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More on Harassment of Riho That Led To Her Leaving Twitter

March 17, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Riho AEW 10-17-19 Image Credit: AEW

Riho has been the subject of abuse on Twitter recently and as a result, deleted her Twitter account this past week. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has more details on the situation, which is believed to have been a concentrated effort to attack the former AEW Women’s champion.

It was noted that the online attacks increased after Riho returned to AEW TV. Jay Dumont, a friend of various people in AEW and WWE, led an effort to cheer her up with social media. He asked people to send messages they would then put in a card for her.

However, those who have been harassing Riho and others who decide not to like her, had meetings online and tried to organize a counter-effort to ruin it. They sent several hateful messages in with the ones meant to cheer her up, so Dumont cut the project off early. Then someone else went through each message individually to make sure there were no more hateful ones.

She was then given the positive messages and was said to be “grateful and emotional” over it. She later added that she didn’t know she was loved by as many people as she was.

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