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Nikki Cross Says She and Killian Dain Understand Sacrifices For Wrestling

January 22, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Nikki Cross Raw 1-14-19

In an interview with The Scottish Sun, Nikki Cross spoke about the sacrifices wrestlers have to make and how she and her husband Killian Dain understand that, since they can’t be together as much. Here are highlights:

On not getting as much time with Dain as she’d like: “The good thing is we’re both in the industry and understand the sacrifices that are necessary. The way we look at it, one day we will be 60 years old and be together every night. But we met through wrestling, love wrestling and understand that we’re both on the most amazing journey right now. It helps a lot because there are times where one of us will leave for 10 days and we don’t see each other. He is in Florida and I’m on the road with Smackdown so it’s important when we do have time together we make sure it is quality time connecting and talking. I always have loads to catch him up on. Wrestling is our passion so we are going to discuss that and talk about our dreams. But we also know it’s important to watch TV together and go to the movies.”

On her relationship with Dain: “Killian — well, his name is Damien so I call him Damo — and I were just blessed with amazing timing. We met at wrestling school in Glasgow. He had been training for a couple of years before me and we have been together since 2008 then married last year. We both worked really hard and were fortunate we were both signed by WWE in the same year in 2016. I was out there and he followed six months later. That doesn’t happen to everyone. Then we worked together within a group called Sanity on NXT. We have a great mix, he has been such a huge influence and inspiration in my career because after we started dating, he took on the wrestling school because the person that ran it stepped away. He trained a lot of amazing people and has always given me good advice. He is also very good at designing ring gear so I question him about my costume all the time because he’s so good at color matching.”

On teaming with Alexa Bliss: “Last year was just incredible. I got some great opportunities and tried to make the most of them every time. My partnership with Alex both on and off-screen has been brilliant and we’ve become really, really good friends. I’m hoping it keeps going that way in 2020. My goal for this year is for us to recapture the Women’s Tag Team Championships so hopefully this time next year we’ll have them back.”

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