”

Otis later added that he likes Rose “a lot.” He tweeted, “I LIKE YOU A LOT My Beautiful @WWE_MandyRose” Deville seemed less enthused about what happened on last night’s show. Following Smackdown, Deville wrote, “Cheers 2020 you’ve been great.” You can check out those tweets below, along with some highlights and clips from Smackdown.

Following Smackdown, Otis said in a post-show interview on catching Mandy, “It felt so nice and warm, and I caught her to save her. That was a big fall right there, and she landed right on the oversized load.” Otis added, “I felt it in our eyes. I locked in eyes, I locked in emotion. We locked in everything in sight. My heart is so filled, and I feel filled up ready to explode.”