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Mick Foley Recalls Taking Unplanned Shovel To The Face From Jerry Sags in WCW Match

July 6, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mick Foley WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Mick Foley’s battle with the Nasty Boys at WCW Spring Stampede 1994 featured the Hardcore Legend taking a shovel shot to the face, and Foley recently revealed that spot was unplanned. Foley teamed with Maxx Payne against the Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags at the 1994 WCW PPV, and he recalled how a couple of his big bumps during the match were improvised (much like the rest of the match) on the latest episode of his Foley Is Pod podcast. You can check out the highlights below, per Wrestling Inc:

On taking the flat bump to the outside during the match: “There’s not enough room for me to take this bump, the Nestea Plunge, properly. So I end up doing great damage to my shoulder because I gotta rotate mid-air.”

On getting hit in the face by a shovel during the bout: “I personally thought the Nestea Plunge was enough for the fall, but Sags had other ideas … None of that was [planned], because the only thing we knew was the finish. And again, maybe I’m looking back at this through this with rose-colored glasses, but my recollection — and I think that’s consistent with what I wrote in 1999 — is that I didn’t have anything planned. Maybe Maxx and those guys did, but I was already, in my head, out of the company and getting surgery.”