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Quarter Hour Ratings From The December 13th Edition of TNA Impact

December 17, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Credit: James Caldwell and pwtorch.com

The December 13th edition of TNA Impact scored a 0.95 rating from hours of 0.88 and 1.01.

First Hour Break Down
: Impact started slow with a 0.83 rating for immediate Final Resolution PPV fall-out. This compares to a 0.99 rating for the Q1 following Turning Point last month and a 0.94 rating following Bound for Glory. The segment featured Bobby Roode calling out Aces & Eights in the opening segment, then one commercial. (down 4% vs. Q1 average in new timeslot)

Q2: Impact upticked to a 0.90 rating, which is where the remainder of the second hour hovered. The segment featured Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne in a short match, one commercial, various videos, and the first-half of Robbie E. & Rob Terry vs. Wes Brisco & Garett Bischoff. (down 1% vs. Q2 average in new timeslot)

Q3: Impact scored a 0.91 rating for the second-half of the tag match, a post-match attack on Kurt Angle, a Joseph Park training video, Brooke Hogan in her office, and two full commercial breaks. (down 2% vs. Q3 average in new timeslot)

Q4: Impact scored a 0.89 rating for ring introductions for the big Hardy & Storm vs. Aces & Eights match that did not draw on short notice and featured the A&E group that has contributed zero ratings growth during its run, the first-half of the long-form match, and one commercial. (down 4% vs. Q4 average in new timeslot)

Second Hour Break Down
: Impact hit its usual peak in the former first-hour opening with a 1.05 rating for the final two minutes of the long-form tag match, Hulk Hogan backstage with Roode, one commercial, and A.J. Styles’s five-minute speech turning his back on TNA. (down 1% vs. Q5 average in new timeslot)

Q6: Impact dipped to a 0.99 rating, which is where Impact hovered for the remainder of the show. The segment featured follow-up on Styles’s speech, RVD vs. Kenny King in a PPV re-match, and one commercial. (down 4% vs. Q6 average in new timeslot)

Q7: Impact scored a 1.01 rating for Bully Ray and Hulk Hogan having a backstage confrontation, one commercial, and Bully Ray vs. Jesse in the main event. (down 2% vs. Q7 average in new timeslot)

Q8: Impact scored a 1.00 rating for the show-closing confrontation between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy that was given eight minutes after the final commercial of the show at the start of Q8. Impact then ended two minutes before the end of the hour. (down 5% vs. Q8 average in new timeslot)

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