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Nick Patrick Recalls Getting Burned Out On the Road In WWE & WCW

August 31, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Nick Patrick WWE Image Credit: WWE

Nick Patrick had a busy schedule during his time in WCW and WWE, and he recently noted he suffered burnout because of it. The former referee touched on the topic on this week’s Monday Mailbag for AdFreeShows, and some highlights are below (per Wrestling Inc):

On getting burned out in WWE: “Most of my time in WWE I felt burnt out but I had to keep plugging. It’s hard emotionally to do that grind and I had things going on with my family, I had things going on with my marriage, I had a son that — I’d never even heard of autism, now I got a son that I found out has autism and I was trying to deal with it from the road. Living out of a suitcase is very hard and I just did a 12-year run with WCW and that’s a fiend in itself.”

On his time off when WWE bought WCW: “I got to be at home and spend a little bit of home time but then I got out on the road again.”

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