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Pantoja’s WWE NXT Review 12.7.21

December 8, 2021 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Pantoja’s WWE NXT Review 12.7.21  

NXT 2.0

December 7th, 2021 | Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida

Alright, I’m back on trying to watch NXT weekly since it seems like goofy fun and that is sometimes my favorite brand of wrestling.

Steel Cage Match: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Von Wagner

The dude I like the least from this next breed of NXT wrestlers is Von Wagner. There’s nothing about him that stands out and he seems especially green. They were a team but Wagner turned on him after they lost at TakeOver, setting up this cage match. Kyle jumped him during his entrance and took him into the cage, getting this started. Man, WWE is going hard with these cage matches. There were two on Sunday, one on Monday, and now one on Tuesday. As this progressed, Wagner slowed the pace because he really can’t do all that much more right now. Kyle went after the leg when he could since he has major submission moves and it cuts down his larger opponent to size. They worked through a break with the biggest spot being a powerbomb into the cage wall. Kyle rallied upon returning, hitting strikes and knees. Wagner countered the guillotine into a suplex and survived the knee drop. He hit a low blow, threw Kyle into the cage a bunch, and won with a double underhook slam in 14:18. A pretty bland match that felt like a basic one with a cage around it rather than needing the stipulation. Kyle tried. [**¼]

Post-match, Wagner hung Kyle up in the tree of Joey Lawrence and slammed the door on his face a bunch as he likely heads to AEW.

Joe Gacy had a promo backstage about inclusivity and that Harland debuts in the ring next week. He accepts Harland.

Here’s Bron Breakker for a promo. It’s scary how much he sounds like his uncle. He put over Team Black and Gold but hyped that Team 2.0 won and said he’s 1-1 against Tommaso Ciampa, wanting a third match for the title. Diamond Mine interrupted so we could get Malcolm Bivens talking to “LeBron Breakker.” This is the greatest show on TV just for this pairing. He put over Roderick Strong as THE champion in NXT since he wiped out the competition and he has his sights set on Bron. A challenge was laid down for next week, which Breakker accepted. That should rule.

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs vs. The Creed Brothers

Okay, I’m also not big on Briggs and Jensen. The Grizzled Young Veterans joined commentary while Imperium watched from the cool balcony in the CWC. That’s the only thing I like about this arena. The team I don’t like started well enough but the Creed Brothers cut the ring in half and isolated Jensen with quick tags and offense. While Briggs went over to check on his buddy, GYV stole the tag rope from his corner. After Jensen survived a Stretch Muffler, he tried to tag out but with no tap rope, it wasn’t legal. That’s actually a clever little spot I don’t see often. That should’ve set up a clear finish for the heels but Jensen countered a move into a rollup, winning in 5:46. That was decent but nothing more. I did like the tag rope gimmick. [**]

Von Wagner was interviewed and said Kyle is over but his War Games has just begun. Robert Stone showed up a second too late and was annoyed.

Duke Hudson was out to cut a promo with a hilarious blonde wig. He said he wasn’t shaved bald and that he has a full head of hair. I love stuff like this. The delusional heel who totally believes their absurd lies. Cameron Grimes interrupted and he’s trimmed down his beard. They traded insults and Grimes challenged him to a No Holds Barred match. Hudson accepted and they tussled, with the wig almost coming off. Fine little segment.

Brooks and Jensen celebrated with Jacket Time backstage. Grizzled Young Veterans showed up to say they’re the reason for the win. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter randomly walked by with concert tickets that Brooks and Jensen accepted. GYV brawled with Jacket Time as Karen Q popped up from behind the counter in a onesie, having been sleeping. NXT 2.0 MAKES NO SENSE AND IS SO RANDOM BUT THOSE ARE THE BEST PARTS.

Backstage, Grayson Waller hit on a woman who already had a date, which turned out to be LA Knight. YEAH. Waller was furious.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Dexter Lumis

Carmelo Hayes feels like a star. There’s history here as Hayes put him on the shelf and Lumis returned at TakeOver to chase away Hayes’s buddy Trick Williams. Hayes had the ribs taped. The main issue with this match was from a psychology standpoint. Hayes’s bad ribs came into play often but Lumis did stuff with his injured hand like nothing. I get that he has healed a bit from it but not really enough for these things to make sense, especially if it’s still bandaged. Hayes did some cool stuff like a sweet springboard clothesline for two. He also tried to go after the hand but Lumis fought it off so it never really came into play. We got a commercial break and some goofy Lumis antics before he applied the Silencer. Williams jumped in to cause a DQ ending at the 12:43 mark. A disappointment. [**]

MSK finally found their “shaman” and it’s Riddle. They talked in front of some cheap looking candles, discussed their history, and Riddle even sent love to his Broserweight partner, Stallion Pete. He agreed to be by their side going forward and they looked into the bag together before things cut away.

Toxic Attraction spoke backstage about handling things and told fans to stop drooling.

Backstage, Persia Pirotta spoke with Indi Hartwell for a bit and then the latter jumped into Dexter’s arms. Johnny Gargano said he was happy to have the family back.

Toxic Attraction vs. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon

More non-title action. There wasn’t much to discuss in this match. Even though it went 3:44, it was one-sided and a squash. Toxic Attraction won with a kick to the face of Feroz. [NR]

Mandy Rose got on the microphone to put over the group saying that they still hold all the gold despite losing War Games. They’re not running from anyone and offered up opportunities, which signaled the arrival of War Games star Cora Jade. With her arm in a sling, Cora Jade came out and said she wants a shot given that she pinned Mandy and won War Games. When threats were thrown out, Raquel Gonzalez came out with a chair to send them packing. Why Raquel? Io is more connected to Cora. Raquel is just always around.

Time for another Tiffany Stratton journal entry as she said she was a member of the USA gymnastics team in 2016. A gold medal is good but the Women’s Title is better.

Tony D’Angelo was interviewed and was proud of the War Games win. Andre Chase interrupted, saying he should’ve listened to him to look like a star. Tony had business to take care of but would face him next week.

Raquel and Cora spoke backstage and both discussed getting a shot at Mandy. Kay Lee Ray showed up and gave Cora a bat for protection.

Santos Escobar vs. Xyon Quinn

205 Live Hive! Quinn isn’t a cruiserweight but still. He ran over Santos int eh early stages due to his size advantage. Escobar remained in trouble heading into commercial break, clearly overwhelmed. Returning, he slowed the pace and targeted the arm a bit. Quinn’s problem was that he kept getting distracted by Elektra Lopez at ringside, which gave Santos openings for comebacks. Quinn countered the Phantom Driver and eventually, we got a big rana off the top. As they landed, Lopez placed brass knuckles on Quinn’s hand. It was all a ploy as Joaquin Wilde told the referee but ate a kick for his troubles. That was one distraction too many for Quinn, who got hit with the Phantom Driver in 10:37. Another solid but unspectacular match. They hammered home the distraction thing too much. [**½]

Diamond Mine was interrupted outside as Carmelo Hayes came up to them. He said you can’t discuss THE champion in NXT without mentioning Carmelo Hayes. Carmelo said he knows how good Roddy is but the one thing that he isn’t is the “A” Champion.

Boa cut a weird promo backstage.

Johnny Gargano came out for what would seemingly be his farewell speech. Even pregnant Candice LeRae and their dog was around. I’ve seen Johnny actually give what felt like multiple farewell speeches whenever he worked an NXT show in Cleveland. Seriously, he did it in 2018 due to kayfabe being gone after losing to Andrade, he did it in 2019 since he was working main roster matches, and I think he popped up in 2020 to say bye also. This was along those lines, talking about getting an opportunity for a dark match. He’s not sure what’s next but he will be a dad in February, so that’s his focus. Grayson Waller showed up to jump him with a chair as he said goodbye, powerbombing him through the announce table. Sounds like a few months off to be a dad and then back for more.

The final score: review Average
The 411
When coming into this show, you have to know what to expect. A lot of the matches for 2.0 have been middling but there’s some really fun stuff going on and some wacky characters that I enjoy.

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