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Pete Gas Says Mean Street Posse Were Open to Changing Their Look, Weren’t Allowed To

May 22, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Mean Street Posse Image Credit: WWE

The Mean Street Posse backed Shane McMahon up during the Attitude Era, and Pete Gas recently discussed the group’s famous sweater vest and khaki look. Gas spoke with Barstool Rasslin’ for a new interview and you can check out some highlights below, courtesy of Fightful:

On wanting to switch up their look: “Yeah, after a while. We kind of wanted to change it up, and that was our signature thing. There were certain things they didn’t want us to change. One was, I wasn’t allowed facial hair. I wasn’t allowed tattoos. I had to be the clean-cut one. Rodney and Joey Abs got to do whatever they wanted. Rodney had a different haircut at all times. Shane wanted to have one clean-cut guy and that was me. No facial hair. I couldn’t grow a goatee back then. I would have had some kind of facial hair.”

On why they weren’t allowed to change it up: “That was Shane’s advice, he wanted to keep that consistent. We had khaki pants for the longest time. At one point, one of us was blowing out the crotch in those things every week. Someone on Raw would blow out their crotch in those Khakis, so we had to go to something substantial. We used Lucky Jeans.”