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Mid-South Wrestling (12.11.1982) Review

August 5, 2019 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Tony Atlas Mid-South Wrestling 12-11-82
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Mid-South Wrestling (12.11.1982) Review  

-Originally aired December 11, 1982.

-Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Paul Boesch. Boyd calls Boesch “the dean of wrestling commentators,” which might be true if wrestling has its own version of University of Phoenix. Boyd announces that Stagger Lee won the North American Title at the last Superdome show.

-Paul Boesch talks to Hacksaw Duggan, who asks Boesch to reinstate the Brass Knuckles Championship that Bill Watts was still holding when he retired, because Duggan feels that belt would suit his style of wrestling well.

HACKSAW DUGGAN (Louisiana Champion) vs. LESTER PARKS

-Amateur takedown by Duggan as Boyd Pierce makes a point for first-time viewers, saying you can discern title matches and non-title matches by who gets the belt after the intros. If the belt goes to the ring attendant, it’s non-title.

-Duggan hammers Parks and elbows him down. The crappy spear gets the three-count.


-II does some dainty footwork to taunt Bond before tripping him. Backdrop by II, and he applies a front facelock as Boyd surprises us with the announcement that in a good clean scientific match in Mississippi, II defeated Mr. Olympia and is now the Mississippi Champion. Suplex by II, and the kneelift gets three.

-Paul Boesch has words with Ted DiBiase and Matt Borne. DiBiase says he was robbed of the North American Title at the Superdome. He ripped the mask off and there were photographers at ringside covering the event, and somehow, NO photographers are stepping forward with the pictures they took. Even more insulting, Boyd Pierce was at ringside and turned his back to the ring during the match. And Grizzly Smith somehow didn’t happen to be present when the match was taking place. So DAMN IT, he wants a rematch in Houston and Paul Boesch better make it happen.

-We get an explanation from Boyd Pierce, who explains that when he saw that DiBiase was starting the unmasking, he turned to a policeman working security and asked him to do the looking for him, because Pierce didn’t feel comfortable having to serve as a witness if President Charlie Lay demanded a hearing about Stagger Lee’s identity. The cop agreed, but then the match ended instantly and the next thing Boyd knew, Stagger Lee had his mask AND the title belt.

STAGGER LEE (North American Champion) vs. MARTY LUNDE
-Stagger Lee is just getting ARROGANT now, wearing a t-shirt that reads “Stagger Lee or Is It JYD?” Big slam by Stagger Lee gets a one-count. Stagger switches to a chinlock but Lunde starts to elbow out. Big headbutt gets three.


-Borne and Landel trade armwork, and a backdrop by Landel sends Borne to the floor. Scary spot by DiBiase, who bungles an attempted sunset flip and lands on his head, but they turn it into a spot pretty well, with Landel taking control from that and frustrating DiBiase. Horner tags in and armdrags both of the champs, clearing the ring, and you can really tell that they’re making plans for both of the jobbers.

-Landel tags back in and counters a double-team by giving DiBiase a forearm. Champs make a tag behind Landel’s back , and that turns the tide, as DiBiase sneaks in with a second rope shot to the back of the head. Kneedrop by Borne gets one. Borne goes for a chinlock. DiBiase heads back in with a backbreaker which gets a two-count, so they’re wearing Buddy down. See, that’s another thing I like about the prevailence of one-counts in this promotion. You can use it to track the progress in a match. It was one-counts on the near-falls early on, but now we’ve seen a two-count, so the guys are getting tired.

-Hot tag to Horner, who takes on the champs and clears Borne from the ring. Horner and DiBiase collide on a shoulderblock. The partners start to step in and the referee tries to restore order, but while he’s dealing with Landel, Borne sneaks up to the top rope and hits Bombs Away, and DiBiase applies a figure four to finish. A good competitive battle and the jobbers looked like stars without needing the win to accomplish that.

-A dropkick sends Taylor out to the floor. Taylor tries a top wristlock, but Atlas flexes out. Atlas wrings the arm and whips Taylor into the corner, but Taylor springs himself over the top rope to protect himself. Atlas slingshots him in and monkeyflips him straight down on his ass. Press slam by Atlas, although Taylor is so big that Atlas can only KINDA press him, and a headbutt from the second rope finishes.


-Torres has to be wearing borrowed tights because he’s slender and his tights are damn near touching his pecs. Amateur takedown by Torres. They go to work on the mat. Gino snapmares him for two and goes to a chinlock. Gino switches to holding one leg in his arm, which Paul Boesch expertly calls a figure four. Torres gets caught in headscissors. Dropkick by Gino gets two. Suplex (or back bodydrop if you’re Paul Boesch, who has been in the business for 40 years) and the second rope backward elbow finishes. Pretty decent.


-Davidsons attack during the intros but get cleared out of the ring right away. The babyfaces are in matching blue tights and the heels are in red tights, like this match is happening in an off-brand video game. Monkeyflip by Chavo, Olympia works the arm on Rick. John tries to tag in from too far away but overstretches his arm and pratfalls into the ring. Rick is still stuck in there and they stay on the arm. John finally tags in. Olympia connects with a double dropkick and Boyd is noticeably freaking out because these guys apparently aren’t getting the time signal. Slingshot shoulderblock by Chavo and Olympia wins RIGHT as the show ends.

The final score: review Amazing
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This is a wrestling show. No doubt about it.

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