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Northeast Wrestling Results 11.6.15 – Auburn, New York

November 7, 2015 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Credit: Alan Kanazawich & PWInsider

On Friday 11/6, Northeast Wrestling hosted Prison City Slam in Auburn, NY at the local high school.

My girlfriend and I had tickets with the meet and greet package. The advertised appearances on the flyers were Mick Foley, Jerry Lawler, Matt Hardy, Mickie James, and NEW champion Matt Taven, all of who showed up. Doors opened right at 5:30 and meet and greets went in first. Meet and greet opened up at 6:00 and the line started moving.

We got to meet Robbie E and his manager, Donovan Dijak, Magnus, Pepper Parks, Dalton Castle, and a bunch of others (pardon my lack of knowledge on the independent scene, It’s been awhile), as well as the stars listed above.

Robbie E was very sociable and kindly laughed at my corny TNA joke. He seems like he’s just happy to make a living doing what he loves. Donovan Dijak was cool too, and very tall up close. Mickie James was very friendly, and talked with my girlfriend about nail polish for a little while. Jeff Hardy was chilled out, and appreciated me for being thankful for the memories he created in my childhood. Jerry Lawler was very classy, and struck up a conversation with us. He complained about his hall of fame ring being too big and thanked us for coming to the show. Mick Foley was classy also. He was having a great time with the little girl in front of us, and he’s awesome with kids. Just a great guy all around, and very humble. We got a picture with him and Mr Socko, and headed to our seats.

We were in the 3rd row on a corner. Good seats, and as the crowd settled in, I would guess there was about 350-400 people there. It was a very mixed crowd, complete with students, teachers, families, and smarks. There was even a very old couple in the front row who looked thrilled to be there. The 7:30 start time rolled around, but there was still a massive line out the door to meet the wrestlers. At about 8:10, they announced that the show would start in 5 minutes. At about 8:25, the show finally got underway.

First match was Dalton Castle vs TKO (again, sorry for not knowing some of these names). A good crowd-warming match, with TKO stalling for the first 10 minutes or so and standing in the crowd to build some heat. Castle is very charismatic, and his “slowly bending over” schtick was hilarious. He had a large winged cape that fanned out when he raised his arms. If you haven’t seen this guy, look him up. Both guys had a good match, and the crowd was hot and loud for Castle’s victory.

Next match was a religious type guy named Savior vs a demon type guy (hard to hear the names thru the muffled sound system). An average match. Both guys went down from a simultaneous clothesline, and Donovan Dijak walked out to the ring. He beat up both guys, cut a quick promo about the Patriots to get some heat from the upstate NY fans, and plugged his upcoming match later on with Matt Hardy.

Next was the Cam-An Connection vs a tag team of African-American dissent. Another good match. I think Cam-An were supposed to be the faces here, but the other team were very solid and hard-hitting, and the crowd got pretty hot for them. Cam-An came out victorious.

Next up was Mickie James vs Raye Lynn (?) and her manager/boyfriend (heels). Mickie James got a big pop. The heels kept stopping the match to kiss each other. When Mickie went for the pin, the heel manager pulled her out of the ring. She grabbed a mic, and told the heels that she was going to go get her own guy friend. Magnus came out and the crowd went bonkers. The match became a mixed tag. The heels botched nearly everything they did, and the faces finally went over with a pinfall after both wrestlers hit their finishers.

Next match was Matt Taven vs Pepper Parks for the NEW Championship. Taven also had his ROH Tag Team title belt with him. The match was good and solid, and both men looked like strong, equal opponents. At one point outside the ring, Taven told a guy in the front row to grow a pair and get in the ring some time (not sure what the fan said to provoke him). Taven went over with a pinfall after an impressive final spot and finisher. Great match from both men.

Next up was the first main event, Matt Hardy vs Donovan Dijak. The crowd was simmering and boo’d Dijak very loudly. Hardy got a huge reaction, and they quickly got into the match. Lots of near falls, lots of chants for the Twist of Fate. Hardy gave Dijak a really strong ToF, but he kicked out. Another intense and lengthy spot with lots of action, and Hardy hit Dijak with another ToF. 1, 2, 3, and the crowd exploded.

Next, Mick Foley came out to a huge reaction and “we’re not worthy” chants, and thanked everyone for coming. He was interrupted by Robbie E and his manager. They demanded that Foley should leave the ring, and he did. The King’s royal music hit. Jerry Lawler walked out and said something in Foley’s ear. Foley said he had to agree with Lawler, and since he was a former WWE Commissioner, he can do whatever he wants. Foley said he would be the ringside enforcer for the match.

Jerry Lawler vs Robbie E slowly got underway like a fun main event should. Mostly punches and some kicks from both men, and eventually Robbie E grabbed a mic and said he was leaving. The crowd cheered loudly, so he then decided he was going to stay. Great heel work from Robbie E throughout the match. He’s incredibly underrated in my opinion. More punches and dodging, then Lawler did his signature wind up punch to finally put Robbie E on the mat. Lawler took a pretty hard bump on his back that made some people in the crowd jump with worry, including myself. Foley and Robbie E’s manager got into it outside the ring as the match was also working up to the finish. Foley pulled out Mr Socko and nailed Robbie E’s manager with it. Lawler picked up Robbie E and gave him the Piledriver, and covered him to get the 3 count. The crowd went nuts, and there were mixed “Foley” and “Jerry” chants all around. Foley thanked us again and apologized for the late hour.

Sorry this was so long winded. I haven’t been to an independent event in a long time, and this was a lot of fun. It was well worth the money, I was able to meet wrestlers who have entertained me as a child and as an adult, and I met some wrestlers who I hope will go a long way in pro wrestling. This was the first time NEW has come to Auburn NY, and I hope they come back again soon. I will buy tickets every time. If you’ve never been to a NEW event or to any independent wrestling event, please go treat yourself. It’s an experience that the big time companies just can’t give you!

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