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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.1.23

February 2, 2023 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Samoa Joe AEW Dynamite Image Credit: AEW
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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.1.23  

AEW Dynamite

February 1st, 2023 | Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio 

Taking a break from covering a Stardom show to do this episode of Dynamite.

Hangman Page (2-0 in 2023) vs. Jon Moxley (67-7-1)

Papa Mox came out with Jon and Wheeler Yuta. Their previous match ruled (****) and the title match in 2022 was on the verge of greatness (***¾). Page could have another banger trilogy after the all-timer with Danielson. Moxley attacked before the bell and they brawled all around the arena for a while. That included the use of a chair before they hit the ring and things officially began. Moxley was busted open pretty quickly. That gave Hangman the advantage and he used it to fireman’s carry toss Moxley into the ring post heading into break. Returning, Page upped the ante with an avalanche DVD. Moxley remained defiant and the two slugged it out the way you’d want given their history. I also liked Moxley busting out Danielson-style kicks. They moved into lariats, including one by Moxley outside that was similar to the one that knocked Hangman out last year. Hangman powerbombed Moxley through a table and that was a case where a table bump on TV made sense, unlike a lot of the ones AEW uses. Hangman couldn’t put Moxley away and ate a massive lariat for it. However, Hangman’s Small Package Driver looked VICIOUS. Moxley did the rare feat of kicking out of the Buckshot Lariat so Hangman applied his own Bulldog Choke only for Moxley to turn it into a pin and win in 16:31. I love that shit. Moxley should 100% know how to counter his own hold. A hard-hitting, excellent match that technically ties things up since the first match ended via injury. [****¼]

Moxley went after Hangman after as it seems he didn’t get the decisive win he wanted.

Backstage, The Bunny spoke with Jamie Hayter and issued a challenge for an Eliminator match next week. Jamie obviously accepted. They were cut off though by Saraya and Toni Storm beating up Britt Baker elsewhere. Saraya was all “AEW IS OUR HOUSE” and Jamie ran off to try and help.

The Acclaimed (2-0 in 2023) vs. Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd

The champs called the jobbers the bootleg Beverly Brothers. The jobbers tried to scissor before the bell and were beaten up for it, losing in 50 seconds. [NR]

The Ass Boys interrupted to demand a title shot. The Acclaimed asked the crowd, who said no. Billy stormed off sick of this, so his sons shouted that he was turning his back on them like he did when they were kids. Austin went too far by saying that Billy could go drown his problems in a pill bottle. A pissed Billy returned to say they made a big mistake and accepted the title shot on behalf of The Acclaimed.

Jungle Boy was interviewed to say he enjoyed teaming with Hook but he wants a singles title by the end of 2023.

Brian Cage (4-1 in 2023) vs. Konosuke Takeshita (16-8)

These two started with some hard-hitting stuff which is just what you’d expect. They worked through a break and Takeshita delivered a sick stalling German Suplex. That’s wild on a guy of Cage’s size. Cage responded with a Buckle Bomb and that was kind of how this match went with two guys throwing big moves at each other. For example, even a simple exchange of strikes felt like a big deal with Takeshita hitting a great Roaring Elbow. I miss Masato Tanaka matches. Takeshita staved off Cage’s biggest moves even after Nana shouted for him to finish this. Takeshita hit a superplex and won with the high knee in 10:06. A very good match and Takeshita FINALLY won. [***¼]

The JAS was interviewed and decided that if Ricky Starks wants another shot at Chris Jericho, he has to run the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet. Ricky has to beat both 2.0 members and then either Sammy or Daniel to face Jericho.

The Elite cut a promo on a basketball court telling Top Flight to bring AR Fox for a shot at the Trios Titles. Ethan Page, Matt Hardy, and Isaiah Kassidy interrupted and we’ve got a match for Friday.

Bryan Danielson (5-0 in 2023) vs. Timothy Thatcher (0-0)

A classic case of two grapplers doing some grappling and I’m all for it. Thatcher was a big bust as EVOLVE Champion but I grew to appreciate him afterward in PROGRESS, NXT, etc. Danielson’s shoulder was badly taped up, giving Thatcher a target that he went after. Danielson found himself in trouble through a commercial break as Thatcher was doing exactly what MJF wanted. It took some headbutts up top for Danielson to start to turn the tide which caused MJF to confidently walk out. He was suddenly leveled by someone in a mask, revealing himself to be Takeshita. He sent MJF to the back and Danielson survived the Fujiwara armbar before fighting back and winning with the Busaiku Knee at the 13:38 mark. Not on the level of some of Danielson’s recent stuff but certainly better than the Cage match. [***¾]

Backstage, MJF and Takeshita continued brawling. Security broke it up and Renee Paquette showed up to reveal that Tony Khan has booked them in an Eliminator match next week. MJF was livid.

Swerve got a backstage promo to talk about Dustin Rhodes but with him not around, he’ll beat up another nepotism baby on Friday in Brian Pillman Jr.

Next week, Danielson faces Rush. He got interviewed when MJF came in to talk to him. It was really weird to put this here as MJF came in calm after JUST being furious moments ago. At least tell us that this was “earlier tonight” or something. Basically, MJF offered a ton of money again to beat Danielson.

AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill [c] (49-0) vs. Red Velvet (3-0 in 2023)

Look, I don’t think Velvet is the answer to beating Jade but it would be fitting given their history and Velvet being Jade’s first win. Alas, Jade’s first loss will be a big deal and this hasn’t gotten the build needed for that. Velvet attacked before the bell and they worked through the break but it never really got interesting. The high point was Jade walking up the steel steps with Velvet in a press slam position. Kiera Hogan showed up to take out Leila Grey which was a weird move since she hadn’t even gotten involved. At least have her be trying to cheat. Officials were distracted throwing her out so they missed a Velvet near fall. Jade survived a submission and won with Jaded in 7:06. Jade is the worst booked 50-0 person ever. From the inconsistencies with the Baddies and managers to the repetitive matches to the fact that there’s no end in sight, this reign has become tiresome despite Jade being a special talent. [**]

Britt Baker was interviewed about Saraya when Ruby Soho showed up to see how she was feeling. Britt suggested that Toni and Saraya are Ruby’s friends but Ruby said she had nothing to do with that. Ruby walked off after Britt confirmed she was good.


  • The Elite defend the Trios Titles against Page, Kassidy and Hardy
  • Swerve vs. Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Saraya and Toni Storm in tag action
  • Rush vs. Christopher Daniels



  • Rush vs. Bryan Danielson
  • The Acclaimed vs. The Gunns for the Tag Titles
  • MJF vs. Konosuke Takeshita
  • Garcia/Guevara Gauntlet
  • Jamie Hayter vs. The Bunny


AEW TNT Championship No Holds Barred Match: Darby Allin [c] (5-0 in 2023) vs. Samoa Joe (14-2)

They were hyping this as the finale of a trilogy and I don’t even remember much about the first two. Remember Wardlow? Darby hit the ring with a hoodie covered in thumbtacks but I think the camera needed to do a better job of catching it because it was hard to tell. Joe used his towel to help fend that off and they went to war with a dive into the table, whips into the steel steps, and brawling in the crowd. Joe proceeded to kick Darby’s ass through the commercial break. That continued after returning until Darby threw powder in Joe’s eyes and started in with his own offense. Joe was busted open as Darby put the hoodie back on and looked to capitalize. He hit the Coffin Drop with it for a near fall. How was that not a finish? Darby exposed the boards under the ring and fought off Joe but he ate a ridiculous Muscle Buster on the exposed wood, losing the title after 15:25. That was their best match together. [***¾]

Wardlow returned after the match and brawled with Joe.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
As usual, we got a great episode of Dynamite with some classic little bits that held it back (namely the TBS Title situation). A hell of a way to spend two hours with some really good matches.

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